It was always crazy at their place. What with their mother being a raving drunk and the rest of the family and hangers-on needing very little excuse to party. With that, coupled with the whole family being very similar in looks, I guess it was bound to happen one day.

We had made the annual pilgrimage to my mother in-law's place about 2 thousand miles away, and the weather had slowly turned from the freezing winters of our home to the tropical north of Australia. The weather and the fishing were two of the few reasons I subjected myself to those people each year. How my wife came from this lot I'll never know. Unlike the rest of her family, she was actually very intelligent, didn't do drugs and rarely drank.

This year was different though. They were all celebrating the fact that the father of my wife and her three sisters had finally left. He was an abusive drunk who regularly beat his wife and daughters. My wife left home when she was just fifteen and moved to the other end of the country to get away from him, and that's where I met her. Not a day goes by that I'm not grateful she did. I truly love my wife and only in my wildest fantasies have I ever dreamt of fucking another woman.

It was the same old scene, all the same people rolling drunk. All the same people picking fights. Only two things were different that night. My wife decided to drink instead of looking after her younger sisters who were also drinking, and I decided not to play bouncer and get in between all the fights.

Around midnight the youngest sister, Amanda, who was fourteen at the time, informed me she was going to spend the rest of the night at her friend's house. This was a great relief to me as I always worried about the younger sisters at these 'parties'.

Carly, the eighteen-year-old sister was really throwing back the vodkas and generally having a good time; at least she wasn't picking a fight with someone for a change. She was a feisty one, and if she were in a fiery mood she'd take a swing at you just for looking at her the wrong way. She was really sweet natured when she was sober, a lot like my wife, but get a few drinks into her and watch out. The only reason I could come up with for her good mood tonight was the same one they were all celebrating.

Belinda, the sixteen-year-old sister, was so drunk by this stage that she had crashed on a deck chair by the pool and was snoring so loudly you could hear her over the music and general noise of the party.

My wife was also getting pretty smashed. I think she was mostly happy that something had gone right for her family for a change and I knew she was relieved for her sisters. She'd given up on her mother years ago when she came to the realization that her mother didn't even care for herself, so how would she ever care for her kids? As the night wore on I decided the best place for me was out near the pool. I could keep an eye on the sixteen year old and make sure she didn't fall in the pool or fall prey to some of the scumbags that were hanging around. Because the pool was around a corner, there weren't as many people there and it was a bit quieter too.

After about an hour of sitting and staring at the water and downing about half a dozen beers, I was starting to drift into sleep when someone sat very heavily on the other end of the deck chair. This woke me with such a start that I dropped my beer and nearly fell off the chair. Carly, the 18-year-old was sitting on the end of the chair laughing so hard at my reaction she had tears rolling down her cheeks.

"Yeah! Yeah! Very fuckin' funny, smart ass! It's a good thing I'm not little, or I think I would've ended up in the pool or over the fence."

At this she just laughed even harder. When she calmed down a little I said to her, "You're a lot happier tonight than I've seen you in a long time."

"You would be too if you'd had to live with that asshole. I'm so glad he finally did the right thing and got out of our lives. Apparently he's shacked up with some bird up the coast somewhere. She can have him."

She looked at me with a very serious look on her face then smiled. She stood up, shook her head as if trying to clear some cobwebs, then laughed.

"But that's way too serious a conversation for tonight."

Still laughing, she turned around, still fully clothed and jumped straight into the pool.

Now I happened to know that the water in the pool was freezing as I'd already dipped my feet earlier. When she surfaced she sucked in a deep breath and yelled.

"Holy shit, that's fuckin' cold!"

"I could have told you that, but you didn't ask."

I laughed as she climbed out of the pool, shivering and dripping wet.

"Could you grab a towel for me?"

"I guess so."

I walked over to the cupboard where they kept the towels and grabbed one out, and as I turned around I was greeted with an incredible sight. There she was, standing at the other end of the pool, soaking wet with her clothes clinging to her body.

There were several spotlights on in the pool area and one of them lit her up as if she was on stage. The combination of the warm light and her body heat produced steam off her hair and shoulders that glowed through the other lights behind her.

Now I know the water was cold but you should have seen what it did to her body. Her white shirt was like cling wrap. Her stomach was all tensed up from the cold showing her very tight abs and her nipples stood out like a brickies' thumbs. This was hard to look at without getting a raging hard-on.

I handed her the towel and she wrapped it around herself just as my wife walked around the corner. My wife just laughed at her sister and called her a dick head. She slurred that she was tired and going to bed, then turned back and staggered inside. I asked Carly where I was sleeping, as we hadn't organized a room when we first got there.

"Oh you two can have my queen sized and I'll sleep in the single in the spare room," she answered.

She followed my wife and staggered into the house, presumably in search of some dry clothes. I sat back down and tried to get my cock to settle down from the sight of my sister-in-law in see-through clothes. Eventually I fell asleep. I woke up several hours later with a crick in my neck and a hard cock in my pants. Obviously I had been dreaming about my sister-in-law.

I decided to go do something about it and went in search of my wife. Sure enough, there she was in her silk nightie, lying on her side in her sister's queen bed. I stripped off my clothes and slipped in behind her and cuddled up to her back. She seemed to stiffen when she felt me throw my arm over her and her ass clenched as I lined up my cock between her cheeks. She mustn't have been expecting me to come to bed tonight; besides, she was always a bit tense when we were there.

After a few moments I felt her relax a bit, and I thought of how I could make her relax even more. I moved my hand from her arm down her body to her back and started to massage her back in small circles. Gradually the circles got bigger until I was massaging her bum cheeks as well. Now I know that my wife loves having her bum played with and she is very turned on by any friction there. I was slowly lifting her nightie and massaging her bare ass and the tops of her thighs.

As I was doing this I was gradually working my way towards her pussy with my fingertips as I was rubbing my cock slowly against her ass. She pushed her bum back against my cock and it slipped in between her smooth round cheeks. I started to slide my cock up and down between her cheeks with the head of my knob just pushing against her ass hole. We both love doing this as I just love her cute butt, and the sensation as my cock head rubs against her ass hole is fantastic. She loves the friction on her butt.

Just as I started to rub my cock head against her ass hole I also slipped a finger straight into her very wet pussy. I think she must have been having naughty dreams too. I slipped a second finger into her pussy and used my thumb to rub her clit. The second I touched her clit she clenched her bum cheeks so tight that it changed the direction of my cock's upward stroke and I nearly shoved it straight into her ass.

She just moaned and I thought, I could either fuck her now or come all over her ass. I thought about how I'd love to see her ass coated in my cum and the decision was made. I really started to work on her pussy with my fingers and she was starting to squirm and buck her hips. That was about all I could stand, and as she started to reach her orgasm she kept clenching and relaxing her butt in time with the strokes of my hand and cock.

I couldn't hold on any longer and started squirting my hot cum between her ass cheeks. Some of it squirted up her back but most of it stayed on her ass then began to dribble across one cheek and down to the mattress. I lay there, staring at this wondrous sight for about twenty minutes before I drifted off to sleep. The last thought to go through my head before I fell into a deep sleep was, "I don't remember my wife having a freckle on her bum."

I woke in the morning to the sound of Belinda walking through the back door. Realizing I had nothing on and the door was wide open, I pulled my wife's nightie down over her ass and jumped out of bed to put some pants on. I walked out of the bedroom and decided that I'd go have a shower and start breakfast for those who were feeling up to it.

I had a nice long hot shower and as I got out, my wife was climbing in. She'd stripped off as she entered the bathroom but I didn't even look at her clothes on the floor. As I walked out of the bathroom there was my sister-in-law, Carly looking mightily hung over and wearing my wife's nightie.

My jaw nearly hit the floor. She looked at me.

"Are you going to make breakfast?" she asked.

I couldn't utter a sound. As she turned around to walk off she said, "I'm going to get dressed. Why does this nightie keep sticking to my ass?"

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