tagSci-Fi & FantasyOnyx Dreams Ch. 06

Onyx Dreams Ch. 06


Onyx Dreams Ch 6: Denial

>>Davenport Monastery: February 1992 <<

Cyrus panted as he hung from the shackles that bound him to the ceiling, gasping in a sharp breath as another bucket of icy water was thrown onto him.

"Have you learned your lesson yet?" the shrill voice of the dormitory master spoke.

Cyrus nodded his head vigorously, shivering from the icy cold. "Yes, but I still don't see why I have to get up at five am with the rest of them. I'm not here to be a priest like..." Cyrus was cut off by another dose of icy water.

"You are here to train your abilities as are many others here. They get up at five am and so do you, there are no exceptions."

Anthony stood back in the corner and watched Cyrus intently. The young man had come a long way in a year but he still had the arrogance of youth that prompted him to believe he was invincible. Elizabeth was worried about that tendency. Most of the young men after a year had lost that trait but Cyrus seemed to be stubbornly clinging to it. He would watch for another moment before interrupting. He was interested in seeing Cyrus' response to the dormitory master's words.

Cyrus raised his eyebrows at the dormitory master and glared at him with a look that would turn him to stone had he the power. "I didn't ask to come here and I sure as HELL," Cyrus put emphasis on the word, knowing it would infuriate the Dorm Master who was deeply religious, "Wouldn't have come had I know I was going to be picked on by a pygmy gnome with a face that looked like a horse's..."

Once again Cyrus was cut off into shivering gasps as the Dorm master threw another two buckets of truly icy cold water over him, the small chunks of ice lacerating his bare chest in some places.

The Dorm Master sneered at Cyrus. "That's enough out of your filthy little mouth, boy, you'll learn the ways eventually, you can't hold out forever. And I have an unlimited supply of ice water. Let's see how long you last before the cold gets yah eh?" The Dorm Master threw another bucket over Cyrus for good measure.

Anthony felt it prudent to intervene. "Dorm Master Joseph, unfortunately I need to borrow Cyrus for a special assignment," Anthony's voice rumbled from the dark corner he had been standing in as he came forward into the light.

The dorm master paused before placing his bucket down and backing away from Cyrus. Nodding in respect he spoke in a calm voice. "Of course my Lord. No doubt you have a 'unique' way of breaking them Sir." Joseph waggled his eyes conspiratorially and turned one last time to Cyrus. "You've done it now boy, he only comes down here for the ones who are really in trouble."

Joseph left quickly after this, leaving Anthony and Cyrus alone. Cyrus hung almost limp in the shackles on his wrists. The numbness of the cold water made it hard to work his muscles. Cyrus shivered and looked at Anthony with defiant eyes. "You won't break me...if the others couldn't do it by hanging me from the tower by my ankles for eight hours then you haven't got a chance Anthony." Cyrus shivered once more and felt his knees give out, his vision blurring somewhat, close to the edge of passing into unconsciousness.

Anthony just shook his head as he walked over and released the shackles and caught Cyrus' numb body in his arms. "Shush boy, I have to get you upstairs and warmed. Elizabeth has some chowder ready," he said as he slung Cyrus over his shoulder and headed up toward the first level of the monastery. "You love provoking him, don't you?" Anthony asked with a sigh. Cyrus was right about one thing, they hadn't broken his spirit and for that Anthony admired him. The boy still had much to learn but lacking in confidence he was not.

Cyrus slumped into Anthony's arms and grunted as he was hefted onto Anthony's shoulder. Hearing Anthony's question Cyrus let out a soft chuckle, barely heard before he whispered. "It's the best part of my day. A'll get an extra blanket from the lads tonight for this, snug as a bug in a rug." Cyrus took slow breaths as his body continued to shiver. "So what's the occasion? I haven't seen you since September. And it's what, February now."

"I've been busy checking on graduates and new prospects. We are growing in numbers and I've been overseeing the building of a new monastery because this was is no longer adequate to hold all the new recruits." Anthony stopped outside Cyrus' door and set him on his own two feet. "Do you need some help?" he asked.

Cyrus leaned back against the wall and caught a soft scent of a delicate perfume on the air. A tiny smile appeared on the corner of his lips. "A'll be fine Sir, just fine and dandy by the morn I guarantee." Cyrus shook hands with Anthony before backing into his room. "Thank you for rescuing me Sir, It's much appreciated."

Anthony arched an eyebrow. "Dinner is in ten. You will be there or Elizabeth will come hunting. Oh and Cyrus," Anthony said, looking him in the eye. "You'd better move fast."

Cyrus smiled a knowing smile and winked at Anthony. "Faster than the speed of sound sir." With that Cyrus was gone in the blink of an eye, a breeze felt as he moved at the speed of sound.

Anthony shook his head and headed for the dining room. That boy was going to get a nice shock at dinner.

* * *

As the ten bell struck, a 'whoosh' followed by a strong wind and a loud 'boom' was heard. Cyrus skidding to a halt along the floor, leaving a 15-foot long skid mark. Quickly, he scrubbed it out before anyone noticed and zipped along to the dinner line outside the main dining hall, still smelling strongly of the perfume from earlier, a smear of lipstick still on his collar.

Juan, one of Cyrus' partners in crime, tapped him on the shoulder. "You got stuff on your collar," he whispered and then snapped his mouth shut when Elizabeth entered followed by Anthony and the Dorm Master.

"Oh shit, thanks Juan." Cyrus quickly scrubbed it out before the Dorm Master, and more importantly Elizabeth saw it.

"Thank you all for your prompt reporting. We have some very good news to report over dinner mass. Right now, just grab some food, sit and enjoy," Elizabeth said and grinned widely.

Cyrus filed in line into the dining hall along with his fellow initiates. Cyrus whispered to Juan as he sat down. "You've should've seen the look on old Joseph's face when I called him a pygmy gnome." Cyrus grinned as Juan struggled to keep from suddenly bursting out in a fit of giggles.

Joseph sat at the teacher's table and glowered at the students. He was still upset that Anthony had interrupted his little lesson. No matter, he was going to enjoy Cyrus' reaction to the news that Elizabeth had to announce.

Elizabeth and Anthony took their spots at the table and began conversing with the teachers as they watched the priest initiates and those who came to learn to control their powers, grab a bite to eat. It was a mini-banquet but it was going to be nothing compared to the banquet they would be throwing in a week's time. Elizabeth smiled happily at that thought.

Cyrus looked around the hall then up to where Joseph was sitting, whispering to Juan and picking up a small drumstick. There were a few whispered gasps as Cyrus spoke before blurring slightly, seeming to not have moved an inch. A drumstick was launched at Joseph from 25 feet further down the table, coming from the general direction of one of the more stuck up students. Cyrus' eyes followed the drumstick and immediately turned to his fellows chatting innocently as he heard it smack wetly against Joseph's cheek.

Joseph let out a sound like an enraged bull and was on his feet and around the table before either Elizabeth or Anthony had time to react. He charged toward Cyrus.

Anthony sighed. "Elizabeth, would you be so kind?"

Elizabeth nodded. She held up one hand and froze Joseph in his tracks. The other hand rose and suddenly Cyrus was caught in Elizabeth's telekinetic grip as she pulled him from his seat and carried him through the air and set him down next to Joseph who was turning red.

Anthony came around the table and over to them. "Joseph, you need to not let a mere student goad you." He gave Joseph a stern look. "And you, you are not immune to fitting punishments, so behave Cyrus," he ordered sternly. "Do I make myself clear?"

"Of course Sir Davenport," Joseph said stiffly.

Cyrus attempted to grab the table as he rose but missed his chance as he rose out of his seat and smiled innocently. Cyrus fortunately had begun thinking of other things the moment he had begun moving. "I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about sir. But if I may say I think it's a quite fitting a response to a three hours ice water dunking because I stayed in my bed an extra five minutes. I think Gabe did quite a nice shot if I do say so myself." Cyrus continued to smile completely innocently, thinking of a book he had been studying recently.

Elizabeth gave a small shake of head and Anthony smiled. "Release them dear. Now everyone is going to sit and play nice. I have an announcement to make."

Cyrus zipped away again and appeared in his seat a moment later, listening intently to what Elizabeth had to announce. These announcements were always fun. Usually someone's parents or girlfriend was coming to visit so everyone had to be on their best behavior. Usually because these people were high-ranking members of the priesthood.

Anthony waited until everyone had settled down before saying, "I am happy to report that our daughter, Kennice Davenport, has completed the first half of her training as future high priestess of our order!"

The dining hall erupted in cheers. Cyrus gave a mild applause, putting little effort into it since Kennice wasn't here. Sighing softly Cyrus couldn't help but let Kennice's face wander into his mind, the tears that had rolled down her cheeks and the sorrow he still felt at their parting.

Anthony waited until the applause died down. "Secondly, she will be here in a week along with her fiancé and future high priest, Rhys! We will be throwing a banquet in their honor!"

This statement took a moment to register with Cyrus, the shock slamming into him like a brick wall. Rhys? How could she be engaged to him! He was a maggot! Cyrus' outrage erupted faster than he could stop it. He bolted upright, tipping the table over as he roared, "HER FIANCE'S WHO?"

Cyrus shook visibly with a primal rage rarely seen, his eyes blazing. His skin turned red as the blood rushed to it. A couple of students edged back from Cyrus, thinking he might burst into flames at any moment like a pyrokinetic had done once before when he marginally failed his exam.

Elizabeth looked coldly at Cyrus. "SIT DOWN! You will not act like some crazed animal in my house!" And to reinforce her point the table righted itself and Cyrus was slammed down hard into his seat and held there. "Yes, HER FIANCE, whose proposal she graciously accepted two nights ago. They are to be high priest and priestess and it is only fitting that they be joined on all levels," Elizabeth said firmly.

The rest of the students warily watch Cyrus and Elizabeth, their heads going back and forth between the two avidly. Anthony was frowning but he too did not interfere.

Cyrus was still shaking, his breathing coming in ragged pants as he lost complete and total control of his temper, speaking at a normal level but his muscles straining nonetheless as he tried to get loose. "A'll kill him I swear! I'll tear the son of a bitch apart piece by piece. That back stabbing maggot deserves to spend the rest of his life in the bottom of a volcanic crater. I hope he runs faster than light coz he's going to need to coz am gonna make him wish he'd never screwed me over the first time." Cyrus's face was a full red now, his veins looking like they were about to burst as he boiled over with raw fury, his mind filling with plans to beat the life out of Rhys over and over again, thousands of scenarios flicking through his mind in his blind rage.

Maclued entered the room in time to hear Cyrus' vow. He sighed. He genuinely liked the lad but now he was going to have to do something he didn't want to do.

"Doctor Maclued, thank you for joining us. Your patient is right there," Elizabeth said and gestured at Cyrus.

Maclued walked over. "I'm sorry laddie. Truly I am. But we can't have you harming people." Maclued stuck the needle in Cyrus' arm and administrated the drug that shut off his powers. Maclued step back with a regretful sigh and nodded to Elizabeth who released her telekinetic grip on Cyrus.

"You will not be allowed to attend the engagement banquet and you are forbidden from approaching Kennice. If you do, you will be punished for it. Do you understand?"

Cyrus slammed his fist onto the table as he stood, his rage still in full gear. "Oh trust me Elizabeth I won't have to go anywhere NEAR Kennice to do what I plan to do..." Cyrus then turned on his heel and stormed out of the dining hall, moving as fast as his well-honed muscular body would allow. Cyrus knew EXACTLY where he was going and what he planned to do. He had always liked working with archery...especially the sports bows that could put an arrow through a steel plate.

Elizabeth sighed as he left. She thought that had went rather well. Now they had to make sure he stayed gone.

* * *

Cyrus moved quickly through the halls, slamming his room door behind himself and pulling a large box from under his bed. As he opened up the box he smirked as he looked over the pristine sports bow. "Oh I won't have to go anywhere near Kennice at all for this.... I can quite easily put an arrow in that BASTARD's eye from 500 yards away."

Juan had waited until everyone had eaten before following Cyrus. He liked Cyrus a lot and didn't want him to get into trouble. So he went to Cyrus' room. He knocked on the door and waited.

Cyrus quickly closed the box and slid it under his bed again, covering it with the usual cloth, moving to the window pretending to stare outside. "Who is it?" Cyrus let his anger seep into his voice again to keep up appearances.

"It's me, Juan. Look if you don't want to talk I can leave, amigo."

Cyrus sighed softly and nodded to himself. "Sorry Juan, you can come in." Cyrus moved over to his bed and sat down, still fuming inside.

Juan walked in. He had joined the monastery three months ago so he didn't know about this Kennice or why Cyrus had such a strong reaction to being forbidden to see her.

Cyrus looked at Juan and shook his head a little bit. "You know, Juan, right now I envy you so much man, I'd kill to feel different right now..." In his mind Cyrus thought, and that just what I'm going to do in one week.

"Maybe if you got it off your chest? I don't know what's going on but I don't like you angry. You're my only true amigo around here."

Cyrus looked at the floor a moment and took a breath deciding to tell Juan. "When I first came here, the second day in fact, me and Kennice had...a run in. Pretty hot, would've gotten away scot free with it if that dirty son of a bitch Rhys hadn't dobbed us in. Kennice got sent away early because she was forbidden to see me. I just couldn't resist her, coz of a lot of things. It was like we were soul mates man and I knew she felt the same so...why would she go marry this jerk off?"

Juan sat for a moment and thought on it. "I don't know. Maybe you should ask her. For what it sounds like, if you're really soul mates then she won't be able to go through with it. If you need help getting a minute to see her, I'll help. It's the least I can do amigo for everything you've helped me with."

Cyrus smiled and looked Juan in the eye. "I have no intention of breaking Elizabeth's orders. Am not gonna go anywhere near Kennice because knowing my luck I'll get locked in the kitchen for a month. But I do need your help with something."

Cyrus took a deep breath as he thought up the words. "When she arrives I want you to distract Elizabeth...I'm going to put a stop to any chance of Kennice marrying that maggot."

Juan gave Cyrus a funny look. "Man, I don't like that look in your eyes right now, amigo. You're not going to do something foolish are you? You'd better think hard about it. Would this Kennice, want you to do whatever it is you plotting?"

Cyrus chuckled softly. "This ain't about Kennice man, I'd still do it even if she begged me not too. This is about revenge my friend, and you know how important that is to me."

Cyrus took a long slow breath and rubbed his eyes. "Just keep Elizabeth distracted for five seconds. That'll give me all the time I need to do what I have to do."

Juan was looking dubious but then he nodded. "Alright, for you amigo I will. I'd better get going before I missed."

Cyrus nodded and shook hands with Juan tightly for what he had a feeling would be for the last time. "God speed my friend."

>>One Week Later<<

Kennice sat in the front seat of the cab lost in thought. She was coming home. After a year of training they were finally let her visit. She couldn't wait to get there because Cyrus was there. She had so much to ask him and so much to explain. She was already planning on how she was going to sneak out to see him. She had missed him and wondered every day what he was doing, how his training was going. Now she would finally get that chance. At least she hoped.

She looked down at her left hand at the engagement ring that Rhys had given her. She felt the bile rose in her throat. She didn't want this but right now she didn't have a choice. She was hoping that Cyrus might have some suggestions.

* * *

Cyrus moved as fast as he could threw the halls without making too much of a disturbance, the night previously he had placed his sports bow and large quiver of arrows at the top of one of the courtyard's tall towers. He could get an easy shot from here.

Sitting down, Cyrus checked over his bow and drew and arrow, lying in wait for the cab to pull up and Rhys to step out.

Juan was having some serious misgivings but he had promised Cyrus so at the appointed time he went to find Elizabeth and began engaging her in meaningless conversation. He only hoped Cyrus was fast.

* * *

The cab slowly pulled up and Rhys got out first. Then he opened the door and held out his hand for Kennice. Kennice hesitated then took his hand. She winced when he squeezed it hard but then she stood and almost stumbled when he jerked her out. She landed in his arms, her startled eyes going to his face. He pulled her close and whispered in her ear, "Smile, it's show time," he said.

Cyrus glared as he saw Rhys pull Kennice into his arms and knew he had little time. Moving as fast as he could Cyrus let lose a volley of well aimed arrows towards every single exposed area of Rhys, watching as some struck home, others missing.

Elizabeth and Anthony had come running but stopped and stared at Cyrus in shock.

Standing defiantly upright, bow in hand, one arrow left Cyrus shouted boldly towards Rhys, his figure silhouetted against the sunset, "Remove your hands from her Rhys...or the next one goes through your head." Cyrus pulled the arrow tight in the bow, the bow trembling with the strength. "And if I feel even a touch of telekinetic force I'll let this fly and not even you will be able to stop it, Elizabeth."

Rhys didn't even cry out when the arrows struck. Instead at the last moment when the final arrow flew through the air, he jerked Kennice in front of him and he felt her jerk as the arrow slid in through her arm. Before Cyrus could notice, Rhys used his illusion ability to show Kennice as whole. He was going to use this to his advantage and get rid of his rival.

Kennice stared at shock down at her arm where the arrow was embedded. Why? Why was Cyrus shooting at them? She felt herself getting lightheaded. Then she heard his words and managed a weak smile. He thought he was protecting her! He was still playing the gallant knight. She loved him even more in that moment even though she fell into blackness.

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