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Open Relationship?


*Yes, this is a cuckold story. Or rather a satire of the genre. If you can't get over the subject matter, then you probably shouldn't give it a read. It always amuses me that even when an author presents a story as work of complete fiction, readers still post angry comments as if these characters are real people. This is a total fabrication. The narrator and individuals he describes are imaginary, so don't get heated at a cheating girlfriend who only exists on paper. I refer to this yarn as a satire because it is intentionally absurd with the narrator experiencing a variety of classic cuckold scenarios.*

My name is irrelevant. My story is that of a primarily one sided "open" relationship. My latina live-in girlfriend Carmen Polonia, who is reminiscent of a young Salma Hayek, had broached the subject of an open relationship on a few occasions. I was hesitant because of course it would always work out better for her. Sorry, but women don't have to put in half the effort to get laid that men do. Carmen has an alluring body and sultry accent. She has to fend off guys left and right when she goes out for a drink.

She was clever about it though. She knew I had a crush on this former coworker of mine, Jamie Sutter. Carmen gave me permission to pursue a sexual relationship with Jamie. I just had to wonder if Carmen was being so generous because she wanted to screw one of her male friends guilt free? Our sex life was always good, but she had quite the reputation before we got involved. That was something I just had to get over if I wanted to be with her.

On Friday, she texted me to meet her after work at this nightclub near her office. She worked in advertising. She added in the text that she was wearing a pink thong which was a favorite of mine. Sometimes she'd spend an entire Sunday lounging in nothing but that particular thong because she knew how much it excited me. I got to the club ahead of her and waited at a table for two. Several minutes later and to my chagrin, she entered the club accompanied a well dressed gentleman with slicked back hair. They looked about the same height since she was in her high heels.

"Hey, baby!" she said gleefully before greeting me with a quick peck on the lips. "This is Teddy. He's in charge of my department," she explained.

"Good to meet you. Heard a lot about you," Teddy said.

"Hi," was all I said, not hiding my displeasure as Teddy pulled up another chair.

We spent the next hour chatting. I didn't care much for fast talking guys like Teddy, but since he was Carmen's boss, I did my best to feign interest. They went on about being best pals in the office. Teddy even referred to Carmen as his "work wife." It was comments like that ticked me off more than him glancing down her frilly red blouse whenever he got a chance.

Carmen also made eyes at him, but that was not out of the ordinary. She is a big time flirt.

Why the hell did she tease me about the pink thong if she was going to invite a friend? And this jerk of all people? The gabfest was only interrupted when one of Carmen's favorite R&B songs played.

"Oh my god! This is my song! Baby, I wish you liked to dance," she lamented.

"Sorry," I replied.

"I'll dance with you if your boyfriend doesn't mind?" Teddy offered.

"Baby?" she asked me with sad puppy dog eyes.

"Sure." How could I say no to her and not be the bad guy?

Teddy took Carmen by the hand and lead her onto the dance floor. I don't know much about dancing, but I believe they did a tango. They were pretty good I will admit. Obviously they had chemistry and even attracted a few spectators. This was like a cruel joke.

He whispered in her ear and she blushed. Whatever he said had to be sexual in nature.

Her skirt rode up a few times. God, she has such sexy legs. As the dance continued, they would grind their hips together and his hands began to brush against her ass. I couldn't stop thinking about her pink thong because there really wasn't much material in between them.

When they came back to the table, she appeared flustered and he grinned smugly.

"It's getting late," I said desperately.

"I have friend throwing a party uptown if guys are interested?" Teddy said.

"That sounds fun," Carmen said enthusiastically.

"No, I'm tired." I was really hoping to end this night.

"Wow, this guy is a real buzz kill," Teddy said.

I let this jackass dance with my girlfriend and he calls me a buzz kill?

"You go if you want," I said to Carmen.

"Are you sure?" she asked.

"Yeah." I didn't sound too convincing, but my consent was all she needed to hear.

The three of us left the club together and I hailed a cab while Teddy escorted Carmen to his compact sports car. There wouldn't have been room in that car for me anyway, so his invitation wasn't all that sincere.

I went home to our apartment, but couldn't sleep. I felt so disrespected. We discussed an open relationship and would role play as other people, but never officially decided on anything. Now she was out on a Friday night with another guy? Maybe I should've given Jamie a call?

I finally heard Carmen's keys jingling just after two in the morning. I hurried into the living room to confront her, but to my dismay, she entered the apartment with Teddy right behind her. He wrapped his arms around her abdomen and planted kisses on her neck. She was tipsy, but not all the way drunk. He wasn't drunk either. The bastard knew what he was doing.

"Carmen?" I was looking for some clarification.

"Hey, baby. You're still up?" she asked as he continued to fondle her entire body. "Listen, Teddy had a few drinks and doesn't feel comfortable driving. He's gonna crash here tonight," she said as he pulled up her skirt and slipped his hands between her thighs. She dropped her purse and her eyes fluttered. She was really aroused.

"I'm not comfortable with this," I said to no avail.

"Too bad," he said as he pulled her to our bedroom and she kicked her heels off.

"Sweet dreams, baby," she said to me while staring up into his blue eyes.

They didn't think or care to shut the door and I heard them plop down in our bed a moment later. I went to the doorway of our bedroom and saw Carmen laying down with Teddy kneeling beside her. He was slipping her the tongue while also caressing her toned legs. Then, he pulled her top up and sucked on one of her nipples through the material of her bra.

"Mmm...Teddy...I've always been so hot for you... I've wanted you for so long..." she sighed. He then pulled her bra down, allowing him to suck on her nice hard nipples unimpeded. "Mmm...that feel's so good..." They would alternate between making out and him sucking on her tits for the next few minutes.

Finally his hand slipped under her skirt and she really started to thrash about. I couldn't see his hand inside of her skirt, but had to assume that he had pushed her thong aside and had slipped a finger or two into her neatly trimmed pussy.

"Teddy...yes...right there...that's the spot..." He kissed her neck as she wildly called out "Oh...god...I want to fuck you so bad..." It looked like she was about to orgasm from Teddy fingering her, but he noticed me and got ticked off.

"Get lost," he hollered as he tossed a throw pillow in my direction.

Carmen got a giggle out of that and said to me "Baby, you're being rude. Give us some privacy." She then pulled him back down and jammed her tongue into his mouth.

I went back to the living room and had no choice but to listen to their antics as they were quite rowdy. He shouted out "Oh! Carmen! You're so fucking hot!" She replied "Mmm...Teddy! You fucking stud!" I've never heard our bed creak so loud. I'm sure the neighbors could hear it too.

Curiosity got the better of me and I went back to the bedroom door. They had stripped naked and she was riding his member and bucking her hips like she was trying to break the bed frame. He was deep inside of her, but I could tell by the base of his member that it was pretty thick.

"Mmm...Teddy! You feel so good!" She really loved being on top during sex. She needed to be in control, which was always fine with me.

"I always knew you'd end up on the business end of my dick!" Teddy wasn't hating it either as he thrusted his large erection up into her snatch and fondled her perky tits.

They were too engulfed in passion to realize I was there this time.

"Si! Mi amore! I love fucking your big thick cock!" she cooed, occasionally reverting to her native tongue. She then leaned down to kiss him passionately while he reached around to paw at her curvaceous ass.

"You can fuck this cock anytime you want!" he promised her as she arched her back and picked up the pace.

"God! I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cum" she cried. They were holding hands as she came. For some inane reason, holding hands was really crossing the line to me. It was too intimate.

I went back into living room and awaited the awkward showdown with Teddy. A few minutes went by with no sign of anyone and I heard Carmen start moaning again. I couldn't believe it.

I went to the bedroom for a humbling third time and saw Carmen riding Teddy in reverse cowgirl. That was my personal favorite position. She had a great ass it looked so good bouncing up and down on a hard dick.

"Oh...fuck...Carmen..." Mr. Fast-Talker was at a loss for words as he was about to cum himself. She grabbed onto the headboard for better leverage as she grinded on his cock. He grabbed her hips and tried to guild her pace, so he could last longer, but she was in total control.

"You gonna cum for me, stud!? You gonna cum for me!?" Carmen whipped her hair back and popped her hips one last time to make Teddy cum. Her ass looked so damn amazing.

"Oh...fuck..." he huffed and puffed.

"Mmm...was my pussy all you dreamed it could be? Did you fall in love with my pussy?" Carmen laid back on his torso and brought his hands back to her tits. A post climax cuddle usually reserved for me.

"Yeah...I just fell in love with your pussy." Teddy eyes were glazed over. It looked like she had completely drained him of all fluid.

I retired to the couch with our spare blankets as Carmen and Teddy exited the bedroom hand in hand and hopped in the shower. They turned the water on full blast, but I could still hear them fucking again. Carmen always loved to be fucked from behind in the shower, so I had to assume that's what was happening.

Teddy finally took off around six in the morning.

Carmen and I then had a talk at the kitchen table.

"Thank you for being so mature about this," she said.

"You're assuming a lot. If I don't fuck Jamie, then this isn't an open relationship. It's just you cheating on me," I replied. I had to let her know I was serious.

"Well, where do we go from here?" she asked.

"You can keep on doing whatever with this Teddy guy if you want, but I need a few days to decide what I'm going to do," I said.

The rest of the weekend was uneventful. I helped our neighbor Mrs. Cornell with a leaky pipe on Saturday because her husband was out of town and her lazy son Paul couldn't be bothered. I met my good buddy Robbie Correa at a sports bar on Sunday to watch some football. Carmen went about her business and neither of us brought up Teddy or this new sexual arrangement.


However, Carmen was absolutely glowing when she got home from work on Monday.

"How was your day?" I asked as I straightened up in the living room.

"Wonderful," she replied.

"Were things awkward between you and Teddy?" I shouldn't have asked that. I should've left well enough alone.

She blushed and sat me down on the couch like a school girl ready to gossip.

"Well, I stopped by his office first thing in the morning and..." She grinned from year to year. She had a really cute smile. She was so beautiful.

"What?" I just had to ask.

"We fucked against his office door!" she proclaimed. "We didn't even lock it. Someone could've walked in on us at any time. It was so hot."

"Risky," I said, trying to play it cool.

"That's why we locked it when I went back after lunch. We were able to get completely naked and have sex on this nice comfy chair he got when he was promoted," she said casually.

"Oh," was all I could muster.

"He wanted to wait until everyone left for the day and have sex on the conference table, but I turned him down. I don't want him to start getting clingy," she said.

"That was smart. You wouldn't want some clingy guy at your job." I spoke like I was agreeing with her, but in reality I was trying to talk her out of this madness.

"Have you given Jamie a call yet?" she asked.

"No," I admitted.

"You should. I want you to have some fun too. She's conservative, so tell her we're still living together, but not romantically involved anymore. If nothing develops with her, then I have a couple of girlfriends I can hook you up with," she promised.

"Yeah?" I was intrigued.

"Sure, you have the best girlfriend in the world," she said proudly.

"Slutty?" I responded.

She playfully slapped my arm as if she was offended, which she really wasn't.

Maybe I could get on board with this? I had a crush on Jamie, but would love to fuck this girlfriend of Carmen's named Rosa Santana. She's a more slender latina as compared to my curvy Carmen. A bit of a fitness freak. Jogging a ridiculous amount of miles every day. Fucking Rosa would probably be an endurance challenge.

By the end of the week, Carmen had broken things off with Teddy. According to her, they had fucked a couple more times at work and the thrill was gone for her. Teddy apparently went into quite the funk. Once you've had a piece of ass like Carmen, it's hard to move on. Too bad for him. Now it was my time to have some fun... or so I thought.


Saturday afternoon, I was playing online poker on my laptop in the living room, waiting for Carmen to get home from the gym. We'd always have sex in the shower when she got back from the gym. I'd peel off her sports bra and tight shorts from her sweaty body, but I hadn't touched her that much in the past week. I still wanted her to get the stink of Teddy off her.

Surprise, surprise, she didn't come home alone. She was accompanied by muscularly defined fellow with scruffy blonde hair, who wore a T-shirt and shorts that were just as tight as hers.

"Hello?" I said, very confused.

"Baby, I'd like you to meet my new personal trainer, Andrew," she said as her eyes blatantly drifted down to his bulge. It was almost like she was salivating.

"What's up, dude?" the big blonde cliche asked me.

"Hi," I said without much gusto.

"I think I strained a muscle in my leg during our work out and Andrew was kind enough to offer to give me a massage free of charge," she explained as she rubbed her thigh.

"How nice of him," I said sarcastically.

"I figure we'll do it in the bedroom, so you can keep playing your game. Andrew, I'll just be a minute." She dropped her gym bag and went into our bedroom. His eyes were glued to her ass. This guy wasn't as slick as Teddy for sure.

Andrew and I then stared at each other uncomfortably.

"Want something to drink?" I asked.

"No thanks. I'm cool," he said.

Good. I didn't really want to get him a drink anyway.

Carmen exited our bedroom wearing nothing but a bath towel and holding a bottle of massage oil. "Andrew, I'm ready," she said seductively as she waved him to our bedroom. He eagerly obeyed and this time she was courteous enough to close the door. Did Andrew know that I was her boyfriend or did she tell him I was just her roommate?

I obviously knew what was going to happen next, so I just kept playing poker. However, I got curious after fifteen or so minutes because I heard no creaking bed or soft moans to indicate they were having sex. Could this jock really be here to just give her a massage?

I got up and knocked on the door.

"Come in," Carmen said dreamingly.

I opened the door and found Carmen laying in our bed, on top of a bath towel, with under folded up to cover her ass. Her body glistened from the massage oil. Andrew was still in his gym clothes, straddling her thighs and stroking the small of her back.

"Yes?" she asked with her eyes closed.

"I though you strained a muscle in your leg?" I reminded her.

"That's right," she confirmed.

On cue, Andrew scooting back and began massaging her toned thighs.

"Andrew...that feels so amazing..." She really was on cloud nine.

"Well, let me know if you guys need anything," I said lamely.

"Thanks...You're the best," she said euphorically.

His hands slipped under the towel and caressed her smooth ass cheeks.

"Mmm...such strong hands you have..." she purred.

I departed and paced in the hallway.

A few minutes later I heard "Mmm...Andrew...don't stop..." from Carmen.

"Why not?" I thought as I crept back to the door and opened it a crack.

Carmen was on her back and Andrew's face was buried between her thighs, going to town on her sopping wet pussy with his tongue. She also guided his hands as he fondled her tits and pinched her hard nipples. Her ass was her best feature, but the massage oil made her tits look really desirable.

"Si!.. Si!" She grabbed his scruffy hair and grinded her pussy into his face. "So fucking good!" He tried coming up for air a few times, but she would not allow him. She had to be in charge. "Don't stop! You like how pussy tastes! Don't you!?"

She noticed me and blew me a kiss. I know what you're thinking, but she wasn't taunting me. She genuinely hoped I was enjoying the show. She's not a cruel person. She just has an uncontrollable libido.

"Make me cum! Make me cum!" she demanded. He lifted her right leg, penetrated her moist slit with two fingers, and she started to loose control. "Oh...shit...that's it...oh...fuck" She reached climax and collapsed on the towel. "Mmm...that was heaven...you've got skills..."

"You ready for your real workout?" Andrew stood up and pulled his shorts down.

I couldn't see what he was packing from my angle and I didn't want to. I quickly shut the door. If he had seen me, that might have spoiled things for Carmen. The only pleasure I got out of this situation was her enjoyment. I never had the urge to masturbate while she was with another guy.

I went to the kitchen and made myself a sandwich for lunch. After I finished, I went back to my eagle's nest outside the bedroom and saw Andrew fucking Carmen from behind, which was something usually saved for the shower. Andrew must have been skilled for her to make an exception. She was rocking on all fours as he pounded her, still with his T-shirt on.

"GOD! ANDREW! YOU'RE SO STRONG!" she screamed so loud. Almost too loud. I was worried the neighbors would complain. He was aggressive, slamming her pussy at a furious pace, holding onto her with his right hand and pulling on her hair with his left hand.

"YOU DIRTY WHORE!" he yelled as he slapped her ass and still pulled on her hair.

"HARDER! SLAP MY ASS LIKE A WHORE!" she begged. "YOU'RE SO STRONG! DON'T STOP FUCKING ME! DON'T EVER STOP FUCKING ME!" He reached around her abdomen and pulled her upright. He was physically dominating her. The sound on their flesh smacking together was almost hypnotic.

"I'M GONNA CUM! GET READY WHORE! HERE IT FUCKING COMES!" Their thrusting was putting a lot of stress on the bed frame. The headboard was thumping against the wall over and over again.


Andrew gritted his teeth and exploded inside her. He kept his dick inserted in her pussy while his cum ran down the side of her leg. Carmen laid her face on our comforter and panted. I don't think myself or Teddy had ever worn her out like this. Andrew was the new champion.

"Oh my god... Andrew... That was quite a workout," she sighed.

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