tagLoving WivesOnly on the Island

Only on the Island


Outside in the hot Caribbean night, concealed by shadows, I watch. My wife is on the bed wearing a pair of pink panties. Nothing else. She's on her back, head propped on two pillows, and auburn hair tossed away form her face.

She's pushed her tits together with her hands and she's smiling, murmuring, "That's it. Oh, yes. Stroke it. Stroke your cock." She's saying this to another guy, a college kid, lean, fit. He's pumping suntan lotion up and down his hard cock. He's straddling Becky on his knees. His balls are drawn up tight beneath the stiff angle of his shaft.

From the position she's in, Becky can't see his balls. If she could, she would want to suck them. Becky loves sucking balls. But she's watching his cock; staring at his hand pumping his shaft, faster, harder, faster.

"Oh, yes!" Becky cries as his cock erupts. His entire body strains with pleasure. Lines of hot cum pump out of his shaft and splash on to her tits. Lots on her tits. Puddles of warm ecstasy on Becky's suntanned body.

The kid is breathless, flush faced as he climbs off my wife. Becky caresses his spent shaft. She's wanted to touch him the whole time he was waxing his rod. I know my wife but she held back. She glances toward the balcony, where I stand watching in the dark. She knows I'm there. The kid doesn't. Becky opens her mouth and moves slowly toward his cock. Looking my way, she sucks him into her mouth.

On the balcony, surrounded by the warm tropical night, my hand pumps my cock as my wife licks all over her young lover's shaft. She kisses and sucks him. Her tongue glides down to his balls and she takes them into her mouth.

I pump my shaft faster, pumping until I come. Man, do I come. Ecstasy rips through my body like a strong wind tearing through a mainsail.

But I'm not spent. I'm just warming up. I can think of nothing but sex...

I'm still on the balcony when Becky comes out of the bathroom. Her college kid is gone. Becky's cleaned his stuff off her, but she didn't slide that soapy washcloth between her legs. Her pussy overflows with hot, slick heat.

She steps out onto the balcony and my hand goes right to her sex. My finger slips inside her as our mouths meet. We kiss intensely, filling the night with sighs of desire. I put a second finger in my wife's pussy and slow fuck her with it, sliding pressure across her clit. Her hands have my cock and balls. She slides the circle of her thumb and forefinger along my length and squeezes easy pleasure to my balls. She's going to get me hard again. But first, she's going to come.

My hand has her going. Becky groans and turns her back to me. She grabs the railing and bends forward, spreads her legs and thrusts out her ass.

I use both hands: one fingering her from behind, the other pressing firmly over her mound. Becky tenses hand and whips her head around like a mustang looking to buck me. She shakes the railing, exhales a wild, feral cry, and then rises up as she climaxes. She continues to scream through the duration of the orgasm, then collapses forward, draping over the railing.

I withdrawal my hands and rub my hard cockhead across her ass. Making her come has made me hard. My balls still ache from the recoil of masturbation, but this new arousal is pumping to strongly to deny.

Becky's ready to do it, right now, right here. My cock sticks up under the curve of her ass and puts a hard kiss to the juicy lips of her pussy. I thrust upward. Becky pushes down and my shaft glides hard into her silk.

As I fuck her over the railing, Becky looks across the sandy jungle that secludes our bungalow from the beach. The hot breeze rustles the palm trees, but something besides air is moving the underbrush. I search through shadows cast by silver moonlight. Someone is out there. I see him partially concealed by a poinsettia hedge.

I assume it's the college kid. He knows Becky is married and I'm on the island. Maybe he suspects I was watching along. Or maybe he was coming back for more.

With my cock thrusting into my wife, lifting her onto her toes, I press my chest to her back and whisper, " We're being watched."

"I know," Becky sighs. "I see her."

A woman is watching us! A woman, not a man. My cock jumps. I fuck Becky harder, faster, and she responds. Her orgasm is the most powerful of the night, and my climax is out of this fucking world.

It's hard to sleep. Actually, it's impossible. I'm exhausted, but keyed up. In bed with the lights out, the tree frogs singing outside can't drown out the excited pulse pounding in my ears.

As I stir restlessly, Becky says, "I can't sleep either."

She sits up and the sheets fall from her breasts. Her hair is unruly with the tangles of sex. I get out of bed, conscious of the heavy hang of my cock. Becky sees the warning signs of my arousal.

"I think I'll take a walk," I tell her. Becky watches as I pull on boxers and shorts and zip them up over my half hard-on. She doesn't say anything until I'm at the door.

"The woman who watched us was blonde," she informs me. "She was young... and pretty. She was wearing a halter sundress. I hope you find her, Mitch."

"And what do I do," I inquire, "if I manage to find her?"

"Whatever she'll let you."

I look back at my wife and my cock is hard again in my pants. It would be easy to rush back to bed and fuck her, spend lust on fantasy. Becky would pretend to be the woman who watched us. At home, we'd act out such fantasies many times. But this was different. We're on the island and haven't packed inhibitions in our luggage.

I leave the bungalow and start along the winding path that leads to the resorts main building. Fifty feet into the he trek, I see a shadow in the jungle and I think it might be the woman in the sundress, but it's not. It's the college boy who'd been with my wife earlier. He sees me leaving but doesn't know I'm watching him now as he heads toward the bungalow. He's going back to my wife.

Becky is unsuspecting of her lover's return. I've climbed onto the balcony and I watch as he slips into the dark bedroom. Already stripped naked, his hard cock jutting out, he gets under the sheet with my wife.

Becky thinks it is me. She turns toward him and cries out with surprise. "Oh, my god!" She moans. "It's you."

"I'll be quick," he assures her as he mounts her sweet body. "Before your husband comes back." His cock strokes across the mound of her pubic triangle, teasing the curly hair. Becky doesn't know I'm watching, which makes this more exciting then before.

"You'll be quick?" She gasps, feeling his erection.

"Yes," he promises.

She opens her legs and takes him in her pussy. She does it without hesitation. The urge is the powerful. Becky wraps her ankles behind his calves, her arms around his back, holding on. Their bodies push together. Becky comes, but buries her screams in his chest. Unlike before, this is secret sex. She doesn't know I'm watching. She thinks this is just for her pleasure and maybe she needs to hide it.

The kid doesn't come when Becky comes. He keeps fucking her. Becky's going to come again. I can tell by the way that she holds onto him. She's waiting for static to build in her pussy, for her clit to spark yet another climax. She's thinking of nothing but sex. The island and ecstasy have erased every other thought like amnesia.

I go over to the balcony and drop down to the soft sand. As excited as I am by my wife getting fucked by this guy. I need to find the woman who had been watching Becky and me on the balcony....

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