tagLoving WivesOpening Pandora's Box Ch. 01

Opening Pandora's Box Ch. 01


I want to thank Wolf Vixen for her help in catching all the errors I never see. So sit back with your favorite beverage as see how a husband tries to spice up his marriage with alarming results.

Chapter One: Letting the genie out of the bottle.

As I walked out of my house I knew I only had myself to blame. It's not like I hadn't seen it coming, I was just too naïve and thought I could manage it and now it might just be too late. If I stayed on the fringe I could control it and it would be alright, but I wasn't in control my wife just let me think I was.

But I'm getting a little ahead of myself, so let me back it up a bit. I won't bore you with how two wide-eyed twenty year olds got married seventeen years ago. How or why we had Chelsea and David in the first four years of our marriage or when we first noticed that our lives started to get a little mundane. But I will share with you what we did, or should I say, tried to do.

Peg and I had been married for sixteen years. We were both secure in our jobs, made more than enough money and were basically happy. The kids were no longer babies and with the exception of taking them to either dance or soccer, they were becoming pretty self-sufficient. We all had dinner together as a family whenever possible and still looked forward to our summer vacations. Life as I knew it was pretty good, that is until I did something really stupid.

Peg and I had just finished making love and it had taken me forever to get her off tonight. As we lay there next to each other, Peg fired the first shot.

"Ron, I didn't think I'd ever climax tonight," Peg told me wiping the sweat from her forehead. "If it hadn't been for your talented tongue, I never would have made it."

"That's my job, I aim to please," I said with a stupid grin on my face, luckily the room was dark.

"Some times I just need a little extra push to put me over the top and tonight was one of those nights. I was probably just too tired or stressed," she continued.

"Babes, it you ever want me to do something a little different, just ask," I told her.

"You know I don't like to talk when we're doing it."

"Well, we're not doing it now, what could I have done to get you off quicker or made it better for you?" I asked.

Now I've done it, I've started something I only found out later would put my happy marriage in the shitter. I was opening up Pandora's Box and never realized how much trouble I was getting myself into by trying to be the loving and caring husband.

"Well if you're really interested," she replied.

"Babes I want to give you as much pleasure as I can. That's why they call it love making. I'll do anything you want."

So for the next thirty minutes Peg went into great detail on what was and had been wrong with my performance over the last fifteen years.

"You had to ask didn't you," the voice in my head echoed over and over again.

"Is there anything I'm doing right?" I asked after she finished, now more than a little concerned. "It took you fifteen years to tell me that I suck in bed," I said sitting up.

"Now your angry," she said reaching for me. "You asked me remember? And, you don't suck in bed. You get me off every time and I was just telling you what you could do to get me off even more. Ron, I love you and I love making love with you. Forget everything I just said," Peg told me.

"Now that would be a good trick," I told her. "I asked what I could do to improve our sex lives and you were honest enough to tell me, and I thank you for that even though it was a little difficult to hear. I never want you to be afraid to tell me anything. How else can we grow closer, if you're afraid of hurting my feelings," I said kissing her and giving her a big hug.

We went to the bathroom to clean up. I rinsed my mouth out with mouthwash and cleaned Peg's pussy juice off my dick and we went back to our bed. We cuddled together before falling asleep. Well one of us fell asleep, and the other one of us spent the next seven hours starring at a black ceiling wondering why the hell he'd opened up his damn mouth. Ignorance was bliss, now what was I supposed to do?

"You ok?" Peg asked me at breakfast. "I woke up a couple of times last night and you were still up. I hope what I said didn't keep you up all night. I told you to just forget about what I said Ron," she kind of pleaded with me now like she knew she'd opened up a can of worms.

"It's all right hon, it just gave me something to think about," I said kissing her and heading out to work.

I was useless for the next three days both at work and home. I was in a daze and even my boss asked what was wrong with me.

"Nothings wrong Dan, I'm working on that new profile and it's not coming out the way I'd like," I told him. "But don't worry, I'll get it."

"Well, don't get too stressed out about it, I want my happy go lucky Ron back next week," he told me as he headed out for the weekend.

"That guy died Wednesday night," I thought to myself as I got ready to head out myself. Since Wednesday night I hadn't even asked for sex from Peg. I just kept thinking about what she'd said and that's all I now thought about.

"I hope you get your issues worked out by Monday," my sectary Karin said as she passed by my desk. "We've got two customers coming in next week and I'm going to need you here mentally not just physically," she told me.

"I'll try," I told her.

"What the hells your problem? I haven't seen you this down since we lost that contract last June. With the new business you've brought in this year, you should be walking on air," she told me.

"Karin, can I ask you a personal question with out you screaming sexual harassment and me losing my job?"

"Just a second," she said as she walked into my office and shut the door. "No use getting anyone else involved. Ok, shoot."

"Alright, and this is just between the two of us right? No husbands, friends or cohorts ok?"

"My lips are sealed," she replied.

"After our love making session Wednesday, Peg told me she doesn't get off every time we do it. That sometimes she just fakes it after I finish. That she enjoys it more when I give her oral sex because there's no pressure on her to please me and it's driving me nuts," I told Karin.

"Ron, it takes a lot for a woman to get off especially when we get older. There has to be a lot of foreplay, we've got to be in the right frame of mind and even then sometimes I can't get there. Thank God I've got an understanding husband and an eight inch long vibrator," she said with a laugh.

"All right," I blushed. "This was way more information than I expected."

"We have nights that are just for him and other nights just for me. We do massages, watch a little porn and fantasize with each other. Ron, we spice it up and make it new, that way our lovemaking doesn't get stale. And hell, we're almost ten years older than you and Peg. So stop off, get a bottle of wine and some massage oil and have at it. Just so you're here Monday morning, bright and early ready to kick ass and take names," she told me.

"Thanks Karin I really appreciate it," I told her. "And remember mums the word."

And that's what I did. I grabbed two bottles of wine and stopped off at Walgreens and picked up some scented massage oil on the way home.

"Hi babes," I greeted my wife and gave her a peck as I put the wine in the refrigerator and headed upstairs to our bedroom to change and put the massage oil away until later tonight. Little did I realize my wife had followed me into the bedroom and shut the door behind her.

"Ron, I feel ever since Wednesday you've been avoiding me and we're not as close. Last night I wanted to fool around and when you said you were too tired I wanted to cry because I knew it was a lie. I love you Ron and now I'm kicking myself for saying anything to you. Can we go back to Tuesday night when we were dumb and happy?" Peg said giving me a hug.

"I know I've been a little preoccupied with what you said, but I asked remember? And I do want to make it better for you, and that starts tonight," I told her. "So be prepared for me to knock your socks off tonight," I told her. Well I hoped anyway.

After dinner and dishes, the kids were on their own and Peg and I, wine in hand, retire to our bedroom. After a sensual couples shower and a few glasses of wine, we lay on the bed kissing and feeling each other up. When I felt she was well into the mood, I told her to lie on her stomach and retrieved the oil from my nightstand.

The oil had a lilac smell to it and I had lit four scented candles in the room. With both of us naked, I began pouring oil over her back and ass. I rubbed the warm oil into her soft skin, massaging her muscles and caressing the rest of her for the next twenty minutes as Peg cooed beneath my hands. I dragged my hands between her butt cheeks and cupped her pussy before slipping in a finger or two once in a while as Peg now hugged her pillow.

"Ron, this feels heavenly," Peg said shifting ever so slightly as I massaged her butt cheeks and eased in two fingers now into her pussy.

"I want you right now," she said lifting up her ass slightly so I would have better access to her pussy.

"Not tonight. This is about me pleasing you fully tonight. So just lie there and enjoy it," I told her as I licked and then bit her firm ass.

I worked her shoulders, back but mostly the sides of her breasts, ass and cunt. When I slipped my hands underneath and tweaked her nipples she raised her body up just enough so I could do a good job.

Peg was breathing hard and I knew I could climax her at any time, but I wanted more than that tonight. I was now working her pussy and clit with two fingers as she started to push back engulfing them completely. When I started rubbing my dick between her ass cheeks I thought she was going to lose it, so every time she got close I backed off. Finally I knew it was time to push her over the top.

I pulled Peg up on all fours as I continued to work her clit and pussy as she now moaned with my every touch. I put my face to her pussy and licked her slit making sure to encircle her clit with just the tip of my tongue as I now started moving a finger up and down between her ass cheeks. With my tongue in her snatch, a finger or two working her clit I started to rub her asshole.

"Oh God Ron I'm so close, please finish me," she begged as she pushed back against my tongue.

Any anal play on my part had always been shot down but she was responding favorably to me playing with her brown hole so I went for broke. I put two fingers in her pussy, reached around to work her clit and finally drove my tongue into her ass reaming her for the first time ever. She maybe lasted thirty seconds before literally exploding, but I never let up.

"Oh my fucking God," she screamed as she kept on climaxing. I didn't stop until she fell forward onto her pillow and put her legs together. I finally started lightly touching her body like that of a feather being dragged over her skin. Her after glow lasted ten minutes before she rolled over on her back.

"Holy shit that was great," she said as she grabbed me and pulled me to her lips kissing and licking them. "That was the best," she said smiling.

"I'm glad you liked it, but that was only round one," I said with a smile as I started licking her breasts and then her nipples before working my way south.

Let's just say, with her legs over my shoulders and my mouth planted firmly onto her pussy, she was putty in my hands or tongue in this case. It took longer this time and it wasn't as explosive as the first session but was good nonetheless. As she lay there limp on the bed she told me no more.

"I think you wore off the two top layers of skin on my clit and pussy. And I never knew you were so kinky?" she said as she rolled her tongue in my mouth. "But I sure liked it."

We finished the second bottle of wine and I even dripped a little between her pussy lips and licked it off before she stopped me saying she was done for the night. We never even took a shower or cleaned up Friday night. We fell asleep in each other's arms lying in a pool of massage oil and pussy juice.

Saturday morning I heard the kids get up and were rummaging around in the kitchen so I made my way down stairs.

"Anyone up for French Toast?" I asked.

My specialty was to make it with English muffin bread and with extra butter. The kids were eating them as fast as I could make them when a tired but satisfied Peg came down stairs in her robe.

"Any left?" she asked.

"Another batch coming right up," I replied as I flipped over the three pieces in the frying pan. Within ten minutes the kids were done and out the door, to God knows where, and Peg and I were having a quiet breakfast.

"I was more than a little afraid about Wednesday night, but after last night, I guess we're more than ok," she told me grabbing a kiss.

"I just decided to take it up a notch. If my bride isn't a hundred percent satisfied, I'd do my best to make sure she is."

"Well hon, you sure as hell did that last night. I only hope I wasn't too loud and wonder if the kids heard me?" she questioned herself.

"Well if they did, I hope they get use to it, because there's going to be even louder noises coming from our bedroom from now on," I said putting a piece of toast in my mouth.

We went back to our bedroom after breakfast took a shower and stripped the bed. I wanted to have sex because I was all horned up but Peg begged off.

"We'll take care of you tonight, right now I just need to give my pussy a rest."

Saturday night Peg blew me twice, but I got no pussy; but Sunday afternoon we made love. It was slow beautiful lovemaking with a lot of kissing and foreplay. Her pussy was still sore so I tried to be gentle with it.

That weekend I opened up a whole new side of Peg and now I wished I hadn't.

For the next five months we kept scaling it up almost every other weekend. We had porn night, dress up night, bondage night and finger food night. We both pushed the envelope and maybe that's what started her looking to go a bit further every time.

"I want you to pick me up in a bar," she announced Thursday. "I want to go in first, have a drink or two and then I want you to come in and act like your picking me up," she explained. "I'm not going to look like a hooker, only a bored house wife out for a night on the town by herself. I think it'll be fun," she told me.

I went along with it because I figured what's the harm even though it was pushing me past my comfort zone.

So Saturday, Peg looking more than hot, walked into a bar/lounge at a downtown hotel, sat at the bar an ordered a glass of wine. I was to give her ten minutes and then make my entrance. That was the ten longest minutes of my life. When I walked in, Peg was moving to the dance floor with a tall light haired man. They were dancing to a slow song as I watched his hands move freely over her back and ass.

"What the hell?" is all I could say to myself. This wasn't part of the plan. I walked over to the bar, ordered a drink and waited for the two of them to come back. When they came back, he stuck to her like glue. I heard him proposition Peg more than once before finally giving up and leaving after twenty-five minutes.

"Did you see that?" Peg said excited. "He wanted to take me back to his room. He said I looked hot," she said fanning herself.

"You are hot, but you never said anything about dancing with anyone, and his hands were all over you," I said in a tone that she'd know I wasn't happy.

"No harm no foul," she replied. "I was in no danger with my lord and protector just five feet away," she said giving me a kiss.

"Peg, it just went a lot farther than I expected it to go, that's all," I said trying to explain it to her.

"I'm so hot right now, I want to take you in the back seat of our car," Peg said now rubbing the inside of my leg all the way up to my dick. "Let's go home so I can properly thank you for giving me my little fantasy," she said grabbing her purse.

And thank me she did. She balled my eyes out and didn't let up until I cried uncle.

"Can you image what he would have done if I was dressed up like a hooker? I wonder how much he would have offered me?" she said out loud as we lay next to each other in bed.

"Can you imagine what would happen if he was an under cover policeman and you got thrown in jail for solicitation?" I replied. "That Peg wouldn't have gone over too well now would it?"

"You're right, it was just such a turn on," Peg said now reaching over to kiss me again.

Against my wishes, we did it twice more, once with her dressed like a hooker. Thankfully no one tried to pick her up. But she was now looking for more and more things to give her the rush she now needed.

We met a couple, Ann and Steve, one night in hotel bar that were cruising for another couple. I told them from the get go we weren't interested but Peg told me not to be rude and we ended up having dinner together and drinks after wards. They explained what they liked about their life style and I tried to counter with telling them I was more than happy with just my wife.

"Have you ever been with two women at once?" Steve asked me. After I motioned no, he proceeded to tell me there was nothing like it. He said in their group it was pretty common and asked whether I'd ever fantasized about it?

"I'd be a damn liar to say I'd never thought about it," I said which kind of surprised Peg a little.

"Hell, trying to please two women at the same time would probably kill me," I said with a little laugh.

"Please them, that's not the point. They're there to please you," Steve told me. "Ever had two sets of lips on your dick? Or a muff in your face while another rides your dick? There's nothing better." he told me.

Ann piped up that being with two men was something every woman should experience at least once in her life. "I've been with three men at once a couple of times, but two is a lot more manageable and fun. Being nailed in both holes at the same time is a feeling I can't even describe."

Peg volunteered that she'd never done anal and that the furthest we'd gone is a little rimming.

"Try it Peg, you find it's as good as pussy fucking," Ann told her. "Just don't take on a big one before your ready, a big dick can split you in half," she said squeezing Peg's knee.

"Ron's not that big, so there shouldn't be a problem," Peg said looking at me.

"Is there anything else you want to share Peg?" I said to her. "How about the fucking position you like the best?" I said more than a little pissed off.

"Peg, I think you touch a nerve," Ann told her. "Men's egos are fragile. Hell Ron, there is always going to be someone bigger than you. It's what you do with what you've got that makes the difference," she told me. "I've had so many men with big cocks who thought they were God's gift to women and they didn't know shit what to do with it. Give me a guy with an average size dick, who knows how to use it, and I'm a happy woman."

"Well, my man has the most talented tongue this side of the Rio Grand," Peg said speaking up. What he lacks in size, he more than make up with his other dick as I call it. He can almost get me off just licking his lips," she said proudly.

"Now that's my kind of man," Ann said looking at me. "Maybe one of these days I'll get a chance to experience it first hand."

"Not in my lifetime," I said to myself smiling.

All in all, they really were a nice couple, but they knew we weren't into swinging. We exchange phone number and e-mail addresses. Hell by the end of the night I'd danced with his wife and he mine at least twice. I had to watch Peg's alcohol intake, because she was now a little tipsy and sharing more than I cared to.

"Peg it's about time we get the heck out of here. We've got a sitter that has to be home by 1:00 am."

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