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(Thanks to Brightdawn not only for the challenge she posed, but for the editing help as well. )

As she finished her anniversary preparations, Janice was starting to get nervous. It wasn't every day that a normal house wife would even think of attempting something as major as strapping her husband to the bed and having her way with him. Jan's attitude towards sex was always that it should be plain, without any extraneous distractions. The act of sex, in her mind, was an expression of love and all the strange things like bondage or additional partners just added to the complication of the feelings already in play.

However, a look into Peter's magazine collection showed her that Pete did not always share the same opinion. He read many different types magazines including some that bordered on the hardcore, strange and bizarre. It was thumbing through one such magazine, showing a guy tied to his bed on the cover, which Jan came up with her plan for that night. All around the bed were the components of a starter bondage set. It was so weird that Jan had to ask for help from the sex store clerks to figure out where to put each piece and how to use them correctly.

During the same trip, she bought herself a black corset that showed way more skin than her undergarments ever did. She also bought a pair of really high stiletto pumps as well as a pair of thigh high black stockings. Her goal for the night was to attempt to give him a fantasy as well as try to shed her inhibitions. The thought of a threesome was far from her mind, but she thought that this excursion into the wild side would spark a renewed interest in their six year marriage.

It took a while for her to put on all her new gear, even longer to find the appropriate outfit to cover it. As she headed downstairs to light the candles, she heard the tell tale signs of Peter's old car pulling into the driveway. As she lit each candle, she could hear the opening of the front door and a few grunts. Pete walked into the dining area, noticed the candles glowing and saw the woman he married wearing a dark dress that barely hid her form. His mind started wandering as he attempted to deduce what the occasion was until he remembered what day it was. He started to curse within himself as his wife took his coat and hung it in the washroom to dry. As he sat before the dinner she presented, he started attempting to come up with excuses until she seductively tried to hold her finger on her lips silencing his words.

Once dinner was completed, she quietly brought the dishes to the kitchen. As he started to rise from the table, she leans over and kissed him on the cheek before telling him to meet her upstairs. He slowly trudged up the stairs, and she saw that he was feeling badly because he forgot that day's significance. Pete walked into the bedroom. Glancing around, he could see the blindfold on the end table as well as the body paints. In his mind, he started to figure out what she was up to. He turned to see her slowly and shyly undo the tie on her dress, revealing to him her form fitted black corset with black stockings. The initial sight took his breath away.

She gained confidence by his reaction and sauntered forward. Once in front of him she planted kisses on him before he fell back on the bed. As he played along and kept still, she grabbed the blindfold and slipped it over his eyes before kissing him again. Slowly, she moved to the side and began to cuff his hands and feet before she realized she forgot to undress him first. Instead of abandoning ship, she decided to just go with it and undid his pants. The excitement of being tied down caused his member to solidify and she could feel the precum oozing from the tip. The thought alone was enough to drive her crazy. She slowly rose from the bed and began to pull down her underwear. As she did, she started to hear his breathing. It was erratic and deep, as if he was sleeping.

Slowly, she climbed onto the bed and attempted to take his member into her mouth for the first time in a long while. Previous to this night, Jan never went down on her husband, at least not since they dated because sex was just a five minute interlude before they slept. Jan reveled at how dirty the thought of her sucking her husband was. She could hear his breathing become deeper as she slowly took the head and an inch of shaft into her mouth and sucked deeply. She could feel the slimy fluid going down her throat as she slowly moved her head down his shaft before rising up again. She repeated the motion and was rewarded with another deep breath as well as a soft moan from him. She looked up at him and realized he needed to see her do this. She removed her mouth from his shaft and climbed up the bed to undo his blindfold.

Jan then crept back down to his exposed shaft and sucked it back into her mouth. While she slowly sucked him off, she noticed his eyes glazing over and his mouth opening to form an "o". It wasn't long until she could feel the longing within herself to feel his shaft in another place. The wetness began to form between her legs until she remembered that he was cuffed to the bed. She slowly moved her legs to straddle his face and was surprised to feel his tongue eagerly exploring her weakness. The sensation of his tongue on her clit was driving her crazy until she could feel herself release on his tongue. Feeling satiated for the moment, she slowly took as much of him into her mouth as she could and began to massage his underside as much as possible until he was on the brink of climax.

It was then the phone rang. Pete began to curse until he remembered that he couldn't move. His member began to deflate in her mouth slightly as she tried in vain to finish him off. It was not to be at that moment. She slowly rose from the bed and checked the caller ID. When she realized it was an unknown number, she walked over to the bed and undid one of the cuffs. She then buried her face into his shoulder and began to cry, feeling daunted. Pete quickly surrounded her with his free arm as he kept consoling her. It wasn't long until she rose from his arms to undo the other bindings. As they held each other, she began to kiss him slowly until he began to return the kisses. It wasn't long until their lips were locked tightly as their arms began to explore each other.

His hand slowly moved down until it rubbed gently upon her area still wet from the earlier stimulation. Her hands immediately began to start rubbing on his member as it stiffened in her grasp. As she slowly tried to guide it into her pussy, he pushed her and positioned her until he stood behind her and slowly brought her hips up until her head was in the pillow and her pussy was framed by her legs in a beautiful picture. It took a moment's hesitation before he slowly placed his member at the entrance before slowly sliding in. The pure naughtiness of the new position excited Janice as she felt her fingers reaching up and starting to circle her clit as he stroked within her. It didn't take long before he began to climax within her before she begged for him to cum on her ass.

He pulled out as a second shot rang forth and landed on her exposed bottom. Janice closed her eyes and imagined how it looked to her husband. As he fell next to her on the bed, she reached back and felt the hot fluid on her skin and felt the new feeling of exhilaration. As she turned to kiss her husband and thank him for his gift, she heard the tell tale sounds of him snoring. His eyes were closed and mouth was open as the snore erupted from deep within him. Janice took the chance to reach down and rub her clit slowly until she climaxed again. Then she fell asleep next to her husband.

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