tagLoving WivesOpening Sarah Ch. 02

Opening Sarah Ch. 02


We awoke the next morning to bright sunshine and uncomfortable silence. The excitement and eroticism of the previous evening dissipated like a late-morning fog. I think we both felt numb, and perhaps it was time to step back and consider the exhausting events of the previous night. My day was filled with yard work, which gave me plenty of time to rifle through the many images that had been imbedded into my brain: Brad using my beautiful wife of twelve years, cumming in both her mouth and her ass, making her beg and whimper for her orgasm. It was wonderfully gut-wrenching, sexy and dangerous.

I remember when Sarah and I discussed this particular fantasy. We were both bubbly and excited. We patted ourselves on the back for our open-mindedness. Married for twelve years, with a beautiful 5 year old girl, so confident in our marriage and our family that we could try anything. We could let go completely and have fun.

In bed that night, we finally talked openly. Sarah was cuddled in my strong arms, her head on my chest, her right leg draped across mine. A favorite position of ours.

"I guess I have to admit that I enjoyed last night," Sarah explained. "I just don't understand what it means. It seems like there must be something wrong with us. I mean...I enjoyed the sex, I knew you were watching me...sharing me...and it felt so wild...but so wrong..."

"I know, I don't know what it means either," I said. "I just want everything to be okay...this feels risky, like this could go totally wrong and we could screw up everything we have built together..."


"Do you really have a submissive side to you, or was that just an act?"

"I don't know," Sarah explained wistfully. "I think I enjoyed it. The attention...how demanding Brad was...I really enjoyed being taken like that..."

We talked about the previous night for many hours, which proved to be a powerful aphrodisiac for us. We fucked three times as she continued to describe her experience with Brad. I asked her what it felt like to have Brad's cock explode in her mouth while sat nearby. When her answer was only a shy little smile, my erection stiffened and I fucked my Sarah deep and hard. I poured all of my confused jealousy and wounded pride into each thrust and the bed shook. God, she really did enjoy screwing Brad. I penetrated Sarah with a passion that had been dormant for many years.

We were both confused. And even our confusion was...confusing. We were just living out a fantasy, a seemingly common one at that. I always thought the world was teeming with people exploring such fantasies without inhibition or jealousy. Questions hung in the air: Is it this hard for every married couple to involve others in their sex lives? Do we just need time to get used to the experience? Is my jealousy an integral part of our erotic experience? Or are we headed down a path that will lead to divorce?

As the days passed, no answers to these questions emerged. All Sarah and I had to go on were facts: The experience was very powerful, but also disturbing in a way that we weren't prepared for. I found myself unable to focus on other things, at work or at home. We were both excited, but afraid of destroying our relationship, our marriage and our family. Days turned to weeks, and at last our comfort grew. As doubt faded, our confidence returned and our curiosity peaked.

We decided to repeat the experience with Brad. It would help us decide if this is something we could enjoy on a regular basis.

"With Brad?" I asked one night as Sarah lowered herself down on my erection.

"Yes, with Brad," she responded. She began grinding down on me. Sarah has large, firm, smooth white breasts that always taunt me from this position. I began playing with them as we talked, tugging on her nipples gently.

"Why Brad?"

"Because I love the taste of his cum, because I love his cock inside of me and how he just takes me..."

As we fucked this way, she repeated her desire to be with Brad again. My Sarah understood this fantasy perfectly, seemed to know exactly why this idea held such power for me, and she knew how to use it. Sex was intense, powerful and explosive for us now. My beautiful Sarah seemed to have a key to my psyche that nobody else understood, and she was using it to full effect.

I thrust upward into my wife over and over again as she described how Brad would take her. She kept teasing and taunting me, and I finally came uncontrollably inside of her. She moaned with delight.

Then Sarah called Brad, and a date was made just two days away.

On that night, Sarah dressed in high heels, black thigh-high stockings, a mini-skirt with no panties, and a black but opaque top that showed off her nipples. Sarah's white, smooth skin contrasted perfectly with her black lingerie. She looked damn good.

The doorbell rang and Sarah opened the door for Brad. Brad marched in and immediately took command, instructing Sarah to lay back on the bed, and open her legs wide for him. I watched Sarah closely this time as her demeanor took a complete turn, and she transformed easily into Brad's shy and submissive little sex toy. She laid back, lifted her skirt and spread her legs wide. She showed him her cunt, and her eyes looked up silently asking for Brad's approval.

"You have a very pretty pussy, Sarah," Brad said. Sarah smiled shyly. "Play with it for me. Make it wet and hungry for me."

Sarah separated her lips obediently, and Brad inspected her.

"Wider," Brad instructed. "I want to see deep inside of you, Sarah..."

She opened wider, and her pussy gaped open and revealed her wet, tender, pink depths.

"Now rub your clit for me, baby, get it all nice and hard and show me how good it feels...show me how much you want my cock..."

At that exact moment, the fog lifted and I understood what Brad was trying to do. Piece by piece, he was making my girl his girl instead. Brad was showing me the power he was relentlessly gaining over her, his ability to convert my wife of twelve years into his own personal slut who would do anything he asked. But we are all animals at heart, protective of our own territory. Sarah was MY territory, and I knew the time would come soon when I would have to reassert myself.

When Sarah was wet and desperate and begging for his cock, Brad fucked my wife again. Sarah gasped with every thrust, keeping her legs wide so that Brad could enjoy her completely. I was stroking my cock slowly, watching as Sarah closed her eyes, mouth open slightly, completely lost in the moment. I focused on her pussy, fascinated as her pink lips wrapped around his thick erection and how they sucked gently every time he pulled out. They fucked faster and harder, juices flowing everywhere as they climaxed, thick milky liquid pouring down Sarah's ass and legs, all over his cock, and onto the bed.

They calmed down slowly. Brad got up from the bed and looked at Sarah, apparently contemplating the best way to use her body again. But Brad made one simple mistake that ended everything for him.

Brad turned to me and said, "So, you sad pathetic little wimp, how does it feel to watch a real man take your wife?"

Our evening of wild sexual experimentation had suddenly developed into an alpha male power struggle. Brad was trying to steal the soul of my girl by training her to depend upon him for sexual satisfaction. Every instinct in my body told me then to protect my territory. Sarah was MY girl, my cunt, my whore and the mother of my daughter. Pure raging animal instinct took over, and I grabbed Brad around the collar of his shirt and pushed him up against the wall. In a low, furious growl I told him that it was time I reclaimed my wife, and instructed him to leave and not ever return. Brad showed both confusion and fear for a long time, but never said a word. After a glance back toward Sarah, he picked up his things and left.

I then turned my attention to Sarah, my wife. She was still on the bed, skirt hiked up, still wet and dripping. She looked up at me with an expression of fear and wonder.

"You are my wife," I explained to her slowly and clearly, still wild-eyed with jealous fury. "But now I will make you MY slut..."

...to be continued.

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