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Opening Attachments


The first touch is so light'n'gentle. So light you dismiss it, just imagining that your dressing-gown must have simply brushed against your knee and continue to read your e-mails. Just then you feel it again, lightly brushing against your knee. Was it your imagination? Or did something just touch you?

You glance down beneath your computer-desk and there I am.... my fingers stroking the soft flesh of your lovely, long legs with my finger-tips. You giggle.... for only a DaftBrit could possibly attach himself to an e-mail and suddenly materialise on the other side of the planet!

Giving you such a cheeky smile, my fingers gently push your warm thighs a little further apart and, leaning forward, the tip of my tongue flickers across your soft skin. You giggle again, leaning back against the back of your swivel-chair as my tongue flickers across your sensitive skin moving a little higher on your inner thigh. My fingers caress your silken thighs, and with each gentle caress, you open your thighs, revealing to my fond gaze that, beneath your nightie, you've once more neglected to wear your panties.

My turn to chuckle as you shuffle your ass in the chair to move your neatly trimmed pussy towards the edge of the seat. Yes, my baby! You know exactly where my inquisitive tongue is heading, don't you?

I lean forward a little more, my tongue leaving a damp snail-trail of saliva as it moves still higher up your inner thigh, my fingers caressing you so gently. Higher still... my beard tickling you as my face gets closer'n'closer to that little tuft of red pubic hair which is my tongue's target. My goal reached, I purse my lips and plant a soft kiss there as the erotic aroma of your arousal excites me further.

The tip of my tongue plays with your soft down and then, so gently, I blow cool air across your crinkly pussy-lips making a soft gasp of pleasure escape from deep in your throat. Once more, your back arching and your superb thighs open further allowing my tongue to flicker across your little secret lips. You shudder with arousal, tucking in your trim tummy and pushing your hips out towards me, my tongue lapping at your sweet lips, tenderly teasing them apart to get my first taste of your sex. My finger-tips stroking the little creases where your thighs join your abdomen as my tongue flickers across your inner-pink.

You taste divine, my baby. My tongue laps at you, reveling at each little taste of your inner passion. Lapping, my tongue reaching further inside your soft folds, my lips gently sucking on your tiny petals. Yes, my baby, I want to eat your soft fruit.

The very tip of my tongue finds your clit.... teasing her from her hiding place. Flicking her, exciting her, revealing her to the erotic assault of my tongue. Lapping each side of her, teasing her, making her gasp for my touch.

Glancing up at your face, your eyes closed. As I watch you bite your lips with the urgency of your passion. Yes, my baby, I know you're close to your peak. But I won't stop until I've taken you over the edge. The flat of my tongue presses against your little bead, pressing her, teasing her further as my wicked fingers gently stroke your little lips.

My tongue flickers against your tiny bud before I take it gently between my lips and give her a little nibble. A gasp escapes from you as your back arches still further and I know you're close as I take it in my warm, moist mouth to suck on her. And as a little squeal of your pleasure comes from your throat, your legs clamp around my ears as your peak overcomes you.

Clamping my head between your long legs as your orgasm sweeps through your pussy to each nerve in your body. Your hips pushing your hot cunt onto my bearded face. Grinding. Pushing. your breath ragged and laboured as the sensations sweep through you. Soft cries, little squeals as my tongue laps'n'laps at your sweet petals. Lapping the cream from your hot-pink slit. Faster.... lest I miss some of your sweet juices.

As your orgasm subsides and you release your thighs from around my head, I lean back a little to survey my handy work. Looking up to see your broad but breathless smile, I grin. Well my darling? How many times have you been warned about opening attachments?

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