tagSci-Fi & FantasyOnyx Dreams Ch. 05

Onyx Dreams Ch. 05


Chapter 5: Unhappy Good-byes

Cyrus snorted awake in the washroom as the sunlight hit his face. He felt like absolute hell after a night of washing dishes and sleeping in this small room. He smiled softly, however, he could feel his powers awake once more. Softly he spoke as he let a dull hum emit from his hands. "Mmmm how I have missed you guys. Maybe we'll get to kick the hell out of Rhys first before the Doctor shoots us up again with those nifty drugs of his." Sighing Cyrus stretched and groaned as his stiff muscles protested. "Oh lords I hate washing dishes. Especially when I have to sleep with them..."

There was a knock at the door and then it opened. Anthony looked at Cyrus and at the finished dishes. "Nice job. Come, you have time to take a shower and get changed. Then you can come tell her good-bye."

Cyrus nodded at Anthony and looked at the floor before standing, wincing at the pain in his stiff legs, a faint sound wave emitting from him as he caught his balance and rubbed the sleep from his eyes. "After that amount of washing I have a feeling I'm already as squeaky clean as those dishes..."

"Very well then. You need to go see Doc and come back to the foyer where you first met us," Anthony explained as he led the way from the kitchen to the corridor that would take him past his room and to the Doctor's office.

Cyrus winced and closed his eyes a moment before speaking. "Well as long as he doesn't sudden shove his hands down my pants again I'll be fine..."

Cyrus gently rapped on the doctor's door and waited for a response.

Maclued opened the door. "Come on in. Time for your daily dose," he said cheerfully.

Cyrus carefully walked in, eyeing the Doctor, readying himself to move swiftly in case he decided to grope him up again. "Yeah...let's just get this over with ok?"

"Roll back your sleeve," Maclued said and walked over to him holding the syringe up so that Cyrus could see the clear liquid in it.

Cyrus bit his lip as he watched the needle, a little nervous about its size and slowly rolled up his sleeve. "Yeah, go easy ok? I've already had my punishment. I don't need to be stabbed a few times too..."

"You have the strangest ideas, boy," Maclued said before gently sliding the needle into his arm and injecting the liquid. "See, easy as pumpkin pie."

Cyrus took his arm back once the injection had been put in and blinked back the dizzy spell that the injection gave him. "Thanks Doc." Cyrus walked to the door and looked back at the doc a moment before continuing on outside.

* * *

Kennice looked at herself in the mirror. She was wearing a tee shirt and slacks. Her back and butt ached terribly but she knew better than to say anything. She should have stopped at the kiss but she had been so curious and it had felt so right....

She forced her mind back to the present and finished brushing her hair. Her door opened and she saw her mother. "Is it time?"

"Yes, Kennice, it's time. The cab is here." Elizabeth picked up one of Kennice's suitcases.

Kennice laid down her brush and picked up the other suitcase and followed her mom downstairs. She almost crashed into her mother when Elizabeth abruptly stopped on the steps.

Kennice peeked around her mother and she couldn't help the gasp of happiness she gave when she saw Cyrus standing next to her father.

Cyrus noted the sudden stop from Elizabeth and the glare that could have melted an iron rod had she heat vision. Cyrus took a deep breath and looked up at Kennice, smiling a little and speaking softly. "Hey there."

"Hey," she replied just as softly, a smile lighting up her face. She quickly dropped it when her mother turned around and glared at her.

Elizabeth stayed in front of her and stood between Kennice and Cyrus. "Say what you have to say and then you're leaving," Elizabeth snapped.

Kennice flinched but then she walked around her mother and over to Cyrus. Only a foot separated them but she felt like a gulf had formed and she didn't like the feeling at all.

Cyrus took something from his pocket and stepped close, slipping it into Kennice's hands and whispering. "To help with the healing, once before you sleep and once after you bathe." Cyrus smiled down at Kennice and took a breath whispering still. "I love you Kennice." Softly he stole a kiss, knowing he would pay for that, but to be honest he had not been directly ordered not to go after her.

Kennice was surprised at his gift but the kiss shocked her more. She almost resisted, but then something in her heart told her to go for it and she kissed him, putting all her emotions of love, joy, sadness and loss into it.

"Don't ever forget me," she whispered even as she felt the start of tears.

Cyrus gently brushed her tears aside with his thumb, his heart wrenching at what was happening. "I could never forget you Kennice. We're soul mates. I promise I'll find you when I get out, just promise me you'll be waiting."

"I promise," she choked out before flinging her arms around his neck and clinging to him.

Anthony watched with an intense look on his face. Elizabeth was clearly unhappy but she and Anthony had agreed to let Cyrus and Kennice have this moment. They were both young kids and would move on and find other loves.

Cyrus slid his arms round Kennice, resting them at the small of her back, his heart breaking inside, holding her as close as he could, Kennice's body fitting his perfectly. Softly Cyrus whispered into her ear one final thing. "Trust the name Hayden, your future depends on it..."

"Ok," she whispered back, stifling her cry of pain as he pressed her close. Her back had welts on it, just like her butt. Her mother had been in a true fury and Kennice had been the one to pay for it.

Softly Cyrus kissed Kennice one last time, his nose nuzzling hers for a moment before very reluctantly parting feeling as if his very soul was being torn out as he did so.

"I love you," Kennice whispered as Elizabeth impatiently took her hand and practically dragged her out of the house. Kennice kept her eyes on Cyrus' face. She plastered her face against the window, a picture of abject misery, and waved sadly as the car left the driveway.

Cyrus waved in response, his own face plastered with the sorrow and torment he felt inside, his knees feeling weak and his eyes wanting to weep out a lifetimes worth of agony until death took him.

"It's for the best. You're both too young to be making lifelong commitments,' Anthony said gently as he put a hand on Cyrus' shoulder. Elizabeth went by them both and back into the house, happy at last that her daughter was away from Cyrus.

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