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Only One Bed



My wife, Jessica, came in after work. I could tell she had something on her mind. I looked her in the eye, wordlessly imploring her to tell me what was up. She tried to ignore me, but I persisted. Finally she let it out.

"You know how EVERY time we have sex, you mention how much you want me to be with another man?"

Obviously it was a rhetorical question. There's no way I could forget that.

"I may have mentioned it once several years ago, when I was drunk!"

"Oh, Jess, tell me what you would wear on your date. Jess, tell me what you would do when you're in bed with another man. Oh, Jess, please let me find a guy for you. Does any of this sound familiar?"

"Well maybe I have mentioned it more than once! Do I need to ask what brings this up?"

"I will have you know that a young gentleman at work has been asking me out on a date."

"And who is this brash lad? Am I to assume his mom will be driving him on this date?"

"He's not that young. Well, he is a lot younger than me."

"Define a lot. You just turned 40 so he's, what 22?"

"24, actually. He just started working in the mailroom."

"So the new guy goes straight to the most beautiful woman in the company and asks her out? Cheeky! I like that."

"You really think I am the most beautiful woman there? How sweet. But, basically yes. I do have to confess to flirting with him a little."

A stream of excitement ran through me. I was getting hard.

"So what kind of date are we talking about? Lunch?"

"Well, when he first asked me out, I told him no way, I was married. He kept asking, and I finally told him that you may not be opposed to it. I said I would ask you, so here I am, asking."

I moved her hand to my hard cock. "Does that answer your question?"

"Oh, honey, I love you. I kinda already said yes. I told him it would be impossible to go out here, since we could be seen by people we know. He suggested we go over to Springfield."

Springfield was about an hour's drive away. That would lessen the chance of being seen. Jess would be more comfortable that way. And by that I mean more uninhibited.

"So, you already accepted?"

"Pending your approval."

"That may depend on what your plans are."

"We discussed driving over to Springfield for dinner, maybe some dancing and then coming home."

"I have a better idea. When is the date?"

"Friday night."

"Excellent. I'm sure you have his number. Call him and tell him I said it was ok. But tell him I don't want you driving after drinking and that I would pay for two rooms."

"You're serious about this?"

"Don't talk too long. We have to get to the mall to update your dating wardrobe!"


Jess is a stunning 40-year-old with beautiful dark brown shoulder length hair, and piercing blue eyes. She is 5-6 and won't tell me her weight but she is in great shape. I wasn't kidding when I said she was the best looking woman in the company. Brett, the lucky guy, certainly had good taste. If she started the flirting as she said, he must be special himself.

She was correct when she said I had been pestering her to try another man. At first she thought I was out of my mind. The more I brought it up, the more she warmed up to the idea. Still I thought it would never happen. She may talk a good game but to actually have sex with someone else was a big step for this faithful wife.

Was I surprised when she finally accepted a date? Hell yes! A woman as pretty and sexy as she is must get offers on a daily basis. Why now, and why this guy. And he's only 24. Don't get me wrong. I am glad she is taking the next step.

I booked a room by phone, specifically asking for a room with a single king-size bed. I told Jess that I could only find a room with two queen beds. Just my little way to tease her.

Jess has been getting ready for tonight's date since she got home from work. She had arranged for Brett to pick her up at our house before heading to Springfield. That would give me a chance to meet the man (boy) who would be taking my wife on her first romantic date in the 18 years since we had married. Come to think of it. He was only six at that time.

I watched her after she emerged from the shower, glistening as the water drained from her milky skin. She picked out a bra and panty set we had purchased on our trip to Victoria's Secret earlier in the week. It was a black half bra that allowed her nipples to poke out. The matching thong was revealing enough that she had to shave completely.

She touched up her make-up, topping it off with a bright red lipstick that was totally out of character for her. Something about it screamed "fuck me." I had a vision of Jess with those red lips wrapped around another man's cock.

She then pulled a black cocktail dress over her head. It was a sexy, satiny outfit that was way shorter than anything she had worn in years. Another special purchase for tonight. Hopefully she will have other times to wear this stuff for other men.

I went downstairs to await Brett's arrival. He was a few minutes early. He was a bit taken aback when I answered the door, even though he knew I would be here.

"Is Jessica here?" He asked as if he might have gotten the wrong house.

"Call her Jess. Everyone does. Yes she is still getting pretty for your date. You won't be disappointed." I gave him a wink.

"I'm glad you are okay with this. And you even got us rooms."

"Well, I guess that she didn't mention that I had to get one room. I hope that doesn't make you uncomfortable. Two beds, though."

"Y-yes sir. That is okay...Wow!"

His attention was now at the top of the staircase. Jess was spectacular as she descended the stairs.

"Jess, your prom date is here!" She glared at me before smiling at Brett.

"Just ignore him," she said as she gave him a hello kiss on his cheek. His face turn its own shade of red

"We better get going. We have a long night ahead of us" She looked at me as she said that.

And then they were gone.



The ride over to Springfield was uneventful. We complemented each other's appearance and talked about work. He asked me how my husband could be so calm about sending his wife on a date. I told him that he had wanted it for a long time and that I had resisted — until you asked me out. He asked if my husband would be good with whatever happened. I wasn't sure enough to answer that, After all, we are new to this.

We decided to check in to the motel before getting dinner. We were both surprised to see one king bed.

"There must be a mistake"

"No mistake, it's my husband's way of sending a message. He really wants me to be with another man. Let's skip dinner, what do you say?" As she said it she was stepping out of her black heels. "That would just take away from our quality time!"

I walked over to Brett and began unbuttoning his starched white shirt. I then unbuckled his pants. As they slid down to his ankles, I could see the exaggerated bulge in his briefs. I may have hit the jackpot on the first try. He slipped his thumbs into the waistband of his shorts and pushed them down. He was so much better endowed than my husband. A good 2-3 inches longer and twice as thick. Although any size would have been okay, I had secretly hoped for a bigger cock. Brett's certainly fit the bill.

This was no accident. I had noticed his bulge whenever he walked by. It was the topic of conversation among the company's women. It will be hard for me not to blab that I could verify that he was hung.

As he sat on the sofa to take his shoes and socks off, I slid the straps of my dress over my arms, exposing my half bra (and my nipples. I reached under my skirt and pulled down my thong. I stepped out of it and sat down next to Brett. I leaned in to kiss him.

"That's an intense shade of red," he said of my lipstick.

"It's called 'Married Slut.' I'll do my best to earn the name."

"I am sure you will."

As I kissed him, he ran his hand under my short dress. He found my shaved pussy and pushed two fingers into me. I took his beautiful cock in my hand, stroking it smoothly. He brought his finger to his mouth, sucking the juices off. This was already the hottest make out session I had had since I married.

Brett turned his attention to my breasts, sucking and nibbling on the exposed flesh. His cock was hardening with my stroking.

"We only have one bed — what will we do?" He said as we left the sofa

"Shut up and fuck me."

He laid me back on the bed, lifting my legs to his shoulders. He lined his cock up with my drooling pussy. He shoved it in deeper than my husband could ever reach. I felt like I would split in two. He simply did things to me that my husband physically could not. My first orgasm came after just a few strokes of his big cock. I felt as if I were cumming continuously. He started slamming into my helpless pussy.

I had never had multiple orgasms, but I did that night. I actually lost count. He had great control and stamina. We did it doggy style after we had taken a short break for me to get the the rest of my clothes off. I especially enjoyed riding him cowgirl — I loved being in control.

When he was getting close to cumming, he mounted me again. He pounded my ass into the bed with deep, fast strokes. As he neared orgasm, I urged him to fill my pussy. I could feel the hot liquid as he let loose in me. Wow, I had never been fucked like that!

We were both exhausted and we dozed off. I woke around 2 am and checked my phone. A couple of texts from hubby:

"Sorry about the one bed. Thought you might need a little nudge."

"Well, did it happen?"

The latter was sent only 15 minutes ago. He may still be up. I scooted over to the naked Brett and took a panoramic selfie of us in bed. I then took a close-up of Brett's cock I sent them along with a message:

"My pussy will never be the same. I'm going to wake him for another round. Wish you were here to see your wifey get properly fucked!"

I put the phone away, and took Brett's soft cock in my mouth. He didn't wake, yet he slowly grew and hardened. When I speeded up, he began to stir.

"Well hello beautiful. I love being awakened like this. Now I see the benefit of that red lipstick!"

"'Cocksucker Red'"

Now wide awake and fully aroused, Brett took over. This time his lovemaking was gentle and sensual. But it was no less satisfying than before.

When I checked my text messages afterward my husband wrote:

"Wow, he is a big boy. I'm jealous. Have fun and don't worry about rushing home."

I replied:

"I love you so much. Thank you for this. I can't believe I took so long to do this."

I fell back and soon went to sleep. This time it was Brett who woke me. I was too sore, so I took him in my mouth. I was soon rewarded with a load of his hot cum. I took a selfie with my mouth full of his semen and sent it too hubby:

"Who needs breakfast when I have Brett. See you soon!"



To be honest, after Jess and her date left, I didn't think about it. I was comfortable with my wife experiencing another man. It WAS my idea. However, as it got closer to midnight it was all I could think about, Were they back at the room. Were they making out, or were they already naked and screwing their brains out.

Around 2 in the morning I texted a message, figuring they may be asleep. I was mildly surprised to get a photo of them naked in bed. He was asleep. This excited me greatly. I had resisted masturbating to this point but couldn't hold off now. I imagined that big cock stretching her as he fucked her tight hole. I shot a geyser of cum.

I slept late the next day, waking as I heard voices downstairs. Brett said his goodbyes, with a couple of long tongue-swirling kisses. When he had left, Jess made her way upstairs. Her hair was messed up, her red lipstick was almost gone, and her dress looked as if it had been slept in. And her eyes confirmed that she had been naughty. I had never been so happy to see her.

Where do we go from here? Jess obviously enjoyed Brett's longer, thicker cock, so they got together once a month, usually here. She would now go on dates if she was attracted to the guy. As long as he wasn't an employee, she didn't worry about being seen. On average, she dated twice a month.

And I could not be happier!

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god he is one dumb fuck need any more be said

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Not bad

It'd be better if she got pregnant with her date, with her husband enthusiastically approving.

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Just pure lame and crap.......waste of time. 1* for this trash

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The comments told me this story was one I should avoid. The tags should have told me, but they appear quite benign. Readers complaining about gay and wimp content in the story would have no excuse formore...

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This story is just garbage. 1* for this cuckold wimp nonsense trash

This story is just garbage.
In fact it seems the writer has some serious mental illness mixed with some gay issues with cuckold issues that were transported to this pathetic and wimp story.
It seemsmore...

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