Opposites Attract


Keith winced as Vance gripped his hands tighter and tighter. That must be one hell of a blowjob he thought has he squeezed back, trying to keep Vance from crushing his fingers. It would not surprise him if they both ended up with bruises. He could feel Misty's hands on him, pulling him back against his friend. Vance's hips began to sway back and forth.

"I'm about to come," he groaned through clenched teeth. He had held out as long as he possible could. He watched as Misty pulled her head back and wrapped her fingers around his erection. Her hands did not feel as good as her mouth, but he was so close to climax there was no way he wasn't going to come.

"I want you to come on my tits," she moaned as she pumped her hands back and forth. She got her wish as a stream of hot cum splattered onto her breasts. It was more than she expected from a second orgasm. She continued to stroke his cock until the last drop of cum dripped onto her tits. Without a word she stood up and walked around to Keith.

"I hope you don't mind sloppy seconds again. Same deal, don't come in my mouth," she said, kneeling before Keith and then plunging her head down, engulfing his cock in her mouth. Once her lips were stretched over his thick cock she tilted her head back slightly. She liked to watch the expression on a man's face as she pushed him closer and closer to coming. Misty put her hands on Keith's hips, but after bobbing her head up and down on his erection a few times she began to let her hands wander. First she grabbed Keith's ass. She noticed that the two men were no longer touching. Misty decided to remedy that situation. She could not explain why she wanted Keith and Vance to have their bodies pressed together, but she did. Perhaps it was because she wanted to see how far she could push them. Misty stretched her arms out and put her hands on Vance's hips and then pulled him back. Judging by the throbbing erection in her mouth it wasn't bothering Keith too much. Her arms were not quite long enough to reach Vance's cock, but he did not seem to be struggling to break free of her grasp.

"I'm getting close," Keith moaned.

Unlike his friend, Keith warned her even before his cock had started to leak precum into her mouth, and she decided to reward him for being so considerate. Misty cupped her hands around her breasts and the moment Keith's erection sprang free of her mouth she wrapped them around his cock.

"I want you to fuck my tits until you cover them with cum," she exclaimed.

As he thrust back and forth his dick slid easily between her soft globes of flesh. His cock was wet from being in her mouth and her tits were still covered with Vance's cum. Misty was looking up at him and the look in her eyes told him she liked having his cock between her tits. She had the palms of her hands pressed against the outer curve of her breasts, pressing them tight against his cock. She also had her fingers interlocked, keeping his erection from slipping out of her cleavage. Each time he saw the head of his cock emerge from between her tits he took another leap towards his inevitable climax.

"That's it, fuck my tits. Your cock feels so good, yes, yes, faster, faster. Fuck my tits with your big hard cock. Come for me baby, I want it all over my tits. I want to feel your hot cum all over me. Give it to me, I want it, I want it," Misty moaned. She knew she was being a bit over the top, but she wanted to make Vance jealous, even if he did not know why.

Once again she got her wish. Keith froze in mid thrust. She felt his cock pulsing as the thick liquid gushed between her tits. Later she realized he had consciously avoided spraying his load on to her face by stopping where he did. She started to slide her breasts up and down on his erection, but stopped when she realized he was probably extremely sensitive in his post orgasmic state. Instead Misty keep her tits wrapped around his cock for a few moments, the leaned back and let his dick slip out. She maintained eye contact with him as she scooped up the cum covering her chest and licked it off her fingers She briefly considered forced feeding it to both of them, but decided not to push her luck.

Vance heard a splash and turned his head to see Misty treading water. Moments later he heard another splash as Keith joined her. "Dude, it's going to start getting dark soon, we need to get going," Keith said as he grabbed his pack off the rock and began to head towards the edge of the pond. Vance jumped into the water with a shallow dive that propelled him past both of them. Once on shore he used his shirt to dry off, and then pulled his shorts on. He glanced at his companions; Keith was doing the same thing.

"I have a question for you two. Why did you have condoms in your pack? Did you come to this event hoping to get lucky?" Misty asked as she watched them get dressed.

"Not really," Vance replied, "condoms are part of the standard load. Our packs also have a first aid kit and some big stick mags, but we don't expect to use those either."

"There is a magazine about big sticks? That sounds like gay porn," Misty replied.

"No," Vance said, trying not to sound condescending, "big magazines for this." He pulled a pistol out of the pack and tucked into a holster on his belt. He pulled a second pistol out of the pack and handed it to Keith.

"Really," Misty said, sounding a bit exasperated, "I can assure you that you don't need to compensate for the size of your dicks, they are actually on the large side."

"This has nothing to do with the size of my cock," Keith said as he holstered his pistol.

"Then why did you bring it?" Misty asked. She was genuinely curious. Neither one of them seemed to have any issue with self-confidence.

"Let's just say when something goes bump in the night, we want to be able to bump back harder," Vance explained.

"Whatever," Misty said, rolling up her clothes and starting to walk across the meadow. "Um, are you going to get dressed?" Vance asked.

"Eventually, am I bothering you?" Misty replied, happy that she had surprised them.

"I've got no complaints," Keith interjected.

They were almost to the top of the ridge before Misty stopped and put her shorts and shirt on. She did not put her panties and bra back on. It was after dark when they finally arrived back at the parking lot. They could hear the after-party going on, but none of them headed towards it. Misty stopped at her van.

"I guess this is goodbye for now. I'm sure I will see you guys around," she said.

"Really?" Vance remarked, doubting they ran in the same circles.

"Yea, I'm going to a protest at the nuke plant next week," she said casually.

"Well, don't take the tear gas personally," Keith replied.

"I'll try to keep that in mind," she said, and climbed into her van. Vance and Keith watched her get into the van and drive out of sight.

"Are we really going to send a letter to Penthouse magazine?" Keith asked.

"No, there's no way anyone would believe this," Vance answered. He whipped out his cell phone and started pressing keys, the incessant tapping made Keith curious.

"Are you doing what I think you are doing?" Keith asked.

"You know I am."Vance muttered distractedly, still tapping on his smart phone.

"You really think you can track her down by the plates?" he said incredulously.

"I already have, the van is registered to Leprechaun Environmental Consulting. The CEO is one Misty Adams. I guess you could say she likes all kinds of twigs and berries," Vance replied.

"Huh, CEO, I never would have pegged her as being C level," Keith commented.

"She can be my cock engulfing officer," Vance quipped.

"No, she is my cum evacuating, uh, evaluating, uh, I got nothing," Vance mumbled.

"Want her number?" Vance asked.

"Abso-fucking-lutely. When I see you at the plant tomorrow, tell me that this wasn't a dream, because I still don't believe it happened," Keith said wistfully.

Vance chuckled at Keith's response. "It didn't. You hit your head and started humping a hollow log. I am surprised you don't have splinters."

Keith clapped Vance on the shoulder, saying, "Thanks buddy, I know I can count on you to recall my sexual exploits."

"Just get in the car before I leave your lovelorn ass in the parking lot," Vance said, rolling his eyes. Vance started the car, and pulled out onto the main road, visions of a certain naked granola-y CEO filling his brain.

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