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It had been a long night. With all the drama, and all the confusion, I found myself at Bridgett's house. She was one of my long time friends. I had called her earlier that day to tell her that I found out that my man of five years, Tim, had been cheating on me with his co-worker. I was pissed the fuck off, and Bridgett is just the type of girlfriend you need in that situation. She came by; we both had on jogging suits, tennis shoes, and hats ready to draw blood. We promptly followed his lying cheating ass from work (with her in the car), to a sports bar near his job. They got out the car holding hands and shit like a real fucking couple. Bridgett looked at me and was like, "is this the chick he cheating on you with?" I couldn't even speak because you should've seen this hoe. Sheila (I learned that was her name) looked a hot shitty mess! Bad weave, bad body, bad skin, bad teeth, just bad. We sat in the car for about 30 minutes, waited until they got good and comfortable, and bust in the door and acted a damn fool! Cheaters would have been proud! I went up in there cursing him, her, his momma, her momma, and anybody else I could think of. Then I flipped over food, threw drinks, pulled hair, and scratched faces. I was upset, and my feelings were hurt. I knew I shocked the shit out of him; he had no response to my actions. And, I knew she was not aware he had a woman because she went off on his ass after I got threw with him. Niggas! They get on my fucking nerves!!

Back at Bridgett's house, I sat on the sofa and let the emotion of the night run through me. I cried and complained about his ass and the time I had wasted, and all the shit I put up with, and how things had gotten so good, but this happened. Bridgett just listened, adding her agreements every now and then. We drunk two bottles of wine, and at last, I was worn out. She insisted I stay at her house, and I knew I really was not in any condition to go home and face the bullshit, so I agreed. She took me to the guest bedroom of her home, laid out some towels for me, and closed the door. I took a long, hot shower. The water seemed to take some of the edge off, washing my anger down the drain. It relaxed me, and I stayed in for almost an hour. I was refreshed. I toweled off and entered the attached bedroom. The bed looked so comfortable, with its big fluffy comforter, lots of pillows, and baby blue color. I realized that I didn't have any pajamas, and was about to put on the tank top I had on earlier under my jogging suit, but decided to sleep in the nude. When I lay in the bed, the crisp sheets felt good against my skin. I turned off the light, which made the room pitch black. No light came in, not from the window nor from under the door. Dark, just like I like. Sleep had eluded me the past few nights from worrying about what Tim was doing. But I guess the stress of the day had taken its toll. I was tired, weary, cried out, lonely, and sleepy. I promise I was sleep before my head hit the pillow.

I awoke to the weight of someone getting in the bed with me. As my eyes focused, I realized I was not at home but at Bridgett's house. I looked at the clock on the nightstand that read 2:24 a.m. I knew it was Bridgett who had gotten in bed with me, although my back was turned against her. I knew that this was going to happen. Frankly, I think I wanted it subconsciously, which is why I slept in the nude. I thought back fifteen years ago when Bridgett and I were roommates in the college dorm.

Neither of us knew anyone prior to attending FAMU, so we were paired together. It turned out to be good, because we became fast friends. I was a sweet, country girl while Bridgett was rough and experienced. My naivety let her slip into my bed at night claiming bonding. My curiosity let her explore my body, taking my pleasure to new orgasmic heights, and causing my body to cum like a flowing river. We never acted like a couple; we didn't think we were gay. I dated men and so did she. But there were those nights were I let her tease me with her tongue, grind me with her pussy, and stroke me to orgasm with her middle finger. It got to the point that I could not even maintain a relationship because no one could do me like Bridgett. I knew that I needed to break from the situation, or else turn straight lesbo, which was not an option. After my four and half years in college, I pulled away from her. She understood, I think she was going through the same thing herself. However, we remained friends, and were always there for each other in a crisis, hence how we were together on this day.

I never turned around, although I know she knew I was awoke. A few minutes passed, and then I felt her scooting closer to me. The heat from her raised the temperature in my own body. She reached down and placed her hands on my soft, round ass. I heard a low moan escape her lips; she loved it when I slept in the nude. She moved closer and put her hands on my breast, teasing my nipples and causing the juices in me to start flowing. I could feel her breast pushed in my back, and her smooth pussy against my ass. She had got in the bed nude too. I was wet, clit stiff, pussy drenched, nipples hard, and wanting her to do something to me fast. I turned flat on my back, and she immediately put her middle finger into my mouth. I gently sucked it, while she gently sucked my nipples. She removed her finger from my mouth, parted my pussy lips and rubbed her moisten fingers along the length on my vagina. "Ohhh", escaped my lips as she teased my pussy, slowly moving her finger back and forth, up and down, deliberately not touching my clit. I was so wet I could hear the sound of her finger moving around my pussy. She flicked he tongue between my nipples, my neck, and my ear. I was on fire. It had been at least ten years since I had been with Bridgett. I missed it. I decided in that moment that I would take advantage of the night. I was going to let go and let her give me a night to remember.

Finally, she placed her middle finger onto my anxiously awaiting clit.

"Ohhh shit. Ohh. Umm. Ssss. Ohh baby I missed you. Ohh this pussy missed you. This pussy missed Bridgett. Ohh."

She moved her finger expertly. She knew me. I was embarrassed by how wet I was, how strong my response was with her. It was never this strong for Tim. I couldn't control myself either. My hips began to grind her finger; we picked up a rhythm. I popped my pussy against her finger, and she stroked my clit slow, faster, fast, slower, slow. My legs spread themselves open even more so I could experience her all in me. I felt my orgasm starting from my toes. Bridgett felt it too, because she slowed down. She knew I came hard on a slow stroking finger. I slowed my grinding to match her speed, and immediately lost the rest of the control I had.


My whole body was shaking and jerking. I felt the muscles in my vagina contracting. Bridgett wasn't done yet. She gave me some time to calm down, and then she lay on her back and pulled me onto her face. She knew how much I loved that. Riding a face is the best orgasm ever. If gives you control over getting ate out. I spread my legs and lowered myself on her tongue. She flicked it softly against my clit, as I grinded my pussy softly against her. She reached up and grabbed my ass, and I opened my legs a little more and let myself go. I started grinding slow, then faster, faster. I held onto the headboard as I popped my pussy against her mouth. She intensified the feeling by gripping my ass, and giving it a soft slap periodically. "Ohh shit. Shit." I felt that orgasm coming again. I slowed my pace down, and let her lick me to oblivion.

Lick one. "Ohh baby."

Lick two. "Ohhh. Ohhhhhh."


I laid down flat on my stomach. That had felt so good, and I didn't know if I had the strength to cum again. At least, not right now. Bridgett turned me over on my back, and I knew what she wanted. I let her mount me, and she put my leg in between her pussy. She leaned forward, and began grinding her pussy against me. This was her thing, all the years we messed around I never did her. She seemed to enjoy doing me then tribbing herself against my leg or my pussy. She situated herself, and I could feel her getting wet. She started slow, while I licked her nipples and fondled her ass. She picked up speed, until she was humping so fast and so hard, she seemed to be raising her body up in the air. Then she came. Not loud, like me. Softly in my ear, she moaned, and her body trembled. She got off me and looked at me. Neither of us said anything for a while. Then she said, "Let's take a shower."

We stood under the water, not bathing but caressing each other's bodies. Enjoying the feel of one another because although it wasn't said, we knew it would probably be another ten years before we got to do this again. Bridgett slowly cornered me in the shower. She gripped my ass, and stuck her finger in my pussy again. I guess this was one for the road. She kissed my nipples and once again stroked my clit to orgasm. I came so hard that I almost collapsed on the shower floor. When I calmed down, she kissed me gently on the lips and exited the shower, leaving me alone with my thoughts.

I slept late the next morning, and when I awoke, Bridgett had already left for work. I don't see how she got out of bed after the night we had. Me, I worked from home and was used to late mornings. I let myself out and locked the door behind me with the spare key, and went home to confront my own drama. Bridgett and I have gone on as if nothing happened. I do miss the feel of her; her finger, her tongue, her wet pussy. Although I don't want another "crisis" to happen to bring us together again, I am awaiting that day. Awaiting that drama, that crisis, that incident that will create the opportunity for another secret rendezvous.

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