tagLesbian SexOooh... Ch. 04

Oooh... Ch. 04


(Molineux has been very busy and so I haven't been able to use the computer for a long time. but here I am again. Oh, you wouldn't want to see me now - or perhaps you would; I'm really visibly pregnant now. There is a line running down my belly and my breasts look different. But they say that's only a temporary change. I do hope so. When Janine woke me that day I was still slim.)

That day when they'd eaten my pussy for a long time I had felt really curious if you could feel the blood throb in someone else's clit with your lips. I asked Molineux, and he said he thought you could, but he wasn't sure, because he always had too many sensations to attend to all at the same time; and he said his cock used to distract him a little.

Yes of course; it always distracts ME nooo end! But maybe that's not the point. Anyway, he looked at me and smiled a little, and he asked if I'd really liked to know? Maybe he could arrange something, he said. He would be off for business anyway.

I wondered if he was joking; but he's usually serious about his promises, so I thought, well, maybe I will find out.

Molineux left on a Thursday, and I felt a little alone. I always do when he's not there; it makes me feel all hollow inside. Molineux' mother and Mary Louise were away, too, so I had dinner all alone in the big dining-room. It spoilt my appetite; and I went to bed early. Janine had laid a simple nightdress ready for me. It was long and thin and transparent, and it had matching, thin panties. I felt sooo sexy wearing it, but there was no-one to share it with, so I might as well have worn cotton pyjamas, I thought. Molineux would not return until Sunday - three whole long nights. It felt like eternity.

I fell asleep almost immediately, and I slept like a log. I woke up when I felt someone move the hair from my face, very softly and tenderly, and when I opened my eyes I saw Janine's face close to mine. Good morning, my lady, she said with a smile. My lord asked me to keep you company for the time he's away.

Janine is a little older than I am, and I'd always seen her dressed very primly, with an apron and stuff, with simple make-up and a bun that made her look rather severe. Now she was wearing completely different make-up than usual, and her hair hung loose around her face, soft and shiny, and she didn't look severe at all. She looked quite lovely, actually, and her mouth almost made me drool; it was beautifully done in glossy, bright red lipstick.

She got up, and she stretched herself. I think my jaw must have dropped; she didn't wear her uniform but she wore some very sexy underthings, al lacy and smooth and slinky - a balconette bra, and a thong, and garter belt and stockings, all bright red. Her breasts were conical and they sat proudly on her bra and her nipples pointed my way and they were very large, and the front panel of her thong was completely diaphanous. She was clean-shaven, and I could see her pussy lips through it. She looked sooo sexy! Wow, I thought, I wouldn't mind her company for a couple of days.

She bent over me again and kissed me. It was a sort of butterfly kiss, very light and perfumed, and I drank in her eyes. They were beautiful and very bright, and she smiled as she kissed me, and she briefly ran her tongue along my lips. It made my lips tingle. Oooh, I thought, wow!

While she looked at me she felt for my pussy with her right hand. You're a little stubbly down there, she said, let's do something about that!

She stepped back and held out a hand and I took it and she led me into the bathroom. I suddenly felt how full my bladder was, so I went and saw to that first. Janine stood close by and watched as the yellow shower burbled into the porcelain bowl. Then she took some paper and dried my pussy.

Now, my lady, into the bath with you, she said.

I found the bath filled and ready for me; she obviously had prepared the morning well.

Janine took my nightdress and slipped it off my shoulders, and she briefly touched my breasts before she helped me out of my panties. Then I stepped into the bath. I sat down in the hot water, and then Janine lathered up a washcloth and started soaping me all over. She touched every part of my body, and she paid a lot of attention to my nipples and my clit. It was all very slithery and sexy!

When I was nice and clean again she produced a razor and shaving cream. She carefully shaved my pussy and my armpits, and she stroked my legs; but she decided that they were quite smooth enough.

She asked if she could make me up in a sexy way. Her treatment had me worked up so much already that I readily agreed, and she put me on the low stool and started on my face. I couldn't see what she was doing because she blocked my view, but I didn't mind. I had a wonderful view of her body in the sexy lingerie - her breasts were right in front of my eyes - and I could smell her perfume mixed with her own smell and mine, and I could look at her face while she worked on mine. She was smiling to herself, and when she paused for a moment to look at my face she smiled at me, and I started to feel very hot and bothered. She made me squirm; I was dripping! Oooh, it made me sooo horny!

She really took her time, but then she was ready at last. She curtsied and took my hand and led me to the mirror. Wow! I hardly recognised myself. My cheeks were pink and my eye shadow was a little pinkish, too, and my lips a glossy red like her own; and she had done my eyelashes so they looked very thick and appealing. I looked a little as if I was still in the throes of some strong orgasm.

I wish Molineux could see me like this, I said.

Janine smiled. He will, she said, and she showed me there was a camera running.

Oooh, I said, wow!

Then Janine perfumed my pussy and the valley between my breasts. Yes, she said. This will do. Time for breakfast?

Oh no. I said I was much too excited for breakfast.

Janine gave me a little smile again, and she took my hand and we went into the bedroom again.

Come, my lady, she said, then you'd better lie down on the bed. She looked at me as I stretched myself out upon the mattress, and then she ran her hands through my hair. She arranged it like a fan on the pillow, and then she ran her hands all over my body. It felt completely different than when she'd washed me; now it was soft and insidious and it all seemed aimed directly at my pussy.

She hadn't even touched my nerve ends yet when I felt myself glide down, down, down. Her touch was something completely new for me; she obviously knew exactly what she liked, and she let me experience just that. Phew! And all that just by touching my skin!

She waited for me to come back again while she sucked my fingers into her mouth. She looked wonderful in her red lace, and I could hardly wait to hold her in my arms.

But Janine was not ready yet - no way . She bent over me and started to work on me with her mouth. First she explored my face with her tongue and lips. She carefully avoided my cheeks so the make-up wouldn't be ruined, but the lipstick was waterproof, and it didn't smear either, and she touched all clear parts of my face and I was getting very horny again.

When she'd explored my face completely, she stroked my arm and lifted it. She bent over my shoulder an licked my smooth-shaven armpit. Oooh! No one had ever done that to me before, but it was a great feeling. She got up on the bed and squatted over me, and licked and munched my other armpit, too. I felt her nipples graze my stomach and her smooth stockings touched my sides, and I stroked her hair and her back. Oooh, man, I couldn't begin to tell you how much I enjoyed her tongue touching me! It was sooo sexy!

She stopped for a moment to kiss me, and she smiled at me, and I loved her eyes - I never noticed before how sweet she really is.

My breasts came next. She made my nipples as hard as Molineux, but she used a lot more spittle, and she made them feel very slippery and wet, and they were hot and hard and tingling, and Janine's tongue running round them in circles and wetting them even more, and my soul was running round, too - I'm afraid I'm not too coherent, even now; but then I felt my thoughts go round and round as I lay tossing and turning with delight. I can't remember what I thought. Maybe I didn't think anything at all, but it was absolutely overwhelming.

I lay biting my lip and making little sounds, and stroking her cheeks, and she ran her hands over my belly, and then she descended to my navel and on to my feet. Oooh! She sucked my toes into her mouth, one by one, and bathed them in her saliva, and she tickled the space between my toes with her tongue, and it made me squirm even more, and I was bucking my pelvis, up and down, and my thighs were all wet, and my clit felt as if it was twice as large as usual, and my pussy made sopping noises, and she hadn't even touched my pussy yet.

It felt very swollen. It was aching to be touched - by her hands, tongue - whatever. But the feeling was too wonderful and the treatment too loving to stop it, and I just let myself go along with the tide.

Then - at last! Oooh! Janine licked her way up along my legs and finally - finally! - hit my pussy. She used her tongue and her lips only; her hands came much later that day. She ran the tip of her tongue through the valley between my inner and my outer pussy lips, and then she sucked the inner ones into her mouth and lashed at them with her tongue. Just when I thought I'd go straight over the edge she let go of them and planted soft kisses on their ridges, and when I felt myself coming down again she went back to taking them into her mouth. She kept me hovering on the brink, and it was sooo sexy! I just lay making noises and touching her hair and my own nipples that were still puffed up and tender with her kisses, and she just kept torturing me -- long, long, long -- but sooo sweet! Ohh Janine, ohh... Then it hit me. I saw stars and I must have come like anything -- I found out later the mattress was all wet.

Janine stopped and sat next to me and stroked my hair. When I could focus again I looked at her, and she smiled and kissed me hard. I could taste my juices on her tongue and lips, and I held her face with both hands.

Then she moved her legs and lay down on top of me. Her breasts touched mine, and she wrapped her arms around me, and she put her tongue in my mouth. I could touch her back and her buttocks, and I reached between her thighs and found her pussy. The crotch of her panties was dripping. She must have become as horny as I, and I tried to get my fingers under the material of her thong.

She rolled off me to make it easier for me to touch her. Oh, yes, my lady, she whispered. Her pussy felt wonderful. It was very sticky and slimy and just the way I hoped, and I slipped two fingers in. I felt the walls of her pussy clench around them, and I found her mouth again while I moved my fingers in and out. Then I got up on my knees and moved to the foot of the bed, and I hooked my middle fingers into the waistband of her thong. She wore it over her garter straps, and I could easily slip it down her legs. When I had taken it off she spread her legs and looked at me with veiled eyes. Oooh, man, she was really needing to come. I bent over her and kissed the bulge over her pussy. She tried to push herself into my face, and I happily complied with her wishes.

I had licked another pussy on the day I came to the mansion, but it had not been like this. This was sooo intense! I used my fingers to push her outer labia out of the way, and then I just licked up and down the inner ones, first, slowly up and down, and up and down... Janine's fingers were in my hair. She was breathing hard and raggedly, and she was working her pelvis to make me touch her as firmly as she could. I drank in her taste, and I used as much saliva as I could, and when I thought she was wet enough I pushed the point of my tongue between he pussy lips. Her taste grew even stronger, and she clamped her vagina around my tongue. It felt sooo sweet. Janice was moaning now, and she was saying yes please oh Charlene yes please and I don't think she really saw anything much.

Then I remembered what I had asked Molineux, and I drew my tongue back from her pussy. I put my lips around her clit and sucked it hard.

Oooh! She came so hard I was afraid she would pass out, but she didn't. She lay panting as if she'd just run the marathon, and my face was all wet with her juices, and I felt my own pussy tingle. It was sooo good! While I waited for her to come back to my level I realised that I still didn't know. But then... the other feelings were much more important. So that was Molineux had meant. My pussy had distracted me, too.

She looked at me as if she saw me for the first time. I smiled at her and told her she was sweet. She beamed, and she opened her arrms for me to creep into, and I did.

She asked if I would like to have some breakfast now, or that I would like to play some more.

I said that my throat was dry, but I didn't feel like breakfast. Maybe we could have some water.

Janine smiled and said she'd get us some drinks. So I rolled off her and she went to the bathroom, and she came back with two glasses of champagne. Hmm! It felt wonderful on my tongue and in my throat, and we sat on the edge of the bed together, slowly sipping our drinks and feeling each other's body.

When my glass was half full I handed it to Janine. I want to feel your nipples with my tongue, I said.

She said she had to put down the glasses first.

Then she came back to the bed, and she sat down on her haunches with her hands on her back and pushed her chest my way. Her nipples were right in front of me. They were really large and they didn't taper but they looked like little balls, just as if they'd been made for my lips to pull at them. She wore a lovely perfume between her breasts. They looked very sexy, presented on her red bra and beautifully pointed, and I when I touched them they felt soft and resilient and very natural, and then I put out my tongue ant touched the very tip of her left nipple. I remembered how she had bathed mine in saliva, and how wonderful it had felt. So I collected some, too, and then I closed my lips around the narrower bit at the bottom of her nipple and played it with my tongue and my spittle. I looked up at Janine's eyes, and she looked at me a little anxiously, and so I smiled around her nipple and she smiled back at me. I put my hands round her breasts, and squeezed them lightly, and then I let go of the one my mouth was on and found her pussy.

I knew what it looked like now, and I knew how her clit lay cradled in the fold of its hood, and I first pressed her pussy lips together with my fingers. Then I took the hood of her clit between thumb and index finger and pulled at it softly.

Janine moaned, and she put one hand onto the mattress to steady herself, and she ran the other hand through my hair.

I traced all the sweet lines of her sex with my index finger. It felt sooo good and sweet and sexy, and slippery and warm, and the smell of her perfume went to my head, together with all the sensations in my lips, my tongue and my fingertips.

I licked her other nipple, and she shivered, and pulled my head into her breast. She asked if I liked her tits, and I nodded and smiled. Did I like them! Oooh!

When Janine started to shake I bit her nipple and sat up straight to kiss her. She put her arms around me and indicated she wanted to lie back again. And when we lay stretched out on the bed she rolled me over and crept on top. She put a leg between mine, and then she wiggled her hips until our vulvas touched, and she rubbed her vulva into mine, and she rolled her breasts, now and then making them graze my nipples. I can't remember they ever were so swollen before. She bit my lower lip and then she put her tongue deep into my mouth. She had a long tongue, and I loved feeling her there.

She started to rub her abdomen and vulva insistently into mine, and I started to feel all het up. It was much, much different from making love to Mary Louise; it was even more feminine, and it was sooo sweet and sexy at the same time. Janine seemed to know all the sensations of my pussy much better than Mary Louise. I think she also knew them better than I knew myself, for she suddenly made me come sooo hard! Oooh! She came hard herself, too, and we were all sweaty and the bed smelled of pussy and perfume and my thighs were all wet and sticky. It felt so lovely!

She hardly gave me any chance to come down from my high; she gave me a wicked grin and reached under the pillow, and produced a long, supple pink silicon double dildo. For some time she rubbed one of the tips against my slit and the other end against hers. Then she turned it around and fed her end into my mouth; she sucked my juices off the other end. Hmm, did she taste good!

I always keep a bottle of oil and a tube of jelly on the bedside table. I took her taste off completely. She drew the dildo out of my mouth and took the bottle of oil and slickened up both ends, running her hands around the bits slowly. Then she rubbed it along my slit and shoved it in, and she sat down between my legs and took the other end inside her pussy. Oooh! It looked very kinky, our pussies linked by the silicon snake. She leant back on her elbows and stared moving her hips back and forth. It made the dildo move inside my pussy and I tried to answer her rhythm by moving my buttocks on the mattress.

Janine used one hand to rub her clit while she increased the speed of her motions. I bent her way to caress her pussy lips, and she smiled at me sweetly, but she was panting too much to speak, and my throat was dry. It didn't take too long for me to reach another orgasm. It came trundling on from somewhere far away in my loins, and it made my face go all hot and bothered, and it seemed very light at first but then it shook me like a storm in a bank of reeds. Janine must have felt the same, for she moaned like mad and when I took her clit between my fingers she screamed. She slumped back onto the bed, and I saw her eyes move up and I could only see the white of her eyes for some time.

Then she looked at me again. Ohh, she said, that was nice!

I could only nod. I got up on my knees, and I felt the dildo slide out of my pussy with a slithery movement, and I bent over her and kissed her deeply. Oooh, that was nice, I said.

She nodded. And we have two whole days left yet, she said and winked.

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