tagInterracial LoveOpen Marriage Ch. 01

Open Marriage Ch. 01


Faith slipped her finger between the tight fabric of her thong and her skin trying to reach her wet slit. She gently moved her legs apart slightly as she tried to give herself more room to reach her clit.

"Wow! Honey. Your going to have to let me read that book when you're finished!"

Faith moved her hand away from her crotch and starred at her husband, Mark. "I thought you were asleep?"

Mark laughed. "I was but I kept feeling your body tense each time you turned a page in that book." Faith laid the book down on her chest and rubbed her eyes. It was getting late and she had an appointment with a customer in the morning.

"It's getting to another good part and I was trying to finish that chapter but I'm getting too tired tonight to finish."

Mark turned onto his elbow and slipped his hand under his wife's thong and felt Faith's wet pussy slit. She arched her hips against his hand as she turned and kissed his lips.

"Honey. It's getting late and I have to be up by six."

Mark put his arm around her waist and pulled her across the bed as she lifted her leg across his and passionately kissed her lips.

"Tell me about the book. Is it anything like the cover?"

Faith took a deep breath as she reached behind her and turned off the light. She tossed the book on the night stand and twisted around and put her arm around her husband.

"It's about this white couple that move to South Africa. They'd been married for twenty years and the wife's husband suggested that they have separate affairs only with black partners."

Mark started to laugh. "What happens, the wife finds out how big the black guy's penis was and changes her mind?"

"Honey. This is serous. It's actually based on a true story."

Mark squeezed her thigh as he laid their listening.

"You see. They found another couple to swing with them and her husband ended up falling in love with the black guy's wife."

"What happened next? Did he leave his wife for the other woman?"

"No. Silly. It's much more complicated then that! His wife is jealous about the other woman and tries too win him back by becoming a better wife and lover."

"Does it work out?"

Faith laughed. "Actually, it did! They became friends with the black couple and learned a lot about themselves which improved their marriage. It's much more complicated, you'll have to read the book if you're that interested."

Mark squeezed Faith's butt and pulled her tight against his body as they kissed. "Maybe we should go out and find a black couple to swing with if it works that well."

Faith playfully pushed her hand against Mark's chest. "Hey. Mister. Are you trying to tell me that we have a bad marriage?"

"No. I was only making a joke about your book."

Faith wrapped her arm around his neck as they kissed then moved her head back and starred at Mark. "I remember the remark you made a few years ago when you caught me looking at that black guy at the beach."

Mark laughed. "Well, you were burning a hole through his swim suit that afternoon."

"I was not!"

"You were too! You even rubbed your pussy while you watched his girlfriend rubbing lotion across his back."

Faith grabbed his dick through his pajama's. "I thought you were tired?"

"I'm tired. I just wanted to see if you were getting aroused thinking about me watching that black guy!"

Mark reached down and placed her fingers over his hard dick. "Keep doing that and your going to miss your appointment in the morning."

Faith pulled her hand away from his crotch and quickly gave him a little kiss. She playfully scooted away from Mark and said. "Good night!"

Mark wanted sex but he really knew she had to get up early and didn't try any further. He laid their a few moments thinking. "That black guy really got you excited, didn't he?"

"Good night, Mark!"

Faith showered early the next morning and dressed for her real estate appointment. She kissed Mark before heading out the door and said she would see him late in the morning. Mark fixed coffee and read the newspaper before getting into the shower.

Mark was drying off as he walked into the bedroom searching for clean underwear. He smiled when he saw the recent pictures of Faith on top of the dresser that was taken at their twentieth anniversary party.

He picked up the stack of photos' and started looking through them. The first one was of Faith and their daughter Shelly together. Mark smiled as he thought how people were right when they always mistook them for sisters rather then mother and daughter.

Faith was forty-three and Shelly just turned twenty-three but Faith could easily pass as Shelly's older sister. In fact they played that trick on someone they met once while on vacation last year. Shelly was home for the summer last year after graduating college and spent time with them before moving to New York to start her new job.

Mark kept shuffling through the photographs he'd printed from the computer until he found the photos' taken at the beach. Faith and Shelly both had long blonde hair and it was really hard to distinguish them from one another when they were together.

Faith never changed from her college years. She still wore her blonde hair down to her waist and took good care of her fabulous body, working out on a daily basis. Mark put the photos' down and opened the top drawer of Faith's dresser and smelled the aroma of her perfume.

He picked up a black bra and sniffed the aroma of Faith's favorite perfume. He glanced at the little tag on the bra which said. "34D."

Faith was petite at five-two but her breasts were full and natural unlike many women today that had breast enhancement surgery. As tiny as she was, Mark always loved her long slim legs that seemed to stretch out a mile. Her sexy thin ankles always drove him crazy. Faith hated it when he tried to play around and kiss her feet and ankles but it turned him on.

Faith called Mark later that morning and said she would be late getting home. She was busy hauling an elderly couple around looking for a retirement home. Mark knew the type since they both worked in real-estate and knew she would be tired when she got home later.

Mark made coffee and started working on his internet site, making a few property updates. He looked at the clock and saw it was getting late and started surfing the web. He playfully punched in swingers on a search and started looking through thousands of couples across America.

It was a huge site with ever state sectioned off and clicked on, Florida. He started looking at couples across the state and narrowed his search to black couples when he thought about that book Faith was reading.

Mark carefully read their profile's but had limited access unless he became a member so he got out his credit card and joined the site which enabled him to look through the more intimate photos' the couples had posted.

He saw a black couple standing together. She was tiny and he was tall and slim except for this huge snake he had dangling down between his legs. Mark read the profile and saw that the man stated he was well hung!

It also stated that the wife was, safe! Mark looked through the definitions and found out that meant she was on birth control or was fixed! He kept looking through hundreds of ads until he heard the door open and close.

"Honey. I'm home!"

Mark kept looking through the ads while Faith walked in and gave him a kiss. "Mark. What are you looking at?"

She leaned over and saw the web site and pushed on his shoulder. Mark smiled at her and said. "I made coffee a few minutes ago if you want a cup! I have to go and pee!"

Mark returned a few minutes later and saw Faith sitting at the computer with a cup of coffee. He casually walked over and sat next to her and was surprised that she was still on the site he was looking at.

"Where did you find this site?"

"I was just goofing around this afternoon. I got bored when you were gone and started looking at this site."

Faith was reading a profile for one of the couples. It wasn't a black couple but she laughed when she saw how big the guy's penis was in the picture.

"Mark. Come look at this guy! Don't you think he's rather small to be posting himself on here?"

Mark took a look and scooted his chair next to Faith. She leaned over and kissed him and started looking through the ads.

"Look. Here is a couple that live right in our town!"

Faith clicked on the phot's and studied the woman. "I think I have a better figure then she has and I'm ten years older!"

Faith kept strolling through the different ads on the site and noticed the search options and recent searches that were done by Mark.

"You were doing a search for black couples?"

Mark laughed. "I was thinking about that book you were reading last night and just wanted to see if there really was black couples looking for whites."

Faith searched and they both laughed as they scrolled through the ads that were placed by these couples.

"I'm going to pour another cup of coffee. Would you like me to get you another cup?"

"Yeah. Sure." Faith gave him the cup and kept looking through the ads.

Mark returned a few minutes later and saw that Faith had her face practically in the computer screen.

"What are you looking at?"

Mark sat down and starred at the screen and noticed that Faith was looking at a few action shots these people had posted. It showed a black man on top of a white woman and another shot showed her sucking on his dick.

Mark noticed in the right-hand corner that Faith had switched to the single men area of the site and was looking at an ad placed by a black man.

"See. I told you that you got excited watching that black guy at the beach!"

Faith bumped Mark's shoulder with her elbow. "I was just curious, that's all!"

Faith kept flicking through the ads by state and brought up the state of New York. She looked at several guys until she clicked on one that said he lived in Brooklyn.

"Look. This guy lives near our daughter!"

Mark started reading the profile. He was single, thirty-two and worked in real-estate. It said that he was six-seven and he liked lifting weights as his hobby. Faith clicked on his pictures which showed him lifting weights.

"Now! This guy is a hunk!"

"I thought you weren't interested in black men?"

Faith studied the pictures and noticed down at the bottom that he had intimate phot's posted and clicked on the link.

"Wow. Look at this guy, Mark!"

Mark saw the man in several shots taken on his bed. He was completely naked and hung! Mark leaned closer to the screen and laughed. "Did this guy have a transplant with a horse or something?"

His profile mentioned that he was nine inches and extremely thick. Mark noticed Faith seemed as if she was aroused and put his hand down between her legs. He was surprised that she didn't try and remove his hand. She only put her hand on top of his as she continued starring at the pictures.

"He's rather handsome!"

Mark was holding Faith's hand. "I never knew it turned you on looking at other men!"

Faith turned toward Mark. "You were drooling on other woman on here, why can't I look too?"

Faith was still reading that guy's profile. The man was looking for white women. "OK. Let's have a look at another one!"

"Wait. I'm still reading!"

Mark noticed the symbol in the upper left corner which stated the guy was online now and available to chat with other members.

"Click on that symbol if you want to chat with the guy!"

"Mark. I'm just looking!"

Mark nudged her shoulder. "Go ahead! Click on it and let's see what he has to say!"

"Mark! Stop!"

Mark reached out and clicked the symbol as she tried to playfully stop him. They were both laughing as she tried to stop Mark from typing in the little box. He finally got something spelled out and sent the message.

She was still wrestling with his hands as they laughed and she looked up at the screen and saw what he had typed. "Hi there!"

"Mark! Your going to be in a lot of trouble if that guy answers back!"

A couple seconds later he answered back and said, Hi.

"Mark! See what you did? Now what do I do?"

"Go ahead. Write him back, something!"

Faith was nervous as she took a deep breath and held her fingers above the keys. "What should I say? Quick, think of something!"

"Tell him you liked his pictures!"

Faith starred at Mark "Go ahead! He won't bit. He lives in New York!"

Faith began typing. "I really liked the photo's you posted. I thought you were handsome!"

"Thank you. Tell me about yourself. What is your name?"

Faith hesitated. "I better not tell him anything."

"No. Go ahead. He lives way up in New York. He'll never find out anything about you!"

Faith began typing. "My name is Faith and I'm blonde and petite" Faith looked over at Mark. "How old should I tell him I'm?"

"Tell him your thirty. He'll never know the difference."

She typed that in and sent the message. His reply came on the screen a few seconds later.

"I'm Hank. I'd love to see a picture or two of you. What color are your eyes?"

Faith typed back. "I have green eyes." She turned back toward Mark. "What should I do, he wants to see a picture of me. Should I tell him I don't have any?"

"No. Wait! Let me find them." Mark clicked on the folder and found the pictures he took and found one of Faith sitting at the table in her black dress. Her legs were crossed and she was posing for Mark and smiling. Mark attached the photo and sent it to the man.

"Mark. I don't think we should be leading this man on like this!"

"I'm only having a little fun." Mark kissed her cheek as a message appeared on the screen.

"You're very attractive. I like your long blonde hair and you have a beautiful smile. Are you looking to date a black man or just curious?"

"Mark! What should I tell him?"

"Tell him you're interested in dating!"

"Mark! Your going to get me in a lot of trouble! I can't tell him that!"

Mark rubbed her arm. "Honey. He lives way up in New York. We're just having a little fun here!"

Faith sighed as she typed in her response and told the guy that she was interested in dating. She got a reply back that said. "Tell me what you like sexually."

Faith hesitated but didn't ask Mark any more questions and just went along with her own response.

"I like romantic men who aren't pushy. I like a man who has a gentle touch but likes to take control. He must be passionate and caring and not smoke. I like men who take care of their bodies and work out and a tall strong man would be a plus!"

Mark rubbed her arm again. "I didn't know all that!"

They both waited for his reply which came a few seconds later. "I like a woman who is a bite shy but not afraid to explore her inner thoughts and feelings. She must be passionate and caring and love to kiss. Petite blonde women are a big plus for me."

"What should I write him?"

"Send him another picture and tell him that he sounds interesting and you'd love to meet him someday."

Mark found another photo of Faith, only this time she was standing in the hotel room wearing her black bikini. She typed in what Mark had told her to write and waited for his response.

His response pooped onto the screen. "Gorgeous! It appears that you shave yourself, bald! Tell me I'm right!"

Faith giggled as she began typing. "Yes. I'm as smooth as a newborn!"

Mark and Faith were surprised when his next message came on the screen. It was his phone number telling her to give him a call.

"Mark. What should I say next? I can't call his number. What if he wants to talk about sex?"

Mark was a little more excited and aroused himself and not worried too much about this guy because he lived too far away.

"Faith. Tell him you'll give him a call in a few minutes. Send him your email address and tell him you'll talk to him soon!"

Faith sent the email address and told him she'd call in a few minutes. She signed off and turned and starred at Mark. "Honey. Your going to get me in a lot of trouble! What if he finds out where I live and tries to stalk me or something? He might be a killer for all I know!"

"Honey. Stop being a worry wart and give the man a call! Use the office phone so your name doesn't show up on his ID."

Faith plopped down on the sofa holding the cell phone in her hand. Mark had printed out the number for her and sat down so close to her on the sofa that she hardly had any room to move her arm.

"Honey. Move away. I can barely dial the phone!"

Faith heard a man's deep voice answer and she responded. "Hello. Hank? This is Faith calling. How are you?"

He chuckled. "I wasn't sure if I was really going to get a call from you. Were those your real pictures you sent me?"

Faith giggled into the phone. "Yes. Those were taken on my last vacation."

"I noticed you were wearing a wedding ring on your left hand. Does your husband like to watch you with other men?"

Faith held the palm of her hand over the phone. "He wants to know if you like to watch!"

"Tell him, yes!"

Faith starred at Mark kind of funny as she removed her hand off the phone. "Well. We never really did anything like this before but I think he'd be interested."

"Faith. Tell me. Have you ever fantasized about making love with a well-endowed black man like myself?"

Faith scooted back on the arm of the sofa so Mark wouldn't hear every word she said to Hank. Mark tried to get closer but she put her hand on his leg to stop him.

"Um. Yes. I've fantasized about it."

"Faith. I'll make you a promise right now that if you decide to get together with me in the future that I'll make your fantasy come true. I'd love to make love to you while your husband watched. I think every housewife deserves to be pampered."

Faith leaned back on the arm of the sofa a little further and put her leg up on the cushion. Mark took it as an invitation to lift her dress up as she spoke to Hank on the phone.

"I bet you're very experienced with other wives!"

"Yes. As a matter of fact I'm and I have posted references from other members on my page that you can check out if you like. I've met several couples but none of the wives are as beautiful as you, Faith."

Mark was pulling down her thong and lifted her leg higher as he kneeled down on the carpet and stuck his head under her skirt.

"Faith. Tell me what you like to do with a man. Do you enjoy giving head or having your pussy licked until you cum?"

Faith felt Mark's tongue on her pussy mound as she tried to stay focused on Hank. "Yes. I suck on my husband but he's not as large as you."

"You have nothing to be afraid of with me, Faith. I'm a gentle person and your pleasure and comfort would be my upmost desire."

Faith giggled nervously as Mark began parting her pussy lips with his tongue. "I don't think I could take anyone as largely as you. I'm afraid it might hurt."

"Faith. I'd take my time with you to make sure that you could accommodate my size without causing any pain. I'd make sure you were extremely wet and aroused before I'd even attempt to enter your pussy."

Faith's body tensed as Mark touched her clit with the tip of his tongue. "Um. I'm afraid I'm not very large down there. I can barely take my husband size."

Mark was digging his tongue inside Faith's pussy as he heard his wife speak to the black guy on the phone. He was extremely aroused and poking through his pants right now.

"Faith. How large is your husband and is he thick?"

Faith's body was trembling as Mark licked her pussy. Her voice began to show signs of passion as she tried to answer Hank's question.

"Um. I think Mark is around five inches but not very thick."

Mark pushed his tongue further inside Faith's pussy as he heard his name mentioned in the conversation.

"Faith. Is your husband sitting with you right now?"

Faith's legs were trembling as Mark licked her pussy as she tried to answer Hank again. "Yes."

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