tagSci-Fi & FantasyOnyx Dreams Ch. 03

Onyx Dreams Ch. 03


Chapter 3: Settling In

The next morning dawned clear and cool but Kennice didn't notice either. She was buried three layers deep under blankets and sheets and was quite warm. Last night's dance had exhausted her but she could almost feel the earth answer her summons. She smiled happily at the memory of the sensation of being caressed by the lightest of touches. Yes, the earth loved its people, even when people did not love it. She had a few more days to go before she had to dance the spell in front of the druidic council and she was sure she would be ready.

She peeked from beneath the covers and groaned when she saw the time. She was going to be late for breakfast if she didn't get a move on. With a sigh she threw back the covers and shivered when the cool air hit her. Her nipples instantly hardened and she stretched slowly, sticking her chest out and admiring the ample amount, genetics had blessed her with.

She pulled on a tee shirt and hip huggers as well as her sandals and headed downstairs to breakfast.

Cyrus lay half naked underneath his covers still sleeping; his mind and body had been fitful in their rest during the night. Witnessing Kennice's fertility dance had done little to ease the tension and confusion in his mind of late.

As Cyrus shifted once more in his sparse and vague patterns of sleep, a hiss escaped his lips as he rolled onto a sensitive patch of scratched and torn skin, the dark stone floor still holding dark spots of his blood within the crevices of its rough and harsh skin.

The feeling of pain filtered its way through Cyrus' dreams, a better word being nightmares. The black beast was still calling to him, his fear cruising at an amount great enough to potentially blow the door off its hinges if pushed just the right way. The pain that had filtered into his dreams provided just the right stimulation, wrenching Cyrus from his state of unconscious dreaming.

Jerking, Cyrus' body awoke and set off the build up, slamming into the surrounding room, shaking the walls and ceiling, the door exploding outwards in a shower of oak splinters at the sheer violence of the expulsion of sound.

The room darkened for Cyrus almost as quickly as it had become visible, his state of consciousness lasting only a moment.

Elizabeth and Anthony had been preparing for breakfast when Elizabeth froze. "Anthony, he's...."

Suddenly the castle rumbled hard and Elizabeth was flung against Anthony.

Anthony shook his head. "We'll be giving him that sedative today. Otherwise he's going to kill us all."

"Agreed. Kennice is up and moving about so she should be down soon. You might want to go check on him," Elizabeth said.

"Yes dear," Anthony replied, kissing her on the cheek before leaving the dining hall.

* * *

Kennice came silently down the stairs and with a speculative glance toward the closed dining room door. She made up her mind to go check on the newcomer. She knew which room her mother would have put him in. Smiling she started off down the hall.

She was almost there when the door flew off its hinges and the castle started shaking. She ducked down and covered her ears. She peeked from beneath her fingers in the sudden silence. "Hello?" she called as she slowly stood and walked toward what used to be the door.

Cyrus lay half out of bed, the force of the blast having essentially destroyed his bed, his covers up over his head, his lower half and nether regions however were exposed for all the world to see.

The room around him was in a shambles, the beautifully stained glass window was now merely an opening in the wall with a few tiny shards left at the sides, the book case was in tatters also, the books however were mostly undamaged, other than a few bent pages.

Kennice's mouth fell open as she stared at the sight that greeted her eyes. He had a nice body and other parts of him, they looked well put together. She blushed at her thoughts, forced them down and entered.

"Are you alright?" she asked again as she crept closer.

Cyrus didn't respond for a few minutes, his body still hauling ass to get him conscious again. However eventually he began to awaken from the darkness his powers had plunged him into.

Groaning Cyrus felt the draft over his body and seen only blackness before him, softly he muttered. "Oh this is just great...now I'm fucking blind..." Cyrus moved his arms out from their extremely uncomfortable position and heard a sudden crunching pop as his shoulder popped back into the joint from the verge of dislocation.

Screaming from the feeling Cyrus' body jerked again, this time an arm shooting out in front of him and letting loose a strong blast that hit the bookcase in an almost knee-jerk reaction.

The covers now off Cyrus's head he paused after the blast and squinted in the light. "Well at least am not blind."

Cyrus frowned now though, there was a soft sound coming from somewhere, almost like the cracking of wood, his eyes fell upon the almost demolished bookcase base and then its heavy load above him. "Ahhh sh..." Cyrus was cut off as the bookcase collapsed forwards on top of him, burying him in large heavy books and broken wood.

After the crash had died down, Cyrus could be heard muffled under the bookcase. "Ow..." The pile of rubble shifted slightly as he grunted, attempting to push it off. "Well this is just great...I'm gonna die under a bookcase.... little help anyone?"

Kennice had stumbled backwards away from him when he screamed and his power blasted out again. She watched in shock as the bookcase crashed down on the newcomer.

She could barely hear his words for her ears were still ringing. She stumbled forward and touched his hand. "I'm here," she told him, shaking her head trying to clear her aching head.

"Kennice Davenport, why are you in here?" Anthony roared as he turned into Cyrus' room and spotted his daughter. The room was in shambles and he sighed. More repairs but that was okay. He would get some of the newer recruits to work on it.

Kennice's face turned red and she turned around. "Stop shouting! I heard a noise and came to help. I can't lift the bookcase off of him!" she wailed.

Anthony shook his head. It looked like they were going to have to send Kennice away sooner than expected.

"Don't worry, your mother is coming. Move over there and if you value your life, be quiet," he told her sternly.

Kennice obediently moved to the corner, still wringing her hands, and watched anxiously as her father bent down and started talking softly to Cyrus.

A few minutes later her mother arrived, cast her a disapproving look and then focused on the task at hand.

"Cyrus, my wife's here. We're going to get this bookcase off of you. Hold still," Anthony instructed before giving Elizabeth a quick nod.

Elizabeth held out a hand and the bookcase slow rose and settled back into its spot against the wall. Suddenly books were flying up into the air and then on to their correct shelves. Cyrus was left huddled in the middle of the new clean floor.

"You're alive boy, so smile. Oh and get dressed," Elizabeth said. She turned to Kennice, "YOU, come with me now."

Kennice cringed and lowered her head. She walked to her mother's side. She took one more moment to savor the way Cyrus looked before her mother dragged her from the room.

Once the weight was lifted from Cyrus, he slowly rose, his head spinning from the impact of some of the heavier and more solid book striking it. Cyrus almost made it to his feet before he fell back onto his bed, holding his hand over a large and dark blooming bruise.

"I think I cracked skull...and I think I broke my manhood too." Cyrus was throbbing all over especially in his head and nether regions.

Blinking a few moments, the memories of the past few minutes' events trickled through his mind. "Wait...she didn't do anything wrong...it was my fault, she just came to help..."

Fortunately what Elizabeth said filtered into his mind and he pulled on his ragged pants, not having had time to find any new ones yet.

"She just came to help..." But Kennice was already gone.

Anthony shook his head. "Cyrus, you have to understand. Kennice disobeyed and I'm sure her mother will take care of it. I need to take you to the doctor so we can get that bruise checked and your manhood as well," Anthony said with a serious look as he rummaged in a drawer and pulled new pants and a shirt which he laid next to Cyrus. "Here, these might work better."

Cyrus frowned before slipping the new clothes on and thanked Anthony for them before speaking once more. "I can't see how coming to help could be disobeying, unless she was told not to come see what happened when..." Cyrus' eyes fell upon the long spray of splinters across the hall that used to be his 3 inches of solid oak door. "...Oh boy...I think you might have to wait a while to get payment for that...3 inches of oak is uhh...kinda difficult to save up for when your flat broke and unemployed..." Cyrus put on a nervous smile and winced again, the smile dropping from his face. "Yeah, a doctor would be nice."

"She is not to be on this floor without escort by myself or her mother. So yes, she did disobey. But that is not the issue here. Come boy, lean on me. The doctor is three doors down from your room. The rest of the students and priests are in a different building on the property so you don't have to worry about anyone else thinking you are strange. Many of them have abilities as well."

Cyrus felt his face going a bit red when Anthony spoke of thinking himself strange, if only he knew the half of it. "Thank you Sir. And I'll pay for the door and whatever else I broke...just as soon as I find a way to make some money." Cyrus gratefully took Anthony's offer of leaning on him, finding almost every step painful and having to walk bow legged down the hallway to the doctor's room.

"Sorry I don't have telekinesis," Anthony told the struggling young man. They stopped in front of a door labeled clinic. Anthony knocked twice then opened the door.

Inside an elderly looking gentleman with silver hair looked up. "Ah, the new psionic. Bring him over here please. The medication is ready and it looks like he needs additional tending to as well," the man added with a smile.

"Cyrus, this is Doc Maclued. He'll works miracles on you." Anthony helped Cyrus up on the bed. "I'll leave him to your tender mercies Doc. I'll be back in a bit to retrieve him."

Anthony gave Maclued a respectful bow then left the two alone.

"It's alright Sir, am glad for the help." Cyrus hobbled over to the bed as Anthony let him onto his own feet. Cyrus frowned as the doctor spoke, tensing a little, feeling yet another charge building. "Medication? What medication?" Cyrus took a step back. "Look an aspirin will do fine for me ok, that and a cat scan...and maybe a sperm count...I think the full Druid Lore dictionary fell onto him. You know? The really BIG one with tiny print that's about 1200 A4 pages?"

"I know. It can be a heavy burden to bear," Maclued joked as he grabbed the shot and injected into Cyrus before the young man could stop him. "Don't worry now. This will make your life bearable until you can learn control."

Cyrus gasped at the pain and took a step back, completely taking the moment out of context, the injury to his head making him think the doctor had intentions anything but good.

Cyrus' fist clenched as a charge fueled by fear confusion and anger built; however it faltered as the sedatives took effect.

Cyrus fell to his knees, gripping the bed sheets, trying to get purchase as his vision blurred. "What...what are you doing? What's going on?"

"Your powers are now asleep. This will make life more bearable for you and the rest of us. You've been on a flight or fight mode too long. Once we have helped you settle, you will understand why we did it this way. Now, about your injuries...." Maclued placed his suddenly glowing hand against the knot on Cyrus' forehead. His other glowing hand he placed on Cyrus' manhood. The glow seemed to brighten and then it extended to the injuries where it pulsated for a moment before fading out. The knot on Cyrus' head was gone and the angry bruise that had formed on his manhood was gone, leaving the skin healthy.

"Feel better?"

Cyrus was trembling as he heard his powers were asleep, it felt as if he was missing a part of himself, he was lost for words until Maclued put his hand on his head and on his manhood.

Cyrus froze and tensed visibly, his pulse rising as he saw the light, for a moment Cyrus thought Maclued has set fire to him, until he felt the pain leaving and the swelling going down.

When the hands were removed, Cyrus raised his own hand, finger pointed in warning. "Ok...Doctor, one little thing...next time your gonna put your hands down my pants, warn me first ok?"

Maclued smirked. "Of course. But when I give warning most men gets difficult so its better to do and then ask questions later. Now, go eat some breakfast. And a word of advice, stay away from Kennice."

Cyrus blushed brightly as Kennice was mentioned, only now realizing that she most likely had seen him naked from the waist down that morning. "Oh I am so dead...Elizabeth's gonna kill me when she finds out..." Cyrus also heard his stomach rumble and nodded to the suggestion of breakfast. "Think they'll allow me a last meal first? I haven't eaten since Tuesday."

Maclued laughed and clapped him on the back. "You are not the first young man to eye their daughter. And don't worry son. Kennice is leaving tomorrow to go train with the high priestess of our order for her future duties as high priestess. So she won't be a distraction after that. Just keep your hands and body parts to yourself and Elizabeth won't gut you. Enjoy breakfast," Maclued said cheerfully as he escorted Cyrus to the door.

Cyrus nodded, still blushing as he stood in the doorway a moment. "Yeah well, she's umm, sort of already seen me...When I was out, she came to help hearing the noise and I just realized the blankets were covering my head and not my other parts."

Maclued laughed. "I'm sure she got an eyeful. But don't worry. Kennice won't tease you about it. Now off with you before your food gets cold."

Cyrus nodded and thanked Maclued before moving to go to the dining room. "Uhh...exactly how do I find the breakfast room?"

"Go back down this hall all the way until it splits and then make a left and to the end of that corridor is the dining hall. Enjoy the griddles and syrup."

* * *

Anthony was waiting at the first junction for Cyrus' arrival. Elizabeth had informed him telepathically that she was going upstairs to discipline their daughter. Anthony was blocking the only way up the stairs, just in case Cyrus decided to play hero.

Cyrus nodded and thanked Maclued once more before heading off, making his way down the halls, heading left and almost bumping into Anthony. "Oh, sorry sir, I didn't see you there. Just on my way to breakfast..." Cyrus paused as he looked at Anthony. "Sir...I feel that Kennice being there was my fault, I know there is no solid ground for this but...it was the noise from my room that caused her to come, I ask that perhaps hat because her intentions were good that you be lenient on her. After all, most people would have done the same had they witnessed a solid door exploding into splinters..." Cyrus looked into Anthony's eyes, hoping he would get what he was trying to say.

"We understand and you are fortunate that she did come check. However, Elizabeth is keeping mental tabs on you until you get adjusted so if something should happen in the future, just think of her and she sends the cavalry," Anthony said with a grin as he dropped an arm around Cyrus' shoulders and walked him to the dining room.

"She cooked your favorites again so please, sit and eat."

Cyrus nodded and looked down as he walked, feeling Anthony's arm around his shoulder, still walking with a slight limp as the occasional phantom pain twinges in his muscles. "Yeah? Thank you, this hasn't exactly been the start I was planning on and umm, there's something I need to tell you but I'm not sure if Father told you or not. It's the reason why there's a 20 foot wide hole in his temple..."

Anthony smiled as Cyrus talked but when Cyrus said he had been having nightmares about scaled things, Anthony suddenly got serious. "Tell me more about the nightmares with the scaled creatures."

Cyrus looked down at his empty plate, pushing a linger pea around his plate. "When I sleep, its like I instantly start dreaming...I'm in the middle of Scotland somewhere, its the late evening, there's a soft breeze with the scent of lavender. I'm on a mountainside and I look down into the valley below and the suddenly there's this huge black...thing. It's scales shine in the moon light, light its got gems all over it or something..." Cyrus' pulse began to rise as he remembered the nightmare. "Then it swoops round, so close to me and lands right next t me. It's claws look pearl with, and in some dreams they have blood on them. Then it...leans down and I can smell burning like sulfur but sometimes its the chilling smell of permafrost...then it looks at me with its eyes, big dark pools of black that seem to go on forever..." Cyrus' hand gripped his knife harder as he seemed to drift into the memory.

"And then it speaks, its voice deep and long, but not with its mouth...speaking like its...like its inside my head and I cant move. All I can see are those huge eyes and rows of razor sharp teeth and I think I'm going to die. So I start crawling back and it gets closer with each movement until suddenly I'm falling, I fall off the cliff face...the last thing I see is her diving down it me with those huge jaws open...and then I wake up. Usually to a room that's been completely wrecked. That's why I ended up with a mattress and a blanket, sleeping in a wide tub..."

Anthony knew what the dreams meant but he wasn't sure if Cyrus would understand or become more freaked out when he found out what the dreams meant.

"Well son, you've had a very traumatic experience and it is usually brought on by the onset of new abilities. How about we give you something to help you stop dreaming so that you can rest and start working to get your abilities controlled.

Cyrus shook his head at the mention of more medication. "No sir, I feel kinda empty at the moment with what the doctor put in me, plus Father always said its better to face your demons head on and lose than to be running from them all the time. Maybe now I can actually wake up in a bed that isn't in pieces and go back to sleep. I mean...maybe there's an end part I'm missing?"

"There may be an end. I see what I can find. Ah, Elizabeth, thank you for joining us," Anthony said as he wife entered. She smiled brightly at them both then slid into her seat. "Sorry I'm late." She kissed Anthony on the cheek.

"How do you like your breakfast?" she asked Cyrus with a grin.

Cyrus realized he was gripping his knife far too tightly and placed it beside his plate. "It was good ma'am." Cyrus noticed how alike Elizabeth and her daughter looked, stirring up thoughts about Kennice and the guilt Cyrus still felt about what happened. "I see beauty runs in the family. I'm sorry I got your daughter into trouble. I guess father was right when he told me I have to stop being so charismatic..."

Elizabeth laughed. "It's ok to be charismatic. Just remember the effect it can have and don't ever play a young woman false and you should be alright," Elizabeth advised sagely.

Cyrus nodded and bit his bottom lip as he thought about his next words. "Ma'am, I know this will probably get me into trouble but...I'd like to say goodbye to your daughter before she leaves, to make sure there aren't any hard feelings. I'd hate to find out she feels jaded about men because of this." The thought crossed Cyrus' mind. ~It's almost like we're soul mates...maybe I should've told Anthony about her being in my dreams too~

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