tagMind ControlOperation ImpregNation Ch. 01

Operation ImpregNation Ch. 01


Mom was finally gone.

The priest tried to be kind and enlightening about it as he gave his speech over her casket, but gone is gone. Dad and I knew it, and he looked like he just wanted to up and leave. I placed a hand on his to stay him, giving those around us the idea that I was comforting him. The reason behind the touch wasn't remotely close to that.

By the time we left, it was already dark. I unlocked the door to his car and we both sat inside in silence for some time. Finally, when he did speak, he said something that sent a shiver of anticipation down my spine.

"It's time."


"OMG! This place is so beautiful!"

"Your family's freakin' loaded!"

I laughed at the combined reactions of Amy and Madison as I grabbed our backpacks from the trunk of my car and headed up to the front door. Large, beautiful, spacious, decorated tastefully, the cottage was Dad's pride and joy. And now, it would be home for the next two months.

Amy walked next to me and continued to gush. "Seriously, Andrea, this place is amazing. I'm in love. Like, so in love." Her dark hair and large breasts bounced with every step she took, making me wonder if the rest of her bounced as much as well.

"And your dad was okay with letting us stay here? Isn't he worried that we're gonna trash the place? Annoy the neighbors?" Madison joked as she followed us, her tight tank top and tiny shorts leaving close to nothing to the imagination. She was sexy and she knew it.

I laughed at her questions and wondered if I should answer her truthfully. That it was Dad's idea, that it wouldn't matter, and that the closest neighbors were on the opposite side of the lake. Dad wanted a place to call his own where he could escape the outside world and this was it.

We stepped inside the cottage and I left the two to explore the rooms as I placed our backpacks by the door. I went to the kitchen to get a drink and tried calm myself down. My palms were sweaty, my throat was tight. I was so eager to start.

When I looked up, Dad was entering through the back door and listening to the two girls exclaiming over every little thing they saw. He had an amused look on his face. "Energetic, aren't they?"

"Exactly how you like them."

A few seconds later, the two entered the kitchen area still rambling and squealing away before they caught sight of Dad. They immediately shut their mouths and stood up a little straighter.

Amy blushed prettily and bowed a little at Dad. "I'm so sorry if we were being loud and for not saying hello earlier, sir. And for snooping."

Dad smiled. "No worries. I was catching up with my daughter here and I didn't want to intrude on your exploration. How do you find the place?"

"It's very beautiful, sir," Madison replied demurely while sharing a confused look with Amy. They weren't expecting Dad at all and didn't know what to do now.

"Good, good. I'm very glad. It'll be where the three of us will be getting to know each other very intimately, after all," Dad said.

I swiftly stepped in front of the two, who were staring at Dad strangely and uncomfortably for what he had just said, and said one word strongly: "Bound."

Immediately, their bodies were relaxed, their faces blank, and their focus on me alone. I held in the manic laugh that wanted out at being able to practice my power at long last, and said to them while Dad moved to my side, "You are both in a safe place. You both want to be here, yearning to be the sex pets of Dad. You both have fallen in love with him and only want to make him happy in any and every way. Our voices are the only ones who matter in your world."

Dad patted me on the back and whispered, "Very good, Andrea."

I felt my chest expand at the praise. Then, I snapped my fingers, and watched as the two came back to themselves.

Amy came through first, her gaze moving away from my face to Dad's and staying there. I watched her eyes get all dark as her cheeks turned a light red, her body becoming tense from arousal as she continued to stare at him.

Madison followed soon after, her skin looking rather flushed and her nipples hard beneath her shirt. Licking her lips, she said in a hoarse voice, "I think... I think that we would very much like that."

Dad smiled widely. "Very, very good." He moved to the next room, positioned himself in front of the large couch facing the TV and the open windows, motioned for the two to come to him, and said, "Let's get better acquainted. Take your clothes off."

I leaned against the wall and watched the three of them. Amy was a little bit more shy and slow at getting naked compared to Madison, but I was definitely more into her body. While Madison had the lean and toned body of a cheerleader, her breasts were just a handful and she had a rather small butt. She was stunning, as all my chosen ones were, but I preferred Amy's large, perky breasts and round ass. I also liked how creamy her skin looked compared to Madison's tanned skin.

At last, they both stood naked in front of Dad and I saw that their nipples were hard and that their bare pussies were already wet. Amy had her arms crossed under her breasts, looking really shy but wanting to please, while Madison had her hands on her hips and was showing everything off confidently. I could feel the heat of their skin and arousal from where I was.

Dad looked them both over with a very pleased look on his face before he began to take his clothes off. He revealed to them his very hairy chest, his large protruding belly, and his average-sized cock nestled in a sea of pubes. His thighs were equally hairy and thick, and when he stood, his cock stood with him, trying its best to show itself from under his gut.

He pointed at Amy first. "Amy, my dear. Come over here."

Amy let out a very excited and nervous breath as she came forward. Dad sat down on the couch and patted his thighs. She promptly straddled his legs, her knees on either side of his thighs, and shivered as she placed her hands on either side of his neck. She looked so sweet and innocent as she gazed down at him in wonder.

Dad ran his hands over her body gently, making sounds of appreciation whenever he found one of her special spots that had her gasping or shivering. He then took hold of her breasts, bending down until he was nuzzling them. He sighed in content before he took one of her nipples in his mouth, the sound of his wet sucking and licking matching her heavy breathing and moaning.

I turned to look at Madison and saw her just staring at Amy and Dad with longing, her sweet juices trickling down her legs. She looked so turned on that I wondered if all it took to get her to come was just a single touch. Smiling, I turned back to the action happening on the couch.

Dad had stopped tormenting poor Amy's nipples and breasts and was now kissing her deeply, forcing her to take his tongue in her mouth as he played with her pussy lazily, coating his fingers with her essence. She was grinding on his thighs, sweet moans and sighs escaping her lips as his fingers dove deeper every time he thrust his tongue inside her mouth. After a few more thrusts, he pushed her off him until she was standing on wobbly feet, turned so that he was lying flat on the couch, and said, "Ride me, baby girl."

Amy moved to straddle him, taking care to position herself well, and then moved to take his hard cock in her hand. Pressing the head of his cock against her wet and swollen pussy lips, she slowly began to take in inside her until he was stuffed fully inside her, her face scrunched up and her breathing ragged. Dad didn't bother giving her a chance to get used to him; he just started thrusting up into her and forced her to get to riding him.

She was stunning. She had her hands braced on Dad's large gut as she lifted herself up and down on his cock, her whole body shining with sweat and her skin flushed prettily. Her breasts and ass bounced happily with her every move, and the cries she made were so, so sweet. Dad played with her very red and sensitive nipples, making her cry out louder as she bounced faster and harder. The sounds they were making through their union was unbelievably loud and consuming.

It didn't take long until Dad's hips started to thrust up into her erratically, making her lose her rhythm and struggle to breathe through the rough fucking. A few moments later, his hips snapped up and stayed there as he came inside her, pushing as much of his cock juice into her womb as he grunted like a pig. Amy screamed at the sensation and came while he continued to pump her full, her head thrown back as she shook above him.

After a while, I came forward just as Dad's cock began to slip out of Amy's used pussy. When his cock receded, I shoved a pussy plug up inside her and activated it so that it and Dad's come wouldn't slip out. Amy moaned at the feeling of the plug and moved to see what it was.

Dad patted her cheek tiredly. "Worry not, baby girl. It's just something to ensure that you get pregnant sooner rather than later." Then, he pushed her back until she was resting against the edge of the couch, her legs splayed. They were both covered in sweat and he sounded like he was about to get a heart attack as he lay back down. But I knew Dad. Always wanting more and never satisfied until he got what he wanted.

I watched him motion for Madison. In a tone completely different from the one he used with Amy, he barked, "Come over here and get me hard, slut. Your turn to get bred."

Madison practically threw herself at him, kneeling at the edge of the couch and taking his juice-slicked cock deep inside her mouth in one go, groaning obscenely as she licked and sucked and jerked him off to hardness. Dad moaned at her skills and told her to keep going, his eyes falling shut and his legs parting even more for her to play with his balls.

I moved away from the wall and began to open the windows, the sound of birds chirping and of wind blowing through the trees joining the moaning and heavy breathing in the room. The inside was beginning to get all hot and stifling. The smell of sex, sweat, and come was extra pungent. But with the help of the breeze, it became manageable. I sighed and took in the sight of the calm lake and luscious greens surrounding it, the clouds above hiding the sun while letting a number of its rays through. This place was definitely heaven on earth. Like Eden. And here was man spreading his seed.

The sound of skin slapping against each other brought my attention back inside the room. I turned around and watched Dad fuck Madison hard and fast against the back of the couch. Her upper body was struggling to stay upright while Dad pounded into her without a care, his grunts and growls sounding very animalistic while Madison cried out weakly, her saliva dripping from her mouth to the floor, her eyes rolling back. Amy watched them with wide eyes from her position on the couch, her fingers playing with her raw nipples and her pussy.

Dad gave it to Madison like he was on viagra. He fucked her good and long until she came screaming in the middle of it, squeezing him until he dumped his cock juice inside her with a very loud groan. They stayed that way for a while and I moved into position calmly, waiting until his cock receded before I inserted another pussy plug inside her. Dad pushed himself off of her and took in both his new lovers with pride as they stared back at him in awe.

I watched him and smiled at how pleased he looked with himself. I hadn't seen him look this happy in the longest time. It made all the preparation and waiting worthwhile.

And it was only the beginning.


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