tagBDSMOpening Him Up Ch. 08

Opening Him Up Ch. 08


A couple of days had passed since they boarded Rachel's ship and they had the gangbang. It was almost dinnertime and Amy was in C5 with her slave. He was tied up and gagged. Amy was in a comfortable dress sitting on a chair across from her slave pondering what things were going to happen to him.

There was a knock at the door. It was the Captain. Amy yelled, "Come in!"

The Captain entered and stated that the dinner was now being served. Amy then asked, "What do you think about all this slave stuff?"

"I don't really think it's my place to say. I get paid pretty nicely to just shut my mouth and make sure the ship safely goes to and from port."

Amy then said with all sincerity, "Please tell me what you honestly think. I'm not too sure about all of this."

"I don't know your story Amy." The Captain then walked over to were Lisa was tied up. "He still has his balls and doesn't have the breast implants yet. There is still man in him.

"Don't you enjoy being with a man Amy? Having a strong man that can hold you and caress you is something I would never give up." The Captain then put her face against Lisa's face as if to smell his cheek.

The Captain then continued, "Won't you miss the feeling of his cock in your pussy and the weight of his body holding yours to the bed?"

"I do miss it actually. It's been a long time since I've let my slave enter me." Amy couldn't believe that those words had escaped her, especially in front of her slave. "I mean yeah, I could use a real cock from a man."

"I'm going to get myself in trouble if I keep speaking. Dinner is served and I must leave you two alone." The Captain then left the room.

Amy went over to Lisa. She ran her hands gently over his body and whispered in his ear. "Darling my love. I think I agree with the Captain. I do miss the man that held me at night and made love to me. I think it would be strange if you didn't have balls. I don't know if I can have them give you breast implants, and then the thought of them eventually removing your cock..."

Her slave couldn't speak with the cock gag in his mouth, but tears slowly swelled up in his eyes.

"Tim... if there is still a Tim in this body, I'm not going to go through with this. I'm going to tell them at dinner that I don't want any more treatments for you. Your body is going to stay a man's. I love being in control of you. But I think if they have their way with you, you won't be you anymore." Amy then rested her head on his chest.

"Maybe there is a middle ground to dominating you, and we probably past it sometime ago before the medical treatments." She then reached down and took hold of his flaccid cock.

"I want this cock to be in me again. Even though you'll be on top doing me, you'll know I'm the one in charge of you still, right?

"I need to tell these other ladies here that nothing more will be done to my husband. That's right, I still consider you my husband and I'm not going to lose any more of you. I'm keeping you balls, your cock and your natural chest."

Amy then slapped him across the face and said, "I love you."

She then left the room for dinner with him hanging there still tied up and anal hooked to the ceiling.

About two hours went by and then Mistress Rachel entered where Lisa was being kept. She was alone. She went over to where Lisa was and pulled off his cock gag. He then gasped for air and stretched his mouth.

Mistress Rachel stood in front of him with her eyes no more than a foot from his face. Before now Lisa hadn't really been able to look at her. Her eyes were so dark you couldn't see where her pupils started. Her hair was dark like a raven and her stare burned with hatred. She had olive skin. Her body was fine and fit. She was wearing a tight black dress that looked like something a woman would wear at a formal meeting. She was a very attractive thirty-five years old woman.

Lisa saw the arm muscles of Mistress Rachel flex as she gently took hold of his exposed testicles. He could tell she was holding back and he became very afraid.

"I don't know if you understand how much pleasure I'm going to get from cutting these balls off. I'm going to tie you up to a heavy metal contraption outside, which will have a nice little cutting board between your legs. You'll be on your back so you can see my excitement. There will be a small rope very tightly tied to the top of your sack." Just then she started to scratch her nails at the top of his sack. "I'll cut below the rope so there is little mess."

She then yanked his balls gently. "Then your balls will be mine." She rotated her face around his, as if to kiss him on the lips. She then released his balls and walked to side of the room were there was a large cabinet door. "After your balls are cut off I will keep them in here."

She opened the cabinet door to reveal at least twenty small jars lined up in rows of five. Each one contained a pair of testicles floating in a clear preservative. "These are from every slave I've successfully feminized since I was twenty-two years old."

She turned at looked at him. "I want yours up here too. Don't you want to contribute to my collection?"

In fear Lisa responded, "I... I... Mistress..."

Rachel took what Lisa was saying as a yes and continued, "Then why are you putting hesitation in Mistress Amy? You need to confirm with her that this is what you need and desire. There can't be any doubt in her mind that what she has and will do to you will be for the betterment of her life and the life of others. You are becoming a true instrument or toy for women.

"With this new life you will not be a perverted man, but a voluptuous servant that neither resembles a man nor a woman, but you will have some assets of both. You will serve women, as men should. These steps are to help clean you of your vile masculinity so you may be more like the superior sex. The female.

"Your Mistress Amy has done a good job of starting this process with you. Both of you still have more to grow though." Distant screams of a man could suddenly be heard.

"There is another slave on this ship that is in a also giving me his jewels tonight. To further strengthen Mistress Amy, I'm having her take part in his ceremony, which is going on right now. We give no pain relief and when the job is done his balls will be immediately put into a jar. Then I will have the slave present them to me."

Mistress Rachel was trying to read Lisa for how the slave was taking it. "You are schedule next. To help with the pain of removing your testicles, I'm going to give you a very intense whipping. Would you like this?"

"I don't know, I'm not sure..."

"Shut up!" Mistress Rachel then grabbed his left ass check and started to dig her nails in. "The answer is yes! Aww you're starting to cry. This is why you are a sissy."

Mistress Rachel composed herself and said, "You are getting your balls removed regardless of what doubts you or your Mistress Amy are having. I should even take this little cock. I want you to beg your Mistress to have me cut your balls off. I want you to beg like this is the biggest thing you ever wanted in your life.

"If you beg her convincingly will make sure your balls are cut off nice and fast and with the least amount of pain. If you don't beg Mistress Amy to have you nuts cut off, I will use the dullest knife and take forever to cut them. The pain will be so intense that you'll probably pass out. I leave that choice up to you."

"Yes Mistress. I will beg my Mistress Amy to have you remove my balls." Lisa began to feel very sick to his stomach.

"Now that's a good sissy. I guess now you'll want that whipping." Rachel then stood back and got a riding crop and started to whip the ass, thighs and back of the slave Lisa. With every jolt of pain came a yank from the anal hook. Lisa started to become faint and felt the cool blood drip down his body.

Lisa then noticed that he was now laying on his back outside on a cold metal surface. He must have passed out for a little bit. His limbs were tied up to opposite corners of the contraption. He looked at a full moon above him and felt the breeze of the salty sea air. The boat lights were then shown on him and Mistress Amy approached.

Well-conditioned Lisa said to Mistress Amy, "Please have my testicles removed." His voice was broken and weak. With a little more strength he continued, "Please Mistress I beg you to have my testicles removed by Mistress Rachel."

Mistress Amy then leaned down to him and whispered, "I know you're in a lot of pain. I'm going to get us off this ship. I don't want you to losing your nuts." This was not registering with Lisa. He was broken. The pain of the whipping was so bad he thought he wouldn't even know when they cut off his testicles.

"Mistress Rachel," spoke Mistress Amy, "He has requested that you do the removal, but I am now understanding the importance of this and I would like to cut them off myself."

Mistress Rachel looked like she was suspicious of Mistress Amy's sudden epiphany, but still wanted to give Mistress Amy the chance to prove the she was becoming a true dominant over her slave.

"Yes, you may Mistress Amy. You may remove your slaves testicles, but under one condition. After you remove his testicles I will then remove his penis."

"But the other slaves here still have their penis, I thought." Amy was thinking that if she got him free then it wouldn't matter what was promised to Rachel.

Rachel then yelled out, "Come here slaves black, silver and blue." Three shemale slaves with the appropriate colored thongs came over. "Show Mistress Amy what's between your legs."

The slaves then pulled down their thongs to reveal nothing but what looked to be a clump of scar tissue between their legs. It was nothing that resembled a pussy or a cock.

Rachel then continued, "I was going to wait till later to remove your slave's penis, but since you now are feeling more confident with what we are doing, lets do the whole thing now."

"O.K." replied Mistress Amy.

Every one gathered around and the knife was handed to Mistress Amy. The ship's surgeon was next to her giving her instructions. The nuts and penis were now prepared for the cut.

Mistress Amy though was looking at how to quickly untie her slave. She knew there was a small boat on the side of the ship where they could escape. Hopefully they would find land or another boat before to long.

"You may cut now Mistress Amy," barked Mistress Rachel.

Mistress Amy then dove for the restraints to free her slave. Quickly she was taken by the other Mistresses and held back against the ship's wall.

"I guess you weren't as ready as you said you were. Do not freight, I will do you the favor." Mistress Rachel being the expert that she was then took the knife that Mistress Amy had dropped and put it to the slaves sack.

With a quick cut she removed Lisa's balls. "No!" Shouted Mistress Amy as she started to scream wildly. "Now don't cut off his cock too. I need him to have his cock!"

With another quick cut Mistress Rachel removed the slave's cock. Lisa passed out and the surgeon attended the slave. Mistress Amy began to sob.

Mistress Rachel picked up his fallen sack and penis and brought them over to Mistress Amy who was now on the floor sobbing. "One day you will understand that this is for the best and that I've done you a favor."

A couple of days had passed and slave Lisa was being kept in a recovery room. The Captain visited Mistress Amy in her quarters.

The Captain sat down next to Mistress Amy and said, "I feel for you and your husband. I've over heard that they are disturbed by how hurt you are by all of this."

With great difficulty the Captain then said, "They want to kill your slave so you loose your attachment to him. They are conceiving a snuff film. If you care about his life you and he need to leave."

"What?" Mistress Amy's face turned pale like she had seen a ghost. "Would they really do that?"

"They want to teach you a lesson about slaves. About them being less then human and they feel this is what you need. What I think you need is to be off this ship as soon as possible with what still remains of your husband.

"There is a ship on the side and I can get it set up and help you both sneak off the ship. Are you ready to do this?"

Mistress Amy then started to cry and said, "Yes, thank you soo much." With the Captain's help they were able to get off the ship and get back to their home.

Mistress Amy took Lisa to their old place in the city. A few months had now gone by since the visit to the "Goddess" ship and they hadn't had any sex. The title of Mistress Amy still seamed right to Lisa, as did being her husband being called Lisa. Mistress Amy though would no longer speak to Mistress Rachel or the other Mistresses.

Lisa was no longer on estrogen but still kept his body shaven. He dressed as a man and got a job working in an office. Outside of the home they called each other Amy and Tim. They tried to go back to how it was before it all started but the role change was permanent. Lisa felt that the Tim he knew died, and to only use that name at work or in public.

Another three months had passed. Mistress Amy watched her husband, the man who was now only seeing himself as her slave Lisa, come home one night. He looked a little depressed and they still hadn't had sex since being on the boat.

Mistress Amy grabbed a hold of Lisa's shirt and said, "Honey, I'm horny and I need some sex."

"Mistress I don't have a penis anymore. I can't have sex."

"Oh you still have an ass." She took one of his ass cheeks in her hand and gave him a wink. "Don't you remember I was able to make you cum just doing you from behind. Come on sweety, for me."

Lisa then gave in and before he knew it he was back on his hands and knees in front of her and she was supporting the old double-sided dildo. Then there was a pause as if something was wrong. Mistress Amy then said, "We don't have any lube here. I'm sorry honey but can you just suck my cock a little so you have some lube when I enter you."

Reluctantly her husband turned around and put his lips around her strap-on and began to work it down his throat. He closed his eyes and started to get aroused. Mistress Amy then gently tugged at his hair and told him to look at her.

He looked up at her while sucking on the dildo and she said, "That's plenty wet now. Turn around so I can make love to you." He turned around and pushed his ass towards her hips.

She slowly inserted the wide head into his ass. "You got a little tight didn't you Lisa?" Mistress Amy felt the resistance of his sphincter as it slowly opened.

"Yes Mistress, it has been a long time since I've felt your cock in me." He grunted softly as she slowly moved the entire length inside him. After it was in she rubbed the front of her hips slowly up and down on his ass cheeks.

She then leaned down and wrapped her arms around him to hold him as she began her thrusting. "Other than you orally satisfying me this is now the only way we can make love. Good thing we got the practice before she did... you know."

She then reached for his breast and felt how they had gotten smaller since he stopped taking the estrogen. "At least we got out of there before they gave you the implants."

"You know Mistress Amy. Sometimes I think they took what I thought made me a man. Now I'm not anything. Maybe I should be like a woman. Right now I'm taking it like a woman. I could get some nice large breasts and be on estrogen again. I could disappear from work and society and legally become a woman, then re-enter life as a woman. We can get married again, but as a lesbian couple."

"I don't know about that. I mean..." She then repositioned herself to get deeper into his ass. "I mean, I guess there isn't much making you a man anymore is there. I just don't know about me being lesbian if you were a man. And a wedding... Let's just think about you becoming a full female first.

"Because you've been working we can probably afford to get your breast done and start you on estrogen again. Then do the legal work and you're my girlfriend. After you've been my girlfriend for a few years then maybe I'll consider a gay wedding with you. hehe

"Oh, it feels so good fucking you again Lisa, I mean making love to you. You move so well under my cock. It's no wonder you won the gangbang competition. And your ass loosened up rather nicely tonight. I'm just sliding in and out of you like it's nothing. How are you liking my cock?

"I love your cock Mistress. You do me sooo good. I think... I'm going to cum." She felt his pee hole and noticed it was dripping a little clear fluid.

"Cum for me Lisa, cum from me fucking your ass." They then had a shattering orgasm and Mistress Amy held tightly to her husband as she made her last few thrusts.

Six months after that he had gone forward with the full sex change, but leaving his pee hole unchanged. His name was legally changed to Lisa. They now were girlfriends.

After two more years though, Mistress Amy couldn't take not having a man's cock inside her. She started to read internet stories about cuckolds. Then she found herself masturbating to those stories.

It was only time till she brought it up to Lisa. "Honey, it's been a couple years since your sex change. You love me, right?"

"Yes Mistress"

"It's hard for me to say this but I need some cock. Real cock from a real man. I'm sorry about what happened to you on that boat but we can't change that. I have needs too. You may be satisfied with the strap-on, but strap-on sex is not enough for me. I need to be penetrated with a real man's cock.

"Also I was never into women. I had to allow you to get the complete sex change because of... you know, because of what they had already done to you. And you are very submissive honey, and I need some man handling on occasion. Don't you want me to be happy?"

"I knew this was going to happen. And yes I want you to be happy. I just don't want to see it and I don't want to know. Do it somewhere other than home. I'll stay home and clean I guess while you're gone."

"Hey, I'm your Mistress and your girlfriend. I don't know where that tone of voice came from. We are not husband and wife anymore. I own this house. If I want to bring a man home and do him in my bed it is my call, not yours. No offence, but your status hasn't changed since you were made my slave. If I want to bring a man home and have you watch him fuck me, you should feel privileged.

Mistress Amy then took a breath. "I'm sorry, I got a little strong. Look Lisa, I love you but you know you've always been... well... a slave to me, and that's never going to change."

"I know Mistress, my position is to serve you. Every time I look in the mirror or touch myself I'm reminded of that."

"Don't worry Lisa. We'll still make love. I still like doing you; it's just that strap-on sex is not always enough for me. And those bad women took your equipment so you can't fully satisfy me anymore. You're my girlfriend now and I need a man. I'm sorry."

In time Amy did have sex with a few other men and Lisa never participated in those activities. They never did get re-married, but Amy stayed with Lisa for the rest of her life. They were happy together, but most importantly they always belonged to each other.

The End.

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