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Only Innocent Fun


I call you from the motel I am dropping my passengers at. Grateful to be rid of them I follow the directions to your house.

It is about midnight when I pull into your driveway. You greet me at the door with innocent hugs and a kiss. A little to energized from the six-hour drive to sleep, we decide to work for a bit with a movie playing in the background. Thankful our conference doesn’t start until after noon tomorrow (err, today), we decide to go over my new character. I watch you make us a pot of coffee before we get started. I put in a romantic comedy for background noise.

As we work, I keep catching myself staring at you, seeing beyond the friend that I know and love. Little things keep distracting me: The way your hand brushed mine as you handed me my coffee. How I would glance up to catch you watching me with a funny look in your eyes. How you seemed to be on the verge of saying something, but not knowing how to start.

Realizing we are getting nowhere, we decide to finish watching the movie before crashing. It only seems natural for me to curl up in your arms. Though tonight I am increasingly aware of your body pressed close to mine. Not really watching the movie I relax, feeling safe and protected.

Your hands on my face startle me out of my thoughts, and I find your lips on mine, soft and inquisitive. I feel your kiss echoed in my soul and I part my lips to kiss back. Minutes turn into forever as we explore each other’s mouths.

Finally out of breath, we draw back. The tender smile on your lips warms my soul. Gazing into my eyes you tenderly stroke my hair and face. Lost in each other’s eyes our lips meet again.

Feelings never dreamed of flood my body as your hands move downward slowly exploring me. Gently caressing my arms you move down to slide your hands under my shirt. Slowly as not to startle me, light butterfly caresses of your fingertips on my stomach, as you move cautiously upward.

A shiver runs through me as you deepen the kiss. I feel your hands massaging my breasts. Your fingers tease my erect nipples through my bra. Tender little touches, driving me crazy. Sending thoughts beyond friendship into my brain. A slight tug at my bra brings my focus back to your hands. Easily I help you remove the offending pieces of clothing.

Baring intricately tattooed breasts with pierced nipples to your sight. A low groan comes from your lips as you try to gather them in your hands, glorious flesh spilling over your grasp. Hungry eyes stare into mine a second before your mouth joins your hands in worship. Tender kisses rains over milky white globes as your fingers caress almost painfully erect nipples.

I moan as you take one nipple into your mouth. My hands move to tangle in your hair, holding you close. My back arches to your touch. An uncommon ache develops between my legs, a longing. You move to the other nipple, I quiver and cry out.

Your mouth moves back to my lips, silencing my cries and reassuring me. Removing your shirt you pull me to my feet. My flesh comes in solid contact with yours. Your hands tangle in my hair. Your lips on mine whisper, “lets get more comfortable.” And you bring me half naked to your room.

Drawing me down onto the bed, you pull me close, our bodies touching. Your hands caress my back as we kiss. Cautiously you work one of your legs between mine. You can feel the heat you awoke in me through our jeans. One of your hands moves to cup my ass. I allow my hands to carefully explore your chest. As I lightly touch you, your other hand moves forward to stroke my fire through the cloth. Bringing a heated moan from me. A hand catches mine and guides it down to your hardness. Sensing my hesitation you deepen your kisses.

Skillfully you stroke me. My little cries encourage you. You quickly undo my jeans, slipping a hand inside you seek out my moist slit, tenderly caressing the hard nub you find. A shudder rakes through my body as I instinctively arch my hips to allow you freer access.

With a gentle chuckle, you carefully remove my remaining clothes. A groan escapes you, as my bare body is open to your full view. Leaning on your arm you watch the pleasure flow across my body. Desire floods my face, as you patiently caress me. Ecstasy I never dreamed torments me. My nails dig into your arm as you tease me to one delicious peak after another. Until I can no longer stand the pleasure and I beg for you.

I whimper as you withdraw your hand. Your kisses reassure me it will just be a moment. I watch as you stand and quickly shed your clothes.

Then you are back, holding me close. Kissing me. I feel your hardness between us, and it terrifies me a bit. Your kisses comfort me as you carefully position yourself at my entrance. I can feel your restraint trembling against me. Your words come breathless, “Are you sure, Love?” And I kiss you as an answer. Unable to hold back any longer, you sigh into my mouth, as you slowly enter me. Aroused as I am, it is still quite a tight fit, almost painful. Kindly you wait, moving slowly so my body can adjust around you. A pleasurable pain as I stretch to accommodate all of you.

More kisses as you fill me, hungry, waiting. The last of your restraint falls away and you slowly start to move within me. Sensations overflow my every pore as I feel my body respond, matching your tempo and encouraging you. As in a dream I feel you fully inside me. Caressing areas I had forgotten. Driving me toward that point. I can feel an urgency in your strokes. As if you too feel the desire that consumes me, the fire you started. With a gasp, you have brought me there; I feel my release echoing through every cell. Just as I peak, I feel your body tense and you fill me with your essence,

Exhausted we lie tangled together and slowly drift off to sleep.

With Bloody Kisses,

C Trei

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