tagInterracial LoveOpen Marriage Ch. 14

Open Marriage Ch. 14


Faith was exhausted when she got home that evening. She hardly got any sleep the night before staying up most of the night with Tracy. Mark was working on the computer when she got home and just waived at him as she walked past his office door.

She practically fell back onto the bed and closed her eyes as she kicked off her sandals.

Mark poked his head into the room. "I'm going to run out and pick up a pizza."

Faith lifted her head up enough to smile and reply. "OK. Wake me up when you get back home."

Faith closed her eyes again and heard the car engine start up then leave. She reached around the bed looking for her purse and pulled out her cell phone. She pressed the speed dialer for Hank's number.

"Hey, baby. What's up?"

"I promised you that I'd call when I got home."

"How did your meeting go this afternoon?"

"They put a contract at that house on the water. At least I didn't waste a trip this afternoon."

Hank chuckled. "You ran out of here in a hurry this afternoon."

"I need to get some sleep."

"Have you eaten dinner yet?"

"No. Mark just ran out to pick up a pizza. I don't know if I can keep my eyes open any longer."

"You need to get something in that belly of yours."

"Don't start in, Hank, I'm too exhausted for your jokes right now."

"I'm sorry, baby. I was talking about food."

"Did Tracy get her work finished? I was going to help her until she got it done until I got that call this afternoon."

"Tracy finished everything. The last time I saw her she was going to her room for a nap. That was a couple hours ago."

"Good. She needs to get some rest. We didn't sleep much last night."

"I never knew you were so interested in other women otherwise I would have hired one long ago."

"You better keep your hands off her, do you understand me?"

"I'm not going to do you that way, baby. You know how much you mean to me."

"I have a lot at stake here, Hank and you better not fuck it up for me!"

"I know, baby. You caught me by surprise this afternoon. I fully expected you to want to douche before you left. You know how much I love you."

"I feel like shit right now. I haven't even taken a piss since I left your house this afternoon."

"You ought to get in the shower before your old man brings home the food."

"I don't know if I have the fucking energy for that right now."

"What about Mark? Are you going to ask for a divorce?"

"Hank, God dam it! I'm not even knocked up yet and you want me to leave my husband?"

"I'm sorry baby. Please don't get angry with me! You know I'll be here waiting for the word."

Faith yawned then asked. "Do you want to see me tomorrow or what?

"I wish you were here with me right now. Are we going to plant some more potatoes tomorrow?"

Faith giggled. "Your potato might be growing already."

Hank chuckled. "It never hurts to plant a backup crop."

"I should have never let myself to get so far involved with you in the first place. I must have been crazy to let you think you could control me the way you do."

"You came back to me too."

"You see there? I'm even crazier then I thought to allow you to control me this way."

"You love getting that black stick in you. Go ahead and admit it! You're a spoiled white bitch!"

"I'm not your bitch!"

"What time are you coming by tomorrow?"

"It'll be in the afternoon. Mark has an appointment around one and I'll just tell him I have some things to do with Tracy."

"I wish you were here sitting on me right now."

"You can wait a few more hours, can't you?"

"I'll try but I wish you were here."

"Why don't you drive over tonight if you want pussy that bad?"

"Are you serious?"

Faith started to laugh. "I bet you would too!"

"I'm driving as we speak."

Faith laughed again. "Knock it off, silly."

"How soon will you know?"

"What are you talking about Hank? I'm tired to try and guess what the hell you're talking about."

"How soon will you find out you're knocked up?"

"I don't know, Hank! I have to buy one of those test kits. I might wait a week or two before I check."

Faith hear Mark's car pulling into the garage.

"I have to let you go, honey. My husband just got home."

"Eat something and get some sleep and I'll see you tomorrow afternoon, OK?"

"You get some sleep tonight too, sweat dreams. I love you!"

"I love you too."

Faith put the cell phone back in her purse. She felt hungry but hardly had any energy to get out of bed. She forced herself up and unbuttoned her blouse and unfastened her bra when Mark poked his head into the room. "I have pizza out here when you're ready."

"OK, honey. I'll be right there."

Mark decided to come into the room for a moment as she through her bra down on the chair and gave her a little kiss.

"You look really tired. Do you want me to bring it in here for you?"

"I'll be out in a minute. Go ahead and put it on the table and I'll be right there."

Mark smiled as he left the room. Faith unbuttoned her jeans and wiggled her hips as she slipped them down her legs. The rush of cool air hitting her legs felt good after wearing them most of the day.

She pulled the panties down then examined them before putting them on the pile of dirty cloths. The crotch was stained and still damp from Hank's cum which had been leaking into them all day long.

She walked into the bathroom and sat down on the toilet. She felt relieved after not going pee for hours. Faith wiped off her pussy and saw more cum still leaking out and wiped again. She stood and starred at herself in the full length mirror and padded her tummy. She thought about Hank and wondered if he did impregnate her today.

Faith found a short teddy and slipped into it and joined Mark in the kitchen. She picked up a slice of pizza and started to eat.

"You look like you could fall asleep right here."

"That's how I feel. I don't have much energy left."

"Did you have any luck with that couple today?"

"They signed a contract for the house on the water."

"That's great! See you accomplished something today besides dealing with a hang over from last night."

Faith slept like a baby that night. Mark let her sleep to around ten the next morning. She got up and still felt dirty from the day before after not showing that night.

Mark left the house a little early for his appointment and gave her a kiss on his way out the door. Faith decided that she would wear shorts and a tank top since she didn't have any business appointments that day.

Faith arrived right on time at Hanks where she found Tracy working in her office. She smiled at Tracy and leaned over and gave her a girlish kiss on the cheek.

"Where's Hank?"

"He's up in his room waiting for you to arrive. Do you want me to call up there and tell him you're here?"

"No. I'll just go on up."

Faith hesitated before walking away and leaned over next to Tracy's ear and whispered loudly.

"Don't hide in the closet today."

Hank was lying on the bed propped up on a couple pillows with his hands behind his head. He was naked and smiling as she walked into the room. She put her purse down on a chair and walked around the room near the end of the bed and started to unbutton her shorts.

She wiggled her hips letting them fall to the floor and grabbed the tiny elastic on her thong and eased it down over her full hips. Faith had a beautiful figure and had tan lines from lying in the sun.

She raised her arms as she pulled her tank top over her head as her breasts sprung free and shook as she flung the tiny top on the floor. She looked absolutely gorgeous as she strutted around playing with her long blonde hair.

She was teasing him as she walked near the edge of the bed and turned until her back was facing him and leaned over and slid her hand along the crack of her ass like a well polished stripper.

She turned around to face Hank taking her hand and wetting her finger with her mouth and ran it along the slit of her pussy. His cock stuck straight up and throbbed as he watched her put on her little show. Faith finally crawled onto the bed after kicking off her heels and immediately straddled hank's legs and moved forward until the head of his cock was touching her belly.

Faith leaned forward to kiss his lips. Her large breasts hung down and grazed his chest as their tongues mingled. Faith took hold of his cock and slowly stroked it while the kissed. She finally scooted backward then raised her ass while guiding his huge cock toward her slit.

Faith was wet and his cock head was leaking. She moved the giant head along her slit leaving a trail of wetness until she put a little pressure on her body making the head move into her slit then pressed a little more until the elastic of her pussy lips finally gave in.

She moaned and closed her eyes for a moment as the head lodged inside her then started to move her body up and down sending the shaft in deeper with every stroke she made.

Faith looked down at Hank who closed his eyes as he enjoyed the feel of her tight pussy squeezing around his cock. Her hips rocked as her weight dropped letting more of the huge shaft fill up her pussy.

A few more strokes and he were in. His cock was touching her cervix and she could feel it. She in fact could feel every bulge and vein on his cock as it touched every possible corner of her womb.

Faith leaned forward allowing her hips to do the work. She rested her hands on his chest as he reached out to message her breasts. He lowered his hands and covered her hands with his. He played with her fingers and opened his eyes to glance down.

Her wedding rings were missing. She had taken them off for their meeting this afternoon. She noticed his smile and felt his fingers rubbing her hand and knew that he noticed what she had done.

He grabbed her arms pulling her down to kiss his lips. Her tongue entered his mouth as he greedily sucked it into his mouth. They remained locked in that kiss while he held onto her hips guiding her up and down his long thick shaft.

Hank held her tight and started to bounce her above his cock. He started to breathe harder as he picked up his speed. Hank opened his eyes. He saw her breasts swaying as he moved her body above him.

Faith was breathing hard as her heart rate increased then gave out a loud scream and pushed her ass down onto his cock as she came for him. Hank was holding her tight keeping her from falling. He kept watching her full white breasts swaying with each stroke he made deep inside her pussy. He began to think how willing she had become to have his baby.

His heart rat increased as he thought about Faith being his trophy wife. Yes. He thought to himself. She was his now to do as he pleased. His mind started to wander. He wanted to cum. He could feel his balls swelling.

He tried like hell to hold back as long as he could. He wanted to enjoy the moment. He felt her trying to milk his cock dry. He wanted this woman more then anything he could imagine. He knew that the night he met her.

It's taken this long but she was his now and there was no turning back. He starred up at her beautiful face. Her eyes were fixed on his face waiting patiently for his seed.

He'd buy her the biggest diamond ring he could find. He'd buy her anything! He couldn't hold back any longer. Faith watched as his eyes said it all. She worked her pussy around his cock waiting.

Then it happened. Hank grunted. He groaned as his seed shot out. Her eyes closed as she felt the heat. She felt it hitting her cervix. One shot, two shots, a third and maybe a forth.

Faith's eyes remained closed as she tilted her head back and felt his hands on her breasts. He was rubbing his palms along her nipples feeling how hard they were as he caught his breath.

Faith finally opened her eyes. She leaned forward then down until her lips met his. Their tongues danced as his cock remained lodged inside her pussy. She leaned up and reached for a towel he kept near his pillow and wiped his face.

She slowly moved the towel down and wiped off the perspiration from his neck and chest then leaned down and kissed him again. She leaned up and looked around. She reached out and moved a pillow down near her ass.

Hank got the message and grabbed her ass and quickly rolled her over without dislodging his cock. She laughed as he did it and gave him another kiss.

He leaned up and slowly pulled out. He held her legs high in the air and scooted back to admire his handy work as she giggled and looked down at his face.

"You look so silly looking at my pussy."

Hank half laughed but was seriously wondering how much seed he had pumped into her. Hank reached out and grabbed a second pillow putting it under her ass while she laughed and watched how serious he looked.

Hank took his fingers and spread her pussy lips taking a look inside and started to chuckle like a little boy.

"I can see it. There's a huge puddle in there."

Faith reached out and put her hands behind her knees pulling her legs back against her chest so he could get a better look.

"That's good. Leave it there, baby."

Faith started to laugh and giggle. "I can't hold my legs back like this all day!"

Hank held her ankles and looked around the bedroom.

"What are you doing?"

"I'm looking for something higher I can use."

"Will you stop that before you make me pee on the bed?"

"Ok. I'll stop. Just don't pee. I don't want it dripping out yet."

Faith kept watching him and trying not to laugh but it was hard not to do. Hank finally moved around on the bed and sat to where she could rest her feet on his shoulders.

Hank stretched his legs straight out on each side of her and just sat starring at her pussy slit like he was waiting for water to boil.

Faith was still giggling as she tickled his feet. Hank tried to act serious but she kept tickling them as he tried to move away.

"I don't think its going to make that much difference if I keep my legs up this long!"

Faith looked at his face again and got serious. She began thinking that Hank thought that she was going to change her mind.

"Will you stop being so insecure, darling. You'll have plenty of changes to make that happen in the coming weeks."

Hank looked at her with concern. "Do you think we're doing something wrong?" She half laughed as she replied. "I don't think we're doing anything wrong. We're just going to have to let nature take its coarse and wait and see."

Hank started poking his finger at the entrance pushing the god of sperm back inside.

A loud noise came from the closet area which startled both Faith and Hank. Hank got up to inspect and walked through the long closet until he saw a pair of legs against a wall.

Hank moved his roll of suits and found Tracy smiling at him.

"What are you doing up here?"

"I came up to have you sign these papers but I tripped over a box and got scared."

Why didn't you just knock on the bedroom door?"

"I came through the bathroom entrance and saw you on the bed with Faith and thought I'd wait in the closet until you were finished."

Hank sighed. "Let me see those papers."

Tracy gave him the papers and he started walking out of the closet with Tracy close behind. Faith looked very surprised and tried to cover herself with a blanket but remained on the pillows.

Faith peeked out from under the covers as Tracy waited for Hank to sign the papers. Tracy looked over at Faith and smiled. "Sorry."

Hank gave her the signed papers and said. "I'll see you in the morning."

Tracy just smiled as she walked straight out of the room and closed the door.

"What was she doing in here?"

"I think she was spying on us. She had a stack of papers for me to sign but they could have waited until tomorrow."

Hank sat down on the edge of the bed as Faith through the covers off her. She was still sitting on the pillows but the sperm was starting to leak out. Hank took a deep breath and looked at Faith's eyes.

She smiled as she tried to give him encouragement. "I might already be pregnant anyway, darling. It's going to leak out eventually anyway. We have all night to get it right." Hank's eyes opened wide.

"You're going to spend the night here?"

"I'll call Mark and tell him I'm helping Tracy and spending the night here."

Hank leaned over the bed and gave her a kiss. Her pussy started to flutter as it leaked a combination of Hank's sperm and air as they laughed. Hank got a towel and wiped up the puddle that was leaking out.

Hank held the towel in his hand and scooted up near the headboard and hugged Faith as he kissed the top of her head.

"Why don't you file for a divorce on Monday?"

Hank rubbed her shoulder waiting for a reply as she starred straight ahead into space. Hank kissed her head waiting until she sighed then reached out to rub his thigh.

"Let me call my daughter in New York and explain things to her first."

Hank heard what he wanted and squeezed her shoulder as she kept rubbing his thigh and starring straight ahead.

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