Opening Up


[02:22] kitten (me): ah...

[02:22] kitten (me): i was wondering...

[02:22] kitten (me): *blush*

[02:23] kitten (me): if it would be alright with my Master, if i could please myself before going to bed...

[02:23] My Owner: perhaps

[02:23] My Owner: what has you so worked up tonight?

[02:23] kitten (me): reading erotica, as usual...

[02:23] My Owner: ah

[02:24] kitten (me): thinking of you...

[02:24] kitten (me): wishing you and me could spend a weekend alone at your place...

[02:47] kitten (me): mrowr...

[02:49] My Owner: *chuckle*

[02:49] My Owner: who knows

[02:58] kitten (me): Master, i'm going to go to bed now.

[02:58] kitten (me): May i please myself first?

[03:00] My Owner: convince me I should let you

[03:01] kitten (me): whatever it takes, Master?

[03:01] My Owner: whatever it takes

[03:02] kitten (me): *climbs on your lap straddling you and licking the side of your neck lightly*

[03:02] kitten (me): Master, i need you so badly

[03:03] kitten (me): the thought of you turns my insides upside down, and keeps my cunt wet all day

[03:04] kitten (me): *rubs her pussy against your pants* you come to me in my dreams, stretch my arms above my head and lock my wrists into chains

[03:05] kitten (me): i dream of your strong hands pulling my legs apart and fixing restraints to my ankles, the restraints to chains fixed to bolts in the ceiling

[03:06] kitten (me): the thought of your tongue, your lips, your fingers playing with my pussy, my clit spreads warmth through my entire body until it feels as though i'm on fire

[03:07] kitten (me): i beg you to let me cum, but you say nothing and force me to endure, i try to stay silent, but moans and whimpers and mewls escape from Your kitten's mouth

[03:07] kitten (me): no matter how long you torment me, no matter how badly i want to, the orgasm simply won't come unless you either command me to, or give permission...

[03:08] kitten (me): i beg you, softly, then louder with more insistency to let me, or allow me to please you

[03:09] kitten (me): i salivate at the thought of licking your cock from base to head, and slipping my wet mouth all the way down it. the feeling of you inside my mouth, is the only true satisfaction i ever get from my oral fixation

[03:10] kitten (me): *slips a hand between our bodies, tracing the outline of your penis through your pants*

[03:11] kitten (me): *nuzzles head against your shoulder and whimpers* please Master? please let Your kitten orgasm before she goes to sleep?

[03:11] My Owner: *sadistic half-smile* I am not yet convinced

[03:11] kitten (me): please don't make me go to sleep feeling this way... pleasing myself is nothing compared to you pleasing me, but it helps with the craving

[03:12] kitten (me): *nips and bites at the side of your neck, pressing fingers against the backs of Your shoulders,*

[03:13] kitten (me): *undoes your pants and pulls them down, wraps a hand around your dick to guide it*

[03:14] kitten (me): *slips mouth over your cock, licking the sides, the bottom, sucking softly*

[03:14] kitten (me): *looks up at you as i slip my mouth all the way to the base and slide it slowly back out*

[03:14] kitten (me): (thoroughly blushing and even more turned on now, just by this, Master)

[03:15] kitten (me): *whimper*

[03:15] My Owner: I am enjoying what you are doing My kitten

[03:15] kitten (me): *i remove my clothing as i continue to suck your dick, careful not to stop or slow down*

[03:16] kitten (me): *pulls your pants off completely, and slides back up your body as you scoot foreword on the chair*

[03:17] kitten (me): *climbs back up on your lap and softly licks the outside of your ear and whispers* May i have you inside me Master?

[03:17] My Owner: *smile* yes

[03:18] kitten (me): *runs hands up the back of your head, lightly scratching your scalp as i slowly lower myself onto you*

[03:18] kitten (me):

[03:18] kitten (me): groan*

[03:18] kitten (me): please Master, may i come for You?

[03:19] My Owner: not yet

[03:20] kitten (me): *begins sliding up and down on your perfectly shaped cock while kissing, licking and biting your neck*

[03:21] kitten (me): *i groan and growl with every movement of my hips against you, trying desperately to get more of You deeper, farther inside me*

[03:21] My Owner: *chuckle* If I weren’t giving a friend a ride to his appointment the hospital at 8:45am, I would be more than tempted to not allow you to orgasm tonight at all, and force you to wait for me to arrive in the morning

[03:22] kitten (me): *wraps arms around Your shoulders, digging in with my nails as i begin to whimper*

[03:22] kitten (me): (blush)

[03:22] kitten (me): (@)

[03:23] My Owner: perhaps I should make you wait till after my friend’s appointment. I could send you off to work with a huge grin

[03:23] kitten (me): *begins pleading, in-between moans, growls, and gasps* please my loving owner?

[03:24] kitten (me): whatever would please you most, Master

[03:24] My Owner: you're getting there, but I am still not quite convinced

[03:25] kitten (me): *grabs "bag of tricks" from under your work desk and pulls out nipple clamps*

[03:26] kitten (me): *slows movements of hips down long enough to attach clamps to each nipple, carefully. Then, places the chain between them gingerly in your mouth*

[03:27] kitten (me): *carefully moves up and down, and slightly foreword and back, trying not to pull on chain at all, the slight pain on my nipples making it harder to concentrate on not orgasm-ing before my Owner allows it*

[03:29] kitten (me): *places hands on shoulders and gingerly raises myself off, as you release the chain from your teeth. i lower myself onto the ground, in-between Your knees again, and eagerly suck your dick into my mouth again*

[03:30] kitten (me): *eagerly licks every part of your dick that has my taste on it, listening intently for sounds of pleasure from my Owner*

[03:30] My Owner: mmmmmmm

[03:30] My Owner: soon my kitten, we will have to make this happen

[03:30] kitten (me): *smiling around the beautiful dick in my mouth, i look up at You and purr around you*

[03:33] kitten (me): *licking Your cock from base to tip, swirling my tongue around the head, and pulling it into my mouth one last time, i crawl up You and shyly ask * may i have You inside me again, Master?

[03:33] My Owner: *grabs you under the arms and lifts you atop me

[03:34] kitten (me): *squeals in anticipation and eagerly opens legs, craving the fulfilling sensation of You inside me*

[03:35] My Owner: *slowly lowers your wanting pussy down to my rock hard cock*

[03:36] kitten (me): *moans loudly and begins involuntarily rocking hips back and forth*

[03:37] kitten (me): *slides up and down quickly and feels the twinge of pain in both nipples from jarring the clamps suddenly*

[03:38] kitten (me): please, Master, can your kitten come for you? *i ask in a passion filled voice, my eyes pleading*

[03:38] kitten (me): *moving deliberately slower than would like, to keep the waves of the threatening orgasm from crashing down without permission*

[03:40] kitten (me): *moves mouth over the side of Your neck and whimpers* i need You so badly, please Master, i can't come with out my Owner's permission...

My Owner then commands me to put my right hand in-between my legs and tell him how wet for him i am. i naturally, obey instantly, and groan loudly at the long awaited pleasure of fingers on, and inside my throbbing cunt. i tell him that it is very wet, and how badly i want him. After making me play with myself for a while, and forbidding me to use my vibrator, he finally acquiesces to my request to orgasm for him. i cry out as the pleasure of the permitted orgasm rakes through me, crashing into me like ocean waves on a cliff. i hear my wonderful Master moan in pleasure as he, himself cums, satiating his desire for pleasure. I thank him and tell him how i wish he were here, and think to myself how wonderful it feels to know that i can give him pleasure. He tells his kitten that he will see me as soon as he can, possibly picking me up from work as the last shivers of aftershocks quiver through my body. He tells me goodnight and wishes me sweet dreams as i tell him that i still want me inside me. i wish him a good rest of the night at work and hang up, trying to fall asleep. After a few minutes, i go back to my computer:>>

[04:12] kitten (me): now i'm not tired

[04:14] My Owner: I love my kitten

[04:15] kitten (me): as i love my Owner

[04:15] kitten (me): *purr*

[04:15] kitten (me): (gift)<<-- my submission

[04:16] My Owner: I knew that all it would take was a little patience to get you to open up

[04:17] My Owner: and I accept your gift gratefully

[04:18] kitten (me): what is the only thing i have ever truly asked of you? simply that you be patient with me

[04:21] My Owner: *chuckle* now to work on your wardrobe... at least for things worn in private.

[04:22] My Owner: and perhaps things worn in public/semi-public as well.

[04:23] kitten (me): (blush)

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