tagInterracial LoveOpen Marriage Ch. 06

Open Marriage Ch. 06


The phone had been ringing several times off and on for the past hour. Mark looked at the clock again and saw that it was after noon. He had a few drinks before going t bed last night around three in the morning.

He slowly got out of bed and used the bathroom and started the coffee pot and checked the phone. The message light was flashing and there were several messages from Faith wanting to know if he was there and if he were all right.

Mark poured his coffee and listened to the phone ring again. He sat and read the paper until it was after two. Mark heard the front door open. He put the paper down on the table and turned to see Faith walking toward him with a worried expression on her face.

"Honey? Why did you leave last night? I was worried sick about you!"

She glanced at the phone and still saw the message light flashing. She leaned down and began hugging and kissing his face. Mark just sat there and waited until she stopped and just starred at her.

"Mark? Are you OK?"

Mark shook his head and just said. "Yeah. I'm fine. A little tired but I'm fine!"

"Why didn't you call me?" "I hadn't had my coffee yet. I figured I wouldn't call and disturb you with Hank."

Faith laid her hands on his shoulders as he drank his coffee. "Honey. I got up looking for you to join in last night but you were gone. I thought you wanted to stay and watch."

Mark took another sip and replied. "I was there. I watched Hank cum I think three times. I saw you cum twice and watched Hank, fuck you on your back and on your side and oh yeah! Doggie style too!"

Faith walked over to the coffee pot and poured herself a cup and stood starring at Mark as she drank the coffee.

"Didn't you get aroused watching?"


"Mark? What is it? What's bothering you?"

"Faith! I'm fine really! You didn't have to come all the way back here just to see what's wrong or why I didn't stay. Everything is fine."

"I'll make you something to eat."

Faith spent the day at home catching up on house work. Mark worked on catching up on his work. Mark was laying in bed when Faith walked in from taking her shower.

Faith dried her hair and climbed into bed still naked and cuddled next to Mark and gave him a kiss. He was reading but closed the book and put it on the night stand while Faith rubbed his leg.

"Mark? Why don't you slip off your pajama's?"

Mark gave her a weird stare as she squeezed his thigh. "Come on, Honey. Surely you really didn't mean it when you said you never wanted to have sex with me did you?"

Mark slipped the pajama bottoms down his legs and put them on the floor while Faith cuddled next to him and put her arm around his waist. Mark stroked her hair as she leaned her head against his chest. Faith moved her hand to caress his cock until he got hard then moved into position to straddle his legs.

Mark reached out and rubbed the palms of his hands across her tits as she held his cock near her pussy slit and started to move the head back and forth until it slipped inside. Faith began moving up and down while she kissed Mark's forehead.

Faith moved her hips in a rotating fashion while she starred into his eyes. Mark held her waist and leaned forward to kiss her tits as she moaned as he flicked his tongue out at each nipple.

Faith pushed her chest out to feed her tits to his mouth. Faith's body was moving like a well-trained belly dancer as she rode her husband's cock. Mark couldn't last much longer as Faith worked every muscle in her pussy to squeeze and tease Mark's cock.

Mark wanted to cum while on top and flipped his wife over onto her back. Faith wrapped her arms and legs around Mark as he continued to fuck her. Mark kissed her face and moved his and rocked his hips as Faith hugged his back as tight as she could.

Mark felt he was going to cum and started to fuck her faster until he blasted his cum deep inside his wife's pussy as Faith locked her legs behind his things. Faith kissed Mark's face and neck then lowered her hands to his back.

"Honey? Lick my pussy and make me cum!"

Mark didn't have to be told twice as he slid down and kissed her belly then her thighs. He back up slightly and lifted her legs and dipped his tongue into her wet pussy slit. Faith moaned as she felt his tongue touch her clit and rocked her hips as Mark worked his tongue inside her wet pussy.

"That's it! Eat it! Lick it clean for me, Baby!"

Mark brought her to two orgasms as he stretched his tongue inside her pussy trying to get every last drop of his cum he deposited inside of Faith's pussy a few minutes ago. Mark was stretching his legs and holding her legs high in the air as Faith came a third time only much louder and longer and intense then the previous two.

Mark finished and worked his way back up to her face with kisses. Faith was extremely aroused having Mark eat his own cum from her pussy. She was thinking back to the night before when Mark watched her with Hank. This is what she really wanted, Mark to do. She wanted him to eat Hank's cum from her pussy.

"Honey? That was so good. Is that what you wanted? Did you want to lick my pussy last night after Hank was finished?"

Mark was too embarrassed to say but he shook his head in agreement to her statement. Faith kissed his face and neck and held him tight as she rubbed her hands along his back.

"Honey? I'm sorry I ignored you when I was with Hank. I should have had you next to me in bed so you'd be ready."

Mark kissed her face and starred into her eyes as she kissed him on the lips. She ran her hand along his face and kissed his nose. "Honey? I loved the way you made me cum with your tongue!"

Faith kissed him again and shut off the light.

She snuggled next to Mark feeling his hand rub her thigh. She couldn't help but think about how aroused she became when Mark was licking his own cum from her pussy. It could have been Hank's cum he was eating and that's what aroused her so much tonight.

Faith had Hank on her mind the next day. She was pissed at him for not pulling out when he came. She called and left a message on his phone that she'd stop by that afternoon to pick up her wedding rings. Faith wanted to make it a quick stop, nothing romantic. She didn't feel that Hank deserved any affection after what he did the other night.

Faith was so mad at Hank that day that she wanted to end their relationship. She remembered how her feelings deceived her that morning when she was leaving and told him she'd call.

Faith unlocked the front door and let herself in. She put her purse down and saw a note on the kitchen counter. It was from Hank telling her she could find her rings in the bathroom. Faith walked into the bathroom and saw the rings sitting on the counter and slipped them on her finger. She fluffed her hair while looking into the mirror before walking back into the bedroom.

Hank was standing practically naked with a bottle of wine I his hand and two glasses. The only thing he was wearing was a white thong.

"Hey, Baby!"

Faith was starring at him but a moment later she shook er head and started walking toward the door.

"Faith? I thought we'd have a little drink together before you run off."

"Hank. I have to leave. I promised Mark I'd be home to fix dinner today."

Hank walked in front of the door to stop her. "Baby. You have time, just stay and have a quick glass of wine with me."

Faith sighed. She closed her eyes for a moment and turned around while Hank put the glasses down on a table and poured the wine. He gave her the glass and leaned over and gently kissed her lips.

"Baby. I'm sorry about the other night. The last thing I want to do is lose you over something stupid."

"Hank? I've been doing a lot of thinking these past couple days. I don't know if we should continue seeing each other right now."

Hank put the glass on the table and held her shoulders. "Faith? How many times have you told me how much our relationship meant to you and how much I arouse you when we make love? Do you remember the night you told me how I stimulate and arouse you more then any other man ever had?"

Faith held the glass but just starred at his chest. Hank took his hand and raised her chin so she was starring into his eyes. "Faith. I love you and you know how much you mean to me and my life. I never met a woman like you that gives so much as you. I don't want our relationship to end like this."

Hank leaned down and kissed her softly and passionate. He moved his had away from her chin once their lips were locked and held one hand on her shoulder while he unbuttoned the sweater she was wearing until every button was loose.

Faith's black bra was fully exposed as she kissed him back and put a hand behind his head as their tongues mingled. He took the glass out of her other hand and put it on the table. He went back kissing her again as she wrapped her arms around his back.

Hank managed to unbutton her skirt and let it fall to the floor as she reached out and touched his cock through the thin material of the thong. Faith was breathing hard into his mouth as they kissed and he unhooked her bra allowing her breasts to spring free. He lowered his face and sucked a nipple into his mouth as she held his head close to her chest.

Hank tugged on her panties while she helped and let them fall to the floor as she tugged at the thong. Hank put the palm of his hand against her pussy and inserted a finger and found her extremely wet and ready. He backed her to the bed until she fell and climbed on top and started to kiss her again.

Faith wanted him inside her and reached down between her legs and positioned his cock to the entrance of her pussy. Hank wasn't ready. He teased her with the head while Faith moved her hips and legs trying to get him to put it inside.

"Hank? Don't tease me. Put it in!"

Hank kissed her face and neck and gently kissed her lips as she breathed and whispered into his open mouth. "Please. Put it inside me."

Hank kept kissing her and moving his hips as he felt her pushing her pussy up against his crotch. She held his arms and was digging her nails into his skin as she breathed hard and squirmed beneath him.

Hank whispered. "Faith. Tell me what you want?"

Faith was breathing hard as she kept moving her hips and finally said. "Fuck me, Hank. I want you to fuck me now!" Hank pushed forward until the head popped inside. Faith's body tightened as she dug her nails into his back. Her legs lifted as Hank began to slowly fuck her. Hank kept it slow and steady as her breathing became more labored. Hank kept up the slow steady pace until Faith had her first orgasm.

Faith was faintly moaning and making sounds like an injured kitten. Hank never increased his pace, he screwed her with long even strokes and hesitated every other stroke to keep her stimulated and aroused and wanting more.

Faith kissed his chin then his neck. Her toes were curled as Hank plunged deep inside her and held himself still for a moment. He watched her face and felt her body trying to squirm and get him to move which he finally did.

Hank repeated his strokes and hesitated several times before finally increasing his pace just slightly as she breathed harder and held onto his arms tight. Hank kept this rhythm until Faith came again.

He kissed her neck as she started to relax and slowed the pace again until she recovered from her second orgasm. Hank's body began to shake as his arousal built up to a point where he wanted to cum. Hank wanted to cum inside Faith again. H e wanted to cum so deep that it would insure a better possibility of pregnancy.

Hank wanted this woman and didn't want to lose her. Her pregnancy would insure and practically seal the deal. Mark wouldn't want her pregnant with another man's child, would he?

Hank had every symptom, which he was going to cum at any moment and Faith knew those signs all too well as she felt his cock expanding inside her tight pussy.

Faith whispered. "Hank. Pull out, OK?"

Hank kissed her lips and starred down into her eyes as she looked back. He kept kissing her gently as he tried to hold back from spewing his load. He could feel his balls tighten as he kept starring into her eyes and whispered. "You're my girl, Baby. You want me to pull out?"


Hank kept kissing as he whispered. "It feels so very tight inside you. Faith? Do you feel the head inside you? Tell me, Baby? You love to feel that big black cock inside you, don't you?"

"Yes. So good!"

Hank kept kissing and licked her ear making her groan and started another orgasm as he let loose inside her pussy. Faith grunted and tightened as she felt the first hot jet of his sperm shooting inside her. Hank rammed deep inside her again unleashing the last remaining spurts as deep as he could as Faith labored to catch her breath.

Hank withdrew only to ram it back inside as deep as he could while Faith still tried to catch her breath. Her body went lax as she held onto his arms with a less stronger grip. Hank kept moving inside her knowing for sure that he was putting every effort into making her become pregnant.

"Hank? I have to get up! . Please."

Hank was kissing her face and neck and moving one of his hands along her breasts as he whispered. "It's OK. Lay here with me and enjoy the moment. I want to spend time with you before you leave."


Hank kept kissing her until she accepted his kisses and they were soon locked together again as Hank stroked her hair. Hank looked into her eyes. "I love you, Baby."

Faith was reluctant to reply. Hank kept stroking her cheek with his hand as he kept starring into her eyes waiting for a reply. "Hank? You know how I feel about you."

Hank replied. "Yes. But it's nice to hear it once in awhile."

Faith looked at the clock. "Hank, I'm running late and have to go. I barely have enough time to clean up."

Faith stood while Hank picked her panties off the floor and held them out for her to put on. She shook her head. "Hank. I have to clean up!"

Hank grabbed her wrist as she started to walk toward the bathroom. He kissed her passionately and held the panties next to her belly. "Put these on for me."

Faith starred at Hank pleadingly to allow her to clean up. He held her hand and used his charm and power on her until she finally slipped on the panty's. Hank watched as she quickly buttoned her sweater and adjusted her skirt.

Hank walked her to the car where they embraced and kissed. He opened the door for her and watched as she drove around the corner and out of sight.

Faith took the pan off the stove and placed it on the counter. She had hurried since she returned home from Hank's place and only stopped long enough to kiss her husband when he got home. She was still wearing the clothes she wore at Hank's including her cum soaked panties.

She prepared Mark's dinner as she kept her mind off the consequences that could occur leaving Hank's cum inside her. Mark walked back out into the kitchen and gave her a big hug. He noticed she was wearing the rings and starred into her eyes. He could smell the aroma of Hank's cologne.

He wasn't stupid. He knew Faith had a quicky while she picked up her rings. He wasn't angry. He was aroused. Mark took her hand and lead her away from the kitchen.

"Mark? I have everything ready! Our dinner will get cold!"

Mark held her hand all the way into the bedroom and started to unbutton the sweater that Hank took off just a couple hours ago. Mark unhooked her bra letting it fall to the floor followed by her skirt and gently backed Faith to the bed and helped her lay back while he slipped off her panties.

Mark quickly took off his shirt and pants and lowered his underwear and kicked them off and laid down on the bed between Faith's legs which he lifted and spread. Hee lowered his face between her thighs. He was right! She smelled of having sex with Hank.

Mark kissed her pussy mound and stuck his tongue out and licked her slit. Mark then dipped his tongue further inside and started to lick and eat her pussy. Mark began slurping while Faith helped lift her legs and laid her head back on the pillow and close her eyes.

Mark's tongue felt good and soothing. She was still sore from Hank's big cock. Mark was licking and eating her like a wild man would be who was starving. She lifted her head and saw his nose buried between the crack of her pussy mound. Faith was aroused. She knew Mark was eating Hank's cum out of her pussy and knew it. It was just like Hank told her about certain men. Mark got aroused more then she had thought.

Mark licked her pussy for a few more minutes and climbed between her legs and stuck his dick into her. Faith was sore but Mark wasn't anywhere as large as Hank. She could handle him, OK.

Faith starred into Mark's eyes and he pounded her pussy. She thought about coming but after having cum three times with Hank just a couple hours ago made her a little numb and tired. Mark was driving into her hard as she held her legs back for him. Faith closed her eyes and imagined Mark's dick screwing her where Hank had just been.

Faith's body started to tremble. She groaned as she had a mild orgasm. She was just too exhausted for anything intense. Mark grunted and shoot his cum inside her. Faith felt the spurts filling her pussy and mingling with Hank's

Faith was rubbing his shoulder. "That's it, Honey."

Mark laid down next to her as he caught his breath. Faith rubbed her hands over her eyes as she laid flat on the bed.

"Faith? Did you ever tell Hank your getting a birth control shot every three months?"

Faith giggled. "No. I thought it would be fun keeping him on the edge for a while!"

Mark laughed. "Do you think he's tried to knock you up?"

Faith laughed harder. "Yes. He even suggested I leave his cum inside me when I drove home! I told you he would!"

Mark snuggled next to his wife's breasts.

"Good night, Faith!"

"Good night, Darling!"

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