The hotel desk clerk had his hands full. The convention had him running as he had to deal with room problems and overbookings and who-knows-what else, all while being understaffed. He certainly didn't have time for unusual requests, nor have time to argue with the pretty blond standing across the check-in desk from him.

"Please, it's alright, I promise!" she said. "I just want to surprise him. He'll love it, trust me." Dee had come to surprise her boyfriend early. George didn't expect her until noon, and was probably asleep at this hour. But she knew how to use that pretty face and cute body, and she turned on all the charm she could muster.

So, even though her boyfriend hadn't left word that it was ok (and, of course, that made it against hotel policy), he looked up the name on his computer. Sure enough, the name was there, just as she said. So, putting his job at risk, he programmed an extra key card for her and slid it across the desk, saying quietly "room 1117". Smiling sweetly, she thanked him with a wink.

The clerk went back to tending to the chaos without ever knowing he had misread the room number and sent her to the wrong floor.

In the elevator, she had a naughty thought. Hoping there was no camera in there with her, she lifted her skirt and slid her underwear down to her ankles, the stepped out of them. Slipping them in her purse, she thought "I'm not going to need these, that's for sure". Then, as an afterthought, she unhooked her bra and it, too soon found the dark inside of her purse. Soon, as the thought of months of separation and imminent sexual release filled her mind, she began running her finger over her sensitive button until she felt her insides widen. By the time the elevator door slid aside, she was blushing red and weak-kneed. "Oh, God!" she thought, "Is HE going to get fucked!"

Looking around self-consciously, Dee saw that the hallway was clear. Breathing a sigh of relief, she walked briskly down the row of doors, reading numbers in quick succession. Finally, she saw it: room 1117. Happily, she noted it was a corner room, separated from all the rest by a stairwell on one side and a housecleaning closet on the other. She could let herself go, within reason, without worrying about neighbors.

Quietly, she inserted the key and pulled it back out, hearing a satisfying "click". Turning the handle, she slowly pushed the door open. Though the hallway was by no means brightly lit, the room was pitch black and her eyes still needed to adjust as she quietly closed the door behind her. As far as she could tell, her surprise was going to be complete. No sound of a challenge came from the bed, though the sound of a sleeping man was unmistakable.

She set her things down in one corner and crept over to the bed. Silently, she pulled the blankets back, and, as she had hoped, she saw that he was sleeping without pajamas. An evil grin crossed her face as she knelt over the bed and took his flaccid cock in her mouth and applied her talented tongue. The sleeping figure groaned, and a startled hand reached up and touched her head. But instead of jumping up in alarm as some might have done, her silent partner guided her head up and down on the stiffening shaft in her mouth.

It was a frightfully erotic situation for her, and it crossed her mind that George was allowing her to do this without checking her identity. She should have been annoyed, but instead the anonymity of it all brought her sexual fever to a new high. A finger of her free hand slipped down between her legs and went to work pushing her further toward her own orgasm. As her head bobbed on the rigid cock, her hips bucked in rhythm and she felt herself begin to flow freely.

Then, when she could wait no longer, she rose up and climbed onto the bed, lifting her leg over the hips of her partner. She rubbed the tip of the fully aroused cock along her opening and prepared to sit back, driving him deep into her urgently needful pussy. Strong hands gripped her hips and helped guide her into place. But just as she started to settle down and take him inside herself, her eyes became fully adjusted to the dimly lit room. Recognition, or rather the absence of it, came to her.

"Oh my GOD!" she blurted. "Who are you?" She intended to pull away, but the powerful hands on her hips pulled down suddenly and she was filled. Though she was mortified, her lust was at its peak and her body craved the feeling of being stretched, penetrated, and she found herself at odds with her own body as she felt the stiff cock repeatedly spearing into her from below. She wanted to jump up and run from the room, but found herself leaning forward on her hands, moving against the relentless fuck so as to maximize her own pleasure.

Soon, thoughts of protesting left her altogether and she contributed to the ravaging she was getting. When he realized she was fully involved and his hands no longer had to hold her hips in place, he reached up and opened her blouse, reaching in to explore her surprisingly available body. As he fondled her soft skin, she came for the first time.

As she came, he tensed, lifting her up and driving his cock deep into her. She felt the surge of his semen enter her, and made no attempt to stop it. As she began to regain her senses, she tried to lift herself free, but noticed that he was still hard, and buried deep inside of her!

With a swift, but graceful maneuver, he rolled over so that he was lying on top of her. His hands held her wrists over her head and he began sliding into her once again. She started to protest, but he silenced her with a deep kiss, covering her mouth. She struggled, but found that her strength was no match for his. Before long, she was feeling that familiar fever of an approaching orgasm as he split her pussy over and over. When she came, she gripped his cock and felt the relentless pumping that stretched and filled her so gloriously. The helplessness, and forced obedience of her position caused her to cum once again, and then repeatedly until she again felt him fill her with his seed.

He collapsed next to her, releasing her wrists. But she had no energy to make an escape, nor, curiously, did she have the desire. Reluctantly, aware of the gross impropriety of what had happened, she rolled off of the bed, and, collecting her things from the corner, slowly slipped from the room where she had just had the best sex of her life.

As she exited the elevator in the lobby, Dee realized that she never asked the name of her anonymous lover. But in all of her fantasies in the future, his dimly lit face would always be there.

=============== Alternate Ending ===================

Dee held the room key gently in her hand as the elevator dropped through the core of the hotel toward the lobby. She turned the key over as she mused that she had never felt so sexually charged as when she was held down and ruthlessly fucked by this stranger. Nor had she cum so many times, or with such force.

As the elevator door opened to reveal the lobby, she paused. Then, as she thought to herself "He's had plenty of time to recover", she pressed the button for the eleventh floor.

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