tagInterracial LoveOpen Marriage Ch. 17

Open Marriage Ch. 17


Faith examined the diamonds closely as she held the necklace around her neck and admired them in the mirror.

"I can assure you Mrs. Roberts that you're getting the finest quality diamonds with this piece. It looks amazingly beautiful around your neck. May I snap the clasp for you so you can take a better look?"

"No. That will be quite alright Mr. Franklin. How much did you say it was?"

"It's seventy five thousand dollars, Mrs. Roberts."

Faith didn't even flinch as she heard the cost.

"I'll take it, Mr. Franklin."

Mr. Franklin smiled as he closed the case the necklace had been sitting in and said.

"I'll have this wrapped up for you. Should I have this put on Mr. Roberts account?"

"Yes. Please do that for me thank you."

Faith paced the floor while she waited for her necklace. Her cell phone rang. She dug in her purse until she found it.

"How is my little muffin doing? Have you got all your shopping done yet?"

"Hello darling. I'm waiting for the man right now. He's packaging the necklace I bought right now."

"Drive carefully and I'll see you when you get home."

Faith pressed the brake pedal on her Jaguar and saw a policeman directing traffic off the expressway ramp.

"Dam it, why does this shit always happen when I'm in a hurry?"

She was stuck in stopped traffic for thirty minutes waiting for people to maneuver around the intersection. She finally got fed up and made right turn and got out of that jamb.

This was her old neighborhood and she knew how to get around all that traffic. She turned down the boulevard, her old street. It had been years since she last came down this way, five to be exact. It was coming into view. She slowed down when she got close enough to see the yard and the front door. It brought back a lot of memories watching her daughter play on that grass when she was little.

Mark had sold the place shortly after their divorce and moved to Tampa with his new bride. The trees had grown so much taller and there was a new fence around the back yard. Faith pulled the Jaguar forward and put it in park along the curb and just starred as it brought back so many memories.

Faith practically jumped out of her seat as someone taped on the driver's side window. She looked up and saw a blonde haired man smiling at her as she rolled down the window.

"Can I help you find something?"

"I'm sorry. I just stopped by for a moment. That used to be my house over there and I was just reminiscing."

"That's actually my house. I just moved in about six months ago. Did you saw you used to live there?"

Faith smiled admiring his huge muscular arms. "Yes, but it's been about five years ago so I suppose everything has changed now."

"If you have a minute I'd be glad to show you around if you would like to come inside."

"I wouldn't want to put you to all that trouble, Mr....."

He stuck his hand inside the window saying. "It's Steven, Steven Mills...and you are?"

"Mrs. Roberts but you can call me Faith."

Steven kept smiling at her waiting for her to make up her mind. She finally smiled and started to get out of the car.

"I guess I'll take you up on that tour."

He was tall and built like a weight lifter. He was starring at her boobs as she got out of the car. Faith always wore low cut tops and was wearing tight white shorts and had on her heels which enhanced her tanned legs.

"You must work out at the gym everyday?"

"I actually own a gym around the corner. That's where I was walking from when I saw you."

"My husband was a weight lifter but recently had to retire from it. His company has grown so much that he just doesn't have any time."

"What's your husband's name?"

"His name is Hank Roberts."

"I know your husband. He always came into the gym where I worked before I opened my own place. My wife Ann works for a business associate of your husband named Lee Williams. "

"Did you say your wife's name is Ann?"

"Yes, that's right. We've only been married for two years now. My wife was married to an older man who didn't want any children."

Faith knew Ann very well but hadn't seen her in a couple years. She and Lee would double date with her and Hank. She wondered how much Steven knew of his wife banging Lee.

Steven smiled as he opened the front door. Faith walked around then he took her out into the kitchen. It had recently been gutted and remodeled.

"Let me show you my gym."

Steven took her down to the basement. It had been completely finished with exercise equipment in every corner.

"I didn't expect to see so much equipment down here and you did a marvelous job on the room.

Steven pointed out. "There is a shower room and sauna over on the end. I bring my special clients down here that want a personal trainer to work with them."

Faith saw a photo sitting out on a desk. It was Ann alright and it was a recent picture and she looked as attractive as ever. She couldn't see Lee not banging that petite little blonde any longer.

"Is that your wife, Steven?"

"Yes, as a matter of fact it is."

"What's that thing over there?"

"That's for building up your biceps. Let me show you how it works."

Faith watched as Steven took off his shirt. He was extremely muscular and handsome. His blonde hair reminded Faith of one of those surfer guys. She watched how he worked out on the machine. She focused on the movement of his muscular arms.

He finally smiled at her and stopped and stood up. "I'm really sorry Mrs. Roberts; I get carried away when I get going.

"I wish my husband had more time to show me how to use his equipment."

"Steven admired her body as he replied. "I had thought you worked out regularly."

Faith blushed. "I do jog in the mornings after the boys leave for school but I seldom get a catch to use any equipment."

"Why don't you take one of my cards? I'd be delighted to give you a few instructions on the proper use of some of these if you wish."

Faith took his card and smiled as she glanced at it then put it away inside her purse.

Steven walked her back to her car. "I hope you enjoyed the tour and hope you approved of the changes we made to the house."

Faith smiled. "It's your house now and you did a marvelous job with everything."

Faith shook his hand as she stepped back into the car then drove off. Faith thought about Ann all the way home and would have to make a point to ask Hank a few questions.

The Nanny was just driving up with the boys. She drove them to and back from school everyday. They ran up to her carrying their school work as she leaned down giving them both hugs and kisses then watched them run ahead of her into the house.

They were tall and took after their father in appearance. Mrs. Whitmore had been working for the Roberts' since the boys were born. She was almost like a grandmother to them and Faith treated her like she was family.

Mrs. Whitmore cooked and cleaned and did everything for the children. She cooked a great meal that evening and was putting the kids to bed when Faith came in and said goodnight to them. Later that night Faith was riding her exercise bike which she kept tucked away in the bedroom. She was peddling fast as Hank walked in taking his shirt off and walked over and kissed her lips.

He stood back chuckling as she starred back.

"What's the matter?"

"I like watching those boobies bounce."

Hank leaned over and pulled her top down far enough to suck on one of her nipples causing her to stop pedaling the bike. Hank started lifting her top as she raised her arms high over her head so he could pull it off. It came off easily as he leaned over and began licking and sucking on each nipple.

Faith held the back of his head which he now shaved smooth and bald and pressed his mouth tight against her chest as she closed her eyes and enjoyed his tongue. Hank kissed them several times then raised his face and kissed her again.

"Are you horny?"

Faith smiled and shook her head up and down as he reached under her legs as she held onto his neck and picked her up and carried her straight to the bed. He playfully let her bounce on the mattress and reached out and grabbed her shorts pulling them straight down her legs.

He reached out and put his fingers under the elastic of her thong and pulled them off as she raised her hips for her husband. She stretched her legs out and up as he held her legs against his chest and kissed her ankles.

Faith giggled. "That tickles."

Hank got more careful as he licked and kissed each foot and ran his hands down one of her shapely legs. She rested her feet on his chest as he lowered his pants. He continued to kiss and lick her feet making her moan.

Hank propped each foot up against his chest and plopped his big cock down on her tummy making a slapping sound. He slid it between her pussy lips and felt the wetness and gently pushed letting it slip inside and slowly pushed himself deep inside.

Faith could accommodate her husband with ease. Hank had stretched her pussy to fit the massive girth of his cock over a period of time. She had become extremely talented at moving the muscles inside her pussy.

Hank began moving in and out as he watched her boobs giggling back and forth. She reached down between her legs and played with her clit as her husband fucked her with his black cock.

She was extremely horny tonight and lifted her hips up and started to grind them against his legs.

"Your pussy is griping tonight, muffin. You must be horny?"

Muffin was the nick name Hank called his wife. Sweat started to pour down his face as he bucked his hips against the back of her legs. Faith kept breathing hard as she rubbed her clit.

She was groaning and crying out as she tightened her pussy around his cock.

"Give it to me, darling. Fuck me with that black cock."

Hank only pushed harder which she wanted as his big legs slapped against her ass. Her breasts were swaying Back and forth as he kissed her ankle and drove his thick cock deep inside his wife.

Faith started to pant as her stomach heaved and her breath choked up as she had an extremely intense orgasm as Hank spewed his seed deep inside her belly. She laid her arms on the bed exhausted as Hank finished with a couple more slow strokes and pulled his cock out.

Her pussy remained gaped open with her husband's seed clearly in view near the opening. His sweat dripped down off his forehead as he pushed her legs back so she would hold them until he got them a towel to wipe off.

Hank walked back wiping his forehead as he used another towel to cover and wipe off her pussy. She eased her legs off the bed and stood up while his seed slowly dripping out of her pussy along her inner thighs as Hank tossed a towel at her.

"You should have seen the traffic jam I was stuck in today, darling. I had to detour around my old neighborhood so I decided to drive by and take a look at the place."

"Has it changed much?"

"I actually met the new owner and he gave me a tour of the place. I found out you even know the guy and he's married to that petite blonde whom Lee Williams dated." Hank turned and shook his head. "Lee told me he's still banging Ann. I guess her old man divorced her a couple years back and she married this guy. He has blonde hair, right?"

"He's the guy that gave me a tour of the house. He had an exercise room in the basement and runs his own place not far from their house."

Hank walked around wiping off his head then sat down on the edge of the bed waiting for Faith to return from the bathroom. She walked back in moments later asking.

"Did you say Lee is still fucking Ann?"

Hank laughed as he replied. "Lee told me that Ann explained that she still wanted to see other men and he was fine with it."

"They have an open marriage?"

Hank turned to smile at his wife. "It looks that way."

"Steven mentioned that his wife worked for Lee but I'd never expected they were swingers."

Faith crawled into the bed pulling the covers over her legs before leaning over to kiss her husband and say good night.

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