I had been working on the same team as this woman for nearly six months and though I allowed myself to fantasize what kind of lover she was, I hadn't seen but the faintest hint that she might be interested in me. Everything changed one night when she gave me a lift home, answering the call to rescue me from a car that was half a gear shift from the scrap yard. She'd been behaving differently all day, more relaxed and free with her speech including a few sexual innuendos at lunch.

"Thanks for the ride, I really appreciate this."

Her smile was provocatively sinful. "I'll take it out in trade."

"You seem a lot happier today than normal. You come into a lot of money or something?"

"I had a big fight with my boyfriend of over two years and it's left me feeling liberated."

"Well if you don't mind my saying so, it suits you."

"I really don't want to go home right now, he'll be there and I'm not ready to hear one of his half-assed apologies."

I grinned and let my hand brush against her knee. "So you'll stay for a drink then?"

Her response was a silent gaze up through her eyelashes as she lowered her head in a half nod. It lasted only a moment before she turned those baby blues back to the road but it felt as though she spent a lifetime looking right through me while painting murals of herself on the inside of my heart.

My place wasn't far from work and arrived shortly after our brief exchange. Once within I poured her a glass of Southern Comfort and helped myself to a Vodka and Triple-sec. Our first kiss was measured and anxious but by the second I was languidly tasting her lower lip and breathing a quickening passion into her that was met with unchecked reciprocation.

Our clothes quickly fell away and I sat her on my couch, kneeling between her legs I paused a moment to take in her youthful splendor. Her hair was a summer strawberry blond and her skin was a soft cream, brought to its fullest glory in the large globes of her chest. They rose and fell with her breath, bringing her nipples closer to my mouth as I gently brought her clitoris to life with my hands. Her erect tits bounce off my parted lips receiving soft teasing kisses and I check the need to have them between my teeth, knowing that she isn't ready for such enthusiasm.

The petals at my fingertips quiver and moisten as her breathing quickens and gasps. Strangled moans fight their way out of her throat and I let my tongue flick the jutting nipple that's pushed into my mouth by her arching back. My cock is stiff and ready, pulsing in anticipation as I imagine it lost between her heavenly pillows of flesh just beneath her chin.

Her mounting pleasure climaxes as her body spasms and shakes as she grunts through clenched teeth. I steal the opportunity and rise, sheathing my naked penis balls deep into her velvet sleeve. My unexpected penetration was met with a jaw-dropped gasp chased by a moan of surprised pleasure. Alcohol and jilted pride were enough to allow for a little messing around but putting my dick inside of her was an event horizon, no going back now.

My bare chest was now pressed hard against her billowy breasts and my mouth hovered a few inches from her own, tasting her meek attempts at restraint. "No, we can't, we have to stop."

My thrusts were slow and long, allowing her vaginal contractions time to massage the full measure of my organ. Pleas to stop became declarations of "This is wrong" then quickly melted into cries of relenting pleasure. I laid her on the couch and her nails began to dig trails of blood into my back. My thrusts became more forceful and her panting moans followed suit as we surrendered to our blind lust.

My bared teeth grazed the skin covering her clavicle bone and I tasted her perspiration. I wanted to lift her, feed from her, and mark her as my own but such unbridled desires could not be slaked so soon. I knew that whatever progress I'd made thus far would be forfeited should I allow the indulgence of filling her exquisite pink pussy with my semen and my plans for her were far from over.

Moments before the point of no return, I stood and with my left hand jerked my shaft, sticky sweet with her juices, until my thick white cum ejaculated over her tits and stomach. Her head leaned up to watch the act with a hungry gaping mouth, her eyes reflecting her need that spoke of the mounting climax that my withdrawal had halted.

So it was with a satisfied grin I knelt once more between her thighs and kissed her quivering mound. She tasted of salt and tang with a hint of the whiskey that had greased her morals and eagerly drank her juices without restraint. It was here with my mouth that I could take everything without concern that she'd pull back. She bucked against my mouth and gripped my hair tightly as I held her thighs open with my hands and tongued her pink meat with ferocious need.

My dick, still swollen, throbbed with renewed hunger and ached to be brought to a second climax. It was here that her breath became ragged and uneven, letting me know that she was now a slave to the whims of my tongue and her libido. Inhibition and logical thought were cast aside in this primal display and now she would share pleasure and pain without restraint.

I climbed up the length of her prostrate form and sucked her nipples into my mouth one at a time, nibbling and then gnawing as she moaned in complete and breathy subjugation. My hands squeezed and kneaded her fabulously full breasts as I placed my swollen sticky cock between them and proceeded to push them together and roughly rub them up and down my shaft. Her head is tilted up by a throw pillow and her mouth opens to receive the head of my prick.

I grip the back of her head and help her take more of me into her mouth. I can smell her musk on my penis and the thought her tasting herself on me doubles my arousal. Very quickly I accept that her reach is insufficient so I move further up and fuck her face. Her hands dig into my ass cheeks as she bobs her head back and forth on my dick, her tongue jutting out over and over against my sensitive underside.

As she brings me to the brink, she works one of her fingers into my anus, knuckle deep and pressing on my prostate. With one hand in her hair and one gripping the back of the couch, lose it and empty myself into suckling mouth.

We showered together and she began to feel guilty again, saying we couldn't let this happen again and that she would still be with her boyfriend. In response I kissed her and held against me, water cascading over our naked embrace and felt her reluctance melt away.

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