Only Oral


Waking up to the early morning sunlight streaming through the curtains, I rolled over just to look at him. His sleep had not yet been disturbed by the bright light pouring in. Stretching my body, and trying to stay as quiet as I could, I slipped out of bed. We had countless errands to run today and I knew that we needed to get an early start. I would love to stay in bed, to linger there with him, but I was being practical.

"Don't go." His voice called out to me.

I turned to look back at him reminding him, "We have so much to do today. We really need to get started."

"Some things can wait, some things can't," he teased as he lifted the comforter away from his body. He had awakened much like any other day, hard and ready. Sometimes I wonder if there is ever a time when he isn't ready.

"You'll have to do a bit more convincing, Sugar," I countered. "Tell me just what's so special about you showing off your cock to me."

Laughing at me now, he said, "Don't play all coy with me. I know you want it this morning as much as I do. You're forgetting that I'm the man that knows you so well. Since when do you turn down morning sex? I tell you what, since we've got so much to do today, we'll make it and OO day." I couldn't help but smile as I thought of "Only Oral," his nickname for times that we pleasure each other orally without taking the time to fuck.

"You make it hard to resist," I offered the pun intentionally.

"I try, babe, I try. Now get over here before we waste even more of the morning."

Slipping back into the bed next to him, I mumbled something about how it was going to be his fault if we didn't get things done today.

"My fault only? Uh huh, you're the one that came back."

I love the way he and I can tease each other, laugh together and then fall so easily into pleasing each other.

Kissing me gently, lips brushing against lips, hands running through my hair, it began anew. His soothing voice, his sensual words, his desire for me were all lifting me to heights that only he can.

My body responded immediately to his touch. One gentle stroke of his hand across my face, over my neck and circling my breasts, stopping long enough to roll my nipple between his fingers caused my body to melt beneath him.

His tongue followed the trail his hands were making over my body. As he was sliding down between my legs, kissing my thighs, he whispered how much he wanted to taste me. I reached for his cock and found it hard and firm. At that moment, I wanted nothing more than to feel his tongue inside of me. But he had just begun his tongue play and was not yet ready to stop.

Listening to him as he spoke of how much he wanted my taste on his tongue and feeling his lips kissing and licking me were more than enough to make me lie back and enjoy the moment. He probed gently at first, barley darting his tongue inside of my warm pussy. I arched toward him, offering myself to him.

With more deliberate effort, he began a full on tongue lashing on my clit, pausing only long enough to tell me how he loves it when he feels my juices run down his chin, and urging me to come for him. He pushed one of his fingers inside of me and began making little circles with it. Pushing it deeper, he started thrusting it harder, slapping his hand against me. I pushed down on his tongue, loving how it felt against my clit.

"Now, baby, come for me. I want your juices to cover my mouth. It makes me so hard you when you come."

Between his tongue play on my clit and his insistent finger fucking, my body was tensing and my breathing was heavy. Holding his head in place with my hands, I tightened my legs around him and I pressed my thighs firmly against him.

"So close, baby. I'm so fucking close to coming. That's it, Oh, yeah baby! There!" My hands released their grip and I pounded them onto the bed, thrashing beneath him as my body gave into a quivering orgasm. Gently, I felt his tongue continue to lick away all of the escaping juices.

I was completely satisfied, for the moment. He had given me so much pleasure His tongue had worked its magic again, his hands had caressed my skin so tenderly. After I caught my breath, I looked longingly into your eyes and whispered, "I want to make you cum, now baby."

Our bodies shifted position and he stretched out on the bed as I crawled on top of him I teased his skin with my hair as it flowed over my shoulders and brushed against his chest as I slid down his body. Gentle, quick little kisses from my lips brushed over his chest and stomach. My hands began caressing and kneading his thighs as I glanced down at his firm erect cock. I smiled knowing the pleasure I was giving.

I slid further down his body until my face was just above his erection. I straddled his leg, placing my left leg to one side and my right knee up close to his balls. I circled the base of his cock with my hand, squeezing it gently at first.

His response to my touch was so inviting. I began working my hand up and down the length of his shaft, each time tightening my grip. Each time, going from the base to just beneath the head. After a few more strokes, he pleased me by allowing just a bit of pre cum to escape and glisten on the tip. This was much too enticing to pass up. My tongue flicked across the tip and I moaned as I was savoring the delicious taste. I circled just the tip of his cock with my tongue, ever so lightly.

He pushed upward towards me, telling me without words that he needed me to take him fully into my mouth. Holding on tightly to the base, I opened my mouth as he fed his full cock to me. My mouth engulfed as much of it as I could take. My lips closed tightly around him. Our rhythm was so perfect, he was thrusting slowly in and almost out of my mouth as my lips tightened and loosened around him. I continued to hold on with my hand, working it up and down his shaft, pushing hard against his balls each time. I love the feel of his cock wrapped inside of my hand, as I lick and suck the head. I slipped my hand down to his balls and took them eagerly into my hand, squeezing them with just the right amount of pressure.

I knew he was very close to coming when I felt his body tense. His legs stretched out straight and he pushed down onto the bed. His hands grabbed my hair and pushed me further down onto his cock. Sucking just a little harder, I readied myself for his orgasm. I made sure to keep my lips firmly wrapped around his cock as I felt it pushing deeply into my mouth. Oh, how I wanted to feel his cum shooting inside of my mouth, tickling my throat as it glides down.

I didn't have to wait any longer. He inhaled deeply, and as his orgasm took control of his body, and he released several throaty, ragged breaths. His cum flowed freely into my mouth. I held on long enough to make sure I had it all before raising my face to him so that he could watch me as I took his cum into me, swallowing, savoring and enjoying all of it.

After resting my head against his chest for a while, I felt his fingers running over my ass, then he pressed them into me and opened his palm and placing a playful smack against my ass cheeks said, "Would you look at the time?"

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