My name is Allison and I'm twenty-three years old. You might say I'm a sex addict. Most women would put me in the slut category because I love it, can't get enough, a bona fide nympho. My ex-roommate (Tara) is the exact opposite. She's considered by most women a prude; ice cold, could have gone her whole life without having sex once and been fine. My complete opposite. The funny thing is she was the one that got married first. Yep met a nice, wealthy guy, (Jake) fell in love, moved out and got married. That was when my life became hell.

Just a week after her honeymoon I started getting calls from her complaining about Jake's 'obsession' for sex she called it. She complained he wanted it all the time, bugged her insistently until she finally gave in and laid on her back so he could do his 'thing' for five minutes. I wanted to throw the phone across the room or better yet reach through the receiver and bitch slap her. Jake was gorgeous, so was Tara for that matter, which probably made it worse for poor Jake. He could have me everyday all day and twice on Sunday if he wanted but Tara was nonstop bitching about it.

"He's complaining once a week isn't enough now. I think it's more than enough. Hell it's four times a month for hell sakes!" Tara exclaimed in the phone.

"Well, you are just recently married Tara, maybe his drive will taper off in a few months," I said, knowing it wasn't true.

"I can't do it that much and he wants even more."

"So what are you going to do? Didn't you guys discuss this before you got married?" I asked.

"Yeah, I guess a little,"

"Let me guess... you told him you would do anything to make him happy and you didn't mind sex, right?"

"Kinda yeah, I didn't know he'd want it so much."

"Judas Tara, you led the poor guy on and now are going back on what you said. I'd be mad too."

"That's because you are a whore and love sex," she said chuckling.

"True, but were not talking about me."

"Tell me what to do, how do I get him to stop bugging me?"

"Are you serious? You want me, a self proclaimed slut, to tell you how to make your gorgeous, rich, husband not want to have sex? You're crazy girl."

"I know. I just don't know who else to ask. Just yesterday he suggested we could do other stuff to make him happy besides full on sex."

"Like what?" I asked feeling a twinge in my nether regions. I was curious to see what gorgeous Jake had in his head.

"He mentioned a blowjob and when I freaked out on him about that he said something about a hand job or using my boobs to slide in-between as if I'd let him do that."

Did I mention wanting to bitch slap her. Well the urge came back when she said that. She had an incredible rack, the best I've ever seen that wasn't fake. I can see why Jake wanted to tit-fuck her and for her not to even consider it pissed me off. What a waste of some huge jugs.

"Yeah well I know you don't like sucking cock, don't get it, but I know you don't. What's so bad about the boob thing? You could give it a try?" I said hoping.

"Eww no way, it would be all gross between my breasts and then when he climaxed it would get all over me. I'd have to shower immediately to get it off."

I had forgot she didn't like being dirty, can't stand sticky things and Jake's warm sticky load on her neck and breasts would possibly induce vomiting. I hated her. Just thinking about getting a pearl necklace from Jake and sucking his cock clean made me wet and aroused.

"Oh right, well then what about the hand job he mentioned. You could do that for him and never even take your clothes off."

"To get him off my back I said I would try. He got naked and lay on our bed with his dick all hard and oozing. So gross how it does that. I didn't know what to do and just moved it around with my hand. He laughed at me so I got pissed off and slept on the couch."

"He probably thought you were messing around. He didn't know you had no idea how to stroke a penis. You guys really need to sit down and talk about this. He can help you learn what to do."

She had to get off the phone for work and hung up with me. I was worked up for this conversation and had to relieve some sexual energy for me and Jake. My rabbit vibrator did just the thing. Stripping right on my couch I powered my toy up, shoving it deep inside of me, letting the clit stimulator bring me to a quick and enjoyable orgasm. I must confess I thought about Jake eating me out the entire time.

Tara's complaining didn't end. She called me two days later early in the morning in tears.

"Last night Jake yelled at me and left the house. I have no idea where he went. He never came home."

"I'm so sorry Tara. I'm sure when he cools down he'll come back. Tell me what happened."

"It was awful. I can't believe he thought it would help. He's so stupid," she said fuming now.

"What? What did he do?"

"He bought a porno! Told me if I watched it with him maybe it would get me in the mood."

Damn, Jake's my kind of pervert, I said in my head. I had no problem with a hot porno and watched them often with guys. Tara on the other hand would not approve, hence this phone call.

"Oh, yeah that's not your thing. What did you do?"

"Well I should have told him 'hell no' to begin with but I wanted to be nice and try for him.

"You watched it?" I blurted.

"Some, it was terrible! I wasn't expecting what I saw at all. There were three guys and only one girl. I was disgusted but didn't know what to do. The woman started sucking on all of their penises and I was really uncomfortable. Then I noticed Jake had his penis out and it was hard! Well I freaked out and yelled at him for getting turned on by another woman and especially a slut like her. Needless to say he got pissed, yelled back at me calling me a frigid bitch and stormed out of the house."

I didn't respond immediately. Jake was moving up on my list of favorite people and Tara was dropping off the bottom fast. Clenching my teeth I finally spoke.

"You both overreacted. Jake picked the wrong video first of all, especially for you. Second he was a little over zealous with his penis. But you need to understand guys get turned on by that stuff, he probably just wanted you to touch him while you watched it."

"Oh, what so he could ooze all over my hand? I can't believe he thought I would like that filth. I should be the only woman he thinks about and gets hard for!"

"Maybe that's true but you're not showing him a reason to get hard for you," I said feeling my clit twinge slightly.

She was silent and I think I hurt her feelings but right then I didn't care. I continued without her response.

"You love Jake and his money right? You do want him to be happy don't you?" I asked.

"Yes," was all she said.

"Cumming makes guys happy. It's just that simple."

"Simple for you but torture for me."

"Let me break this down for you Tara. You have two options. One, you learn to compromise with Jake, find out what he considers enough to keep him happy sexually or two, you get divorced and give up all that came with the marriage."

"I don't know if I can. What he considers enough is beyond what I can physically stand Allison!"

"Well that's bad Tara. I don't know what to tell you. What are you going to do?"

"I don't know. I'm so frustrated. I have a massage and facial I need to get to. I'll think about it and call you later, okay?"

"Okay, Tara," I said hanging up.

Just then Jake came out of the bathroom in just a towel around his waist, after his shower. He showed up on my doorstep after his fight with Tara and I let him crash at my apartment for the night.

"Who was that," he asked.

"Your wife, she told me what happened."

"Pretty stupid right? I should have known better," he said.

Damn he looked hot! Droplets of water dripped from his wet hair and ran down his muscled chest. His abs were outstanding and I had the sudden urge to lick him all over.

"Very stupid! A gang bang? For Tara's first porno? You really didn't think that through big guy," I said.

"I know, but I didn't think she would freak out that bad. Did you tell her I was here?"

"No, she has no idea. I told her you'd come home when you cooled down."

"What's the point? She isn't going to change. She totally fooled me before we got married."

"We warned you, or at least I tried. You didn't listen."

"I didn't think it was possible to be your friend and not be crazy in bed. Boy was I wrong."

"Umm is that a compliment or a dis?" I asked smiling.

"Compliment, I expected some of you to rub off onto her. But it's like you guys are perfect opposites."

"Yeah well... what can I say? Do you have a plan?"

"Not really, everything I've tried has bombed and bad. Hey maybe you could teach her a thing or two?"

"Sorry it won't happen. I could teach her how to give the best blowjob known to man but even if she tried she could never physically do it. It's a lost cause. She has to want to do it. Has to have the urge and need to do it. She might try for a week or so but then you'd be right back where you are now or worse."

"So you think I should get out while I can? Before any kids show up?"

"Unless you can figure something out, yes. She told me about the prenup. You won't lose a thing if you get out now."

It was a struggle to sit on my couch and look at this gorgeous man who thought an awful lot like me and was filthy rich. I was pretty sure it would be easy to stand up, walk toward him and demonstrate that world-class blowjob without any argument. Tara would kill us, Jake would be committing adultery and I would just want more.

"Great! What the hell am I going to do?" he cursed.

"Get dressed Jake and go back to your wife. Try and work something out."

After he left my rabbit and I had an extended session, but I needed a real man I could sink my nails into. A real cock I could suck, swallow, fuck and drain, all for my own personal use.


Tara went pretty quiet after that for about three weeks. I guess she came up with a compromise with Jake but I knew it would never last. When she called I was expecting the usual complaining. What I got was something out of crazy town.

"I tried what you said... to compromise and find out what he could live with as enough. I forced myself for three weeks to please him but I can't do it anymore," she began.

"What was his idea of enough?" I asked.

"Instead of everyday he settled for every other and not always full sex. I sat him down and told him to teach me how to do the hand job thing so I've been working on that but he wants at least one of the day's full sex. The hand jobs make my arm hurt and are just gross when it gets all over my hand when he climaxes. It takes forever!"

"What about letting him play while you watch? Did you suggest that?"

"No way! That's just masturbation and he shouldn't be doing that. Who knows what he would be thinking about."

"You're killing me Tara, killing me. I'm out of suggestions I can't help anymore."

"Well maybe you can. I talked to him last night when I couldn't do it anymore. You're name came up. I mentioned how you are and how you like sex so much and I saw the longing on his face. He wishes I would act more like you."

"Don't be dragging me into your issues."

"Well, here's the thing, and hear me out before you freak out. I know I can't satisfy him, I just have to face that fact. But I don't want to lose him either.. I know if I stay the same and we stay married he will eventually cheat on me so..."

"You got that right," I cut her off.

"Let me finish... I suggested something to him and he was more or less open to the idea. I figure if he's going to cheat why not have a little control over it and at least know the person and be okay with it."

"Are you really suggesting what I think you are?"

"Don't freak out, just wait and listen. I'm not suggesting you two get together all the time and have sex but maybe a few times a week you could come over and give him a blow job or something, just to keep him happy."

I was speechless. Part of me wanted to call her insane and yell at her the other part of me got wet. I loved sucking dick, making a mess of the guys junk, swallowing his fat dick as far as I could down my throat. I lived for the climax when his cock jerked and exploded in my mouth with thick wonderful cum. But this was Jake? Tara's husband for hell sakes she can't be serious.

"You're joking right? You two are just messing with me because you know how much I love blowjobs. Kinda sick if you ask me and just wrong Tara."

"I'm not joking, Allison. I like the money; I love this house, the parties, and the people I get to meet because of Jake. I can't lose that even if means he gets his nuts off elsewhere."

"Well then just let him cheat on you and turn a blind eye to it."

"No, it won't work. If people find out they will expect me to leave him.. I'd have to. But if I can control his sessions, plan them for him, I can maintain control and keep what I want."

"Are you listening to yourself? You're suggesting setting up suck sessions for your new husband? Are you for real?

"Yes, it's the only way I can maintain control and keep what I need. You need sex. I need money and power. Listen Allison, if you don't want to help I'll find someone else, I just figured I'd ask you first since we're friends and Jake knows you pretty well."

"Holy shit you're really doing this. I'm shocked. I don't know Tara I'll have to think about it."

"Don't take to long; he's already pretty excited about it."

I didn't respond, just hung up and dropped the phone on my bed. I already knew what I was going to decide. My hardened nipples and dripping pussy had made up my mind for me. Scheduling blowjobs? It was nuts but it made me horny as hell. I could see my calendar now. "BJ 5:30 Tara and Jake's" it was laughable and so hot! My fingers went instinctively to my wet panties, grinding the material between my lips. My little clit was engorged and very sensitive as I squeezed it between my fingers while clenching my legs together. I was positive as soon as I called back and said I would do it she would want me to come over as soon as I could. Jake would want it as well.

Damn! All I could think about was sucking Jake's cock now, taking him deep while grabbing his tight ass. Thinking about clawing his perfect abs, sucking his head and swallowing his yummy pre-cum, made me cum in my panties. I couldn't seem too eager, by calling back right then, but maybe this evening before it got too late so I could make it over to their house and rock Jake's world. Dreaming of his hot load hitting the back of my throat made me cum again as I grinded down on my little clit. I spent the next hour fucking myself with multiple toys, after which I showered and stared at the clock until enough time had passed to make it look like I thought it over sufficiently.


6:00 rolled around and I picked up my phone.

"Okay Tara, we'll give this a try but if you freak out in anyway and get mad at Jake for enjoying himself the deals off. This was your idea and you'll have to see it through," I said.

"I know, I'll keep quiet I promise. Thanks for doing this Allison it means a lot to me. Jake's really on one lately can you come over tonight?" she asked.

"I guess, we'll sit down first and get this worked out, maybe then you'll come to your senses and change your mind," I said hoping for the opposite but not believing she would really go through with it.

"No I won't. This is the solution, I know it. How's eight?"

"I'll be there."

I really thought she'd change her mind once I was at their house and about to do the deed.


I parked in their huge driveway. Tara was right it was a very nice house in a very rich neighborhood, putting my little apartment to shame. I rung the bell and Tara opened the door.

"Thanks for coming, please come in. Jake's in the den watching TV," she said.

"I take it he's okay with all this?"

"Yep, he's very excited and thinks this will be a perfect arrangement. He wanted to know if you wanted something for doing this."

"Like money! I'm not a real whore Tara I just play one for fun," I said half joking.

"I know, I told him you wouldn't want money but maybe something else?"

"I'll think about it."

I followed her into the den standing in the entrance as she walked around the sofa Jake was sitting in. She turned off the TV and motioned toward me.

"She's here?" Jake asked turning to look at me.

"Hi Jake, are you really going to keep this charade going with her?" I asked.

He didn't reply and turned back to Tara.

"It's already decided Allison, I thought you were good to go!" Tara glared at me.

"Fine, whatever. Let's get started then," I said walking in toward Jake.

I wanted to see how serious Tara was when I started sucking her husband's dick.

"Not just yet, we need to get the schedule set remember?" Tara said stopping me before I could come around the chair. "Have a seat Allison."

I sat down, crossed my legs and laid my hands in my lap. Tara picked up a planner off the coffee table and a pen. Jake calmly sat on the sofa, not saying a word.

"So I talked with Jake and he said every other day would be okay with him if it's okay with you?" she said looking at me.

"Yeah great," I said as cynical as I could.

"We'll want to keep it on the same day so the weekends I told him I was willing to help out once a week with sex or something else. So let's say if you come up on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at eight and maybe on an occasional weekend if I'm not in the mood."

I was blown away. What she was saying was laughable but she seemed totally serious. She was acting like a secretary scheduling her boss's sex life.

"That's a lot of driving for me," I said trying to look past the insanity.

"Oh, we're more than willing to pay for gas, or have you picked up if you want," Tara answered much too fast, like they had already discussed the logistics.

"Right, okay. So really? Three times a week you want me to show up here and pleasure Jake for you?"

"Well, yeah I thought we were past this?" she answered looking between me and Jake.

"Wow, okay I'm just making sure with all of us in the same room. Jake, you're okay with this?" I asked him.

"Umm sure, it's what Tara wants, she thinks it will work, I'm willing to give it a go."

"See, he's all for it. It's going to be great!" Tara blurted.

I was thinking she was losing it but getting wet in the process. "So what are the rules? What can I and can't I do to 'your husband'?" I said stressing the end on purpose.

"For now we should stick to blowjobs and hand jobs, I might be open for more later on down the road when we all get more accustomed to this," she said like we were shopping for shoes.

"Do I get naked or what?" I asked.

Jake perked up when I asked that. I don't think he figured that was part of the plan.

"Do you need to? I mean it's just a blowjob, right?" Tara asked.

I thought I'd shock them a bit right here and see how they reacted, "Well I really get into my cock sucking. It kinda gets really messy and I sometimes like taking the cum on my breasts. You know how it is?" I said keeping a straight face.

Jake turned red, his eyes widened and I had a feeling his cock jumped in his pants. Tara seemed disgusted with my description, (just what I was going for) but handled it well and said, "Well, if you must I guess you can take your shirt and bra off."

"Any time limit? Does Jake want this to last a certain amount of time or anything?" I asked.

"Honey? What do you think?" she asked him.

"I don't know? Maybe we should play it by ear the first time and see," he answered.

"Good idea. Any other questions, Allison?"

"Nope, I think that about does it," I said changing my crossed legs to the other position.

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