tagSci-Fi & FantasyOnyx Dreams Ch. 04

Onyx Dreams Ch. 04


Chapter 4: Lake Interlude

Kennice had followed her mother upstairs and down the long hallway toward the training room. Although Elizabeth said nothing, Kennice could still feel her mother's anger and it buffeted against her. She couldn't help her attraction to the newcomer. It was, well like her soul knew his but if she said those words her mother would definitely get upset.

"I can hear those words and you are too young to think such thoughts!" Elizabeth snapped as she pushed open the door to the training room.

Kennice's mouth went dry. The training room doubled for a punishment room and that was why they were upstairs. No one came on the third floor without permission.

"You know the drill. Over to the chair and drop your pants. You have been warned repeatedly to stay away from that young man and to stay away from the first floor dormitories. You have disobeyed on both counts and you will be punished," Elizabeth said firmly.

Kennice bowed her head and walked slowly over to the chair. It was a straight back chair with a wooden seat. Sighing she pulled her pants and underwear down and let them pool around her ankles. She bent over at the waist and placed her hands on either side of the seat of the chair. She could hear her mother moving around and she tensed. She heard the swish of air and steeled herself for the caning she was about to receive.

Elizabeth stood behind Kennice, swishing the air experimentally with the cane. Finally she felt ready and swinging her hand back high, she brought it down swiftly with a resounding thwack against Kennice's bare butt.

Kennice hissed but made no other movement.

* * *

A few hours later a silent and brooding Kennice tiptoed down the stairs and outside toward the lake. She needed to clear her head and soothe other things.

Cyrus had wandered out into the grounds a few minutes after Anthony had left. He had sat down on the shore and skimmed stones for a while before just staring out at the lake, the dusk falling around him before he noticed. Sighing softly he looked up at the moon and thought of the man ho he had thought of as his father his whole life.

Kennice froze when she spotted Cyrus. Oh great. He was here too. Immediately she felt shame. She shouldn't direct her anger at him. He was not the cause of her problem. She was. Sighing she went in a different direction so that she could slip into the lake to soak. When she was far enough away she shed her clothes and stepped into the lake. She shivered at its coldness but then sighed in relief. She dove into the water and swam below the surface.

Cyrus sighed softly and stood, walking round the lakeshore to clear his head, trying not to let himself get homesick thinking about his father.

As he walked along the shores he noticed a pile of clothes on the bank, female clothes and wondered who it could be.

Quietly he crept down the embankment, his eyes on the water.

Kennice swam with the fishes for a moment and then she resurfaced, her back to the shoreline. Her wet hair fell around her shoulders and a few strands dangled in her face.

The water felt so good against her burning skin. She dove again and swam a little way past where she had dropped her clothes. She came up out of the water. Little droplets rolled down her body and some beaded on her nipples but she did not seem to notice as she walked up on the shore and turned to stare up at the moon which was peaking out from behind a cloud.

Her back and her butt were marked with angry red welts, which stood out in stark contrast to her creamy skin. She got chill bumps and rubbed absently at her arms to warm them.

Cyrus stood in amazement and watched as Kennice surfaced from the water and walked towards the shore, where he watched from the shadows.

When Kennice turned to stare up at the moon, a soft gasp escaped Cyrus' lips as he saw the angry red welts across her pale back and buttocks.

Cyrus found himself wishing he could rub her arms for her to warm her up, part of him wanted to go and help but the majority made sure his feet stayed put and even made him take a step away.

Kennice felt new tears sliding down her cheek. Her mother had used the cane hard and liberally. Kennice would be sore for weeks and that was the whole point. Her mother wanted her to remember her crimes. The first few blows never hurt but after the tenth one she had begun to cry. But her mother had not stopped. It had been a long time since Kennice had been punished and she had forgotten how much a caning hurt. Her one regret was that she didn't know if Cyrus had been alright or not. Once her mother had finished disciplining her, she had been sent down to the washroom to help with the laundry. Her mother had kept her busy all day so that she wouldn't seek out Cyrus. Cyrus, even his name sounded romantic. She turned away from the moon and gasped when she saw the reeds rustling.

"Who's there?" she demanded as she looked about for a weapon. Stupid of her to leave her clothes at the other part of the shore.

Cyrus, took a breath not sure whether to stay or flee. He felt his feet move backwards and sense finally made itself known. He couldn't get Kennice into trouble if she didn't know it was him. Cyrus began to move away once more, nearing the path away from the shore.

When no one responded, Kennice raced to the spot where her clothes were and hurriedly put them on, wincing when they rubbed against her skin. She knew a shortcut that would put her ahead of the person taking the one and only path back to the house. She would find out who was watching her.

Cyrus began running down the path, bolting as hard and as fast as he could, his slim physique allowing him to move down the path with a surprising turn of speed. The thought kept going through his mind. ~Don't let her see you, don't let her see you, don't let her see you~

"You know, you make enough noise to scare a whole crowd of people away," Kennice announced as she stepped into the middle of the path. She wasn't surprised to see Cyrus. Somehow, she knew it had been him. She was embarrassed that he had seen the evidence of her punishment.

Cyrus skidded to a halt in the middle of the path and cursed. "You weren't supposed to see me...now you'll be punished for seeing me. If you had just stayed at the lake you wouldn't have seen me and at worst it would be myself being punished...but now...now we're both screwed."

Kennice's eyes softened and she walked up to him. "I've already been punished. They are sending me away early and I got caned. There's not much more they can do to me," she told him sadly. She ached to hold him, to soothe his worries.

Cyrus looked up at Kennice. "Yeah...I was going to say good bye to you tomorrow but...knowing now that your mother most likely knows of this then she probably wont let me. I just wanted to make sure there weren't any hard feelings between us, because of what happened this morning." Cyrus blushed as he remembered realizing that Kennice had seen his whole body.

"I don't have any hard feelings but other parts of you sure were hard," she teased, hating the fact that he was worried about her. She found it, sweet.

Cyrus blushed visibly in the moonlight and looked at the ground, his hands in pockets. "Well...I had an angel in my dreams to help that along." Cyrus smiled up at Kennice.

It was Kennice's turn to blush. She liked Cyrus. He wasn't anything like the other boys, especially Rhys. Rhys who watched her every movement and made her feel uncomfortable. Her skin always crawled when he touched her. Rhys made her feel, well, dirty.

She shook off her thoughts and focused on Cyrus. "Have you ever kissed a girl?" she asked.

Cyrus paused and blushed again. "Well, to be honest I haven't, my powers kind of, drove them away. It's pretty hard to get on someone's good side when you trash everything around you whenever you're afraid."

"Would you like a kiss?" Her eyes were intense and her heart was racing. This was it! She was finally going to get kissed!

Cyrus' eyes lit up at the idea, biting his lower lip he nodded a little. "That would be really nice." Stepping a little closer Cyrus shyly held his hand out to her, knowing he would be in the biggest trouble of his life for this but also knowing it would be worth it.

Her slightly cold hand slid into his as she stepped up to him. She shivered as she wrapped her arms around his neck and stood on tiptoe, her eyes closing as she came closer to his lips...

Cyrus watched as Kennice came closer, leaning in and closing his eyes, their lips gently touching in a long soft sensuous kiss. In Cyrus' mind fireworks went off as the tenderness of Kennice's lips captivated his senses, causing him to tremble at the intensity of it.

Kennice was amazed at the colors she was seeing behind her eyelids as well as the heat that raced through her body and pooled in her nether region. She had never felt like this before!

Dimly she could feel the earth responding as well as it gently rolled beneath their feet.

Cyrus, caught up in the feelings he was experiencing at the moment, slid his arms around Kennice's torso, making their way down to her firmly toned buttocks and squeezed firmly, purring softly into the kiss.

Kennice let out a hurt gasp when he squeezed her butt. It slightly dampened her desire and her eyes flew open. She had forgotten about the welts from her caning.

Cyrus immediately remembered when he heard hurt gasp and let go, whispering. "Oh gods, sorry, I guess I forgot about the welts..." Cyrus gently stroked over them. "Maybe a dip in the lake might help...?"

Kennice nodded, afraid that if she opened her mouth she might cry. Her mother had chosen well when she chose the cane. It would take at least two weeks for it to heal and every time she sat or pulled on clothes she would get a reminder of her disgrace.

Cyrus slowly began walking back, noticing a few odd looking plants that his Father told him of once. Picking them quickly he guided Kennice to the water whispering. "We're fortunate we ran into each other hear...I can make you a basic salve that will help those welts heal in a couple of days..."

Kennice looked at him in surprise. "You are a healer?" Now she was curious.

Cyrus cocked his head to the side and thought for a moment. "Not really but I picked up a few tidbits here and there."

"Ok," she said as she let go of his hand and took off her clothes.

Cyrus took in a slow breath as he watched Kennice disrobe, taking a moment before beginning to disrobe himself, his appreciation of her body evident as his member stiffened to erection.

Kennice stepped into the water, shivered and watched her nipples harden. She continued in until the water was chest level. "Come on in," she encouraged.

Cyrus bit his lip gently before slipping into the water, shivering at the chill and breathed deep. "Ahhh It's a bit chilly in here." Cyrus felt his erection begin to wilt and deflate in the almost icy waters.

"It might be cold, but it's good for the soul," Kennice teased before diving underneath water and swimming between his legs to come up behind him. She splashed water at him and giggled.

Cyrus watched as Kennice dived under, losing track of her for a moment till he felt the cold at his back and shivered. "Ooohhh you're going to pay for that!" Cyrus chuckled and splashed Kennice back, moving close to her, kissing her once more, fuller this time.

Kennice took time to savor the kiss, her honest, innocence coming out as she delighted in the new sensations.

On the riverbank, Rhys laid prone, his eyes filled with malice as he watched Cyrus and Kennice. Damn that newcomer! He was going to take Kennice! Not if I can help it, Rhys thought to himself as he smiled and then pictured Elizabeth's face and sent out a distress call. That would bring them all running. He grinned. Cyrus would get kicked out and Kennice would be removed from harm's way. And that was the way it should be.

Cyrus' breathing was getting harder as his hands slowly slid across Kennice's tender skin, his hands trembling slightly at the chance before him. Slowly, ever so slowly his hand cupped her breast softly, gently squeezing its firmness.

Kennice's eyes closed and she moaned. Heavens but that felt good!

"Cyrus," she breathed out, her voice quavering slightly.

Cyrus leaned forwards, kissing Kennice's neck with soft, tender kisses as his thumb circled her erect nipple. Softly he nibbled her tender flesh, sucking lightly upon it, leaving a faint mark. Slowly his free hand slowly sliding down Kennice's flat stomach, taking a moment to tease her navel with his fingertip.

Cyrus moaned into Kennice's ear as he felt himself begin to stiffen underneath the surface of the water. "Ohh Kennice, I've dreamt of you for so very long..."

His words made her look at him strangely. "How can you have dreamed of me for so long when you just met me?" she asked but promptly forgot to wait for a reply when his hand touched her navel.

She wanted his hands LOWER and she parted her legs. She wanted him to touch her in her sacred place.

Cyrus' breath fluttered as he slid his hand slowly lower across Kennice's body, his fingertips stroking slowly through her downy pubic hair.

Slowly Cyrus stroked his fingertips across Kennice's blossoming centre. Gently he took one of Kennice's hands and guided it down his body towards his bobbing erection beneath the water's surface.

Kennice's eyes widened when her fingers touched him. She hadn't known it would be soft but hard at the same time! She eyed him in complete wonder. "Is it always like this?" she asked, curious to know.

Cyrus slowly shook his head, looking into Kennice's eyes as his fingers slowly slid across her clit. "Not all the time...only when I see a woman of such beauty as yourself does it turn out like this..."

Kennice blushed then she giggled. "Beauty? You need to get your eyes checked." She gave his cock an experimental stroke and was surprised to feel it grow harder.

"Wow!" she was suitably impressed.

Cyrus bit his lip as he felt Kennice stroke his cock and a soft moan escaped his lips. Cyrus responded in kind, his fingers circling and stroking her clit with a gentle firmness.

Kennice felt a moan escape her and her already taut nipples grew harder. "What, what..." was all she got out.

* * *

Elizabeth and Anthony had just finished preparing for bed when Elizabeth heard Rhys cry for help. She and Anthony raced from their room rousing the rest of the inhabitants and ran toward Rhys' location.

Rhys heard Elizabeth's response to his shout and he snickered. They would be arriving within minutes. Oh this was going to be good.

* * *

Cyrus nuzzled Kennice's neck softly, closing his eyes and slowly slid a finger into her virgin depth, feeling her muscles grip his finger tightly. Cyrus felt his hard member jerk with arousal as the thoughts of each taking the other's innocence.

Kennice's head was back and she arched against his fingers. She was having visions of their black bodies twined together, scales against scales...

Abruptly her eyes flew open and she gaped at him. Scales? What in the world had gotten into her? Before she could figure out the strange vision her thoughts were interrupted by a roar of fury that she immediately recognized as coming from her father.

She whirled around and felt her heart sink. Oh crap, they were in trouble!

Cyrus spun in the water and saw Anthony on the bank. How did they find out? Then it came clear to Cyrus, he had forgotten Elizabeth was watching his mind.

Cyrus stood in front of Kennice, shielding her from the fury before them. Cyrus looked onto the banks, squinting slightly in the dark. "Who's there?"

Elizabeth stood on the shore shaking with fury. Anthony was mentally trying to calm her. The rest of the priests and the trainees were in shock and trying hard not to stare at Kennice's body.

"Cyrus, get out the water first. Kennice you will come out next," Anthony stated with a measure of calm he did not feel. He turned to the other priests. "The rest of you go back right now."

Cyrus took a deep breath and whispered to Kennice. "I love you Kennice, I've always loved you. I have a feeling we'll never be allowed to see each other again so I feel I must tell you now. I've been having dreams since I turned 15 and you've always been in them, I think we were meant to be together...I promise I'll find you when I get out of here..."

Rhys slowly rose from the reeds and made sure to give Cyrus a wink before he followed the others back to the house.

Anthony waited until they were gone before gesturing for Cyrus to come out.

Cyrus paused as he watched the others leave and was unsure as to what was about to happen. "Sir...I can explain this. Truly I can, I take full responsibility for this, I...." Cyrus steeled himself for the hole he was about to throw his life into. "I...took advantage of Kennice. She didn't want to but I...forced her to. She holds no blame here." Cyrus' pulse rose quickly, his chest rising and falling as he stood between Kennice and Anthony.

Anthony's eyes narrowed but then he got a thoughtful look when Elizabeth touched his shoulder.

"Come on out and get dressed. You and I are going to have a talk right now, young man. Kennice, you will get dressed and go with your mother," Anthony stated.

Elizabeth handed him Cyrus' clothes and she held on to Kennice's clothes.

Cyrus took a deep breath and swallowed, steeling himself once more. "I want your word first that Kennice won't be punished for this...she had no part in this..."

"That I cannot, and will not do," Elizabeth said firmly.

Cyrus took yet another deep breath, his body shivering from the cold water, his voice a little horse as a short bought of coughing caught him. "Then I refuse to come out. She deserves no punishment...I...." Cyrus closed his eyes and cursed his stupid hero streak and sacrifice. "...Raped her." This last part was whispered, Cyrus prepared himself to have the living shit kicked out of him for this but he would do anything to protect Kennice. ~I just hope they believe it...~

"Nice try, son, but we know better. Never try lying around a telepath. It doesn't go over very well. Now are you going to come out or am I going to have to use other means?" Anthony asked.

Cyrus dug his heels into the ground before him and swallowed. "If you think Kennice is guilty then you will have to use those other means because I won't let her be punished for something she hasn't done, especially if it stops the future from happening."

Anthony sighed. "You are a stubborn young man and one day that will serve you well. But not tonight, son. Elizabeth," Anthony said wearily.

Elizabeth looked at Cyrus and held up her hand. Her telekinesis lashed out and wrapped around him, pining his arms to his side and his legs together before he was lifted from the water and floated to the shoreline where he was placed in front of Anthony.

Cyrus gasped as his arms and legs were pinned together and he was lifted out of the water, his arousal still clear as he was placed in front of Anthony. Cyrus swallowed once more and shivered as he looked into Anthony's eyes. "You're going to make my life hell for this aren't you?" Cyrus shivered and sneezed, looking at Anthony once more. "Please Sir, I beg you, if this is the only favor you grant me for the rest of time, believe me when I say it was all my fault. Please."

Anthony sighed. "Cyrus, you're going to learn that it always takes two to tango and two to stop. She could have stopped at any time and so could you. But you both wanted this moment so neither one stopped. So both of you will be punished," Anthony said sternly as Elizabeth released her grip on Cyrus' body.

Anthony handed him his shirt.

Cyrus sighed and took his shirt, slipping it on. "And what if I offered to take her punishment for her?" Cyrus pulled his pants on and looked at Anthony again. "What about that? Name the punishment and I will take her place."

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