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Only One For Them


Sean sat in his office thinking about his life, as he waited for his brother, it had never been easy for him, his father died when he was ten, too young for him or his brother to take control as alpha, so for the next ten years his mother had let their cousin take over, the bastard took full advantage of that, Mark had nearly pounded their pack into the ground with his greed for power, he didn't care about the pack at all, he just wanted to sleep with as many women as he could and buy whatever he wanted. Finally, as the last act of desperation the pack elders had gone to his mother, after eight years of debating the elders had decided to put her as the pack alpha until her boys grew to be 21 and they could take over from there.

Not surprising, their cousin Mark had not been willing to go down without a fight, he had attacked their mother when she was walking into the kitchen to come see my brother and I as usual. Even thinking about it now had me seeing bloody red, my brother attacked first and I followed soon after, my brother shifted in seconds into his half breed lycan form, it was quite impressive to look at, both my brother and I were big for only 18, Mark dropped our mother not so gently to the floor in preparation for the attack. As our mother moved out of the way, my brother bit into my cousins arm while I kicked his knees out, when he hit the floor, my brother and I attacked at once, we took him apart limp from limp, I ripped his arm off while my brother took his neck pulled it off, this continued until there was nothing to recognized, when the blood lust was subsiding, my mother grabbed both of us and held us to her chest and cried, the fact that my mother was that upset made both of us want to rip him apart again. After that, it was relatively okay, my mother ruled for three years until both my brother and I could take over. What my brother and I both decided was that it would be easier if both of us where alpha's since we were stronger together. The debate with the pack council took three months of negotiating the pros and cons but finally since Michael and I had proved ourselves, they allowed us to become alpha's.

The first century was not easy, different lycans from all over Europe wanted our territory; it was a vicious battle for dominance but somehow we made it, lycans age but much slower than humans, so at 200 centuries old now for both of us, we looked thirty years old, oh yes, Michael and I were twins, not identical.

Sean got up as he thought of the next and most important problem he had been facing since he was old enough to know what a girl was. Him and his brother were always falling in love with the same girl, when he was ten he had an infatuation for a girl named Stacy, it was weird in the instant he realized that he liked her, Michael had told him that he liked her too later that night, Sean had fought him for her. When Michael had began to fall in love with a really attractive lycan when they were 15, Sean had also began to fall in love as well, it happened like clockwork every time, it did not matter that the other sibling did not know the girl in question.

When Sean and Michel asked their mother what that meant, she looked at them funny and searched for nearly six months but finally found what she was looking for, she told them that there was an old prophecy that said they were destined to go through life that way; she pulled out an old manuscript that wrote about there being born one soul split into two beings who were meant to have one soul mate between them, 'she' was meant to unite them with her fury. That had them pausing, how were they supposed to be united by her fury? Even after the century that passed, they could not identify what that part of the prophecy meant. Sean and Michael both knew that if they fell in love with anyone they would have both have to mate with her. After so many close encounters of heart break when the lady in question could not handle having two men love her it was always the same, she would run, they both decided to quit looking for this mysterious woman that would join them chalking it up to the impossible.

A knock at the door interrupted Sean's sad thoughts, he stood up to answer the door but it swung open before he could reach it, Michael stood at the entrance looking serious for a moment, he walked into the room, when he was a few feet near his brother his face broke into a smile as he pounced on his brother knocking him down while he hugged him in a bear hug.

"Brother, I missed you," Michael said.

"Get off me jerk! " Sean said as he moved away from his brother, but smiling from ear to ear.

"You're late dork, I set the dinner at 9pm, we have a few minutes left now thanks to you and your bimbo," Sean said as he helped his brother up and they walked out the door side by side.

"Hey, I happen to like Rebecca, I think I might love her," Michael said running his hand through his dark brown hair that was cut so that he had it was longer at the front in loose waves ending by his ears while the back was cut short to almost scalp length.

"Pssh no you don't, I would know if you did, l'd say it has something to do with that nice apple bottom of hers than anything, what do you even talk about huh?" he smirked elbowing Michael out of the way so he could leave their mansion first, he loved his brother to death even if he was a pain at times.

Michael thought about that for a few seconds and burst out laughing, "You know, there hasn't been any time to get to know each other in the past two weeks we have been together, mostly I'm too busy and just want to screw and go to sleep when I get back from work you know," he said getting in the car.

In truth Michael was feeling uneasy like something important was going to happen, he had been feeling that way for the past two years, he knew that Sean felt the same through their bond, they both couldn't figure out why, he dealt with the feeling by sleeping with women while Sean made himself as busy as ever with the pack and other politics of the neighboring packs. They were both fed up of it all, the stress of their alpha was a lot, made worse with the fact that they were twin alphas of one territory, their names were always being mentioned in some way or the other because it was unheard of to have two alphas, Michael knew that they got more trouble because of that fact alone, signing he looked at his brother who was driving in silence, Michael turned on the radio and Metallica's St .Anger came blasting through. It was night's like this that made them survive, twice a week, they would put down their responsibilities and go for a night out in town, they would rotate after the last night so that the next night out, the other brother would pick a place to have fun. It was one of their chill out times, they could goof off to their hearts content and pick up girls if the opportunity came. Michael asked his brother were they were going for dinner for the fifth time that night.

"Damn it Micky, like I said I can't tell you know it is a surprise like always, keep your pants one," Sean said chuckling as he turned the corner. When the building came into view, finally, Michael shook his head at the place, they were eating at the Agon-dray( Dragon in Latin).

"How the hell did you book us at the Agon-dray in less than a week? Do you know how long I've been planning to make a reservation here?" Michael said as he looked at the place. It was like a modern castle, with white and blue columns wrapped in purple cloth all around the perimeter, there were fountains with half naked statues holding pitchers in the centre, the water had lights at the bottom that changed color every few minutes making the place look surreal.

"Well, the owners daughter and I had a thing going on a few years back, she is cool, I called in a favor last week and here we are," he said grinning as he lead the way up the stairs that had flowers of multiple color carved in every available part of the marble, the flower was also marble but it had a tint of blue lines twirling around each other in various places, they approached the reception, after their name was checked, they were lead to their table at the back by a blonde haired woman in a blue green dress that was too short but gave them a great view of her ass and her thighs, she wore a vest that had the logo of the restaurant/hotel on it in gold glitter.

Their table had a booth attached to it since it was in a corner,

"This is your table sirs, if you need any help with anything please tell a waiter or waitress and I will come at once," she said batting her eye lashes seductively, Michael gave her one of his best grins and let his eyes roam her body freely as he said, "thank you, im sure we will be asking for you soon," with that she nodded and put more sway in her step as she left them alone.

"Cool it for now Micky, let us eat and then we can go hunting for some warm bodies," Sean said though he had to readjust himself, he was feeling more uneasy since they entered,

"How do you feel?" Sean asked as he loosened his turtle neck.

"More anxious than usual lately, I wonder why that is," he said as he scanned the place around him for signs of aggression but saw none.

"I am not sure, but we will find out one way or another, how is your part of the land?" Sean asked changing the subject, they were getting more than a few stares from the women around them.

" Eh same old same old, some youngling or another wants to challenge me, there have been a number of robberies but the culprit was caught on Tuesday, hmm the funny thing is that the only reason he was caught was because he took a break in one of the homes and decided to watch tv there," Michael chuckled, " Old man Smith was coming down for some milk when he found him, the old man went back upstairs for his gun and came down and shoot the guy in his arm, the guy soiled his pants from the shock of it, that one made my day," he said laughing. Sean laughed as well relaxing slightly, up on stage, there was a band that began to play as their orders were taken by a waiter, the music had a jazzy feel to it that had them nodding their heads a little to the guitar and trumpet, when the song ended, another group came on next, they were more R&B, people began to take their partners on the dance floor to dance. Their food was brought and they ate in comfortable silence before talking to each other after every mouthful, they were both relaxed and having a good time reminiscing and talking about random things, from new songs to which of them had slept with more women to who would pick up the check.

Lytta smoothed down her dress as she listened to the current band playing, while waiting for her cue, she was next on stage, the band had her music already, she was nervous, as she always was, she was a regular singer here, but only on Fridays and Saturdays, because most of the time, she was attending part time college and a waitress here when she wasn't singing, she had always been singing, had been since she was old enough to make sense, most of her songs were her own, every now and then she would have to sing someone else's song on request from the audience if she knew it of course. She had a standard life, she lived in an apartment with her best friend Elena, she was usually shy and kept to herself when she went for classes, mostly because she felt old, at twenty four, she was now finishing her bachelor's degree in marketing, her financing had been a major struggle for most of her life, but now she was in her last year, it was a basic count down now. Lytta looked at her gloved hands and her spirit went down, another reason why she didn't have many friends was because she was afraid of hurting someone. A chubby guy smiled at her motioning for her to come closer now since the band were almost done, Hank was a sweet guy, he was always cheering her on in the side lines, "hey Barbie, you ready for this?" he asked, holding her shoulder, she scowled at him, in reality, Lytta hated dresses, and this one did make her look extra girly, normally she was in loose boot cuts, shirts and sneakers or converse, but Agon-dray had a dress code for its performers, women were to wear dresses or suits but nothing informal.

"Shut it Hank, god, I cannot wait to be out of this thing," she said, looking at her pumps that were at least not that high thank god.

"Whatever babe, you look hot in that dress, they are almost done, if you need to do last minute checkups this is the time, though you don't need it," Hank said grinning at her as she went to the full length mirror on the wall with its multiple bulbs lining the sides. Checking her make up one last time, she went to stand next to Hank again, she was feeling more nervous than usual tonight, there was a strong energy here, it was not bad, just that it made her want to find the source.

"Okay, you're up, remember Lytta you're gorgeous, amazing and they will fall in love with your voice and beauty, now go break a leg out there, love you," Hank said as he pushed her toward the stairs that lead to the stage, oh ya, Hank was also her best friend, they lived in the same apartment building but he was on a different floor. Lytta took a deep breath and headed out the curtain to the microphone.

Sean and Michael were talking about the surprise trip they wanted to take their mum on in a few months when together, they realized that their breathing had changed, they looked at each other then at the stage, they sucked in their breathe, on stage was an ebony woman, she had her black hair in a bun at the top of her head but let some curly strands fall around her face, she had a purple dress on that was sleeveless, it pushed her cleavage out a little, the dress material bunched up at her small waist, it flared outwards not clinging to her hips, but it was easy to tell that she was still voluptuous, she was not big, it was just that she was not the standard for women these days. Sean's heart was beating so fast at the moment, she was gorgeous, his wolf stirred in his mind, it felt like he had been asleep and now was wide awake, he looked at Michael but he knew from the connection that he was felling the same way.

'Micky, is your wolf awake in your mind isn't he?' he said not moving his lips.

'Yes, he is, and he wants her very badly Sean, what do we do? I know you want her too' Michael replied sounding worried already, he didn't blame him. They both turned back to the stage again, she had begun to sing, they listened to her voice, it was soft but had a strength to it that made it nice to listen to, they were captivated. As she got into the song, she swayed her hips slightly as she moved around the stage singing louder at some parts, this made her voice have a happy sound to it like she was really enjoying singing.

'I want a closer look at her face brother,' Michael said standing up.

'I think I will as well,' Sean said in Michaels head as he followed his brother through the crowd, when they reached the front they both just stared at her as she continued to sing, her scent floated to them, inhaling, it smelled like cocoa and a scent all her own, both their wolves growled loudly in their heads wanting to take over. Michael looked at his brother at the same time Sean looked at him, their eyes had changed color, Sean's eyes were black with gold twirling around, Michael had silver blue eyes as opposed to the normal dark green they were. Calming down they looked up at her again, she had dark brown eyes, a small nose that posed up slightly at the tip, her lips were a lighter shade from her dark brown skin, the top was smaller than the bottom, they looked very kissable especially with the light pink they were painted with currently. They were in deep shit now.

Lytta felt a surge of energy go through her, she was in the middle of her song and she actually missed some words but recovered quickly, the need to look down at the crowd was almost painful, she looked around the crowd as she sang, switching the microphone from one hand to the other, in front of her were two guys that had her heart beating faster, she went to the other side of the stage and came back and looked at them closely, the one on the left had dark brown wavy hair that covered his ears and forehead it looked like he had been running his hands through it repeatedly, his eyes seemed to be silver, that changed to green almost instantly it had to be trick of the light somehow, the man next to him had blonde hair that he pulled back from his face, his eyes were blue but when she stared at them they shifted to black and back again, they were both tall, six three maybe? They certainly towered over the people around them, they both had broad shoulders, the blonde wore a blue turtle neck that hugged his chest and arms perfectly, his arms were folded, Lytta moved back slightly as she sang her next line moving her arm up in the air waving her hand side to side and the crowd imitated her cheering loudly, the brunette wore a black dress shirt but it was not tacked in his jeans, his hands were in his front pockets, they were the only two that did not lift their arms to wave them, she felt connected to them, she didn't not understand it, but they were both staring at her intensely like they were trying to look into her soul, she figured that they knew each other from how close they were standing.

Lytta sang the last words of her song more softly and slower, when she said the last word, she bowed her head and thanked the crowd for the applause, she smiled and waved at the them as she put the microphone back on the stand and walked off the stage.

The brothers watched the whole performance in awe, when she smiled, a sense of happiness flooded them both, when she walked off stage they went back to their seats slowly, none of them knowing what this meant, it was clear that they both liked her but the fact that their wolves got involved was startling to say the least, it had never happened before. When they had been sitting for a while, Michael spoke first, "You felt the pull right, I don't know what this means but I like this girl, I think we should find out more about her, she is obviously important to us" he said quickly, wanting to get it out there.

Sean nodded, "It is very strange, I like her too, usually its only the love thing we both feel, there must be a reason why," he paused to sip his drink then it occurred to him, it was a scary thought, "do you...I mean I know it's been a long while but.."

"No, don't even go there it cannot be could it? But the signs point otherwise, if it is actually 'the' mate, then we should at least find out something's about her, first, let us find out her name," Michael said motioning to a thin waiter,

"Hello, could you tell me about the lady that just left the stage?" Michael asked him.

"oh of course, her name is Lytta Grigoriou, she comes in on some nights to sing, but mostly she is a waitress here. That is all I know about her, we are not that close." He said

"Thank you, you have told me a lot more than I would have known" Michael said, he watched the thin waiter go way before he began to talk again.

"Lytta Grigoriou, I like it," Michael said leaning forward in his seat.

"Yes it has a certain ring to it, but her last name, she does not look Greek, I think we should invite her to sit with us for dinner or at least congratulate her on her singing," he said motioning for another waiter to call her to their table. Michael wasn't so sure about that, but he let the man go and get her, his wolf was anxious to see her, he just hoped he could control himself since she would be so close to him. Sean seemed to be taking it well he mused as he watched his brother, but the feeling at the back of his head from his brother told him otherwise.

Lytta was tired, she had done a lot of school work before coming here and then when she was here she had to look as alive as possible. Thank god I am out of that dress, she was back in her usual garb, she had on a black loose shirt with mc Jager holding a guitar, blue jeans that were tight around her hips but fared out at the knee, black Nike sneakers, and she had let her hair down so that it reached the middle of her back in wild curls, last she put on her black faux leather jacket. She was getting her keys to her small used Toyota when Patrick came in beaming at her.

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