tagBDSMOpening Him Up Ch. 06

Opening Him Up Ch. 06


"You are to stay here now," Amy said matter-of-factly, as she led me into the cabin after my experience in the barn. "Go use the bathroom, take a shower and rest. Tomorrow we'll discuss your future."

I made my way to the toilet, feeling bruised and raped. My whole body pulsated between pain and numbness. The hot shower cleansed me. It seemed to wash away the old me. As I rubbed the soap, my body felt like a sexual object that had been damaged. The water somehow washed away at my male pride, or what I thought was pride.

Amy was my Mistress. I had called her my Worship, for how she made me want to cum at her feet. But she owned my body, and inside I enjoyed her taking advantage of me. I now understood that she was what ruled my mind and body, and perhaps the word Mistress was more fitting.

As I washed myself I felt that some hair had grown back. On instinct I looked for a razor and cream. Upon finding what I needed I shaved everything. Leaving the area around my ass for last. My ass hole was sore, and running water over it relieved some of the pain.

After I finished shaving I stuck a finger into myself. My body resisted, because of the pain, but my erection grew. It was morning, and my Mistress may want to fuck me before her breakfast. I felt to be her good slave I must always be clean and ready to serve.

I got out of the shower, dried off and brushed my teeth. I didn't see that she left out any new cloths for me to wear, so I came out of the room naked.

"What are you doing standing. You should know that when I see you, you must be on your knees," Amy instructed.

I got to my knees and crawled into bed. The bed smelled fresh, like everything had been recently washed.

I don't know how long I slept, but when I woke it was morning again. I smelled food being cooked in the kitchen. I crawled to the bathroom to use it and clean myself again.

When I crawled out to the kitchen Amy was there in full clothing. Looking down at me. She was bare foot and her toes looked so beautiful. Just seeing them made me want to suck on them.

Amy snapped me to attention. "This is how it's going to work. You will stay here... Your life is going to be totally different. You are not going to have any cloths here." Amy said this while getting some food from the stove. She then placed a full plate of food on the floor in front of me.

She moved to the couch across from the kitchen and stretched herself out in a contemplative manner. "This cabin needs work, as do you. You are to stay here to renovate the cabin. You will completely fix this place up. From the inside paint to the yard.

"I've got to work to support us. Work is far from here, so I will have to visit you. I will probably stop by twice a week. I'll make sure you have food and whatever supplies you need for the home improvement.

"You will work here, miles away from any civilization. That is why you shouldn't have any problem being naked at all times. I do expect you to always be clean." She leaned her head forward and said, "Yes, that does include your ass."

"I am leaving some toys here that I know you'll love playing with. One being a butt plug that you must wear at least one hour every morning."

Amy reached into a bag by the couch and pulled out a dildo. It looked realistic. It was white flesh colored, thick and probably six or seven inches in length, including the balls at the base of it.

"Before you go to bed... every night... I want you to fuck yourself with this for at least twenty minutes. That is every night. Deep throat it for lubrication. I want your body to understand that your ass is now the most sensitive sexual region of your body. Eventually you will be able to ejaculate without touching your penis. The mere act of fucking your ass must be enough to make you cum.

"To help your body learn this, you are to only touch your penis while masturbating three times a week. Every month it is to go down by one. Therefore, next month you may only touch your penis twice a week while masturbating and so on.

"Yesterday I did a lot of talking with my friend Rachel, and she said you are to no longer have access to my pussy. When I fuck you now, I will use a double-headed dildo. That will give my pussy the pleasure your dick never could. Watching you squirm like a slut as I'm fucking you should be enough for me to cum.

"Other than that, you needn't worry about me being sexually satisfied. Knowing that you're slaving here alone naked should help keep my pussy wet at night. If that is not enough, I'm sure I can find other ways to keep myself pleasured. Rachel said I could always call her if I need a real man with a big cock to fuck me. Which that, as of now, is none of your business.

"I will be here too to check on your progress with the house and make sure you're keeping up with your toys."

After that day, it was just as she stated. I was redoing the house and she was visiting about twice a week to check on my progress. I had a lot of time to reflect on my new life, and I found that I was very happy with the way it turned out.

After my second month being at the cabin, Mistress started to ask me how my anal masturbation was progressing. She wanted to know if I could cum yet just anally masturbating. I was doing as she instructed but I hadn't been able to cum with just doing my ass. My dick wasn't always hard either. I also couldn't cum while Mistress was fucking me.

One late rainy night, two months living at the cabin, my Mistress Amy came home angry. I was stroking the dildo in and out of me when I heard the door slam. I quickly put the dildo down on the nightstand and crawled as fast as I could to the door. I greeted her, as I always did, by licking her shoes. I felt my ass was still gaped open from the dildo.

I saw mud on the sides of her black leather shoes. I licked on the top, and she said to me in a deep voice, "Lick the mud off." I could feel that my Mistress was very angry. My tongue eagerly licked up the dirt that felt like slimy sand. My body started to shake in fear with what my Mistress may do to me.

"Get on the bed on your hands and knees...Now!"

I quickly crawled on the bed and heard her loudly behind me put on her double-headed strap-on. Without a moments pause she thrust it inside me.

"Ahhh... Mistress. I yearn for your cock... so bad." Mistress Amy relentlessly slammed it into me. The sound of her hips smacking my ass was echoing throughout the room.

"Bad? You have been bad. Do you think I have you here for leisure time?" She slapped my ass hard and continued fucking me without any sign of exhaustion.

"Mistress... ahhh... How can my body better serve you?"

"By cumming when I fuck you in the ass. By cumming when you fuck yourself in the ass! You shouldn't need that thing you call a dick.

"I need you to truly feel yourself as a whore. Start bending your lower back. That's it. Yes. Thrust your hips back and rotate them. Try to get as much of my cock in you as you can. "

I started to roll my lower back and loosen the movements of my body. My mouth opened as I started to moan like whore. I saw from the corner of my eye the dildo on the nightstand that I had been using earlier. I needed that in my mouth. I started to move myself towards it.

"Yes, whore. Take that dirty cock off the nightstand and suck it." Amy moved with me. Fucking me as I crawled on the bed to grab the dildo.

Once I grabbed it I turned my head back towards my Mistress and moved my long hair to the side. I wanted her to see me deep throat it. I eagerly took the dildo down my throat and then held the base of the dildo to the bed so I could bob my head up and down on it. My hips were still moving, almost on their own, trying to keep up with her viscous speed.

"Ah... I'm sooo pissed at you. You're a fucking little bitch. Close your eyes and see yourself as you really are... A cock sucking whore that loves anal sex. That needs lots of cock from her Mistress. That's right. You are a "her" and a "she." You have always been a pussy. And you are my pussy. Your whole life has been to serve this purpose.

"How would you like me to pay for you to have nice large breasts? That way you can be my tits and ass girl. You'd like that, wouldn't you? I'll do that for you." Amy suddenly stopped, bent down and whispered in my ear, "Do you hear me? They're going to be nice and round like your pretty little ass."

My Mistress then resumed, "Now, you are to cum with me. You can't touch your dick. Get used to the idea of not having a dick. I've decided it's better for you to not have one. Soon I will have it removed from this feminine body of yours." Still with a touch of anger in her voice she ran her hands around my waist and hips. "Besides, to me you've always been dickless. Don't worry though; you can play with your new tits.

"I shouldn't be telling you this, but I've been lacing your food with estrogen to further feminize you. Haven't you noticed your voice starting to change, or your body hair not needing to be shaven as much? The slight changes to your form... You are my sexual creature. My experiment. You are a sexual object that I play with. My husband is gone, and I am having fun. Your name is Lisa. Slutty Lisa."

"Lisa. Consider that you've already lost your dick. Have you yet, come to realize that after next month your only true release, your only moment of happiness, will be climaxing to me or anyone else I chose fucking your ass?"

What she was saying to me wasn't registering. I was just an animal in heat. I tried to build myself up to cum. My penis wasn't fully hard, but I guess from how spread my legs were on the bed, the tip was just slightly rubbing on the blankets. My eyes were still closed and I actually lost myself in being a slut. I could actually see myself as a whore.

"Alright, I'm going to cum. Are you ready to cum with me?"

"Yes," I mumbled after pulling the dildo out of my mouth.

"Get your lips back on that cock." Mistress Amy was still fucking me enraged. She was slapping my ass hard and raking her nails down my back.

With my eyes closed tight with tears of ecstasy, I suddenly felt like a little 19-year-old girl, and my ruthless lesbian lover was fucking me. My ass felt small, curvy and tight. I was being fucked and my body chemistry was saying it needed this.

Then it happened. I came with Amy. I came screaming through the dildo. Cum was squirting out of me in slow waves and then leaked cum like a pussy. My Mistress grabbed at it and noticed that I wasn't hard, but that I had cum on the blankets.

She looked at me and was suddenly pleased. "Very nice. You see you can cum with just a good ass fucking."

To be continued...

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