The party invitation arrived in a non distinct manila tag envelope. Inside was just a map, a time and a date. I soon realized that the date on it was for tomorrow. But Valentine's was a week away. That didn't make sense. It must be a rehearsal appointment of some sort. I had hoped there was a contact number so someone could answer my questions, and was disappointed that there wasn't one, but I was thrilled. We had been accepted. This would be the best Valentine's Day experience ever.

I found the ad innocently while scouring the internet for Valentine's Day ideas. I adore my boyfriend and I want to make him happy. We'd been living together for six months and already the days of endless sex, anytime, anywhere in the house, was starting to become a distant memory. Being with him only made me more attractive and fit so I knew the problem wasn't with us. We just needed something new. We needed something exciting and exhilarating to take us to higher thrills. I knew it was risky but exciting sex was worth it.

The ad caught me by surprise and made me look twice.

"Barnyard babes wanted".

What was this now? The ad continued to say, surprise and seduce as he goes for a stroll through the barn. I envisioned myself behind a stack of hay bales, dressed in an oversized, checkered, patterned work shirt, with a tie accenting my gorgeous big breasts. Some frayed jean shorts, cut way too short, showing off my neon pink g string would complete the ensemble. Yes, this would be the perfect Valentine's Day gift for the man whose cock I needed inside me, fucking me relentlessly. He'll crave his Valentine's when he sees me bent over a sawhorse, with my pussy, bright pink, wet and ready to be devoured by his hard pulsing member.

The day began like every other. I went about my errands. My man was out of town for a couple of days, so I was searching for things to do, so I could stop thinking of him filling my tight little pussy with his hard cock and how much I missed that.

The rehearsal appointment was for 7 pm. It occurred to me that this was kind of late to be walking around outside in the country, but maybe they wanted to authenticate the situation for maximum effect. I took one of his big checkered shirts and slipped on some jean shorts. As I drove I looked down and admired my flat stomach and the attractive way I filled the clothes.

My finger tips toyed and pulled at my nipples through my shirt as I drove along the highway and thought of what a seductive adventure I was creating for the man I adored. The more I played with my nipples the more tingles of wild excitement rippled from my tits down through me like a current to the core of my hot sexual need. I squirmed and wondered how wet I was, pushing over my jean shorts and slipping a finger inside of me. I thought of him taking me there; filling my hot pussy with his raw sexual need. My index finger began circling my clit. My eyes narrowed and became like slits, the music from the radio rocked with me, as my one hand touched all the warm, inviting and throbbing parts of my hot pink pussy. I thought of my boyfriend then as I came feeling the wild pulses of pure pleasure.

Then all of sudden it was there. I'd followed the map perfectly; surprised at the many turns and small gravel roads I needed to take to get there. The location seemed like it was literally in the middle of no where. Multiple barns were scattered across the dry barren field. They were surrounded by lush forest greenery that shielded the structures and made me think of a hidden fortress. You couldn't see the buildings from the road, until you happened across them.

The parking lot had lots of cars in it. I wondered why it would be so full. I rationalized that perhaps there were so many people who liked the idea, so they decided to have the information session all together, but I was wrong.

I entered the little house that was converted into an office. A beautiful brunette in a tight leather low cut dress greeted me. Her eyes were sparkling and her tone was bright and cheerful.

"Welcome, I'm so glad you choose us. You're gorgeous Amanda. You'll fit in really well here. I understand you have a preference for bondage, is that right?

She was smiling brightly.

"Yes," I mumbled, slightly embarrassed to be talking about my sexuality with a complete stranger.

She saw my apprehension and responded.

"It's alright to be nervous the first time. Just remember you're here to have fun, okay. Enjoy yourself."

With that she winked at me and left me in the lush surroundings of the elegant waiting room. It was furnished with plants, beautiful paintings and fine tapestries.

I only waited a few minutes when two heavyset women approached me.

"Come with us," one of women said.

We went back outside into the beautiful sunshine.

"I've never heard of this place? Has it been here long?", I asked the woman who had spoken to me earlier.

"Sorry, don't understand," she replied smiling. She talked to the other woman then in a language I didn't recognize.

The barns were plain colors with little variation or anything that would make them stand out. The smell of dry straw tickled my nose and aroused my senses. I couldn't see any animals in the barn, but the smell of animal sweat was evident, or was it animal sweat? I couldn't be certain, but it was an intoxicating aroma, with hints of patchouli.

The stalls were rustic in nature. Straw covered the floor. The first stall had sheep in it. It's what I would expect to see in a barn, but the second stall delivered a sight that was unexpected, yet inviting.

A middle aged woman with a leather collar and leather cuffs was being suspended from the ceiling with her hands bound to her ankles. Her round firm buttocks were exposed. As I walked by, the man in the stall with her smiled at me twirling her around on the chain that suspended her from the ceiling. I felt my pussy fill with juices at the sight. A part of me craved to see him fucking her like that. I wanted to see him fill her tight little hole with hard meat. She smiled at me then. I wondered if she knew that looking at her created a raw desire that took over my body.

The next stall held a horse. It was monster of horse, big and black and strong. It snorted fiercely as I went by. A feeling of danger invaded my senses. A beautiful petite blonde was in the stall with the horse. She was arching her back and brushing his slick shiny coat. The chair in the stall made it clear that her job was to clean and take care of this horse at all times.

The horse symbolized strength and power. He was visible from most stalls because of his immense size and stature. His stall was immaculate. She smiled at me as I walked by.

What I saw in the next stall was equally stimulating and very arousing. A beautiful blonde babe with big tits and a tiny little ass was tied tight on a sawhorse. She was on her front with the wood pushed into her. It was a beautifully carved saw horse, exquisitely finished and made of the finest cherry wood. Splinters would not be a problem. I began to realize that this place was a class act, and I wondered how much it would cost me.

The girl was face down and her hands and legs were bound with red leather strips around the four legs of the horse. She was young and gorgeous. The men fucking her were middle aged executive types with short hair cuts and strong cocks. One man's hard cock was sliding in and out of her pretty red lips while the other was behind her, sliding his manhood deep into her wet pink pussy. Her moans of pleasure were muffled by the hard cock fucking her little mouth.

The aroma of sex was potent and further arousing. My need had become almost painful, but I couldn't get enough. I wanted to roam the stall of every barn then come like a banshee. I had to take care of this need soon; it was all consuming.

I saw more animals and attendants, and then there was another stall. A woman dressed seductively in black leather was punishing the man before her with small whip. His ass was red and his smile was bright.

I began to realize I hadn't really known what to expect. We arrived at my stall. The stall where I would give my boyfriend the best Valentine's Day present ever.

I thought of how he would likely get as turned on as I was during the walk through the barn. It made me wonder how many people would be escorted by our stall, with the low wood panels, allowing anyone a full view of the contents.

Once in the stall the women spread my arms wide across a steel grate then pulled the steel cuffs down and cinched them tight with a lock. My hands fitted loosely in them and I was quite comfortable. The grate felt cold and unfamiliar on my back, offering a strong contrast for my hot searing pussy.

I tried to talk to the woman who had said, "Come this way," but her English skills were very limited. I wanted her to know that this wasn't what I wanted. I wanted to surprise my boyfriend so he would bend me over a sawhorse and fuck me to bits. I looked at the women then and stopped talking, realizing that my words were falling on deaf ears.

I still had my clothes on and I hadn't heard any screaming or problems so I told myself not to worry. Everything was going to be okay. The aroma of passion slowly started to fill my senses. There was so much raw sexual need in this place; the air was electric.

Then he was there. This was a beast of a man, 6'6 and strong and stocky. He radiated power and strength. His strong chest and tiny nipples became rock hard as he stood in front of me. My mouth dropped as his pants slid down and he revealed a long cock half hard. I knew at that instant that I wanted this man to fuck me no matter what. That this lust and once in a lifetime opportunity would not be lost.

I hearing started to focus on the sounds from the other stalls. Cries of pure ecstasy and steady pounding sounds filled the air. Flesh on flesh. Passion mixed with passion. I knew I had a boyfriend but my pussy juices released at the sight of this strong man and I was instantly and completely mesmerized.

"Hi, my name is John. I understand your name is Amanda, am I right? You like it rough, don't you babe!"

"Yes," I said timidly, my head bowed. My yes was in reply to my name, not necessarily to liking rough sex. But I was speechless. Raw desire overtook me as I looked at this man.

John looked at me appraisingly. He seemed to be turned on by my submissive stance.

"Hey you sexy cunt, you look perfect for my carnivorous appetite. Do you like getting your tits slapped baby?"

My mouth froze. No words came out.

I think he took my lack of response as a yes by the way her grabbed my tits roughly through my shirt. No one had ever man handled me like that before. I felt strangely turned on by this unexpected pleasure.

Then he looked like sensations were over taking him. His balls visibly tightened, then blood rushed to his expanding cock. I watched his cock grow and felt my pussy juices fill me, making me so wet for him. He saw my face flush and slid two fingers in my wetness, and then he pulled up, hard, just about lifting me off the ground. He was so big, so strong.

Then he looked at me steadily, turned the shears sideways and snipped off all the buttons on my shirt. My shirt fell open. I was a mess. I had one leg in my shorts and my shirt was hanging open. I had never felt more vulnerable. I was mesmerized by the way he commanded my arousal. Then his strong hand made contact with my tits. I felt my tits being slapped back and forth and back and forth. My breath came fast and wild, the mild pain became suddenly very welcome. My nipples became painfully hard and I didn't want him to stop. But then he did.

"I'm going to fuck you now my little princess, you're so fucking hot. You want that don't you?"

He took me completely by surprise. This is not what I expected. I had expected a general run through of the set up, but this was too much. I couldn't.

Lust seared through every vein making me need this man like no other. I knew I shouldn't, that this was wrong, but I knew that I would, and that my body wouldn't accept no as an answer. I was pure animal now. My desires had become raw. My sexy body was needy. I took a deep breath and inhaled the raw sexual power of the barn, animals everywhere, human and otherwise. The sounds of lust spurred me on. It filled my senses giving me sexual power.

"Yes, please fuck me handsome."

The words escaped my mouth before my intelligent mind could make a decision.

John took some shears from the wall and spread my legs with his knee. I trembled. It appeared to excite him even more. He obviously worked outdoors and worked hard for a living. His features were weathered, which only made him more inviting. He was a character with stories to tell. The man before me reeked of adventure. How far would he go?

His features and bulging muscles were eye candy but the size and sharpness of the tool he was carrying worried me. I felt the cold steel blade inch up my milky white thighs and wondered if he would hurt me. I could stop it all right now, if I wanted to. A lustful hunger started to grow and shook its head at my fears. I needed this. I needed this man inside me.

He took my face in his hands then and his rough chiseled features pressed in a hard line as he commanded my gaze with his piercing brown eyes. Without skipping a beat he worked the knife with one hand while the other ran up and down my long leg.

My shorts were hanging off one leg and I was trembling. He took his rough hands and pushed them into my pussy forcefully, and then he shoved them in my mouth laughing. He helped me off with my shirt. Then he was back with the sheers. Very slowly he inched them up towards my pussy diverting off to my hips at the last second. The scared look on my face just seemed to make him harder. I stood before him in my nakedness with just a neon pink g string left on. He let out a slow whistle then a final snip and off they came.

"There you go babe, you looked super hot before, but even better with no clothes on. Your tits are gorgeous honey. I'm going to feast on them now." With my arms stretched my tits were being pulled in both directions. The stood out like beacons. My soft mounds of flesh with thimble like nipples were being presented generously for his hungry mouth to devour.

Then his mouth was on them; his tongue circling; his teeth pulling. I felt my first orgasm ripple through me just then. I wanted to hold his head and kiss his soft lips, but I was bound; helpless to his whims and desires, a servant to his lust and I loved it.

John reached over to the stable wall where various sexual objects were on hooks. He took down a black steel rod with a bulbous end. It was ver long and approximately the width of a penis. He came over to me then and shoved it deep into my pussy with a strong intense thrust. He seemed to get off on the twisted expression on my face and my meager cries. Did I want him to fuck me like this, or didn't I? I couldn't decide. Then he started sliding it in and out of my wet pussy with forceful motions.

My shoulders kept making contact with the cold steel behind them as he inserted the cold steel inside me. I wanted this. It felt too good to not let it happen. John continued sliding the steel rod in and out of my soaking wet pussy, and then he started doing it very slow and very deep, watching my head lean back in ecstasy. My orgasm was intense and long lasting. He looked at the end and smiled, then put in my mouth leaving it there. I could taste and smell my pussy juices on it.

Like a man obsessed, he was devouring my tits again; with expertise; driving me wild. The way he adored my tits made me feel so good. His long tongue surrounded my nipple then he pulled and teased it decadently with his lips. With his other hand he tweaked my other nipple then started twisting it more and more. My mouth tightened on between my lips. A slow ache of need and desire surged through me.

I needed to be fucked by this man. I needed to yield to the temptation before me and allow my senses to be overrun with hot lust. I needed him inside me commanding me with his girth. And then he was. He was inside me. His beautiful hard penetrated my warm wet pussy. His thrusts were aggressive and seared through me. My legs wrapped around him. This was a man that knew what he wanted.

My big round globes jiggled beautifully with every deep, intense thrust. He reached down and started biting my nipples as his cock ravaged my wet pussy. I felt another orgasm pulse around him in a glittering display of stars and sequence as I rode the wave to completion.

He kept fucking me; the swoosh of our juices audible. He was pounding me into the wall now. I felt the cold medal push into my back causing a mild painful sensation. My reaction to the mild pain surprised me and I felt another orgasm rising. I'd never come like before. Every thing about this experience was raw and natural. His strength was incredible. I squeezed around his hardness.

My arms were getting sore, but the feeling of him inside my wet pussy was overwhelmingly and all consuming. Suddenly we came together. Our orgasms unified in thrusts of maximum pleasure and enjoyment. We moaned and rode the orgasmic waves with bliss.

He removed the steel rod from my mouth and stood back admiring me. I knew I must have looked a mess; nevertheless undoubtedly a very satisfied beautiful mess.

I barely knew what had just happened. Why did I let that happen? I felt the soreness between my legs and realized that I just gotten fucked like I had never been fucked before in my life.

John kissed me then, while again massaging my luscious mounds. It was a lustful and appreciate kiss, which I returned eagerly.

When he pulled away, he said exuberantly, "Thank you sweetheart, you just made me a very happy man, you were amazing."

"I enjoyed being with you very much, John," I answered shyly, a satisfied glow surely etched across my face.

He blew me a kiss goodbye and then he was gone.

As if on cue the same women who had cinched up my arms were here again and unhitching me. I shook my arms over and over again to regain my circulation.

They handed me a shirt and jeans and started walking me to the exit. Just before I left one of the two women handed me a $1000 dollar bill. I looked at her dumbfounded, not sure what to think.

As if nothing had happened I started in stunned silence the walk to my car. Another woman was walking slightly ahead of me. She appeared to be walking bull legged, likely from having her legs stretched wide and her cunt fucked. It made me think of a gang bang, and I felt tingles. She turned and smiled sheepishly at me with a knowing glance, as we both opened our car doors.

My boyfriend was waiting for me when I got home.

"New clothes huh, you went shopping, what else did you buy?"

I looked at him lamely, "Just these."

It was sometime during the night that I realized that I must have misread the ad somehow. I was the barn girl. I was the sexy object of some guy's fantasy that wanted me to make all his dreams come true and I did, and I loved it.

The second manila tag envelope arrived in the mail a week later. I was just about to give my boyfriend a gold and diamond ring for Valentines and was standing there with it in my hands, when he brought the mail in. At the sight of the envelope I felt at lurch in the pit of my stomach and a flood soaked through my panties in anticipation. I couldn't show him how aroused I was at the sight of the envelope.

My recent adventure came into focus. I opened the envelope slowly, knowing exactly what it was, my mind questioning my choices, my desire fueling my choices. I thought of what the girls were doing in the other stables. Would it always be the same, or should I be open to many different kinds of arousing sexual experiences. I realized that what I had witnessed was just a taste.

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