tagNonConsent/ReluctanceOnly What You Desire

Only What You Desire


I am a hobbyist and I wanted some distraction. I dialed the usual eleven digits and got voicemail. I left a message: "Jamie. Gus. Can we do three hours of 'difficult Jamie'? How about 3:30? Give me a call or shoot me an email. Thanks. Bye."

Jamie never picks up her cell phone when I call and she usually never calls back. It was always leave a message and hope for the best. About an hour later I got an email from Jamie with one word: "yes."

Jamie lives in a second story walk up on a busy street in the Lakeview area of Chicago. I arrived about 10 minutes early, but the downstairs door was already unlocked—as it was supposed to be. I took my shoes off and stepped inside. I crept slowly and quietly up the stairs to Jamie's door. Jamie lives in an older building and oftentimes the wooden floors will creak at the wrong moment. I took off my belt being careful not to rattle the buckle. The belt is one of those braided leather belts. I took off my jacket and unbuttoned my shirt. I opened Jamie's door, it was also unlocked, as it was supposed to be. I quietly stepped into the apartment. I ever so gently nudged Jamie's cat away from the door so he couldn't escape. The TV was playing in the middle room. Sounded like a porno. Jamie's apartment lays out in a line—front room, middle room, bedroom off to the side of the middle room, kitchen in the back. I gently placed my shoes, jacket, and the bag I was carrying on the floor. I slowly and quietly took off my shirt, my pants, t-shirt, boxers and socks. I took two pair of handcuffs from my jacket pocket, picked up the bag and my belt and walked gently toward the middle room. I looked at the TV. I think "Four Man Cum Bath" was playing on the DVD—one of Jamie's favorites. The bedroom door was open and I listened for Jamie's breathing. The hint of a snore told me that she was actually asleep. I wondered what time she had unlocked the apartment's doors and how long she had been napping.

I moved very slowly and quietly to the bedroom. As you enter Jamie's bedroom the head of the bed with a big iron frame headboard is to your left. You face a window, which sits at about the foot of the bed, a dresser sits to the right side of the room, and a nightstand flanks the bed. Jamie was on her side, asleep, facing the far wall, and wearing a fancy striped dress shirt that she had "stolen" from me some time before. About one stride from the bed I dropped the bag, lunged and grabbed both of Jamie's legs.

"What the fuck?" Jamie, awoke, genuinely startled.

I pulled my belt around Jamie's legs, cinched it tight, and buckled. Jamie sat up and smacked my back hard. She punched hard and tried to push me away. I leaned back on Jamie's right arm, pinning it, and I grabbed her left arm with both hands. I popped a handcuff on Jamie's wrist the way that cops snap cuffs on in those TV crime dramas (it leaves a nasty bruise as Jamie reminded me some time later). I rolled on top of Jamie, pinning her with my weight. I pulled her left arm over her head, and cuffed it to the headboard. Jamie kept smacking me again and again with her free arm. I slid off the bed on Jamie's left side, walked around the bed. Jamie tried to roll away but I grabbed Jamie's flailing right arm and pinned her down on her back. I cuffed her right hand (more gently this time) to the bedpost above her head.

"What the fuck do you think you are doing? Stop this." Jamie pled. "You asshole mother fucker. I was in bed waiting for my date. He will be here any minute. What are you doing?"

I put my hand over her mouth. "Shut up bitch and I won't cut you." I ripped open Jamie's shirt. Jamie has delicious breasts. I squeezed her right breast and sucked hard on the nipple.

"Ouch, shit, that hurt. Fuck."

"Quiet," I repeated, "or it will hurt more." I emphasized the word "will." I grabbed the goodie bag from the floor and pulled out a knife. I bit just a little harder on Jamie's nipple.

"I'll do anything, anything, just don't hurt me," Jamie continued to plead.

"Sure you will … you're handcuffed … bitch. You have no choice." I flashed the knife.

"Don't cut me. Jesus Christ. That's not in the game."

I dropped the knife on the floor and sucked hard on Jamie's other breast. I loved those breasts—firm, d-cup, large pink areola. I rubbed and squeezed and pinched her nipples. Jamie struggled against the cuffs and tried to move her legs to slide them from out of the belt. She kept kicking. I dumped out the rest of the goodie bag and found the prison style leg shackles. I cuffed Jamie's right leg, then the left, and finally I released the belt. The shackles had about an eight-inch chain and would let me spread Jamie's legs a lot better than the belt would.

"You won't get out of those." I grinned.


"If you stop moving I'll twist the lock so that the cuffs won't tighten when you squirm."

She stopped moving. I twisted the lock. Then I flipped her on her side and started slapping her butt with my open palm. She winced and struggled against the handcuffs and leg irons. I pulled her knees apart and felt her cunt—wet, sopping wet. I grabbed a paddle from the goodie bag and smacked Jamie's ass some more, then I slid between her legs and started to lick.

"You love this bitch, admit it."

"Asshole, my boyfriend will be home any minute. Don't you listen? He'll beat the crap out of you. Just let me go."

I licked harder and she squirmed. Jamie usually shaved herself smooth, but today there was a hint of stubble around Jamie's pussy. Jamie knew I liked it that way. I licked more and poked my tongue in her pussy. She squeezed her legs together to push me away—but I held them apart and tongued faster. She choked back a moan. I licked her asshole, tonguing deep, and then back up to her clit. Jamie's whole body tensed and buckled as she came hard.

I slid up her body and kissed her mouth. Jamie held her lips tightly closed. I flipped her on her side and again spanked her hard with my palm. Her pale white ass cheeks glowed red. I kissed her again and pushed my tongue between her lips.

"Kiss me bitch, taste your pussy juice." I kissed again and Jamie responded this time licking my tongue. We kissed and I probed her cunt with my fingers. I teased her swollen clit.

I reached over to the nightstand. Jamie kept condoms in the top drawer. I pulled one out, slipped it on and started fucking Jamie hard. I was on the edge of cumming, but didn't want to spill my cup just yet.

"Wear a condom next time asshole," Jamie whimpered. I took that as a hint. Jamie is a big fan of irony. I think she had just given me permission.

I pulled the condom off making sure that Jamie saw it and put my dick at Jamie's mouth.

"Suck." I ordered.

She took the whole thing and sucked like the pro she was. Up down. Stopped. Licked my balls. Then wrapped her mouth back around my dick, up and down the shaft, and up and down the whole way to the base with lots of slurp. I grabbed two thick handfuls of Jamie's red hair and held her head while I fucked her face making sure that she took in my whole length.

I pulled out of her mouth and grabbed one of the dildos that I had dumped from my goodie bag, a slim pink one. I grabbed the lube from where Jamie kept it in her nightstand drawer and shot a big gob of lube on her asshole. It probably felt cold and she squirmed. I full well expected her to yell "Jesus Christ"—but she didn't. I plunged the dildo in, slowly at first then all the way. This was virgin territory or so I had been told. I pumped away at her asshole harder and faster and again tongued her clit. He body tensed and she came again, hard.

"Asshole," she said. "Don't make me cum. That's not fair." Jamie sounded winded. She was sweating.

I unshackled Jamie's legs, spread them wide, mounted her and shoved my dick (no condom) hard in her pussy. She saw me enter her bareback, glared right in my eyes, but didn't say a word. I thrust and she moved her body to meet my thrusts.

"You love this, don't you? Admit it bitch."

"Holy mother of god. You asshole," Jamie yelled. "I don't love this. Just stop fucking me. I mean it. Stop. Stop fucking me now. Stop it you motherfucking asshole."

I fucked harder and faster. Jamie squirmed and bucked. I lifted her legs over my shoulders and pounded away.

"Stop fucking me." Jamie yelled. "Listen, I mean it. Stop now. I don't want to do this anymore. I mean it. Stop."

"In your prayers," I laughed.

I smacked Jamie's ass while I fucked her. I thrust hard and gripped an ass cheek in each hand. Jamie's whole body convulsed and she came again.

"My god what do you do to me," Jamie panted.

I had brought myself to the edge of cumming but still wanted something else from the menu. I pulled out and stuck my dick back in Jamie's face.


Jamie eagerly took my dick into her mouth sucked for all she was worth. I reached over and let her right hand free from the handcuff. Jamie used her hand to rub my balls and probe my asshole while her mouth went up and down the whole length of my hard shaft. Her tongue worked magic as she sucked up and down. She hungrily licked my dick head while she aggressively stroked the shaft with her hand. I couldn't hold it any longer and shot. She moved her mouth up and down my shaft as I spat cum and greedily drank the whole load.

I pulled out after she had sucked out the last drop.

"Don't spit," I said.

Jamie grinned ear-to-ear and swallowed. Jamie has these incredible gorgeous eyes (she thinks they are too small) and for a brief instant as her eyes met mine and lingered just ever a moment too long I thought that she actually might like me.

I got off the bed and walked to the bathroom to pee and shower. I took my time in the shower. When I came out Jamie was still in bed. Her left hand was still cuffed to the bedpost, after all, so its not like she could go anywhere. She was about to speak but I put my finger to my lips to make a "shooshing" sign. I walked up and gave Jamie a gentle kiss on the lips. She kissed me back with a hint of passion. I got another too-long look from those eyes. Then I found my clothes in the living room and got dressed. I walked back to Jamie and tossed her the handcuff key.

"Let yourself loose … after I'm gone."

I pulled a plain white envelope from my jacket that contained $900. I left the envelope on Jamie's computer keyboard in the middle room where she expected it and let myself out of the apartment.

When I got home I found an email from Jamie. It read: "Next time, if there is a next time, you will find me in bed with my 'girlfriend' Lavender. The "word" will still be 'Jesus Christ.' And I need to steel another one of your shirts because, asshole, you ripped the one I had, dammit. Cheers."

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