tagInterracial LoveOpen Marriage Ch. 09

Open Marriage Ch. 09


Mark rang the door bell and waited on the porch with a bouquet of flowers in his hands. This would be the first time in seven months that he had seen Rita. He stood on the porch starring at the cement steps as he remembered the night she called him and said she wasn't going to be involved in swinging any longer.

Mark heard the sound of the door being unlocked as he stood waiting for the door to open. He saw Rita's face on the other side of the screen door immediately and smiled as he held the flowers in his hands.

"Come on in Mark. It's been so long since I saw you last."

Mark smiled as he opened the screen door and walked inside. Rita was standing behind the heavy wood door as he let the screen door shut behind him.

Mark held out the flowers. "These are for you."

Rita shit the door as she smiled and took the flowers out of his hands and leaned over to kiss Mark when he noticed her large pregnant belly.

"What's this? You're pregnant?"

Rita smiled and nervously laughed. "My baby is due in seven weeks."

"Why didn't you tell me? I was wondering why you broke off our relationship so abruptly."

Rita took a deep breath and sighed as she walked toward the kitchen with Mark trailing close behind her and started to put the flowers in a vase of water.

"I thought it would be for the best if I just worked on patching up my marriage here. I had a lot of decisions to make that lead me to keeping this baby."

Mark stood thinking for a moment then replied. "You said your baby is due in seven weeks. That puts the start of your pregnancy about the time I last saw you. Surely you don't think I'm the father do you?"

Rita laughed as she dropped the flowers into the vase and put them on the table and turned to look at Mark.

"Mark, I know you had a vasectomy so I knew you weren't responsible for this and my husband hadn't touched me in weeks so that eliminated him as well."

Mark was getting anxious as he said. "Are you going to tell me who the father is or not?"

Rita sighed as she starred past Mark's face then looked him in the eyes and said. "It's Hank's baby!"

"No wonder you didn't call me all this time. What did your husband say when you told him who the father was?"

Rita took another deep breath as she sat down at the table and started to reply.

"We had a long difficult time at first but my husband finally accepted the fact that I was carrying another man's child so we ruled out any plans for having an abortion."

Mark just looked with a blank stare on his face as he let that sink in for a moment then replied. "Do you mean that he's fine with this?"

Rita laughed shortly before explaining. "It's a long story but to sum it up in a nut shell would be that he still loved me enough to care about me and this child so we worked it all out and here I'm getting ready to be a mother for the very first time."

"What does Hank think about you having his baby?"

"Hank doesn't know about it and I want to leave it that way. Do you understand?"

"Yeah, I think so!"

Rita stood and reached out for Mark's hand and pulled him into her arms and gave him a warm passionate kiss.

"Come with me into the bedroom. I want to show you something."

Mark held Rita's hand as she took him into the bedroom and closed the door. She pulled him into her arms again and gave him another kiss before turning around and lifted her arms over her head.

"Pull my top of for me, Mark. It's getting harder to do everyday."

Mark carefully pulled the thin maternity blouse over Rita's head and admired her huge round belly when she turned around to face him.

Rita tried to unfasten the hook on her bra but laughed when she couldn't stretch her arms around far enough to grab the hook and turned around so Mark could do it for her.

Mark unclasped the hook and watched as Rita turned around to face him again. Her breasts were huge to begin with but with her pregnancy, they looked like massive melons ready to explode at any moment.

"Come here, baby and lean your head down for me."

Mark gently put his face near her breast as she squeezed it between her fingers making a small amount of milk appear around her nipple. Mark stuck out his tongue and licked it off her skin as she squeezed it again only this time making it squirt into his mouth. Mark laughed as she giggled and moved her hand to the opposite nipple and repeated the procedure and let Mark taste her milk.

Rita started to unbuckle Mark's belt and let his pants drop to the floor then began to unbutton his shirt and helped him slip it off. Mark slipped his underwear down his legs letting them fall onto the floor as Rita pushed him back onto the bed.

Rita carefully climbed onto the bed after she pulled down her pants and scooted herself up across Mark's body until she was seated on top of his chest. She rubbed his chest while Mark touched her round belly.

Rita scooted herself up closer to Mark's face until he got the idea of what she wanted from him and moved his head around on the pillow until he got comfortable enough for her to slip forward and into his face.

Mark began poking his tongue into her wet pussy as she moaned and pushed herself down onto his face.

"You're so good with your mouth Mark. You don't know how much I've missed having you around to lick my pussy."

Mark moved his hands up so he could caress her huge belly as he dug his tongue as deep inside her pussy as it would go. Mark tried to look up but her belly was in the way of her face but he could hear her moaning and the way she was squirming around said it all!

Mark was hard himself as she reached around with one hand and stroked his cock. Mark kept licking her clit as she pushed down onto his face. Mark was surprised by what she did next as she lifted up off his face and scooted back until she was positioned above his cock and slowly slid herself down on top of him.

Rita moaned as she felt his cock filling her pussy. "That feels so good! You don't know how many times I've begged my husband to do this but he just won't do it!"

Mark pushed himself into her and watched her mouth open and he was afraid that he was hurting her and said. "Are you sure that we should be doing this in your condition?"

"Yes, I'm fine as long as you don't fuck me too hard."

Mark could feel her pussy tighten around his cock as he slowly pushed himself inside her. Rita was moaning as she squirmed around on his lap and leaned forward and began to push herself up and down above his legs.

"Oh Yeah, Baby. That's it. Fuck me hard and cum for me."

Mark kept watching her move up and down on top of him as he boobs flopped around above her big belly. Rita's mouth was wide open as she gasped for air and Mark was surprised when she let out a yelp and started to cum.

Oh God, Mark. That feels so dam good inside me. Keep fucking me and shoot your load inside me."

Rita had straightened up as Mark pushed his hips up into her and reached out and rubbed his fingers across her belly as his cock started to expand. He was about ready to unleash his hot load into her pregnant belly.

Mark let out a loud groan and pushed himself deep inside Rita and shot his load inside her.

"That's it, baby. I can feel you're cum shooting inside me."

Rita slowly lifted herself off Mark as his sperm dripped down on his legs. Rita was prepared with a cloth and towel and quickly wiped off his legs and scooted up on the bed until she sat next to his face.

"Come here and let Momma feed you, baby."

Mark smiled at Rita knowing what she wanted him to do and twisted around until his head rested near her huge belly and reached up and took one of her huge tits inside his mouth and began sucking.

Mark remembered how Faith allowed him to do this when their daughter was born years ago and sucked on her tit like an infant. Mark changed breasts and sucked on the second one for a few minutes until Rita taped him on the head.

"I think we better stop. My husband is due home in about half an hour and I don't want him to catch us like this."

"He doesn't want to fuck you while your pregnant does he?"

"He think's it's not safe so he won't even try it."

Mark got dressed as quickly as he could and helped Rita put on her bra and walked her out to the kitchen.

"Are you sure you're alright, Rita?"

"I'm fine, Mark. I'll give you a call early next week and let you know what time to come over."

Mark smiled then replied. "How can you be so sure you're going to be horny next week?"

Rita laughed. "I'm still horny and if my old man wasn't coming home we would be going for a second round!"

Mark walked to the front door as Rita asked. "Has Faith been seeing Hank lately?"

"He tried calling her a few times but she refuses to see him after she found out he was messing around with you."

"I guess I can't blame her but I hope she isn't still mad at me. I didn't mean for anything to happen that night and especially anything like this."

Rita was rubbing her belly and smiled and quickly took hold of Mark's hand.

"Can you feel the baby moving?"

Mark laid his hand across her belly and felt the baby kicking. "He's going to be like his father! You're not going to be able to control him around white woman!"

Rita smiled and said. "How did you know it was going to be a boy?"

Mark laughed. "I just had a hunch."

Mark kissed her before stepping out the door. Rita was standing in the doorway waiving as he drove off and around the corner.

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