tagInterracial LoveOpen Marriage Ch. 16

Open Marriage Ch. 16


Faith rearranged the last two dresses on her closet shelf. She thought to herself that her whole bedroom she shared with Mark wasn't much larger then her new closet.

There were drawers built in and shoe racks and places for hats and belts and jewelry. Faith even had her own bathroom in this house.

She couldn't believe it was Friday. Where did the week go? It had been a long stressful week for her and Mark. She unpacked on Monday and helped Tracy move the last of her things out of the mansion. Then she spent hours on the phone with their daughter that evening.

She met with Mark on Tuesday and they discussed the status of their marriage made and agreed to make arrangements with their attorney. They spent Wednesday afternoon filing divorce papers and jointly agreeing to a quick settlement.

Faith would have never dreamed that se would be holding hands with her husband while they signed divorce papers in his office. She spent Thursday having lunch with Mark where he laughed and joked about how Tracy was so scatterbrained about some things.

Faith felt comfortable having Tracy living with Mark and told him to be a little more patient with her. She was still a young woman and Mark could be her teacher.

Hank had to fly up to New York on Monday and was flying back later that night. He called her first thing that morning to tell her he was coming home and he called and made dinner arrangements for that evening.

Hank said he would meet her there and just have the cab driver drop him off at the restaurant.

Faith was taken to a table in a secluded corner of the restaurant. The waiter said the man that made the reservations requested it. Faith sat down and ordered a glass of wine while she waited.

She was wearing Hank's favorite green dress with the plunging cleavage. He arrived shortly after she was seated. They talked and ate dinner and were having wine.

Hank brought out a jewelry box he had in a bag which came from Tiffany & company of New York. Hank proposed to Faith that night and she accepted. The ring was a huge square cut yellow diamond worth half a million dollars.

Later that evening she sat at her bathroom vanity wearing a transparent gown combing her hair when Hank entered and wrapped his arms around her from behind and started to fondle and cup her huge breasts as he kissed the top of her head.

She placed her hands over his as pressed his hands firmly against her breasts. Hank kissed a trail down along her neck until her body filled with goose bumps.

"Your giving me chills, baby."

"I have something else for you when you come to bed."

Faith laughed as he squeezed and massaged her breasts and turned her head around to look up at him. "What's the matter? Did you miss me while you were in New York?"

Hank gave her a kiss and kept squeezing her. "I always miss you when you're not around."

Hank gave her another kiss then said. "I'll be waiting in bed for you."

He could still see her reflection in a mirror as she sat combing her long blonde hair. His cock throbbed under the blanket as he watched her stand up and let the gown fall to the floor.

He studied every curve of her ass while she stood in front of her vanity. He could see a side profile of her breasts. She was gorgeous. He could see the ring on her finger as she moved her hands.

He watched her turn and start walking his way. Her hips swayed as she focused her eyes on the bed. He watched as she got into bed pulling the blanket over her shapely legs and moved closer and leaned over to kiss him.

It was a gentle kiss as her breast pushed against his chest. He felt her hand moving down his stomach and touch his throbbing cock. She kissed him again only longer as her fingers massaged his huge shaft.

Hank lifted himself up as they held the kiss as her head touched the pillow and he soon lifted his whole body until he lay on top of her kissing her beautiful white breasts.

She stroked his head as he sucked and licked her nipples and moved his face down to kiss her belly. She opened her legs to allow him access as he lowered his face to her mound and smelled the scent of her perfume.

She arched her legs up for him as he dipped his tongue between her slit. It was wet and hot as she pushed her mound up off the bed. His tongue pushed and split open her pussy lips as he tasted her pussy.

He pushed her legs further back as she helped hold them against her chest. She lifted her head to see his eyes focused on hers as he moved his tongue against her clit. Her hips were moving off the bed as she lay her head back on the pillow and moaned.

She closed her eyes feeling his skilled tongue work at the tip of her clit. Her hips moved as she pushed her mound up into his face. She wanted more. She wanted to feel his cock inside her.

He started kissing her thighs and slowly started to work his mouth up her body. Over her belly and across her breasts until his lips met hers.

She reached for him as he held himself above her. Their eyes met as she gently moved her fingers around his shaft with both hands and guided it to its destination. Her legs were open wide and her hips back locked under his arms as the head entered her pussy splitting it wide-open then slowly began its journey until it reached her deepest area of her womb.

They kissed as her nail tips scraped along his skin. Her legs were locked over her head as he moved in and out of her pussy. She was wife open for him as his cock generated loud sucking sounds as it moved in and out of its tight confines.

Their eyes remained locked together as he experimented with his strokes. He pulled almost all the way out making loud kissing sounds with his cock as the head flirted with her outer lips then plunged back in until he hit bottom.

He kept repeating this with his strokes as he watched her face and saw the intensity he was causing and knew she was going to cum at any moment. He kept up the pace not moving too fast or too slow until she grabbed his arms and closed her eyes for an instant as she let out a loud scream.

He held himself deep inside feeling her pussy grip his cock. She lay panting as he began moving at a fast pace now. Her legs were still locked behind his arms and over her shoulders as he moved quicker and faster until he jammed his huge cock as deep as it would go and let loose a huge load of potent seed against her cervix.

He watched her face as she rubbed his arms. She lifted her head high enough to kiss his arm then lay it back down where her eyes met his again. He saw the beauty in her eyes as her long hair flowed across the pillow.

He caught his breath as he remained deep and still inside her pussy. He waited then finally released her legs from their entrapment. He slowly pulled out hearing the gush of air and sperm as it puddle around the opening of her pussy.

She moved her hand down and inserted a finger inside her pussy. She felt the sperm as her finger started to move in deeper. Her fingers played until they were wet and sticky as he leaned over and kissed her again.

He was exhausted and fell asleep as she lay their pushing her finger in and out feeling the potent seed at the entrance of her pussy. She reached over and wiped her hands on a towel and started to wipe her pussy then stopped.

She leaned over and turned off the light and lay on her side as she watched him sleep. She closed her eyes feeling his seed leaking out between her thighs and finally fell asleep.

Mark's eyes remained focused on Stacy as she furiously worked her mouth on his cock. He was propped up against the headboard looking down at his new fiancée as she was about to bring him to a climax.

Her left hand was griping his cock and the diamond ring glistened in the morning sun as she flickered her tongue and sucked on his cock until he started to pant as her eyes remained glued to his face watching his expression as he emptied his hot load of cum inside her mouth.

He starred at her eyes and saw her throat swallowing his cum. She took one more lick and playfully popped his cock out of her mouth with a loud pop.

"You're so good at that, darling!"

Tracy laughed as she playfully moved up near his head and took his face in her hands and planted her wet lips down onto his. Her tongue probed his mouth as he tried to move her hands.

She laughed and giggled out loud as he chased her across the bed as she quickly ran onto the floor as he followed. He finally caught up to in the bathroom and playfully grabbed her from behind as she struggled to get away.

"You know I hate that when you do that tome me."

Tracy just laughed. "Does it taste salty?"

Mark tickled her belly where she was ticklish the most and listened to her laugh as she tried to get away.

"You're going to cause me to pee on the floor!"

Mark finally stopped as she reached around and held his head as they kissed again then she said.

"You're soon to be ex will be here in an hour. You better get in that shower if you don't want her to smell you when she walks through the front door."

Mark gave her ass a playful slap before she sat down on the toilet to pee. Mark turned on the water in the shower. He stepped in while Tracy peed.

This would be the first time that he saw her in six months. He felt nervous as he lathered his hair as Tracy stepped into the shower. Tracy saw that he looked worried and stroked his chest as they kissed.

"It shouldn't talk very long to sign those papers today, honey. It's all be over before you can blink your eyes."

"I hope nothing goes wrong. I feel uncomfortable as it is meeting with her today."

"What could go wrong? She already signed over the ten million dollars you're getting from that deal! You're going to be rich!"

"Half of that is her money!"

Tracy slapped his ass. "What are you talking about? Hank got a lot more out of that deal then you did. She has all that plus whatever he had before this deal ever went through."

Mark adjusted his tie and saw Tracy walking in through the mirror.

"Faith is out in the living room waiting. Hank dropped her off a few minutes ago."

Mark took one last look as he leaned over the counter and glances at Tracy who reached for his shoulder and held him.

"Are you sure you don't want me to drive over with you two?"

Mark shook his head. "I'll be fine. In wouldn't look very nice if I walked into the courthouse with my new girlfriend would it?"

Tracy leaned over and kissed his cheek as she corrected him. "You mean your fiancée."

Mark smiled as he gave her another kiss and started to walk out. Mark entered the living room where Faith was seated on the sofa. She turned and smiled at him and started to get up.

"Hi Mark. It seems like ages since I last saw you."

Faith was trying to get up as Mark hurried over and took her hand. He quickly released it as she padded her huge belly and said.

"Thank you. It's getting a little harder for me to get up everyday now."

Tracy smiled and said. "Let's have a little peek at that tummy."

Faith laughed as she lifted her maternity top. Mark's eyes bilged out when he saw how huge her belly was getting.

Faith laughed again as Tracy ran her hand over Faith's belly. "I have two more months to go yet. They'll need a crane to get me off a chair real soon."

Tracy smiled as she admired the large belly. "I want to have children someday."

Mark and Faith's eyes met as he cleared his throat. "Can I get you anything before we leave?"

"I would like a glass of water, please."

Mark smiled as he retrieved the water and gave it to Faith. She drank most of it down and said.

"These boys are going to be big eaters. I can tell."

Tracy smiled as she replied. "They'll probably take after their father and be tall."

Faith stood with her mouth open as she put her hand under her maternity top. She smiled when she felt one of the babies kicking. Tracy quickly stepped close enough to put her hand on Faith's belly to feel them moving.

Everything was taken care of quickly that day. They were officially divorced and Faith had given Mark everything she had promised him financially.

Faith married Hank in a small ceremony the following week. Faith gave birth to twin boys two months later. Tracy and Mark were married the following month.

Tracy quit working for Hank after their wedding and became partners with Mark in a new fishing charter business off the west coast of Florida.

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