tagInterracial LoveOpen Marriage Ch. 08

Open Marriage Ch. 08


Faith was pacing the floor and as angry as a hornet as she tossed her bra against the closet wall and shouted out. "That bastard knew we had a date tonight!"

Mark was laid out on the bed reading a magazine as he stopped long enough to stare at his wife. "Faith, why don't you wait until you see him this weekend and give yourself a chance to cool down?"

Faith quickly turned around with an expression that resembled a boiling tea pot ready to explode. Mark immediately backed off with his suggestion and raised the magazine back across his face so she couldn't see him.

Mark could hear Faith slamming the drawers inside the closet and peeked over the edge of the magazine and saw her leaning over and looking inside one of the drawers.

Mark thought to himself as he starred at his wife wearing only a black thong and high heels shoes. Perhaps she would cool off long enough to come to bed and take out her frustrations on him later.

Mark continued reading and flipped to the next page as Faith pulled the magazine away from his hands and tossed it onto the floor.

"Hey? What do I have to do with Hank cancelling your date tonight?"

Faith tossed a pair of pink panties into his face and replied bluntly. "This!"

Mark picked them up off his lap while Faith walked swiftly into the bathroom. He studied the panties for a moment and realized they were a size six and knew right away that they didn't belong to Faith.

Mark glanced toward the bathroom door and shouted loud enough for Faith to hear him. "OK. These must belong to Rita! I still don't understand why you're so upset with me!"

Faith stormed out of the bathroom and grabbed the panties out of Mark's hands and shuffled them around in her hands as if she were searching for something to show him. Faith found what she was searching for and leaned over and held out the panties in front of Mark's face.

"Read the tiny writing along the waist line!"

Mark leaned forward and saw the name Hank written in small letters and laughed as he starred back at Faith.

"I still don't understand what's going on! Why don't you give me an explanation for all this anger?"

Faith sat on the edge of the bed as she clutched the panties in her hands and replied. "Hank told me that whenever he laid a new woman that he always wrote his name on their panties when they weren't watching as a little joke."

Mark kept starring at Faith as he said. "OK. You found a pair of old panties lying around his condo!"

Faith began to get angry and shouted back. "Mark! When I got back from bringing those papers over to you last weekend, I found Rita taking a shower and saw these lying on our bed so I exchanged them with another pair!"

Mark just laughed as he replied with a chuckle. "Rita must have had a hard time squeezing into your panties!"

"Dam it, Mark! That bastard was over here fucking Rita while I was gone!"

Mark continued laughing which only caused Faith to get angrier. "Mark, don't you give a shit about what's going on here?"

Mark finally stopped laughing and said. "OK. That's fine! If Hank and Rita were screwing then you should have found a condom in one of the waste baskets because she isn't taking anything for birth control. Did you look around and see anything?"

"Dam it, Mark! They could have flushed the dam thing down the toilet for all I know!"

Mark scooted forward on the bed until he was close enough to hold Faith by her arm and said. "I suppose you think that Hank broke off your date tonight to be with Rita? Is that it, Faith?"

Faith turned toward Mark with a tear dripping down her cheek and replied. "Hank has been asking me about your relationship with Rita lately. I thought he was only being curious because he wanted to know how serious you both were about each other."

Mark stroked her arm as he replied. "Didn't we just have a discussion last week about how you were going to spend more time with me anyway? I thought we agreed that this was all getting out of hand the way things were going?"

Faith was sniffling and trying not to cry as she wiped her eyes with her hand and starred down at the floor.

Mark got up and sat on the edge of the bed next to her and hugged her waist as he pulled her long blonde hair back across her shoulder and kissed her neck.

"Let it go, Faith. I'll give Rita a call later and find out what's going on."

Faith turned her head as Mark gave her a deep passionate kiss which turned into a long hard session of passionate love that evening.

Mark heard the water running in the shower. He'd just got off the phone with Rita and found out that she was on Hank's boat when he called. Mark hesitated in the bedroom before going into the bathroom and telling Faith what he'd found out.

Mark stood outside the shower stall as Faith peeked though the glass at him before shutting off the water. Mark slipped a towel over the shower door as she stepped out and helped her dry off. "Did you get a hold of Rita?"

"Yes I did. We were able to talk for a few minutes before she had to go."

"What was she doing that she couldn't talk to you very long?"

Mark helped Faith dry off her back as he gulped and said. "Rita was going out on Hank's boat when I called her."

Faith stopped drying off as she starred into the mirror.

Mark put his hand on her shoulders. "Maybe it's for the best that this happened this way!"

Faith didn't say another word as she got dressed in a pair of jeans and top. She applied makeup and combed out her hair and slipped into her shoes and grabbed her purse.

Faith stormed out of the bedroom and passed Mark in the front room on her way out to her car.

"Where are you going, Faith? Leave it go!"

Faith reached for the door knob and jerked her head around to face Mark. "I'll be home later tonight!"

Faith walked out the door and slammed it on her way out. Mark heard the breaks squealing as she pulled out of the driveway.

Faith got out of the car and started searching the parking lot for Hank's car. It sat in the far corner where he usually parked it when he was out on the water. Faith looked around and saw a group of people on the dock. The sun was setting and it wasn't very bright.

The boat slip was empty where Hank's boat was kept so she walked in front of the car and hesitated about her plan for a moment.

Faith looked around until she saw a hunk of concrete and struggled to pick it up and rammed it into the windshield of Hank's car setting off the alarm.

The noise got the attention of some of the people around the dock as one man shouted. "What are you doing, Lady?"

Faith got scared as she backed away from the car and starred at the man before turning around and running back to her car. Faith quickly got out of the parking lot and looked into her rear view mirror to see if anyone was following her.

Faith drove over to Hank's place and let herself in and quickly walked toward the bedroom and found the bed was a mess. There were two empty glasses and an empty wine bottle on the night stand.

Faith began emptying out her drawers and gathering all of her things and put them into large garbage bags and carried them out to her car.

Faith went into the bathroom and pulled out the box of condoms that Hank always kept in a drawer and tossed them around on the bed.

Faith started to walk out of the condo when she spotted the telephone on the table and picked it up and dialed Hank's cell phone. She waited knowing that he would see his home phone number flash on the window of his phone and knew he would answer it wondering what was going on.

Hank finally answered and Faith could hear Hank saying hello repeatedly as she slammed the phone down on the table. She could still hear his voice trying to get a response as she walked out the door and left. She drove home with a smile on her face that night.

Mark was waiting for her when she returned home that night and helped her carry her things into the house. Faith seemed happy as they went to bed that night. Mark was woken in the middle of the night and heard Faith in the bathroom crying.

Hank called the next day and left several message on her cell phone but she ignored his calls until he finally gave up. Faith laughed as someone finished telling a joke. Her and Mark were on their way to Key West on a charted yacht that their real estate company had leased for the weekend. It was a special weekend that was arranged for the agents who sold more than five million dollars worth of property over the past six months.

Mark was talking to a group of men inside the cabin as she sipped on her drink and saw the dock as the boat approached their destination.

Mark saw his wife standing at the stern of the boat and walked out to see if everything was fine. Mark walked up behind her and put his arm around her waist as they kissed.

"Is everything OK, Faith?"

"I'm fine, Honey. I just wanted to come out here for a little fresh air before we dock and go into the club."

The boat docked and everyone was stepping off and walking up the long narrow dock. Faith couldn't help but notice that Hank's boat was tied up along the same dock which made her stop in her tracks.

"What's wrong Faith?"

Mark saw her starring at a boat and saw the name on the back and remembered the name of Hank's boat. He quickly put his arm around her shoulder as they continued walking along the narrow dock.

Faith didn't saw anything until they were inside the club and were waiting to be seated with their group.

"I wouldn't have come here if I knew that bastard was going to be here this weekend!"

"Try not to think about him, it's been five months since you saw him last. I'm sure he's here with someone new that he met from his ad."

There wasn't anything else mentioned about Hank as they sat with their group for dinner then moved into the lounge later that evening where they had a band playing and people were dancing. Faith lost count of how many drinks she had and could barely see straight as she made her way to the bathroom.

Faith was able to freshen herself a little before walking back into the lounge as the music blared away. Faith saw Mark dancing with one of the woman in their group and decided to stop at the bar and ordered herself another drink.

Faith stood sipping out of the glass when she felt someone put their arm around her waist and turned around with a smile as she thought it was Mark. It was Hank!

"You look as beautiful as ever tonight!"

Faith lost her smile as she reached down and grabbed his arm and pulled him away as she started to walk away Hank grabbed her arm again.

"Give me a moment to explain everything!"

Faith quickly turned around but almost lost her balance. She was drunk but slurred her words as she yelled at Hank.

"Leave me alone and go back to whomever you're fucking here tonight!"

Hank was still holding her arm as he pleaded with her. "I'm not here with anyone. I'm here on business this weekend. Why don't you join me for a drink?"

Faith drank the remainder of her drink down and pulled her arm away from Hank and staggered toward the bar and ordered another one.

Faith ordered her drink and leaned against the bar as Hank began talking.

"I've missed you so much since you left! Why didn't you call me and I could have explained everything?"

The bar tender gave her the drink as Faith turned toward Hank and replied. "There isn't anything for you to explain. You made a choice that night and fucked Rita so go back to her and leave me alone!"

"I'm so sorry that happen that night. Rita came on to me and it was something that just happened. Rita is gone now and I'm not seeing anyone. Why don't you come back to my room so we can talk?"

Faith turned her head and tried to stare at him angrily and pointed her finger at him as she tried to speak. "You hurt me, mister! I don't want anything to do with your cheating ass! Now go and leave me alone!"

Faith staggered away from the bar and almost fell as a man helped her catch her balance then began walking away. Hank followed her to see where she was going and followed her outside to the dock area and onto the narrow dock.

Hank stayed back a few steps as he watched her making her way out to where her boat was docked. Faith started to lean and almost fell into the water as Hank grabbed her just before she fell.

Faith turned her head around and tried to speak. "Leave me alone. I have to go and get my bags and take them to my room."

"I'm not going anywhere until you get your things. You're going to fall into the water and drown in the condition that you are in!"

Faith tried to make her way to her yacht as Hank held onto her arms from behind her. They were about to pass his boat when he grabbed a hold of her and carried her onto his yacht as she kicked her legs and tried to get away from him.

"Let go of me right now! Put me down before I call the police!"

Hank carried her into the cabin and put her down on the bed as he started to take his shirt off she tried to stand up and get away but he pushed her back onto the bed and slipped out of his pants.

Faith was trying to get herself off the bed but before she had a chance, Hank held onto her wrists and pinned her down as he lowered himself on to of her.

"Let me go, Hank! Let me go!"

Hank put both her hands together and held them tight by her wrists as he fumbled with her blouse then worked on her skirt. Hank got the skirt off while Faith tried to kick him in his groan but he kept grabbing her each time she tried to get away until she was down to her panties and Hank just ripped them off her body with one swift tug.

Hank was kissing her neck as he held her arms and tried to kiss her on the mouth as she kept squirming to get away. Hank lowered his underwear and kicked them to the floor and dragged Faith onto the center of the bed and lay on top of her as she tried to get away.

"No! Stop it! Let go of me, Hank!"

Hank kept kissing her neck and worked his way down to her breasts and bit her nipples until she gasped for air and through her head back and closed her eyes.

"Let go of me now!"

Hank worked himself between her legs and reached down and guided his massive cock toward the opening of her pussy. Faith could hardly move her body because of his weight on top of her.

The liquor was making it that much more difficult to get away as Hank plunged forward letting the head of his cock poke inside her. Hank kept rocking himself until his cock slowly worked its way inside her and grabbed her as so that her legs were stretched out around his body.

Faith kept squirming as she tried to get away but it was fruitless on her part as Hank began fucking her with even strokes. "Tell me how much you miss my cock!"

"No. Stop it, Hank! Leave me alone! Stop it right now, please! I'm begging you!"

Hank didn't listen to her as she struggled to free herself and kept pushing his cock inside her until he hit her cervix. He could feel her body begin to relax as he stroked inside her and reached around so that her feet could rest on his ass while he lunged forward knocking the air out of her lungs.

Faith just lay back with her eyes closed as Hank screwed her. Hank began kissing around her face as he held her down on the bed and rotated his hips as he worked his cock skillfully inside her pussy.

Faith was breathing hard now and Hank kissed her face several times as he kept screwing her then said. "Tell me how much you miss having my cock inside you!"

Faith was breathing hard and had her eyes closed as she responded with a slight whisper in her voice. "No."

Hank kept screwing her and rotating his hips until he thought she was starting to respond to his movements then kissed her lips then poked his tongue inside her mouth.

Hank broke the kiss off and starred down into her eyes. She was starring back at him and he felt her hips moving with his thrusts as he lowered his mouth to hers again.

Faith accepted his tongue this time as she sucked it into her mouth and wrapped her arms around his neck.

"You have to stop now, Hank. We shouldn't be doing this!"

Hank silenced her voice by putting his lips to hers again as they passionately kissed as she locked her ankles around his legs. Hank moaned as she squeezed her pussy around his cock.

Her body was betraying her as she dug her nails into his back and moaned as Hank furiously worked his cock deep inside her pussy.

Faith began to cum as Hank stroked her hair. "That's it! Let it go, sweetheart!"

Faith did just that as she yelled out and orgasm as her body shook and she dug her nails into his back. Hank lasted a few seconds longer as he grunted and rammed his huge cock inside her as deep as he could and spewed his thick hot load of seed as deep into her belly as possible.

Hank rolled off Faith and starred up at the ceiling. Faith had her eyes closed as she cried until Hank rose up and tried to see what the matter was.

"Leave me alone! We shouldn't have done this!"

"You wanted that cock as much as I wanted you so stop giving me that bull shit."

Faith raised herself off the bed and gathered up her clothes and walked back up into the cabin and got dressed. Hank came up a few moments later as she was leaving.

Faith held onto the door as she walked out of the cabin and out onto the dock. She was drunk when she came aboard but for some reason she felt much sober then she did just a few minutes ago as she walked back toward the lounge. Faith entered the lounge and saw Mark with their group. She fluffed out her hair and walked toward her husband trying to smile.

"I was looking all over the place for you, where did you go?"

Faith took a deep breath and sighed. "I was in the bathroom trying to sober up a little. I think I had too much to drink this evening."

Mark kissed her on the lips and starred into her eyes.

"I went out and got our bags off the boat. We can head up to our room now and get some rest."

Mark put his arm around her as they walked up the stairs. Mark held her tight as he laughed and said.

"I think that bastard; Hank was on his boat banging the shit out of some bitch tonight. I could hear them both when I walked past his boat on the dock tonight."

Faith kept quiet as they entered their room. She sat down on the toilet to pee and felt Hank's sperm dripping out of her slit. A few gobs hit the water with her pee before she wiped herself and stood.

Faith slowly walked into the bedroom and saw Mark lying in bed. She turned off the light and snuggled up to Mark, giving him a kiss before falling off to sleep.

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