tagBDSMOpening Him Up Ch. 01

Opening Him Up Ch. 01


"How would you feel if I used a strap-on, on you?" Amy looked at Tim with a mischievous smile.

"I don't know." Tim was a little nervous, and he looked at how nice Amy was, lying there naked and beautiful next to him. She had a petite body, and very soft skin, a tight pussy, and now Tim started to image this girl, wrapped in leather wanting to take his ass.

"Well it looks like you're starting to get excited." Amy noticed his erection starting to grow, and she quickly grabbed his dick started to slowly stroke it. "You'd like me to fuck you in the ass wouldn't you. Put on a big cock and make you into a little slut. You want me to stretch your asshole wide open with my dick? Say it."

They were both in bed after having their regular sex, but tonight after they had both cum, they still had energy, and Amy had been craving to tell Tim her fantasy. She knew from the first time she saw him that he was the submissive type.

Tim now fully excited and ready to burst at any moment said, "Yes, I'd like for you to fuck me in my ass."

"I'd like you to be my slave. You want to be my little sissy?" Before he could answer her hand had already found pre-cum on the tip of his dick. She had gotten as much as she could of it onto her middle finger.

"Yes, I'd like to be your slave."

"No, not just that. I want you to be my sissy. My bitch. Here, suck on my dick." Amy took here middle finger that was now covered with his pre-cum and started to slowly fuck his mouth. Her eyes were in amazement as she watched her finger disappear into his mouth. They had never done anything like this before, but now they were racing into a new world, and Amy could feel herself getting very wet. She started to fuck his mouth with her finger faster, taking long strokes in and out. With her other hand she started to rub her clit.

"Tim, I want you tomorrow to shave around your dick and your ass, and on your way home from work I want you to get an enema bag and clean yourself before I get home." Tim responded with a nod as she was now changing the rhythm of fucking his mouth. "I want you to be on your knees and eager to be my bitch when I come home tomorrow."

Amy then stopped and got on top of him. Tim felt his rock solid dick enter her dripping wet pussy. She began to violently ride him, telling him he couldn't cum. After she had three orgasms she got off him catching her breath. She looked at him and said, "Lay on the floor on your back and jack off till you cum. Then I want you to taste your cum, because you're going to get used to eating it."

The next day came in a rush. Amy went to the sex shop to get the toys she'd been waiting to use on her husband. Tim got himself shaved and emptied with the enema after he'd come home early, ready for this new life.

Amy came home, and Tim waited for his wife on his knees. Amy looked down on her husband and felt a rush of power. "Kiss my feet honey, and stick your ass in the air as you do it. You NEED to act like the slut that you are." Tim oddly kissed her feet and started to feel a little fear and uncertainty in what was going to happen. "Go to MY bedroom and take off all you cloths and wait for me on your elbows and knees."

Tim was waiting as Amy walked in. She had knee high boots, fishnet stockings and a large 7-inch dildo sticking out from between her legs. Tim couldn't get over it to see above the large protruding dick his wife now had.

"So all you can do is look at my dick, huh?"

Bashfully Tim darted his head to the floor.

"I should have fucked you with this a lot earlier in our marriage. That way now I would be fucking you with a much larger dick. I know how you sluts like to have the biggest cock that can fit into your tight hole. I can just imagine taking your cherry on our honeymoon, and seeing you beg for me to go gentle." Amy looked at him for a second. "You've been wanting for me to treat you like a slut. Haven't you?"

"Yes, Amy."

Slap! Amy took her hand and slapped his ass again. Slap! "You will address me as your Worship! Now get up and bend over the back of that lower chair in the corner."

"Yes your Worship. Sorry your Worship."

Amy then tied with rope his hands to the front legs of the chair, and then tied his ankles to the back legs.

"You have pretty face. You need some cock sucking lipstick, don't you?" She left to grab some of her bright red lipstick. On her return she grab his dick from behind and took some of the pre-cum that had formed at the tip and placed it on the tip of her strap-on. She then moved to the front of him with her dick bobbing up and down till it was just in front of his lips. "Pucker up my cock sucking whore." She then bent down and carefully put the lipstick on him, fascinated that she was actually living out one of her fantasies of dominating him.

He then opened his mouth for her large 2-inch in diameter, 7-inch dick. "I like to hear a whore beg for my dick. I don't just let any bitch suck my cock."

"Please my Worship, I want suck on your cock. I want to feel you long dick pushing down my throat."

Amy looked down on him and pushed her pelvis toward his face and could feel her dick going into her husband's mouth. That almost made her cum, and she thought to herself how she was going to love the years to come.

To be continued...

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