tagBDSMOpening Him Up Ch. 05

Opening Him Up Ch. 05


Amy looked at me after thinking for a second and then remarked, "I don't think we should go back to our apartment. We should probably head to our cabin. At this time of night it shouldn't take more than two hours to drive there." She took a breath and then continued. "I'll drive. I guess with the way you are, in women's underwear and all, you should ride in the backseat."

The softness of Amy's voice, that she had been using with me, was unfamiliar and a contrasted to what I was becoming accustomed to in our new "roles." I tried to gather myself and said, "That sounds like a good idea, and I have some of my regular cloths there too."

She left me in the backseat, as I was, naked except for the 5-inch heels and hose. I pulled off the heels and gave my feet a rest. As we pulled away from the parking lot the juice from her pussy had just about dried on me, and I sniffed myself, loving the fact that I smelled like her pussy.

The welts on my ass were still sore, so I felt it best to lie on my back with my knees up in the air till we got to the cabin. I hoped that the people passing in trucks and busses wouldn't be able to look down and see me.

Amy looked to be in deep thought as she was driving. She gave me a quick glance then said, "You know that cabin used to be called a house. Well, it actually still is a house. My parents had a farm there, a long time ago. Back when I was a little girl. I wonder how that barn out back looks now. I've never shown it to you before, have I?"

"No, I don't think so. I think I've only been in the cabin?

"Yeah. I can vaguely remember when my family lost interest in the farm, and then they got rid of the animals. They sort of forgot all about the farm, and started to call what used to be a house, their cabin in the woods. My parents had another place in the city and decided to just live there. Which is how I... I mean we, go the cabin for ourselves."

I then responded to her, "Well, luckily I've been in the "cabin" enough times to have some of my clothing there. This trip should be a perfect opportunity for you to now show me the farm part, since before I guess we were always too busy doing other things that you never had the chance to show me."

She didn't say a word in response, but I could tell her mind was still working. I was too tired to think about what was on her mind.

Eventually we made it to the cabin, and I found myself putting the heels back on to make it over the sharp hard gravel that lead to the cabin's front door. Luckily there were woods all around the cabin so I didn't worry about on lookers.

It wasn't raining there, and the moon was shinning bright, illuminating the ground a ghost white.

Amy stopped in her tracks and looked at me. She said in a casual voice, "Hey, let's take a look at the barn. I believe that there is a light in there. All the talk in the car got me wondering about seeing it again for myself."

"Amy, please. I'm tired, cold and literally beat, and these high heels are killing me."

She turned to me with a very serious face that almost looked like she was annoyed with me and said, "You are my Bitch. That does entitle you to bitch about things, but when I tell you I want to look and show you the barn, that means you will follow me like an obedient Bitch. Now I'm not expecting you to craw to the barn, but you will follow me there to look at it."

We got to the big red barn, and she opened the door and flipped on the lights. When my eyes adjusted I saw a large empty room, with dark dusty wooden walls and a floor filled with old straw and small piles of dirt. There was a table on the side of the room that had a small metal ring dangling in front of it. The ring looked to have a diameter just shy of an inch and a half, and it was welded to a strong two-link chain that was bolted it to the table.

"Would you look at that old table? You know what? Let me see what you look like bent over it."

I just looked at Amy like, please. But something inside me wanted to obey her. I made my way over to the table, my heels clicking loud in the barn. When I approached the table I spread my legs to get my waist equal to the table's height. I had to bow out my knees to compensate for the heels. I laid my chest and stomach flat on the table, feeling the cold wood against me. A cold shiver down my spine and my sphincter tightened. My arms stretched across the table.

Amy stood beside me and then instructed me to move over a little to the right. She then quickly grabbed my cock and I felt her putting it through the ring that was attached to the table. She didn't have any difficulty fitting it through since I wasn't hard. Yet.

She was sort of stroking it. Pulling on it to get its full length through the ring. My cock responded by getting very hard and swollen. Without anticipating it, I was now stuck to the table by my dick. I felt the ring very tight around my thick cock. The ring must have been smaller than I previously thought. I tried to jerk my body to see if I could get my cock free, but the ring was extremely secure. Then I noticed that the table was actually nailed to the frame of the barn.

With a new fear I started to jerk my body and reached down to see if I could free myself from the ring. Amy then said, "Baby, from where I'm standing, I can't tell if you're struggling or trying to fuck the table?" I felt her pants push against my ass. "This is nice. You got your legs spread really well too. You know you did get yourself in the right position for fucking. Or should I say for someone else to fuck your ass." She then broke out into an evil laugh that made my stomach turn.

I leaned up and continued to try to pull the ring off with my hands, but I couldn't. My attempts were hurting my swollen cock and the swelling was only getting worse.

Amy pushed me down hard from the back, and got me so I was fully bent over again. "Stay down and stop playing with yourself Bitch!"

"Amy, I think I'm really stuck to the table, and I don't know if the swelling can really go down with the ring so tight."

"If you're really stuck, then I think we should take advantage of the situation." Amy looked about the barn and saw some old rope hanging from the nails in the adjacent wall. "Let me tie your wrists to the wall." Amy then started to move the rope around my wrists.

"Ok, but after this we got to figure out how I'm going to get free from this ring."

"Don't worry about the ring my little pet," as she finished securing my hands to the wall. She proceeded to tie up my knees to the legs of the table, and kept them so they'd remain bowed out.

"Ok, you can untie me now."

"Let me put something over your head. Hold on." A moment later she put a black canvas bag over my head.

"You know the reason my parents had this ring on the bottom side of the table, was for attaching the dog leash to the table. We had a very wild dog that didn't always treat our guests to kindly. So they would snap the leash onto the table to not let the dog get out of control. The dog was very strong so the ring was made to be very strong as well. Who would ever know that one day I too would have a BITCH that needed to be tied to the table?"

I don't know why, but Amy's talk was making me sick with lust. I uttered under my breath, "I need you to fuck me, please."

WHOP! She hit me with what felt like a cane. "I found the old riding crop on the wall. How do you like it?"

My body jerked in response, and the ring yanked my dick hard.

"It hurts, my Worship."

"Then don't interrupt me." She paused for a moment. "Now you, like the dog, need to be trained about how to act around my guests. You will be naked like a dog and address my friends on your knees with your mouth open and your tongue hanging out. You may lick their shoes and shake your ass to show how happy you are that they came to see ME. You can't hump their leg though. Hehe."

"Yes, my Worship."

"Dogs don't talk, they bark. So BARK!"

"Arf, arf!"

"That's all I should hear from a bitch in heat."

"ARF, ARF!!"

In a very disappointed voice I heard her say, "You are pathetic." Then I heard her walk out, and leave me there alone. I was speechless and didn't know what to do.

The barn must have been keeping me warm somehow, because I wasn't freezing anymore. It felt as though an hour or so had past. I hadn't heard the house door open or close in a while, but eventually I did hear footsteps approaching from outside the barn.

I heard what sounded like boots approach me, and then it stopped. Next I heard the sound of a zipper being pulled down, like from a pair of jeans. I didn't hear any other cars come by the place so I knew it had to be Amy. Because of what happened before she left, I was afraid to make any sounds, and tried to keep quiet.

I heard what sounded like spit dripping out of someone's mouth and then a very warm wet object touched my cold ass crack. Maybe when Amy was in the house, she warmed up one of her dildos, but I wasn't aware of her having any dildos at the cabin.

I felt it slowly starting to push into me, and I felt what seemed to be a head and then veins go past my sphincter. I let out a gasp as it entered me. It had to be Amy, so I just shut my mouth not knowing what else to do but take the invader.

Leather gloved hands started to grab at my waist, as the top of rough jeans, hit and rubbed against the welts on my ass. I found my body wanting to get into rhythm with the one violating me. The sensation of being fucked and the ring restraining my movements eventually caused me climax to a shaking orgasm. I believe I came with my violator because their fast paced fucking had turned into a couple of long hard thrusts. I knew it still had to be Amy, even though no one uttered a word.

I heard the violator step back and walk away. Then heard the sound of a zipper being yanked up.

I could feel liquid dripping from my open ass. I thought to myself that this doesn't mean anything. Wasn't my ass a little wet before, when Amy had fucked it for a long period of time? That must be what had happened again this time.

After another hour or so went by, my legs and arms were completely numb. My dick was still swollen, locked in the ring. Somehow with all of this, I feel asleep.


"Wake-up! Bitch!" I heard Amy yell in my ear, as she ripped the canvas off my head. Bright sunlight shinned in to my eyes from the doorway. "Sorry honey, but I was so tired last night. When I went inside, I just feel right to sleep on the bed. Oh! My! Gosh! Is that your cum I see on the floor. Wow honey, what did you do with yourself last night?

"Is that a man's cum on your ASS!?!"

"Oh! Amy. Don't tell me..." Panic rushed over my body.

"HA HA, just kidding. Hehe That was I last night. I just wanted to see your face. Don't worry my little bitch; your ass is safe with me. And I notice your erection went down."

"Yeah, I guess. I must have lost my erection in my sleep."

"But it looks like it's getting hard again. Must be because you're just waking up."

"Oh, please baby get it out of the ring before it gets hard again, I can't reach it or move all tied up like this."

"I don't know? I kinda like you tied up like that."

"Please Amy. Get my dick out of that ring."

"O.K," she said, as she reluctantly removed my cock from the ring, and then I looked up and noticed my hands being a little blue from the lack of circulation.

Amy then continued, "I can't believe you didn't put up a fight last night. You are such a slut. You would let anything or anyone fuck your ass, wouldn't you?"

"Amy I knew it was you." She then stopped herself from taking off my ankle and wrist restraints.

"Bullshit! If you knew it was your Worship, why didn't you say anything? You didn't because you were sooo horny you would have taken anything in the ass.

You're a bitch boy. Already my husband is a bitch boy slut! So do you know what I have to do now? Maybe I should introduce you to my friend Rachel. She probably won't believe how fast you've progressed, or should I say digressed. Haha!

"You know she used to have a stable of boy toys she would fuck. Maybe in this barn I can start doing that too. Load up on OTHER boy toys that I can fuck. This way over time, when you've seen me fuck countless boys, you'd realize that you're just another boy in the barn that gets fucked in the ass on occasion. Going from how you liked it from last night it wouldn't matter to you who or what fucked your ass."

"Amy please... Just untie me." She pulled me by my hair violently and I completely gave in and realized in my weakness that it was right for me to be her servant. "Ah! My Worship... I'll do whatever you want, and always be your bitch. Please?"

To be continued...

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