tagNovels and NovellasOpportunity Knocks Ch. 15

Opportunity Knocks Ch. 15



With Roger and Judy at the swinger's party, Audrey came to the apartment. We relaxed with a bottle of wine before engaging in any sex. I liked that we didn't rush right into as some of the other women did with me.

Audrey smiled at me as she took a sip of wine and spoke softly, "Have you ever made love standing up?"

I laughed at the question and then replied, "Well actually yes once with a girl named Marcia. We had dated in high school and we were both home one weekend from college."

I explained how we had arrived at her house after a date and her parents were not home yet. Her parents had a strict rule about no boys in the house when they were not home. So, we decided to wait on her front porch until her parents arrived. She was wearing a short-pleated skirt and she had not worn stockings. We were both horny, so we decided to try it standing up. She pulled her panties to one side and I fished my cock out of my pants. Marcia straddled me as I held onto her ass as she wrapped her arms around my shoulders.

My cock slipped into her wet pussy easily and she bounced up and down as we held to each other. She was the first to cum and afterward she was worried about me cumming in her pussy that it would be too messy and her parents might catch on. So, she dropped to her knees and sucked me off until I came in her mouth. She sucked me dry and then I put my cock back in my pants minutes before her parents arrived home. Her parents complimented both of us about obeying their rule about no boys in the house. We had to stifle our laughs thinking that if her parents ever knew.

"Wow I can just picture you two going at it. It must have been a very hot scene. It was always something that I wanted to try but never did."

"Well there is no time like the present," I said and stood up.

Audrey took my hand as she set her wine down and stood up next to me. "I want to do it just like you did with Marcia," she sighed.

Audrey pulled her panties to one side baring her pussy and I pulled my hard cock out of my shorts. She wrapped her arms around my neck and hoisted her legs up to my waist. I cupped her shapely ass in both hands as my cock settled into her soaking wet pussy. She had obviously been thinking about this and then the story about Marcia really got her turned on.

"Oh! Oh my, that feels good. I feel like a teenager."

The standing position felt unexpectedly awkward as I had to stoop slightly to thrust my cock in and out of her. This wasn't too comfortable for my lower back, but the sensations around my cock and Audrey's expression and moans, more than made up for it. I could sense it felt good for her.

There was just the two of us in the apartment standing there and sharing our bodies. We were both lost in each other and how good this felt. As we continued, her pussy became slicker with lubrication making the motion easier and easier. I began to thrust harder and at one point her legs slipped from my waist causing us to almost lose our balance. We stumbled slightly and I moved backwards a step or two.

Somehow, I managed keep us together and stay inside of her. We looked at each other and grinned, then looking at where we were, I walked us to the wall and pushed her gently back against it. I took hold of the inside of each leg and lifted her thighs up and out, supporting them with the palm of my hand. Audrey leaned against the wall for extra balance and gasped as I cock penetrated her deeply again. I was now supporting her weight as I drilled her pussy.

"Oh God, that feels so good!"

With her pussy, more exposed and the wall to press against I could move in and out of her more confidently, so I broke into a faster rhythm. she gasped and muttered unintelligent sounds as she took in gasps of air. She tensed and her face took on that familiar look as she cried out lost in pleasure

"Yes! Oh, yes! Yes! Yes!" as her face contorted and her body stiffened.

I stopped thrusting and enjoyed the feeling of her pussy pulsing around me. After she'd stopped gasping and shaking she relaxed a little. I began to fuck slowly and gently into her as her face looked strained. Eventually I stopped with my cock still buried in her quim.

"No don't stop I'm okay. Keep going I want to feel you cum in me."

She struggled but her legs slipped weakly from my waist and I held onto her shapely ass as her legs dropped to the floor and she steadied herself.

"On the bed now," I said as I pulled my cock out of her.

I lifted her shirt off her body and peeled her panties down and off her legs. Then I stripped off my own clothes and we both moved toward my bed. She grinned at me and then made her request.

"From behind, fuck me from behind."

She knelt on the bed on all fours. I knelt behind her and taking hold of her curvy ass I let my cock touch her pussy before I slipped it into her again. Soon I was slapping against her buttocks, watching her firm tits bounce and sway. She groaned loudly as I took hold of her long hair and gently pulled her head back. I was so deep in her and her toned body felt so tight that I knew I wouldn't last much longer. I let go of her hair and held on to her curvy ass cheeks with both hands as I thrust faster and harder into her.

"Get ready Audrey, here it cums."

The sensations grew more and more intense and her shapely ass felt hot under my hands as her pussy felt even hotter around my cock. Her ass hunched up with her head down and her fingers clenching the bed sheets in each fist. Her pussy rubbed and pulsated along the length of my cock and the friction was incredible. The first blast shot deeply into her womb and she cried out.

"Oh, that's it, give it to me. Oh, I feel it."

The heat of my orgasm filled my shaft as it flowed through and then surged and exploded from the tip. With a groan, I thrust hard into her body as cum fired from my convulsing cock leaving me shaking and feeling light headed. Audrey cried out and shook too and we stayed locked together in our mutual pleasure as our bodies collapsed on the bed. I stayed on top of her until our bodies relaxed and our breathing returned to normal. I moved off her and lay next to her in the warm afterglow of sex.

We cuddled next to each other for several more minutes before we began to talk quietly. I ran a hand over her thighs, ass, back, shoulders and hair. I was still excited by her firm mature body and I slipped my hand onto her breast and gently stroked it as we whispered to each other about how good it felt to be with one another. Her hand found my balls and gently tickled them. I flinched in pleasure and her hand next moved to my flaccid cock and she gently held it.

As we continued to whisper her hand gently worked my soft cock. She tugged and squeezed it and circled her fingers around the head. As she worked my cock we stopped talking and I gasped in pleasure as my dick began to harden again. Audrey smiled as I knew she was proud of her ability to arouse me again. I rolled her nipple between my finger and thumb and she closed her eyes dreamily. My cock stood erect and her hand squeezed and relaxed around it. I kissed her and rolled over on top.

"Ready to pleasure me again?"


I slipped my cock back into her and we fucked slowly with long, steady movement as we once again savored each other's bodies. It seemed as if I could stay hard forever. We gently fucked as we rocked back and forth. We kissed with our heads side by side as we moaned and gasped into each other's mouth.

Audrey's breath suddenly came in sharp gasps as her face twisted and her mouth opened. Her eyes and with a shudder and cry she came again. I was still hard but not ready to cum again yet. I continued to thrust into her gently and with more tenderness but another orgasm was too far away for me. Audrey asked me to stop as she was too tired to continue. I had no problem with calling it a night. She kissed me and sat up in bed. Audrey then kissed me goodnight and left the apartment carrying her panties in her hand. I fell asleep immediately after she left the room.

I knew she would be back in the morning to enjoy my piss hard-on. After I satisfied her I would take that lovely ass again. I had no plans for Saturday except the open houses after lunch, so we could have sex all morning.


After a marvelous Saturday morning with Audrey, I showered dressed and swung by the office to get materials for the open houses. They went pretty well and I also got some prospects interested in the Sunday open houses. I particularly pushed Sally's home, telling everyone that it was steal.

Saturday evening, I was too tired to go out so I chilled out at the house. I was swimming in the lanai when Roger, Judy and Audrey all joined me. After a relaxing swim, we sat around in the lanai chatting and enjoying cocktails. It was odd to be sitting there with the three of them when I was fucking Audrey and Judy. Of course, they didn't know I was fucking the other one and Roger certainly didn't know that I was banging both his wife and mother.

I got a good night's sleep Saturday night and on Sunday it was two more open houses. The last one would be at Sally's house. The open houses went well and there seemed to be legitimate interest. A number of parties were surprised at the price of Sally's house and I knew that they thought it was a good value. Following the open house when the last person left, I was tidying up and picking up the brochures. I did a walk through to make sure that all lights were turned off and everything was in order.

When I returned to the kitchen area, Sally came in the house wearing a tennis outfit. I admired her in her tennis outfit. It consisted of a very short tennis skirt with a halter top. Her shapely legs were on display and her flat tummy peeked out under the halter top.

"Hi, how was tennis?"

"Tennis was fine. Don't rush off, my husband is playing cards at the club."

We both sat at the kitchen table and I took in her beautiful shapely legs. I felt that all too familiar stirring in my loins again as I looked her up and down. Sally started to speak but then stopped when she felt my hand caress the back of her knee and then move up her thigh. Her body stiffened and she caught her breath when she felt my touch. I moved my other hand to the front of the same leg and then I stroked her with both hands. She remained speechless as my hands moved up and down her thighs as they roamed under her tennis skirt. She gasped slightly when my hands caressed her panty covered pussy and ass. She then stood up right in front of me.

I pulled her panties down to her knees, turned her around and bent her over the table. I flipped her short tennis skirt up over her back putting her beautiful ass on display. She told me to use the lotion in her tennis bag indicating that it was okay to fuck her in the ass again. Using the lotion, I fingered her ass with one then two fingers before I pushed my pants down and lubed up my cock.

I stepped up behind her and slipped my aroused cock deep into her ass. She emitted a gasp as my cock slid all the way in on the first thrust. I plowed her bottom and fucked her rapidly in search of my much-needed release. She eventually began to move her hips in an attempt to match my thrusts and it was obvious that she was turned on by being partially naked. She was gasping and grunting as I began to really drill her ass. I picked up the pace even more and held to the shapely buttocks as our hips slapped noisily together. She was really into it now and the two of us fucked like maniacs.

"Oh yeah that's it, that's the way to fuck my ass. Give it to me, cum in me, cum in my ass."

She was definitely vocal about what she wanted. We were both heating up from the physical intensity of our butt fucking. I slammed into her as my cock now moved freely in her ass. I felt my orgasm approaching. My body stiffened and I plunged my cock all the way into her gorgeous ass. Streams of semen shot into her rectum as I seemed to cum continuously for several minutes.

Her body thrashed around as I held onto her curvy ass cheeks and kept my cock buried in her ass. Her fingers flew over her pussy and clit as my warm seed flooded her anal passage. She then collapsed face down on the table and my cock slipped from her ass with an audible pop. I knelt over her as my cock dripped the remaining cum on her curvy ass. She wiggled her bottom and squealed in delight.

I stepped back from Sally and I admired her shapely ass. She looked so sexy with her tennis skirt thrown up over her back and her panties down around her knees. I rubbed her buttocks lovingly and she clenched her glute muscles. She then stood up and stripped off her panties, lay back on the table and spread her legs for me.

"You made me so hot come here and eat my pussy."

I moved my head between her legs to eat her pussy but first I kissed and licked around the area and her inner thighs. I breathed warm air right on her snatch and she grabbed my head and pulled it to her cunt. I pulled my head back off her pussy and let my fingers trail to her pussy. I lightly rubbed her outer cunt lips and she twitched with each touch. She moaned as her clit responded to the stimulation and slowly exited its hood looking for attention.

I placed my fingers on her cunt lips and trapped her clit between them and it became engorged and stood erect. She squirmed in pleasure while I moved her cunt lips up and down on her clit and she shuddered from the extreme arousal. Still moving her cunt lips up and down, I bent down and kissed her clit. She jerked and bucked as my lips touched her upright nub. I drew my head back a bit and again blew air directly onto her clit as she writhed and bucked again, moaning with pleasure.

I placed my arms behind her knees and raised her hips up. I put her legs over my shoulders and I lowered my mouth to her pussy and kissed it as though it were her mouth. She groaned with delight as she waited for my next advance. I drew my tongue along her outer labia, up one side and down the other without touching her clit. I flicked my tongue across the edges of her pussy as she quivered and seeped her juices from between the lips.

I licked the juices from the edges telling her she tasted delicious. She was nearly mad with desire as she begged me to pleasure her with my tongue. I parted her labia with my tongue and licked the insides of her cunt lips, nibbling each one a little and then sucking on them both. She whimpered and moaned when I suddenly plunged my tongue as deep as I could into her pussy. She screamed with delight as my tongue explored the insides of her pussy.

Instinctively, she grasped my head and pulled it into her cunt, begging me to lick and suck her. I did not disappoint her as I swirled my tongue around her engorged clit and back into her sopping wet cunt. She was constantly moaning as my lips closed about her clit and sucked her clit in and out of my mouth. Writhing and gyrating she exploded in another powerful orgasm, drenching my face and mouth with her copious juices. She seemed to cum with each spasm of her body. I did not let up sucking her clit and she tried to push my face away as she cried out.

Her body shuddered through yet again another orgasm and she lay there gasping and breathing heavy as her orgasm abated. Finally, her orgasm subsided and she embraced me and kissed me. I knew that she could taste her own juices on my lips and I plunged my tongue into her mouth taking her breath away. Just then we heard the garage door.

"Oh shit, my husband's home."

She leaped off the table, grabbed her panties and dashed for the master bedroom. I quickly pulled up my pants and put her lotion back in the tennis bag. I looked around for any telltale signs of sex and wiped up a few spots with paper towels. Just then her husband walked in and he had obviously been drinking.

"Good afternoon, Mr. Garrison, I was just leaving. The open house went very well and I believe we have some interested parties."

"That's good news and call me Doug. Where's Sally?"

"She just got home from tennis. I believe she went to use the bathroom."

"Okay, do you want a beer?"

"No thanks, I should be going."

"Nonsense have a beer with me and tell me about the open house. I'm anxious to sell this place."

I knew better than to offend a client, so I agreed to have a beer with him. We were seated at the kitchen table and I was reviewing the marketing material that I had put together for them about the property. I could tell he was impressed with the presentation and information.

"This is good stuff. The other realtor didn't do anything like this."

"I'm glad you like it. I have a feeling that we will have an offer before the week is over."

Sally then returned and she was still wearing her tennis outfit. She looked a bit confused but managed a smile. Douglas greeted her.

"Oh, hi hon, I was just going over this stuff with Walt here, this is good stuff. Have you seen it?"

"Yes, I have, I am pleased with his efforts."

"Well I should be going if there are no more questions. Thanks for the beer."

I stood up to leave and we said our goodbyes. I left the house relieved. That had been a close call and I vowed not to do that again with any woman no matter how hot. It could have been disastrous. If we had been caught, it would have definitely cost me the contract and if word got back to Audrey, probably my job. I stopped by the office to drop off the signs and materials and then headed home.


Monday as always began with the staff meeting. The day was full with phone calls and follow-up after the open houses. Tuesday through Thursday I was busy with prospects showing them around and looking at homes for sale. Thursday afternoon I received an offer on the Harrison's house. Douglas and Sally were ecstatic as they had been trying to move for months. We set the closing date and then they wanted me to show them properties that met their requirements. Sally would be the point person and once she found homes she liked then Douglas would view them. I was a bit worried about being alone with Sally again and I was determined not to take any unnecessary risks.

On Friday night, Myrna invited me over and we would have pizza and watch a movie. It was a relaxing evening and we enjoyed cuddling on her couch and watching the movie. After the movie, it was time to go to her bed. We entered the bedroom and we both stripped naked. Myrna got in bed on her back and smiled as she held her arms open to me.

"Make love to me," she whispered.

I pulled her legs apart and let her guide my cock into her pussy. I eased my thick cock into her receptive cunt and worked it slowly until I was balls deep in her pus. Myrna gasped when I hit bottom. As I fucked her slowly I made sure that my cock never lost contact with her clit. Myrna stiffened as a mild orgasm passed through her quickly. She grunted and groaned through multiple mini-orgasms before her body was rocked with one massive climax. As I pounded her pussy my cock moved easily in her now soaked pussy. She stiffened one more time, screamed and then went limp with her final orgasm which was very intense. At the same time, I flooded her cunt with a barrage of cum. The two of us were drained, sweaty and oily as we slowly recovered from our intense fuck session.

"Wow, I really came quick tonight. I need to rest for a while," she said as she rolled over on her stomach.

"I'll massage you."

She just sighed as I put the lotion from her nightstand in my hands, straddled her body and went to work on her shoulders. She cooed as I rubbed the knots out of her upper body. I worked my way down from her shoulders to her trap muscles and lower back. I massaged her back just above her buttocks and she continued to coo and moan with pleasure. I bypassed her ass for the moment and went to her calves. I massaged each calf and worked my way up to the back of her thighs. As I massaged the back of her legs and thighs my eyes were fixed on her marvelous ass.

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