tagLoving WivesOpening Pandora's Box Ch. 02

Opening Pandora's Box Ch. 02


I want to thank Wolf Vixen for her help in catching what I never see. So sit back and think o yourself what would you have done if you were Ron.


You ever try and catch smoke in your hands? It's pretty much impossible and that's what I feel my chances are of salvaging my marriage right now. Putting the genie back into the bottle is probably not going to happen and I've only got myself to blame.

I don't think of myself as wimp or a cuckold, just a stupid husband that gave his wife too much rope and I think she just hung herself. You see, after that discussion we had months ago, where my wife said I didn't do it for her all the time, I should have taken a different approach. I should have taken total control instead of letting her take the lead. But hell, after fifteen years, I thought I could trust her; how in the hell did I know she'd be thinking with her pussy.

The porn and sexual games at home were really exciting. Peg had never taken the initiative before and for a change it was kind of nice. When we started going out and role-playing I should have put my foot down, but the sex was the best of my marriage and I didn't want to give it up.

My biggest mistake was befriending Steve and Ann. We both realized that they, and their friends, were swingers and should have steered a wide path away from them, but besides the obvious, they were normal. Hell, we didn't even realize it, until the third party that something else was going on. We'd always left early, but when we stayed that one night to the end, and Peg opened the door, I guess there was no turning back; for her any way.

Peg and I both thought we could stay just on the fringe, watch and use it as an aphrodisiac to take our sex lives to an ever higher level; we were wrong. It started with Ann, then Carla and finally Steve and Matt turned the heat up from high to broil.

So now I'm in my car driving around trying to get my head around what to do next. I don't want my marriage to end, but we've now got two different opinions on how to move foreword. It took us over a month to get past the incident at the lake cabin and now she seems to be going back to where all our problems began; I won't stand for it again.

By 3:30 AM I was back in my kitchen and asking myself what I was going to do next. Thank God it was Saturday and I could go back to bed for a couple of hours, I was physically and emotionally drained. I snuck back upstairs and found Peg wide-awake sitting on our bed.

"Ron I'm so sorry," she said running to me. "I wasn't sure you'd be back after the way you left," she told me as she hung onto my body like it was her life raft. "I'll do what ever you want not to lose you."

"Peg lets go back to bed. We're both too tired to think straight and tomorrows another day," I said prying her arms off me. "I just need a couple of hours sleep and I know we can work this out," I said kissing her. And that's what we did. We got back into bed and fell asleep in each other's arms. "Every thing will turn out ok, I know it," I said to myself looking down at my wife nestled in my arms. "I know it will."

We slept until almost 9:30 the following morning. Peg was awake looking at me when I finally opened my eyes.

"I love you, you've got to believe that," is the first thing she told me kissing me lightly on the lips. As I turned over on my side to face her, I could see she was naked. The slutty outfit she'd come to bed with was gone and she was wearing exactly what I liked, nothing.

"Morning. How long have you been up?" I asked.

"About an hour. You were sleeping so soundly I just let you sleep. Are you ok? Are we ok?" she asked.

"I hope so," was my reply.

"Good, because I need you this morning more than any I've ever needed you before," she told me smothering me with her lips. I guess the hell with bad breath this morning.

I though with what Peg had said, we would have had wild crazy sex, but just the opposite happened, we made love. We kissed longer and with more passion than we'd done in years. I caressed every square inch of her body with both my tongue and fingers as I finally planted my lips on her pussy.

Peg was so aroused; the entire room had this musky sexual smell. I licked and sucked until I thought my tongue was going to fall off and then I did it a bit more. When she finally orgasmed, I drank her fluids as I rolled her onto my face as she rode my tongue all the while fingering her own clit.

Grabbing the headboard she lifted her pussy off my sticky face and cleaned it with her lips.

"Just lie back," she instructed me. "I need to do this for you," she said moving between my legs.

Peg was a good cocksucker but this morning she out did herself. She didn't cave in the top of my head; more so teased me until I thought I'd explode. The gentle licks and the tickling of her fingertips drove me up the wall. More than once I thought she was going to give me the release I was begging for, but stopped at the last minute. I was going to forcibly grasp her head and shoot my wad down her throat when she suddenly stopped.

"Oh come on Peg," I told her in excruciating pain.

"Does my baby need a release she said in her best baby talk? Maybe this will help," she said easing her pussy down on my rock hard cock in one smooth stroke.

Peg liked this position; She had full control and loved the power. With my hands on her hips, I helped her raise and lower herself on my dick. At the end of the down stroke, she would wiggle her ass making sure she had all of me in her. This went on for about seven minutes before I erupted.

I could feel every spurt as they went out of the end of my dick. I was using my thumb and forefinger to massage Peg's clit and she came right after me. I felt her muscles clamp down on my dick as she milked me of every last drop.

"God, I hope she's satisfied, because I've got nothing left," I thought to myself as I rolled her onto her side.

She lay there with her eyes closed as I tenderly kissed her lips.

"Sleep now," she told me as she wrapped her arms around me never opening her eyes.

We slept and stayed in bed most of the day. If we weren't kissing we were caressing one another, it was like we were on our honeymoon again.

"I've got to eat something today," I told Peg as I watched her spread her legs and pull apart her outer lips. "Food, I need food," I told her.

"You sure you don't have another one left in you?" she asked.

"Maybe later, but for now we need to hit the showers and get something in our stomachs."

We still played around in the shower as I tried my best to wash up and shave the stubble off my face. I finished, got out of the shower and started to get dressed. Peg was still flaunting her body as I reminded her that we still had to pickup the kids at my parent's house.

Peg was all smiles as we ate breakfast at 3:30 pm at Denny's.

"I'm so lucky to have you," she said grabbing my hand and kissing it. "Ron, you're the only one I want and need," she told me.

"I'm glad you feel that way hon, because I'm not going back to where we just came from," I told her. We still hadn't had the talk, but that was coming in a day or two.

"What do you mean I can't see Ann anymore?" Peg yelled at me. "She's my friend."

"Peg, she and Steve are swingers, don't you remember what happen last time?"

"Ron, I know that, but that doesn't mean I can't go shopping and out with her sometimes does it?" she asked.

"Honey, don't you remember that's how it all started. A few drinks, then a BBQ here and a party there and before we knew it, we were swinging right along with them. I'm not going to let that happen if I have any say in it."

"Then, I don't want you hanging with Don anymore."

Don was one of my oldest friends.

"What's the matter with Don?" I asked.

"I guess you have a selective memory," she replied. "How many times have I had to drive you home from his house or watched you come home by cab after stopping off for a few with your buddy Don. Ron, he's a fucking alcoholic for Christ's sake and when you're with him you drink like he does," she threw it back at me. "One of these days he or you are going to have an accident and end up hurting or maybe killing someone."

She was right but I didn't see it as the same as with Ann.

"So, what'll it be? I'll give up Ann, if you give up Don," she told me.

"At least I never slept with Don," I told her playing my ace in the hole. "I know for a fact that you, Carla and Ann did a little experimenting up at the cabin. Hell, Steve and I watched the whole thing on tape," I told her letting the cat out of the bag.

"Did you two get hot? Did you get off watching us?" she spit back at me. "Do you want to start throwing stones? Like when Ann took care of you in the bathroom before we had sex. Is there anything else you want to bring up now that we're putting everything on the table? I told you I fucked up and got caught up in it; I admit I was wrong but I'm not going to become a hermit or recluse because of it," she told me in no uncertain terms. "I told you I agree with no more swinging, but if you can tell me who I can and can't see, it has to go both ways."

It looks like we're agreeing to disagree by the looks of it.

"Ok, you can see Ann, but no more funny business, understood? If we can't trust one another, we've got nothing," I told her.

"Look Ron, we got in way over our heads and it's not going to happen again, it's all in the past and it's time we move on. I trust you and you're going to have to trust me if we still want to make a go of this marriage. If not, let's just call it quits now and move on. I don't want to think you're having me watched or followed every time I leave the house," she told me. "I love you, but I won't live my life like that."

I guess she was right. Unless we trusted one another we had nothing.

"Alright, we start fresh as of right now. However, one slip by either one of us and all bets are off, agree?"

"Agree," Peg replied giving me a big kiss. "Sealed with a kiss," she said.

And life went on until I broke my own agreement.

Don had two tickets to the UCLA big football game. I kissed Peg goodbye as she told me to have a good time. We tail gated for two hours and then watch our team kick ass. A bunch of us went over to an after party bash and we got totally fucked up. I know we should have taken a cab home but was so out of it I didn't know which way was up. Don ran a red light and we broadsided another car.

We got a few cuts and scrapes but Don was ticked for running a light, involvement in an accident and a DWI. They transported us to the emergency room and our wives were called to pick us up. It wasn't pretty.

"Yell at me. Tell me what a dumb shit I am," I said to myself as we drove home in silence. Peg said she was thankful I had on my seatbelt and that no one got killed but that was all. We got home and she told me to take a shower because I smelled of booze and cigarettes. I was still pretty drunk but sobering up fast.

"You want something to eat?" she asked. When I said no, she told me to go to bed and sleep it off. "We'll talk later," was all she said.

I went to bed, got up twice and puked and slept in until the kids woke me up just before 11:00.

"Feel better?" Peg asked. "Because you look like shit," she added. "I've got coffee down stairs and breakfast waiting on you. Also remember we're having dinner with your parents tonight at their place," she added.

How I made it through that day I'll never know. I was still a little sick to my stomach but I wasn't going to let Peg know that, I'd sooner have died.

Finally after the kids were down for the night she let me have it.

"I've been out with Ann and Carla, lets see, maybe eight times since our last discussion. I haven't been to bed with either so I guess that still makes me a good girl. Now let's see, you've been out with Don twice. The first time you came back a wee bit drunk but this time you two really out did yourselves. What would you have done, if he'd killed that family or worse yet, if you'd died leaving us fatherless? You've always told me I'm the weak one, well for once I'm not," she said making me feel like shit.

I said I was sorry until I was blue in the face. I'd screwed up big time and knew it. Thank God after two weeks it was history. Peg never brought it up and I sure as hell wasn't going to. I don't know if Peg thought she had me one up, but that's the way I was now reading it.

When she went out with her friends, it was almost like she was waiting for me to say something, but I never did. When she went with Ann, Carla and six other women to see the Chip and Dale dancers, I never said boo. However, when Peg said that a group of the girls were going on a weekend retreat to the mountains, I said more than boo.

"Peg I'm not comfortable with this," I told her. "I don't like the idea of you being alone with Carla and Ann for the weekend. Remember what happened lat time?"

"Ron, there are going to be eight other women there. What do you think, it's going to be a damn orgy," think about what you're saying. "I haven't said a word about anything you've done and I need you to trust me," she told me.

I trusted her to a point, but that I didn't trust the rest of the women. I still felt we'd been setup that night. The soft swing had been a ruse to get us both involved. I did more than I should have but Peg jumped in with both feet. I didn't want that to happen again, but I couldn't not let her go.

"Peg I trust you, so go and have a good time. But not too good a time if you know what I mean."

We had great sex that night. As we lay there exhausted, basking in the after glow I asked the question that'd been bouncing around in my brain ever since after our conversation almost a year ago.

"Peg, do I still do it for you?"

"What? What kind of question is that Ron?" she asked.

"You know, are we ok? Do I still rock your world or do you still need that push some times to send you over the top?"

"I'll be honest with you Ron, it's a lot better than it was, but every once in a while, be it because I'm tired or what ever the reason, it takes a lot longer. But my love, you always manage in the end to get the job done," she said smiling and kissing me.

I don't know if I was good with that or not, but at least she got off and wasn't looking for someone else to satisfy her needs, or at least that's what I kept telling myself.

I watched and helped her pack. There was nothing fancy or sexy in her suitcase that I saw. She had her nightshirts and even took her one-piece bathing suit instead of that sexy yellow number she'd worn at the last two parties. I filled up her car with gas, checked the tires and she was off to pickup three other women. I was alone for the weekend and didn't have a thing on my plate.

She about tore off my dick when she came back Sunday night. She fixed the kids dinner and grabbing me by the hand she pulled me into the shower.

"My mind's so dirty right now after being in the same cabin with ten over sexed, and I guess under satisfied wives, I'm ready to burst at the seams," she said as she dropped down right in the shower and started giving me a blowjob.

We never even dried off before hitting the sheets. Peg was all over me and it was all I could do to keep up with her. She swallowed, I ate and in the end there was this cry of sexual satisfaction.

"Damn, I hope we didn't scare the kids," Peg told me. "I haven't been that vocal in quite some time. But you hit all my buttons tonight," she said biting my left nipple. "You got another one left in you?" she said stroking my cock and then applying her lips to it.

"Give me a minute to at least catch my breath girl," I told her. "I'm not twenty one anymore and need a little time to juice up again." And so it went from that night.

A guy will never admit his wife has a larger sexual appetite than he does. I was still a manly man, but I could no longer keep up with Peg. She wanted something every night and on weekends a couple of times a day.

I was cutting the grass one Saturday morning and Peg was watching me out the sliding glass window in our bedroom. Every pass I'd glance over to see if she was still there. Then it started. On the next pass I noticed that her blouse was open as she flashed me her tits, the next time it was totally off as she stood there with her hands on her hips. The next she was standing there in just a red thong and finally she was totally in the buff with the door open as she asked if I wanted to pull my battleship into her harbor.

"Peg damn it, how about if someone sees you?" I said but I think she got a little annoyed that I didn't come in. On my final pass Peg was sitting on a chair, in the doorway, with a red vibrator working it in and out of her pussy with one hand while the other played with her tits. The lawn would have to wait.

This was the type of shit she started to do if I refused her sex. I know what you're saying, you'd kill for a wife like that, and I would have agreed with you four months ago, but now I was getting worn out. Don't get me wrong, I still loved my wife but how much sex can a person take? I'm not over the hill and don't need the little blue pill yet, but my dick was always sore now. Then on that fateful Saturday night, I did an unmanly thing; I turned her down not once but twice.

I was busy in the afternoon doing something around the house and told her I couldn't be bothered right then and there and by 10:00 that night I was tired and the last thing I needed to do is to perform.

"Why don't I just get you off and I'll make it up to you tomorrow," I told her.

"Don't you luv me anymore?" Peg said talking like a little spoiled girl opening up her top to show me her beautiful breasts. "I'll bet I can talk Mickey into wanting to play," she said licking her lips crawling up between my legs.

"Peg, I said no! We'll make love tomorrow. I'm tired and I need some sleep damn it," I said in probably too harsh of voice. "Come here and we can cuddle," I said trying to make amends but it was too late.

"No that's alright, you go to bed and get some sleep," Peg said as she got out of bed. "There's a few things in the kitchen I can clean up," she said putting on her robe. "Just go to sleep and I'll be up later," she told me turning off the light and shutting the door. I was fucked and didn't even realize it.

After that night most of the games stopped. She still asked but not as often. I tried to make it up to her but I was much happier with four mind blowing sessions a week instead of trying to get it up for nine half ass ones. She still went out with her friends and I was dumb, happy and naive.

About two months into my bliss I noticed that my cell phone bill was going up. Not calls mind you, we kept going over on text messages.

"Hon, are you texting?" I asked one night.

"Yeah, it saves time, especially if I don't want to spend the time on the phone with them," she told me.

"Well, last month it cost me an extra $30.00 bucks," I told her. "If you want to keep doing it, I'll just update our plan to include unlimited texting."

"Thanks hon," she said from the kitchen.

"Who in the hell is she texting that much to," I wondered.

That was the first clue and I never picked up on the second one until it was too late. Sex was still good but we'd gone back to the same old vanilla sex of years past. When I said something Peg almost took my head off.

"You were the one who told me that you didn't want me to do experiment anymore, and I'm not. We make love, you get off, I get off, what more do you want?" she asked.

"It just seems so methodical lately. Maybe we could spice it up a bit?"

"What's a bit Ron? Porn? Role-playing? Toys? What are we talking about here? I want to make sure I don't step over the line again," she told me.

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