tagLoving WivesOpening Sarah Ch. 03

Opening Sarah Ch. 03


Sarah was on the bed, sitting on her knees and clutching a blanket. She was holding it in front of her like a shield, as if needing to hide. Sarah was smiling at me, however, looking up from behind the blanket with those bright green eyes. She had just been pinned down and fucked by Brad for the second time in a month, which she obviously enjoyed. At that moment, it seemed like she was enjoying my reaction even more.

Brad didn't just fuck my wife tonight. No, he made it very clear to me that Sarah was his woman, and he would use her how he pleased. Brad called me a pathetic wimp, and I responded by violently removing him from our home.

I didn't have the experience or vocabulary to categorize any of this. Words like domination, submission and cuckold held no meaning at all for me. What I felt was an intense love for my wife, a need to take her back and make her my own woman again and a dark jealousy that another man had reduced my wife to his submissive little slut. It fascinated me to no end that Sarah enjoyed it.

Brad was gone now. History. And I told Sarah that now I would make her MY whore. And she smiled.

I climbed on the bed and snuggled in behind her. I wrapped my arm around her chest to hold her securely, and kissed her lightly on the neck.

"You are a little whore, aren't you?"

"Yeah, I am..." Sarah was smiling, almost beaming now.

"You love to be taken and fucked"


"You want to submit completely..."


I continued kissing her neck and ears, holding her tight to me. I reached around and cupped her mound, using my middle finger to probe my wife's hot slit. I Coaxed her swollen lips open, pulling her hood back just enough for me to massage her clit directly.

"I want you to be MY sexy little slut now, baby...."

"Yeaaaahhhhh ..." Sarah's eyes were closed now, her body writhing, trying to grind into my fingers. I wouldn't let her get her release. Not yet.

I dipped my fingers deep inside of Sarah, and I felt her tight little muscles clench around my fingers. She was sloppy and wet and had dripped onto the bed below. I pulled my fingers out and saw them glistening with her juices and a few small globs of Brad's cum. I held her firmly by her long brown hair, leaned her head back into me, and I began painting her lips and face.

I was much larger than Sarah, much stronger, and until this night it never occurred to me how much sexual power I potentially held. I looked across the room into a wall mirror mounted above our dresser, and my Sarah looked soft, beautiful and oh so innocent. My strong arms were wrapped around her body. She appeared so vulnerable. Sarah parted her lips and accepted the strange mixture of her and Brad's juices into her mouth, relaxing back against my chest. My wife, my own hot sexy little slut.

I told her she had been a good girl as my fingers worked her clit toward a very deep orgasm. Her sweet face was calm but focused. I marveled at her smooth skin, sensuous red lips. It's amazing what you notice about your girl when another man has had her. It's like seeing her for the first time. I rocked her gently and rubbed her pussy up and down its full length. I kept whispering in her ear what a sexy little girl she is and how much I love her. She came then, sighing sensually for me, settling back into my body.

We spent the night together, wrapped up in each other. I told her that I wanted both of us to call in sick the next day and to spend the day together. She agreed.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

When we woke the next morning, I asked her a question that I hoped would set the tone for the day.

"Do you trust me?"

Sarah smiled, bouncing happily in a way I hadn't seen for a good long time.

"Yes, completely. Do with me what you will, sir," Sarah responded playfully. Sarah was not acting very submissive. She was just...happy.

We both called in sick from work and arranged for day care for our daughter. The day certainly held promise, and we went about our necessary planning and arranging efficiently. Despite our long marriage, this felt like a first date.

We hopped in the car and drove to an upscale lingerie shop, and I picked out some of my favorite pieces: Thigh high stockings, a fishnet bodysuit, a ruffled mini-skirt, see through red panties and more. Every article of clothing a promise of a different fantasy fulfilled. It was a fun, lustful spending spree.

We then headed for the seedier side of town, to a sex toy store that attempted to present itself as upscale but fell well short. We walked in and looked around cautiously. I picked up a large 10-inch realistic looking dildo, and smiled at Sarah. She mockingly smiled back and made an "ouch" expression, a not-so-subtle hint that it might be too large. I bought the dildo anyway along with a small bottle of lubricant. We also purchased a thin vibrator, a pair of nipple clamps connected by a silver chain and metallic handcuffs. I really had no idea at that point what I was going to do with any of them, but the fact that they would be readily available was enough.

On the drive home, I prodded Sarah some more about Brad. I saw with my own eyes how much she enjoyed sex with him.

"Tell me again about Brad, tell me what it was like to fuck him."

"Well, he was powerful...when he was inside of me, fucking me, I felt like his beautiful toy...he had to have me..."

"Did you enjoy fucking him?"

"Yeah. It was...knowing my legs were spread for his cock and not yours, feeling his need and knowing you were there watching it all..."

"Tell me about your orgasm..."

"Oh god," Sarah began, feeling a little self-conscious. "The build up was amazing, I felt his cock and his deep thrusts and I felt your eyes watching me...watching my pussy being fucked...God, I felt so...exposed..."

"Would you like to fuck Brad again?"

"No. Only if you want me to."

I didn't want her to.

I pulled up to the house. I opened the door and let my wife in. I instructed her right then to strip down. I was uncontrollably jealous again, somehow upset that my wife could take such pleasure in another man. My reaction wasn't logical at all. She had sex with Brad for our mutual pleasure, but my response was pure animal instinct.

I instructed her to put on the black fishnet bodysuit we had just purchased. Sarah has a wonderful hourglass figure with big sensuous curves. It was incredible to watch her pull the black web over her legs and her body. The lines of the fishnet suit pulled tight against her as she stood up and ran her fingers through her hair. The bodysuit hugged her smooth curves perfectly. Her fair skin looked flawless underneath, the perfect counter to the black fishnet.

When she had finished pulling the bodysuit, I stood in front of her. By the back of her neck, I pulled her close, kissed her lips lightly and looked her in the eye.

"You are MY sexy little slut"

"I am, yes..." Sarah responded, both obediently and somehow bemused.

"You will do anything I desire..."


"You have no idea how it feels to watch you fuck another man and enjoy it so much, baby..."

Sarah nodded her head. She understood completely.

I held her wrists and placed her hands on the wall.

"You are not to remove your hands from the wall until I say you can"


I slapped Sarah's left ass cheek through her fishnet bodysuit. She let out a sexy, surprised "ooooooo" sound. I slapped her ass again.

"Tell me what a dirty little slut you are, baby..."

"Yes, yes, God, I am a slut, I am your slut..."

I wasn't sure if this was role play, or if this was real, or somewhere in between. Sarah and I had been so naïve for so long that any kinky, hidden sexual wants were buried pretty deep.

I slapped her ass again.

"Oh god...oh god..."

"You are my girl, my wife, my whore, Sara. MINE!"

"Yes, god yes, I am your girl, yours...always..."

"Do you enjoy being spanking?"

"Yes, I have been very bad, very naughty and I need to be punished...spank me, please"

I spanked each ass cheek several times, and each time she gasped, but each time she asked for more.

Sarah became absorbed in this scene. She enjoyed playing the naughty slut, and being disciplined for being bad. I had never seen this kind of thing from Sarah before, and it was incredible to see her unfold like this before my eyes.

I kneeled in front of her and reached between her legs. My upturned right hand began exploring Sarah's mound as my left hand cupped her ass cheek. I fondled her pussy, making certain to stimulate her clit periodically.

"You have been so bad, so naughty..." I whispered harshly.

"Yes, I am sorry..."

"I'm thirsty. Part of your punishment will be to quench my thirst..."

"What do...ohh...I understand..."

I massaged Sarah's juicy pussy with vigor. My fingers penetrated her, then returned to slide through her folds and across her clit, then back down, deep inside. Over and over, inside and outside and across her clit, all the while telling her how naughty she was, how slutty she was, but that she was good she for accepting her punishment. I knew Sarah was close to orgasm when her legs began quivering. I never slowed my pace. My slutty little girl cried out and climaxed into my hand, and after she was done I licked and swallowed all of the warm liquid. Good girl.

She caught her breath. I held her in my arms and we talked. I told her again that I would take her back, make her mine, show her who was boss.

She looked up at me then.

"Take me back? You know, I am proud of us, and our family. Yes, we have sexual fantasies, everyone does. Some work out and others don't. But I am proud to be going on this ride with you."

Her gentle words froze me.

Sarah leaned over and kissed me. One of those long sensual kisses that arouses every part of your body, the kind of kiss that communicates love, commitment and desire all rolled up.

Sarah smiled up at me. She kissed the tip of my nose, then my mouth again. Then she picked up some of the toys we had purchased and walked to the bed.

"There is one thing you don't seem to understand, sweetie..." Sarah explained.

I stood beside the bed watching her. I was transfixed. She laid the large dildo and the vibrator on the edge of the bed.

"You are so driven, trying so hard to take me, to dominate me, to teach me that I belong to you."

Sarah picked up the nipple clamps, feeling their weight in her palms. She clipped them just underneath each nipple, playing with them to find the best spot. She bit her lip a little as she allowed the chain to fall.

"I love you with all my heart, baby...always," she continued.

Sarah then laid back on the bed. She reached way over her head and stretched her sensuous body to its limit. She handcuffed her wrists around one of the metal bars on the headboard. She spread her legs wide and her pussy slowly opened. Both the dildo and the vibrator lay between her legs, ready to be put to use. The clamps held firmly in place, the silver chain draped across her chest. And still wrapped in beautiful black fishnet.

"You will never need to try, baby," Sarah said. "You see, I am already yours. Open for you in every way."

She followed through on that promise. I grew up just a little and fell in love with my wife all over again. We never saw Brad again. Opening Sarah is, after all, my responsibility and my pleasure.

The End

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