tagSci-Fi & FantasyOnyx Dreams Ch. 11

Onyx Dreams Ch. 11


Kennice was floating on air. The night had been great and being with Cyrus on the beach had been icing on the cake. She shed her clothes and put on her nightgown, a very demure one that showed little skin or curves.

She checked the door to make sure it was still locked and then she slid into bed. She closed her eyes and slipped right into a dream.


She was on the hillside overlooking the monastery, but she felt no joy at the sight but rather a peculiar uneasiness that penetrated all the way to her very soul. The scene was idyllic yet she felt threatened. There was danger and death on the air and it was coming for the monastery.

{{It is the dark one you feel}} that male voice that had spoken to her so long ago explained.

"Dark one? What do you mean? We have to stop it then!" She didn't like this conversation or the fact that she could never see the male who spoke to her. She knew he meant her no harm. Of that she was certain.

{{Just watch}} His tone was full of sadness.

Kennice returned to watching and then winging in from the north was a black dragon. At first she thought it was Brenna but then she noticed a slight difference in the shading. It was a different dragon and there was someone riding the dragon. As the pair flew closer, she gasped when she recognized Cyrus. What frightened her though was the look of intense hatred on his face.

"What are you so angry at, Cyrus?" she whispered and then gasped this time in horror when the dragon opened its mouth and began flaming the monastery. But it wasn't just that sight that froze her and made her heart ache but it was the malicious laughter coming from Cyrus that caused her to go cold in shock and despair.

{{Remember, remember}} the male urged and then she felt herself being pulled back to consciousness.


The sunlight on her face woke her and for a moment, the nightmare was forgotten as she let the healing rays of the sun wash over her. It was just a dream and she had nothing to worry about. It was all just a dream. Kennice slid from the bed and stretched. She was going to bathe and then think on a course of action that would allow her and Cyrus to be together without having to hide.

She gathered up her clothes and went into the bathroom. Stepping inside she let out a hiss of surprise at the hotness of the water. Quickly she turned it down so that it was still hot but not scalding. She squirted the lavender and peach scented shampoo into her hand and lathered up her hair. The scent was soothing and she closed her eyes and smiled. The night on the beach had been one of the best moments in her life. Once again she silently thanked Cyrus for it. She began humming softly as she rinsed her hair.

The door to the bathroom slowly opened and Erykia walked in on silent feet. Her expression was granite. She waited until she heard the water turn off before reaching in, latching on to Kennice's hair and jerking the startled young woman out of the shower and down to the floor.

Kennice shrieked in fear and fought but Erykia held tightly and dragged her out to the bedroom. She forced Kennice's head down until her face was pressed into the thick plush carpet. She then placed her booted foot down on the small of Kennice's back and pressed hard until Kennice's muffled screams of pain were heard.

"I don't know how many times I have to keep enforcing this lesson but I will continue to do it until you get it. STAY AWAY FROM THAT BOY! You are not meant for him. He is a lowlife who managed to partner with a dragon. I will beat you until it sinks in. You will not disgrace our order by associated with that boy."

Kennice was struggling frantically. She was starting to black out from lack of oxygen and the pain in her lower back was excruciating. She was dimly aware of the bedroom door opening and Rhys' voice.

Erykia looked up. "Did you bring them?"

"Yes, High Priestess," Rhys said with an evil smirk as he held out to her a cane, a whip and a rubber paddle.

"Pick her up and bend her over that stool," Erykia ordered as she took the items from him.

Rhys hauled Kennice to her feet and dragged her to the stool and pushed her over it. He took a moment to run his hands over her body even as he felt himself growing hard. Her body was lithe and begging to be explored. He slid his hand lower between her legs.

Kennice's response was instant. She pressed her legs together tightly trapping his hand. "No," she hissed.

"Come now, Kennice, why so shy? You're so eager to let Cyrus' filthy hands touch you there. Shouldn't I, your betrothed be allowed the same? I really don't need to ask but I am because it is the only nice thing to do," he drawled.

"Cyrus doesn't touch me there and neither will you!"

Rhys' face turned a dull red and then his hand landed hard and stinging on her butt. She yelped and almost tumbled off the stool but he held her down with his other hand as he scooted to the side to give Erykia room. His handprint was very visible against her milk chocolate skin.

"You just don't know when to keep your mouth shut," Erykia smirked as she expertly pulled her arm back and hit Kennice hard with the rubber paddle.

Tears sprang into Kennice's eyes but she bit her bottom lip. She would not cry! They would not subdue her in this.

Rhys chuckled when he saw the determined look on Kennice's face. "Oh, looks like your going to have to play rough high priestess. Kennice seems set on not learning her lesson."

"Yes, she does a high tolerance for pain. That's just as well. A high priestess usually has to go above and beyond normal levels. Consider this another lesson you have to learn," Erykia explained as she began paddling Kennice. After fifteen blows she switched to the cane. "Such control. She's managed to not shed tears or make a sound. How about we change that?"

Erykia swished the cane expertly in the air and started raining blows across Kennice's thighs, butt and lower back. She only stopped after 25 hits.

Kennice was breathing harshly and she felt the blackness of unconsciousness calling her. She so wanted to slip into that black void and find relief but Erykia was going to allow that.

"Don't you dare faint! I'll have Rhys dunk you in icy cold water and then we'll begin again." Erykia savagely pinched Kennice's leg.

"Yes, high priestess," Kennice ground out and then hissed when the sting of the whip connected with her back.

Rhys watched in amusement as Erykia beat Kennice. He was getting aroused at the sight of Kennice's pain and at the smell of blood as the whip opened up lacerations on her back. He reached out and gently touched Erykia after the fifteen lash. "I find myself, invigorated," he stated.

Erykia laughed. "Yes you do like blood and pain, don't you Rhys?" she purred. "Come we will leave her. She will only be permitted water and no food. I'm also having her moved to a spot that Cyrus cannot find. I do not want her tarnished. The ceremony is in six days and nothing is going to ruin in."

The pair left the room and the sound of the lock being bolted in place was loud in the now quiet room.

Kennice tumbled off the stool and hit the floor hard where she curled up into a ball and quietly cried herself to sleep.

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