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I sat down that the counter and picked up the menu and I looked for their sandwich section. I really wanted a big thick club sandwich and finally decided on a turkey club with bacon with a side of fries. After I ordered my lunch then I looked around. There were a few couples and a guy sitting alone in a booth towards the back.

The guy was slim and looked to be a bit more than average height. He had short dark hair and tan skin. I looked away when he caught me checking him out but not before I had a chance to see his smile. I glanced back at him and he was definitely checking me out. I wasn't used to being checked out and was relieved when my sandwich arrived.

I opened my mouth wide and took a bite out of the sandwich. I could barely fit it in my mouth it was so thick. My jaw was stretched almost beyond its limits. As I chewed the bite, I glanced back over at the guy; he was staring at me. His cheeks were flushed and he was squirming uncomfortably. He looked like he was turned on but I had no idea what could possibly be causing him to react that way.

"Weirdo," I thought and focused on the sandwich. When I finished I paid the check and headed out. He jumped up and followed me.

"Hey, wait up," he called. I stopped and waited for him to catch up. "I was wondering if you'd like to join me for dessert."

"Umm ... I need to get back to my friend's house," I answered. I didn't really have a friend's house to get back to but I needed a plausible excuse.

"Please?" he pleaded.

My mind raced to find a reason not to accept this weirdo's request but I couldn't think of anything. "Okay, sure," I finally answered. It was just dessert; surely, I could handle that.

"My name's Jeremy," he said as he extended his hand.

"I'm Nan," I replied and shook his hand. I followed him back into the diner and squeezed into the booth next to him. The booth was one that was a semi-circle around the backside of the table and not very comfortable for larger women. I was short, too, so my large breasts were smooshed against the table.

I ordered a piece of blueberry pie. While we waited, we started getting to know each other. He was in IT and lived nearby. I told him a little bit about myself as I ate my pie. I noticed he had started squirming again.

"You have a really cute small mouth," he said.

"Thanks," I replied. There was an uncomfortable silence as I tried to figure out why he'd said that.

"I ... I never do this, but you really turn me on. I have a thing for small mouths and I've wanted you since I saw you take that first bite of your sandwich. I need to have you," he blurted suddenly.

"I ... I ... we just met!" I said and blushed. No one had ever said anything like that to me before.

"Please Nan, I am so hard for you," Jeremy said as he picked up my hand and pressed it against the bulge in his pants. "You don't have to fuck me, just suck me off."

I could feel his cock straining against his pants and there as already a wet spot forming. I cupped his cock and lightly squeezed it. His face turned bright red and a soft moan escaped.

"I don't know, I've never done anything like this before," I answered.

"Please, I need to feel that little mouth stretched wide around my cock," Jeremy whispered as I continued to rub his cock through his pants.

"Meet me in the bathroom in two minutes," I said then stood up. I quickly made my way to the bathroom and closed the door behind me but didn't lock it. I was breathless as I quickly covered the floor with paper towels. I couldn't believe I had said yes.

I was still fully dressed as I knelt on the paper towels. I looked up when there was a quick knock. "Someone's in here," I called out.

"It's me," he said.

"Come in," I replied. The door opened and he slipped in.

"Oh god Nan," Jeremy groaned when he saw me on my knees waiting for him. He locked the door then quickly unzipped his pants and let them fall to the floor as he moved closer. His seven-inch cock was rock hard and oozing precum.

I reached out and caressed it, my fingers running down the length of the shaft. His whole body reacted when I touched him. As I played with his cock with my hand, I licked my lips several times.

"Suck it," Jeremy begged. He pressed the tip against my moistened lips.

I grinned then lightly licked the tip, swirling my tongue all over it as I wrapped my fingers around the shaft. He gasped then moaned loudly as he tried to push his cock into my mouth. I pressed back against his thigh with my free hand and continued to focus on the tip, my fist sliding up and down on the shaft.

"Please, suck my cock," he begged again. I smiled then watched his face as I allowed his cock to slip past my lips and into my mouth.

Jeremy moaned loudly. "Oh god Nan ... your mouth feels amazing."

He caressed my face with one hand as he slid the other through my hair. Jeremy made a fist in my hair so he could hold my head still as he slid more of his cock into my mouth.

"Oh god, your mouth is stretched so fucking wide," Jeremy whispered as he stared at his cock moving in and out of my mouth. He slowly forced more of his cock into my mouth then started to fuck it. His cock started to go down my throat further with each thrust.

I caressed his balls with one hand and placed my other hand on his thigh to keep my balance. His body was shaking as he fucked my mouth.

"So fucking good," Jeremy said. "Take it all ... touch your lips to the base."

He pulled out completely then slowly pushed his cock into my mouth until it filled it and went down my throat. Jeremy held it there for several seconds. "Oh yea, Nan, that's fucking amazing. Does your jaw hurt?"

I nodded my head and he smiled. Jeremy let his cock slide out until just the tip was between my lips then started to jerk himself off. I swirled my tongue around the tip and licked the sensitive underside. His eyes were closed and his head was tossed back as his hand flew up and down the shaft.

"Oh god Nan ... I'm going to coat your mouth and throat with my hot ... sticky ... cum," he warned.

I braced myself as Jeremy rammed his cock down my throat then started to cum. Shot after shot of thick cum streamed from his cock until he could cum no more.

He pulled out and we both looked at his cock—he was still rock hard. I couldn't believe after cumming so much that it was possible for him to be hard. "Surprised, huh? I'll be ready to cum again in a few minutes," Jeremy assured me as he lightly ran his hand up and down the shaft to keep it hard. "Do you want another mouthful?"

"No, please cum on my face," I answered. Jeremy smiled.

"Okay, Nan. I'm going to fuck your mouth again then I'll cover your face and tits with my cum," he replied. "Take your shirt and bra off so I can see those huge tits."

I pulled away slightly and slipped my T-shirt and bra off together and set them on the floor next to me. Jeremy quickly replaced his cock in my mouth and reached down to tug on my nipples.

"They're amazing," Jeremy said as he tried to lift my breasts by the nipples. I cried out around his cock and he smiled. He enjoyed hearing my reaction.

"Are you wet?" he asked. I nodded my head. I was so turned on that my juices were dripping down my thighs. "Good, I like knowing that."

Jeremy continued to fuck my mouth slowly for several more minutes as he tormented my nipples and breasts. He tugged and squeezed the nipples, smiling each time I moaned.

"Here it cums," Jeremy warned as he pulled his cock out and wrapped his fingers around the shaft. His fingers were a blur as he jerked himself off. "Hold your breasts up."

I cupped my breasts and held them up to him, almost as if they were an offering. The cum exploded from the end of his cock and he coated my breasts and face with the sticky mess.

"Rub it into your skin," he said as he stepped back to lean against the sink and recovered from his orgasm.

I rubbed the cum into my breasts and chest, blushing as the liquids soaked into my skin. Jeremy watched to make sure I got it all then turned to moisten a paper towel. He handed it to me and I quickly cleaned his cum from my face.

"Thank you Nan," he said as he pulled his pants back up and zipped them. "That was fucking amazing."

He waited until I was dressed again before he unlocked the door and slipped out. I fixed my hair as best I could then made my way out to the diner. Jeremy was gone.

I needed to cum so I hurried back to my hotel room. I pulled my clothes off as the door closed behind me then pulled my favorite vibrator out of the suitcase. I laid on the bed and closed my eyes as I turned the toy on and slipped it between my legs. I replayed the bathroom encounter in my head as I rubbed the toy against my clit until my body shook from my first orgasm. It wasn't enough though and I quickly brought myself to orgasm again.

I never did see Jeremy again, even though I went back to the diner several times before I had to go home. I came at least a dozen times that week to the memory of what we'd done in the diner's bathroom. It was the most amazing vacation thanks to Jeremy and his obsession with small mouths.

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