tagSci-Fi & FantasyOnyx Dreams Ch. 19

Onyx Dreams Ch. 19


Chapter 19: Draconic Counsel

"See! I told you he isn't the one we need!" the female dragon's voice shrilled at the others who stood around the viewing pool.

"Calm yourself Zathera. Everyone knows that mortals must go through trials of fire before they are honed and ready for use."

"You are being naïve, Jayred! I tell you that your favorite pet will be the ruin of us!"

There were several murmurs from the other dragons. Jayred's tone was harsh. "Are you challenging me then?"

"No, I'm not challenging you, silly fool. I'm merely pointing out that Cyrus is not doing what you said he would do. We sent Brenna through, they bonded but now he is becoming Kaie's puppet! He is not the true savior! The savior is one that can see through the lies and into the heart. Cyrus is nothing more than a self-centered child who wields awesome powers and is easily swayed by darkness!"

"And your choice for savior was any wiser?" The condescending tone was unmistakable as Leynard lumbered over toward the others. He was one of the younger dragons, ruby red scales gleamed in the bright light of the viewing courtyard.

Zathera's amethyst scales darkened to almost black in her sudden rage. "At least my choice came from an honored druidic line! And he was doing quite well until Jayred's little pet interfered!"

"Rhys is no better a choice than Cyrus. You may be older Zathera, but you are not the wiser. None of you listened to the prophecies and now we are in a mess. War is almost upon us and all you can do is quibble over whose choice is worse." Leynard made a disapproving sound. "You should be looking for the true savior and stop trying to change your poor choices into the correct one."

Zathera let out an outraged roar and lunged toward Leynard. Hayden who was suddenly between her and Leynard blocked her way.

"That is enough. Really you two," he chided.

"Don't think I'll forget this!" Zathera hissed at Leynard who only laughed at her.

"Oh I have no fear that you won't forget." He smirked before nodding politely to Hayden. "Still trying to get to your rider?"

"Yes. There is much chaos in the wheel of destiny and it is making things difficult. But I shall persevere," Hayden stated calmly as he walked over to the viewing pool and looked into it.

Zathera shot Leynard one last poisonous look before lumbering over to Hayden's side. "You are sure this one is your rider?" she peered at the image in the water. "Yes I'm sure. But I will wait a little long. Things must play out as they have been foretold. The farseer, Nightgaze, has never been wrong. It will do no good to question his prophecies now."

The others murmured agreement.

"We must begin preparing for the dark days. Begin sending the message to all dragons. The faithful will bring their riders to the correct location. We will plan our moves from there," Hayden ordered.

"As you will it, so shall we do it," Leynard answered before taking to the air and flying south.

"Zathera, go to the north east lands and see if King Maynor will lend us aid." Hayden did not look at her, his gaze still intent on the pool.

"As you command it," she replied before leaving to do the task.

"And what shall I do for you?" Jayred asked eagerly.

"You, my young friend," Hayden chuckled, "Must fly to the southwest and appeal to Queen Penalor for help."

"For you I live and die," Jayred quipped and with a laugh he was airborne and off like lightning to accomplish his mission.

Hayden turned and looked at one of the older dragons. "Am I doing the right thing?"

"You are doing the best you can. But the sooner you bond your rider, the better off things will be. Do not dally too much longer," the older dragon warned.

Hayden regarded her for a moment and sighed. "You always were very wise mother."

"That's what your father said. And he lived a very long life because of it," she replied as she reached over with a wingtip to brush his shoulders.

His eyes closed for a moment and he felt himself relax. His mother was faithfully by his side and her guidance was blunt but accurate. He had yet to go wrong by listening to her and the elders of the draconic council. Now if he could only get the younger dragons to not be so eager to fight, his life would be easier. He opened his eyes and looked once more on the image of his rider. "I will go now. It is time to cement my rider bond. Wish me luck mother."

"You do not need luck for you are a very charming fellow. But I will give you my blessing," she responded and blew out a cloud of pale blue light that touched his muzzle. Hayden breathed in the cloud and with a grin, calmly took to the air. He headed for the portal that would take him to the human realm. He had a rider to convince.

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