tagInterracial LoveOpen Marriage Ch. 04

Open Marriage Ch. 04


Faith spent the entire weekend with Hank and practically three or four nights' week the next three months. Mark noticed changes taking place in their marriage and recently noticed Faith no longer wore her wedding rings. Mark commented on it one evening and gave him the excuse about meeting business people with Hank.

Mark had been dating Rita so it wasn't like he was sitting at home playing the neglected husband role. He'd been busy working with clients and seeing Rita whenever they could get together. Mark even got an opportunity to meet Rita's husband.

Rita arranged a double date with her husband. Surprisingly, Dan was much older and tall and skinny. Mark was taken by Shelly, Dan's twenty-eight-year-old girlfriend. She was tall, about five-ten with legs that seemed to stretch out a mile in length. She was thin and flat chested but her beautiful smile and charming personality certainly composited for those attributes she was lacking. Unlike Rita having large boobs and red hair, Shelly had dark eyes and long black hair. Dan charted a private plane and flew them to Miami for the weekend. The internet site that Mark met Rita through was holding a huge party for swingers and the two couples booked a double room for three nights.

They checked into their suite that afternoon. Mark found it awkward to be sharing a room with his girlfriends husband. Rita joked about it and tried to reassure Mark.

"Sweetie! It'll be fun! I think my husband was born a natural voyeur anyway. I think it'll be rather entertaining sharing our room with them."

Mark just smiled back at Rita as he unpacked his things. Mark glanced at Rita's finger. He knew she hadn't wore her wedding rings since they met. He was curious.

"Rita? You've never worn your wedding rings since I've known you. I was sort of wondering if there was a reason? Don't you love him enough to wear them?"

Rita laughed at his question as she leaned on his shoulder. "Mark. You picked a crazy time to ask me a question like that one!"

"Seriously, Rita! Is there a particular reason?"

Rita sighed. "Well. It's nothing to do with not loving my husband or out of disrespect. I think it would be disrespectful to him if I did wear it when I'm out with another man."

Mark starred into space. "Mark. Why did you ask?"

"Oh. I noticed lately that Faith wasn't wearing her rings and just wanted to know if it meant anything."

Rita squeezed his arm. "I see Dan's face every time I stare at them and it's a constant reminder that I'm still a married woman." Rita hesitated as she held his hand. "It gives me a sense of freedom when I don't wear them."

Rita noticed Mark seemed upset. "Mark. It's part of the territory if your going to participate in an open marriage. When was the last time you sat down with Faith and just held her and told her how much you still love her?"

Mark starred at Rita trying to give her a date or a time but couldn't answer the question. "That's what I thought. Mark! You need to take time once in a while to let her know how you feel!"

"I guess you're right!"

Mark was still starring into space as Rita rubbed his back. "There isn't anything you can do about it this weekend. Just make a point to try when you get back home."

Rita was freshening up when Mark confronted her with another question. "Rita? When did you and Dan make love together last?"

Rita turned to stare at him surprisingly and laughed. "Mark? You never quite, do you?" Rita went back using the makeup pad on her cheeks when she blurted out. "Last week!"

Rita finished and walked out into the room putting things in her purse and casually asked. "Why? How long has it been for you and Faith?"

"Three months, two weeks and four days!"

Rita was surprised and laughed but replied. "Mark! I think you better do what I said after this weekend!"

They spent the afternoon walking along the shops in South Beach then returned to their room where they met Dan and Shelly for dinner.

They ordered dinner and Dan broke the ice. "Mark. Rita mentioned that your wife is seeing a black guy?"

"Ah. Yes. He owns a development firm out of New York and spends most of his time here in Florida now. He flies his own plane."

"How long has she been going out with this guy, Mark?"

"It's been five months now."

Dan had a sense of humor. "Mark. You know what they say! Once you go black! You never turn back!"

Everyone laughed. Dinner was served and they sat around drinking cocktails. They were going to stay until the dancing began. Rita excused herself to use the potty. She was in the large powder room where several women were mingling and laughing and saw Mark's wife, Faith applying lipstick.

Faith was wearing a tight white dress that barely covered her ass. Rita walked closer and saw Faith's tits spilling out of the top of the dress as she leaned over the counter and starred into the mirror.


Faith turned and smiled. "Oh. Hi Rita! How are you?"

They hugged. "I didn't expect to see you here, Faith. What's the occasion?"

Faith laughed. "Hank had to come here on business this weekend and we heard about the big group of people here from the internet site. What about you?" "Well. I'm here with your husband." They both laughed. "We're sort of double dating with my husband and his date this weekend."

"Oh. Well. Tell Mark I said hello when you see him!"

"We're right over on the left of the dance floor if you'd like to stop by, Faith."

"OK. Hank and I are here with another couple. Our table is in the far corner on the right."

"Oh? I'll let Mark know you're here and tell him you said hello."

Rita returned to their table and sat down. Everyone was still laughing about a joke Dan just told as Rita sipped her drink and said. "Mark? You'll never guess who's here?"

Mark looked with wonder in his eyes as Rita pointed across the dance floor. "It's your wife!"

Mark was as surprised as everyone as they all starred across the club and saw two interracial couples sitting at a table.

Dan stretched his neck. "Uh. Mark? Which one of those hot looking blondes is your wife?"

Rita answered the question for Mark. "Honey. She is the one on the left with the white dress and longest length hair."

Dan and Shelly were both stretching their necks. "Hey. Mark. Your wife is hot!"

Shelly playfully punched Dan on his shoulder as they laughed. Dan was still starring as he glanced at Mark. "Who is the other couple with them?"

"Uh. Dan. I don't know them. It must be someone Hank does business with."

Dan laughed. "Yeah. I guess they both like to date blondes!"

Dan kept starring while Shelly started to say. "I remember seeing them across them in the hallway this morning. They have adjoining rooms next to ours."

Rita laughed as she starred at Dan. "Well. At least they were smart enough to get separate rooms."

Dan made a suggestion. "Why don't we ask them to join us for a drink?"

Everyone looked around waiting for someone to volunteer. Rita finally volunteered. "OK. Let me find out if they're interested."

Everyone waited while Rita spoke with the two couples and they shortly stood and followed Rita back to the table. Faith and Hank introduced themselves then the couple they were with introduced themselves as Ann and Lee.

Everyone scooted chairs around until there was enough room at the large round table. Faith ended up sitting between her husband and Hank. Everyone was chatting in different directions as Mark listened. It felt strange as he glanced at Faith's lap and saw Hank's hand wrapped between her hands.

Dan seemed to be the clown of the group as the conversation turned silly as Dan took a survey. "OK. This one is for the ladies. How many times do you orgasm when you're having sex with your lovers?"

The woman laughed. Rita yelled out. "I think your getting too personal Dan?"

Dan laughed. "No. Really! Let's see. Ann? How about it? How many do you have with Lee? Tell us the truth, now!"

Ann smiled. She was shy and as petite and attractive as Faith. She was holding Lee's hand as she smiled at him and looked at Dan. "Well. I'd have to say at least two. Maybe more if he's really good to me that night!"

Everyone laughed.

Dan laughed as he looked at Shelly. "I'm not so sure if I should ask her this question or not."

Shelly pinched Dan's shoulder as she stuck her finger to her lips and starred at the ceiling. "Ah. Let me see? Um. Do I have to count the fake ones too?"

Shelly made everyone laugh as Dan starred at Faith. "Well. It's your turn Faith. What's it going to be? Any fake ones there?"

Faith smiled and modestly answered. "No. I don't have to fake any. Hank is pretty good at making sure he pleases me."

Dan smiled. "Oh. Hank you devil!"

Dan was looking at his wife now. "Honey. Come on and tell everyone. How many orgasms do you have with Mark? Not me, now!"

Rita smiled at Dan. "You're a good lover too but Mark is always good for two or three a night!"

Dan yelled. "That a boy, Mark!"

Everyone laughed but Mark felt uncomfortable sitting next to Faith when he knew she was starring at him and looking over at Rita.

Dan couldn't get sex off his mind but kept everyone entertained for a couple hours until it got late. Shelly was right. Hank and Faith were in the room directly next to them and Lee and Ann had the room next to Hank's. Dan discovered that the rooms had adjoining doors that could open which made each room accessible to the other.

Dan took his fist and knocked on the wall as hard as he could until Hank finally opened the door to his side and Dan gave him a beer. "Care to join us?"

Hank walked in shirtless and only wearing a pair of boxer shorts as Dan greeting him and said. "Where is Faith?"

"Oh. She is over there with Ann and Lee right now."

Dan looked through the doorway and saw the other door was open into the adjoining room. "Hey. Call them over and tell them we have drinks over here."

Lee walked through the door wearing only boxers' too as Dan gave him a beer. "Lee? What did you do with those beautiful blondes?"

"Ah. They're in the other room right now." Lee laughed as he finished his sentence.

Lee kept starring into the other room as Ann walked though the doorway wearing a purple wait clincher with garter straps and black nylons. She wore spike heels and modeled like she was on a runway with her hands on her hips as them men whistled.

Ann's pussy was shaved bald and visible as she walked toward Lee and turned her back on him and wiggled her butt as she leaned over and pushed her body against him. He pretended to fuck her doggie style as he grabbed her ass making everyone shout to go further but she laughed and stopped. Hank leaned around the corner looking for Faith and a few seconds later, she emerged from the other room wearing a pink waist clincher with black trim with garter straps hooked to black nylons. She wore pink heels and her breasts were held up with half size cups that pushed her tits forward.

Faith wiggled her hips as she walked into the room as the men cheered her on. Hank opened his arms as she walked toward him and allowed him to circle his arms around his waist. She turned around until her back faced him and slowly brought her hand back and touched his cock through his boxer shorts making it stick straight out. She let go and everyone groaned in displeasure.

Dan blurted out with a bold comment. "Faith? We were looking to see a little hot interracial action! You're not going to let us down, are you?"

Faith laughed. "I'd need a few drinks before I considered doing a show here tonight."

Rita got up from the bed and took Shelly by the hand. "We can't let these ladies out do us!"

They were going to change. Dan passed out drinks to Faith and Ann. Mark was checking out Ann in comparison to his wife. Ann's hair was a couple inches short then Faith's.

Ann sat on the edge of the bed near Mark. Lee was talking to Dan about something as Faith and Hank hugged and kissed in the middle of the floor. It gave Mark a chance to talk to Ann.

"Are you married, Ann?"

"Yes. I've been married for eleven years."

"You must have an open marriage to be out with Lee?"

"Well. Lee is my husband's business partner and Lee's wife is an attorney and she flew to New York on business this weekend with my husband."

She laughed as she added. " It works out as a pleasurable business trip."

Rita and Shelly walked out a few seconds later. Shelly was first and had on a garter belt and half cup bra with fishnet stockings and heels. Rita followed with a green baby doll and thong with heels.

Lee stood and shouted. "Hey. Dan? Have someone help you with the liquor and follow me back to our room."

Mark and Hank helped carry the bottles as they followed Ann and Lee through the first room and into Lee's. It was decorated as a honeymoon suite with a huge round bed at floor level and a big plasma television screen a few feet away. Everyone walked in the room in awe as Lee switched on the television.

There was an interracial adult film on the screen and Dan howled and yelled out. "Now that's what I'm talking about!"

Faith giggled. "You see, Dan. I won't have to perform after all!"

"Hey. Beautiful? That woman is attractive but I'd rather watch you with Hank. What do you think everyone?"

Everyone started hollering out as Faith covered her face with her hands. Hank was laughing as he hugged Faith and laughingly replied. "Wait until the drinks kick in. The night's not over yet!"

It took about thirty minutes until Dan began messing around with Shelly. She was sitting on his face and Lee started kissing Ann's tits. Mark was watching Faith who slid Hank's shorts down and was stroking that big cock.

Rita pulled Mark to the edge of the round bed and started to feel around for his cock as they kissed. Mark fingered Rita as she laid back and waited for him to get on top. Mark kissed her belly and worked his way down until she lifted her legs. He spread her slit with his tongue.

Rita moaned as she put her hands in Mark's hair. Mark continued to lick her pussy as he saw Ann mount Lee from the corner of his eyes. He could hear Dan moaning loud on the other end but couldn't see Faith from his position but was too involved with Rita to care at that moment.

Mark slid up and rubbed his cock near Rita's belly and slowly lowered himself until he pushed into her slit. He began screwing her as she wrapped her legs around his waist. Mark felt her nails dig into his skin as he hammered away.

Lee was groaning and grunting next to him and saw Lee tense as he dumped his seed into Ann. Mark could see her legs draped over Lee's shoulders as he emptied his load into the attractive blonde.

Mark kept screwing Rita until she started to shake and he knew she was going to cum. Mark hammered away at her until he shot his hot load deep inside her belly. He lay on her chest as she kissed his face until he caught his breath.

Rita rubbed his back as she whispered in his ear. "Thank God. You're not potent!"

Mark laughed as he pulled his limp dick out of her wet pussy. She was afraid of making a mess on the blanket and held her hand over her pussy and got up to clean off. Mark glanced at Faith who was getting rammed by Hank now.

Hank was driving that huge cock inside her pussy like a jack hammer. His big legs slapped against her ass with each thrust. Mark could see Dan and Shelly on the other side of them just watching as he played with her pussy.

Faith was groaning and got the wind knocked out of her lungs with each thrust. You would have thought she was in pain the way Hank screwed her but she was whispering to him to fuck her harder.

Hank let out a loud yell as he slammed down inside Faith one last time and held himself deep inside her belly as his hot potent seed filled her pussy. Faith moved her fingers like a kitten being stroked and purred as well. Mark could see Faith digging her nails into his skin. Hank began humping again only much slower now as she reached down and put her hands on his ass. Mark finally remembered that Hank didn't pull out this time and now he was screwing her again. Hank kept pushing his cock deep into her belly and holding still for a second while Faith wiggled below.

Mark knew that Hank's cock was still plugging his cum from escaping her pussy. Mark watched as Hank moved his lips to Faith and they locked in a passionate kiss that lasted over a minute until he finally came up for air and started to fuck her again. Faith's little legs were still locked behind his thighs as he began screwing her again as she dug her nails into his back a second time.

Mark turned around and saw Ann riding Lee's cock and could see that Lee had already cum inside the pretty blonde at least twice! Lee's cum coated his cock as he pushed it inside the tiny blonde.

Rita walked back smelling fresh again and laid down next to Mark as they watched the two interracial couples.

"Mark? Look at the size of these guys! Especially Hank!" Faith and Hank were on a slight angle enabling them to see Hank's cock inside Faith's pussy.

Rita stroked Mark's arm as she commented. "Mark. Look how stretched Faith's pussy is around that monster! I bet she feels like a virgin for him!"

Mark turned his face and smiled. "Yeah. For Hank!"

Rita kissed Mark while they watched both couples. Dan was at it again with Shelly. She was riding him like a stallion, yelping and screaming like she was in heat.

Hank was moving faster as he banged into Faith's tiny round ass with his legs. She was moaning and yelping as she had another orgasm. Hank didn't let up as he continued to pound into her hard.

Rita rubbed Mark's stomach as she kissed his neck as they both watched Hank grunt as load as he could and plowed into Faith. Rita. Laughed and whispered to Mark. "Your wife is going to have bruises on her ass tonight."

Hank shoved his cock deep inside her a few more times until he finally pulled out with a loud wet noise. Faith's pussy fluttered with a mixture of air and cum as Hank rolled off and wiped his face with a towel.

Faith quickly got up as cum dripped down her thighs and walked toward the bathroom. Rita taped Mark on the shoulder. "Honey. Let me go and see if she needs any help."

Mark looked surprised. "Is there anything wrong?"

Rita looked back as she got up. "I'll be back in a few minutes." A few minutes later and Lee and Ann finished and she too went to the bathroom. Dan was the last guy to cum as Shelly rode him hard to the end. Within the next couple minutes the room was filled with four exhausted men.

Mark and Dan decided to wgo back to their room and told the other guys they'd see them in the morning. Rita came back with Mark about thirty minutes later.

"Was something wrong?"

"Oh. No. Mark. I was just talking with the other girls."

"Oh. I thought something was wrong when you rushed out with Faith."

"She looked concerned when she got up so I wanted to make sure everything was fine and we got it taken care of."

Everyone slept in the following day. Dan and Shelly got up and left and Rita wanted to shop. Mark got out of bed and slowly wandered around. He noticed the adjoining bedroom door was still cracked open from last night and peeked inside the room.

The room was silent except Mark saw someone laying on the bed. He looked closer and saw that it was Faith laying on her stomach with her head buried into the pillow. Mark looked around and didn't see any sign of Hank and walked into the room and sat on the end of the bed. Faith had just recently been screwed from the looks of her pussy. Her legs were spread out and her pussy was clearly visible, still gaped open with cum dripping on the sheet.

Her skin appeared red and swollen around her mound. Mark leaned forward and didn't see any movement and figured she was asleep. He gently put his hand on her ass cheek when she woke up and talked into the pillow. Her voice was muffed as she half groaned and laughed.

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