tagBDSMOpening Him Up Ch. 07

Opening Him Up Ch. 07


Amy looked down at her slave Lisa, her former husband, which now appeared very effeminate. He stayed perfectly still on his hands and knees in front of her, not only because of his obedience but also the shock that he was finally able to cum with just the stimulation of his Mistress's strap-on.

She looked down between her legs and saw the thick dildo protruding from her. It was still lodged deep in her slave's silky smooth ass. She looked at her sticky fingers that were wet from her slave's cum and thought about how she loved tasting him.

She put her fingers in her mouth and savored his taste. She then ran her wet fingers down his spine and let out a little moan of pleasure, as she felt his hairless back. She gently grabbed him by his long hair just to see his newly forming body bend and writhe to her power.

With her strap-on still remaining in him she asked, "Do you like how your body is changing Lisa?"

The sexual rush was over for him and he was now thinking a little clearer. He was now able to realize what she had been telling him while he was being fucked. He was now to be Lisa and that his Mistress has had him on drugs to become more feminine.

Slap! Amy slapped him on his ass and yelled, "Did you hear me? Are you liking your new body Lisa?"

When she slapped him, his anal sphincter grabbed tightly around her cock. "Yes. Thank you Mistress for allowing me to become my true self."

He didn't know where those words came from, but with the sex rush gone, it still felt right to be there with her in that capacity.

"Rachel has been teaching me many new things. Men and their testosterone get this world into too much trouble, so she tells me. They even get the relationship in trouble. The best way to fix this problem is to fix the husband. Get him away from living the life of following his dick.

"Teach him to be more sensitive." Just then she jerked her dildo inside him. "Teach him to be more like us women." Amy ran her hands to his enlarging breasts and gave his nipples a little pinch.

"Then, Rachel told me, you will have a husband that excites you and takes care of you. A husband that is not destructive but is productive in serving your needs."

Amy then removed herself from Lisa and got up and took off her strap-on. "You agree with this, right?"

"Yes Mistress. I understand."

"Would you like the honor of meeting Rachel?"

"I would love the honor Mistress."

"Good, because now I think you're ready.

"Rachel has a yacht and we will meet her at a dock not to far from here. Clean yourself and the bed. We will leave tomorrow."

Amy instructed her slave to dress in his old men's clothing, which she brought in her car. Lisa felt strange in these cloths, especially now that his body was more feminine. She didn't have him wear any sexual devices either. He wore sneakers, a regular shirt with men's underwear and pants. He thought and felt this was all very strange.

When they made it to the dock he carried his Mistress's luggage to the ship. The ship was huge. The statue of the Greek Goddess Nike was shown at the head of the ship. The ship was called "Goddess." It must have been at least 6 levels.

Once they boarded the Captain took them to Amy's room. The Captain was a beautiful woman in her late thirties dressed in regular sea captain attire. After they dropped the luggage in Amy's quarters the Captain took them to where Rachel was.

"We are ready to sail away Mistress Rachel." The Captain spoke very calm and sure of herself as she entered the open balcony. Rachel then instructed her to get the ship under way. Then they were off to the middle of know where; away from all civilization.

Rachel was sitting by the rail in the sun surrounded by three servants, which looked to be shemales. They were all topless with breasts at least 34D, wearing different colored thongs and 6-inch heels.

"Hello Tim," smiled Rachel. "How do you like my slaves?" Rachel pointed to the three shemales serving her. Two of the slaves were rubbing her feet while the other was serving her a drink.

There were also three real women, all over 40 years of age that were lying in lounge chairs tanning in the sun with Rachel. There was a table in middle which had a large flesh colored dildo standing up on it. Tim afraid to make eye contact with the other people found himself looking down at it.

Rachel then corrected herself, "They are not particularly my slaves, at least not yet. They are actually the slaves of these fine ladies over to my left." Rachel's hand pointed to the three other ladies tanning. "They were merely their husbands, but now they are much more. These three slaves are now productive servants.

"If you are wondering, my dedicated slaves are inside and are tied up for the moment." All the women then laughed in unison at Rachel's sly little joke.

Tim was feeling very weird and uncomfortable standing there in his old manly cloths and his downward eyes continued to drift to the large dildo on the table.

Rachel then spoke again. "How do you feel? You look like you're not too comfortable. Is it those manly cloths that you're wearing?"

Tim didn't know if it was the cloths, but she was right, he didn't feel right. He responded to her saying, "No. I guess it could be my cloths."

"Oh, would you feel more comfortable looking like these slaves, wearing nothing but a thong and high heels?" Rachel looked at him very seriously.

"Maybe I would," replied Tim hesitantly.

Rachel then spoke looking at the other women. "You see it is in his nature to be sex slave. He doesn't feel right in proper men's clothing. He needs to be a slave and not a man. He craves to be a sexual object. Is this true?" She looked back at Tim who was in shock at her statements.

"I noticed you keep looking at the dildo I have sitting on the table." Rachel tried to establish eye contact with Tim. "You are thinking about putting it in your mouth and sucking it. True?" There was a silence then. Rachel then continued, "Or is there something else on your mind?" Everyone was looking at Tim.

With I shaken voice Tim replied, "I was looking at the dildo. I was thinking..."

Rachel then said with confidence, "Why don't you come over to the table and show us what exactly you were thinking?"

As if Rachel controlled his body, Tim got on his knees and crawled to the table. He looked at the dildo for a second and then quickly put it in his mouth. He was now feeling better. He closed his eyes and tried to suck it all the way down his throat, which he was able to do. The women did a small cheer when they saw his lips reach the base of the dildo.

"Good work Amy," Rachel said and then looked to Tim. "You can be yourself here slave. You don't need to pretend you are a strong man in those cloths. Your Mistress has given you a woman's name, is that correct?"

He acknowledged nodding his head with the dildo in his mouth.

With a giggle Rachel replied, "Then please tell me your real name."

"It's Lisa, Mistress."

"Thank you. You see how easy it is slave to be who you truly are. Now get more comfortable by taking off those fake cloths."

Tim, now to be called Lisa by more than just his wife, took the dildo out of his mouth and started to remove his cloths. "No, leave the dildo in your mouth while you take your cloths off. You've been in love with that thing since you got here, why take it out now?" Mistress Rachel said.

"Amy take Lisa to room C5 down the hallway to your right. Tie him up appropriately. You should find our new anal hook in there, and then come back out here for drinks with us. By the way Lisa, your tits are too small, you should beg your Mistress Amy to get your boobs done. There is nothing like the site of a submissive that has a shapely ass, tight waist and big tits. Lisa... you must be envious of how large the other slave's breasts are. If your Mistress Amy can't help you with getting them done, I will."

Lisa nodded his head and moaned into the dildo to acknowledge Mistress Rachel.

They made it to room C5. There were straps from the ceiling and straps on the floor. There was also a hook that hung from the ceiling quit low. Mistress Amy explained that this was an anal hook. The hook was metal and was inserted into Lisa's ass and then slack was removed so the rope would have some tension. The wrists and ankles were bond spread eagle. Mistress Amy saw a cock gag on the floor and strapped it to Lisa's face. Mistress Amy then left the room with Lisa bond and gagged naked with an anal hook attaching him to the ceiling.

Mistress Amy joined the other Mistresses and slaves outside. Rachel looked at Amy as she sat down and said, "You've done some good work, but there is more left to be done. You see these other slaves; they have had their balls removed. Pink slave come here." Rachel then under her breath said to Amy, "We are calling them by the color of their thongs right now. Each slave has a designated color. Your slave will get grey thongs to wear. Also lets try to just refer to them as it, slave, or property."

The pink slave then came over to them and Rachel pulled down its thong and lifted its penis up. "You see how small the ball sack is and that there is a scar going across it. There is nothing inside. Just like I've told you before we have a ceremony we do here on the boat to remove their key testosterone-producing organ. This slave will also eventually have its penis removed."

Rachel then let go of the slave and told it to go. "Amy we have a little surgical room here on the boat and a plastic surgeon. We can completely take care of your slave. Even get it larger breasts!"

"I'm not sure I'm ready for that yet."

"Oh yes you are. Haven't you noticed the improvements with everything else since you've been doing the things I told you to do? I didn't mention this before but these three slaves on the dock are going to have their penis's removed on this trip." Rachel then stopped for a moment with an evil grin. "They will have no balls, no dick, just a pee hole. They won't even have something that resembles a vagina. And they shouldn't! They are not women; we are. They are asexual servants. That's it."

"Rachel, are you serious?"

"Oh am I."

"Wow. That really is something."

Rachel then calmed her sudden excitement and said to Amy, "For now you need to get your slave fixed and get it serious tits. Then it will completely belong to you and make an even better servant." Rachel then looked at the other ladies out on the dock.

"I'm so sorry Amy, I didn't introduce you to these other ladies. This is Rose, Anita and Sandra."

Anita then said to Amy, "We ladies have been talking about your slave. We haven't fucked a slave that still has balls in years. We'd all like to screw it before it loses its testosterone source. Have it fight with its last bit of masculinity as it spews out the last of its real sperm."

Amy then replied, "Well, my slave is very submissive and has been on estrogen for a while now. I don't think there's any masculinity left in my Lisa."

Sandra, an older lady slightly overweight responded, "Honey, I'm fifty-five years old and I can see a little stud in that slave boy of yours. Let me tell you there is nothing like seeing a truly feminized boy after he has just had a great ass gangbanging. Well there is something close to that good. Fucking that boy's ass in a gangbang." All the ladies including Amy laughed. The slaves kept silent.

Rachel then said, "It's now a she and we should be calling it an it. And yes Amy, you need to share with these other women your slave before it loses all of what makes it a resemble a man. Now that you are part of the club you will also have access to the new slaves before they get fixed.

"Let's see if Sandra is right. Tonight let's have ten of our best slaves that have had no balls in at least two years line up bent over. We'll all whip them softly, and the one that looks the hottest being whipped we'll take to the gangbang. We'll put that slave next to Amy's new one, Lisa. All five of us women, and I'll offer to the women that legitimately work on this ship, will gangbang both slaves in tandem. All the paid crew on board are women, and with the exception on the Captain they will all love to participate.

"This should give us at least ten women to gangbang two slaves. Those two slaves will get their asses worked out.

"Every woman will have to fuck the one that won the whipping first and then fuck Lisa. After your turn you can get back in line and screw either one of them up to three times additional times, if you are still having trouble deciding. After we're all done we women will get together and vote on whether the one with balls was better.

"Just to let you know Amy we have plenty of strap-ons here. They are all at least six-inches in length, and they are all different shapes and colors. Once you pick what you are going to use for the gangbang you can't change. While you are waiting for your turn, if there is a slave's mouth open... you know what you can do.

"They will not be bond. They can be on their back or on their knees. This will give us all the opportunity to see how well they move their bodies. Any questions?" They were all quiet.

Rachel then finished saying with a big smile, "Amy if your toy wins it can keep its balls for an extra day. If not they are coming off tomorrow."

To be concluded...

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