tagInterracial LoveOpposites Attract

Opposites Attract


I leaned against the doorframe watching the sun caress the angel in my bed. She slept soundly, her breasts rising and falling with each precious breath, her milky legs splayed immodestly, one arm thrown over her head and the other resting comfortably against her lower stomach. She was picture perfect and intoxicating in her sleeping innocence.

I drank in her image, following each curve and valley, memorizing her geography and felt my semi hard cock twitch. I loved this moment, the voyeurism and knowing that the angel was no angel at all. She was the vanilla to my light chocolate and her appetites were just as depraved as my own.

We complimented each other. The contrast of our flesh was divine and wholly arousing but there was more to us than the physical difference. I was tall with a fit build, dark skinned, dark headed and even darker eyes. I was born and raised in India with an English education and a taste for fair skinned women. She was petite with just the right amount of curves to make her unmistakably a woman, fair skinned as though the sun had never truly touched her, a brunette with storm colored eyes that darkened perceptibly as her arousal grew. She was an American, intelligent and hungry for the exotic. We were the epitome of the phrase, 'Opposites Attract'.

Her moan was soft; a whisper on the wind, but it captured my attention completely. I watched as her hand moved slowly across her hip. I could see from my vantage point that her pussy was waking and the morning light glittered against the moisture gathering there. I briefly wondered what she dreamt. Perhaps her dreams were filled with our meeting and the many ways I took her that day and long into the night.


I found her outside a local open-air café. She was sipping a cold drink, trying to stave off the oppressing heat. I just happened to be walking by on my way to an appointment and stopped dead in my tracks the moment I laid eyes on her, my appointment forgotten. She was magnificent. I simply had to meet her and found myself next to her, my silhouette blocking the sun and attracting her attention.

She looked up at me, her eyes the color of an impending storm. I could see confusion passing her face and reassured her with a dazzling smile. She returned my smile with a radiance that brightened the day even more and I knew, without a doubt, that I had to possess her.

I offered my hand, "Hello. I'm Amit. Would you mind if I had a seat?"

She took my hand and shook it with a delicate touch. Her voice soft, "Hello, I'm Kay." With her free hand she offered the unoccupied seat across the table nodding slightly, her dark hair sweeping her bare creamy shoulders gently.

I held her hand, far longer than a customary handshake, relishing the softness of her skin and took the seat next to hers not willing to let the table separate us. I wanted to be close, to inhale her scent and have an unobstructed view of this woman who captured my attention.

Still holding her hand while my thumb made lazy circles I inquired, "So tell me Kay, what brings you to India, business or pleasure?"

She glanced down at my attentions and I watched her warm wet tongue emerge from her mouth to run lightly across her lips. "Pleasure, I'm on vacation and decided to see the world, or part of it anyway."

I couldn't help but smile at her nervous gesture and reluctantly released her hand. When she looked up again, our eyes met, her stormy grey to my midnight dark and I knew she saw an intensity glowing in the darkness.

Curiously she asked, "And you Amit, business or pleasure?"

I took my time in answering and openly assessed her, letting her feel the journey of my eyes over her body from the top of her head down to her crimson painted toes. I didn't hide my appreciation and as my eyes moved back to her face, I was greeted with a soft blush. She squirmed under my scrutiny, the blush and squirming adding fire to my desire. Without knowing it, she'd unleashed a hungry animal that only her luscious body could satisfy.

"Pleasure Kay...definitely pleasure."

We both knew any further 'getting to know you' conversation was useless. Our chemistry was palpable. We both felt the tugging desire and wanted to explore it.


I heard her moan again and shift against the sheets. Her hand had strayed further down her body seeking the heat of her arousal. I watched as her sleeping mind burned with the same lust she exhibited in full wakefulness and my cock grew with a desire to share in her hunger.

I didn't want to wake her as I moved quietly from the doorframe out into the room and positioned a chair at the end of the bed. I wanted to watch her perform her dream upon her willing and obvious hungry body. I sat and studied her open legs, seeing her swollen cunt and dripping juice.

Her delicious pussy a pretty pink, the lips puffed-up and clit peaking out from under its hood. I could look at her pussy forever and never feel as though I wasted my life. She always took her time in shaving, leaving what she called a 'landing strip', but the rest of her pubic hair was stripped away hiding nothing from me. When she was aroused, like she was now, the lips filled out making her cunt blossom like a precious flower. Her scent was heady and rich as her essence dribbled down, coating her anus only to be absorbed by the sheets.

She was my fallen angel, one that I could never hand back to heaven. She was my light, my conscience and my other self. Without her my existence would be dull and lifeless. I watched her come to life under her tender ministrations, the day we met pulling at my memory, demanding to be acknowledged.


I wanted her, needed her and dared to seduce her in the open public setting of the café. I leaned into her, closing the gap easily, watching her reaction. The flowing summer dress she was wearing offered no resistance as my hand moved between her knees and gently, ever so gently, applied pressure silently commanding she open for me.

I watched her eyes dart around the café, unsure if my actions had attracted attention. Her breathing changed, becoming deeper, as my hand moved slowly up her inner thigh. I felt no opposition and was soon assured of her need as she opened her legs even more, allowing my hand freedom to roam.

"You want this, don't you Kay? You want to feel my hand against your seeping pussy? You want to feel my fingers pry you open and take you, right here, in the middle of the café, don't you Kay?" I whispered huskily.

Her eyes had given up darting and settled on my face. I know she saw the devil dancing in the dark. Her fingers of one hand curled tightly around the glass, the other gripped the arm of the chair and the sound she emitted was the most beautiful music.

"Tell me Kay. Tell me what you want." My voice was low and urgent as my hand moved into position, deliriously happy that I found no barrier. Her cunt was hot, wet and swollen as my fingers teased her weeping hole.


My attention was brought back to the present with her whimper and lusty moan. Her questing fingers had found her clit and were gently circling, her hips mimicking her fingers and her cunt pouring her essence into the room. God, she was beautiful.

My cock jerked as her scent invaded my nostrils, my eyes riveted to her fingers and gleaming cunt. Her pink pussy, now a deep blood engorged red, as her arousal built. I watched as two of her fingers dipped down and sank into her inviting hole.

I tore my eyes away just long enough to glance down at my aching cock and saw the drop of pre-cum poised at the tip. I longed to feel her tongue against my throbbing flesh, tasting the drop and then swallowing me whole. Soon...I thought, soon.

I brought my eyes back to her glistening cunt, watching as her fingers plunged and fucked herself into a foamy froth and briefly wondered if she was still sleeping. It didn't matter, sleeping or awake, I intended to watch her cum then fuck her into oblivion, her busy fingers bringing the memories to life.


My fingers swirled in her copious juices, teasing and tormenting her. I wanted to hear her say it, needed to hear the words spill from her lovely mouth.

"Tell me Kay," My voice brooking no argument, offering no choice.

She moaned so softly I could barely hear it, her hips moving down in the chair and her eyes...god her eyes...so dark and filled with a lust I rarely see.

Her voice was husky matching the lust her eyes had shown me as she whispered, "please."

My lips curled into, what I'm sure she perceived, as a cruel smile. My fingers continuing to torment her hole, driving her mad with need and building her longing even higher.

"Oh now Kay, I'm sure you can do better than that. Tell me."

Her tongue darted out and ran the gamut of her lips before she could speak. I saw the flush bloom on her cheeks again and a resolve settle on her face.

"Please, finger my aching pussy. Please make me cum right here, in the middle of this café Amit."

"There, that wasn't so hard, was it Kay?" I said as I pushed a single finger into her soaking cunt, offering just a taste of what she wanted.

I moved my hand slowly, curling my finger slightly and brushing against her g-spot. Her eyes widened and hips jerked while soft keening sounds poured from her delicate snowy throat.

I worked her, feeling her cunt tighten around my digit. I leaned as close as I could, my lips brushing the shell of her ear as I whispered hotly, "I want to fuck you Kay. I want to feel your tight little pussy around my aching cock. I want to feel you cum, hear your moans and watch your writhe." I took her hand that had been gripping the arm of the chair and brought it to my crotch. "Right now my cock is so hard it hurts." I wanted her to feel just how firm I was and to know she'd done this to me.


Her moan brought me back to the present, splitting the sanctity of the room, so wanton, so whorish and so very needy. I watched in rapt awe as her fingers pummeled the weeping depths and her pussy convulsed, suckling her fingers even deeper.

She was amazing, her beauty even more radiant as she writhed and moaned through the orgasmic bliss she'd brought herself to. There was no way she was still asleep but I continued to watch, to bask in her glow and feel like the luckiest man in all of India.

She was my 8th Wonder of the World, my Taj Mahal and my Bengal Tigress. She was my entire world and I knew that events far beyond my control were in play when fortune shone down upon us the day we met.


I skillfully brought her to the very edge of release, watching as her eyes glazed over and mercilessly removed my finger and hand from her aching body. She whimpered loudly, not caring any longer just who might be watching or listening.

I had her. There was nothing she could say or do to prevent me from taking her all the way. Her body had shown me what she wanted and I intended to give her exactly that, but slowly, methodically and excruciatingly. She had no idea the power I wielded over her, had no idea the time I can take and no idea that the journey was just beginning. When I was through with her, she'd be a sobbing quivering mess, and I wanted her craving...always craving.

I brought my slick fingers to her face, brushing her lips with the tips and coating them in her essence. She needed no coaxing as she opened her mouth and sucked my fingers into the heated cavern. She moaned as her tongue danced and lavished my fingers with expert attention, cleaning them of her musk and setting further into motion my plans.


Past and present collided as I moved from the chair to the slick juncture between her thighs. I glanced up her body and found her lust-clouded eyes upon me. She was awake and still hungry. I smiled as I gripped her thighs and pulled them wider. She plucked her glistening fingers from her hole and offered me her still fluttering cunt.

I watched as she brought her slick fingers to her mouth, pressing them between her lips and sucking. She always did love the taste of her own fuckjuices and I didn't blame her. I struggled to pull my eyes away from the intensely erotic vision of her lips circling her fingers, the sounds of her moans and hungry slurping noises. I knew that soon, I'd be creating my own slurping noises and driving her into a wild frenzy.

I pushed her thighs back toward her heaving breasts. I wanted both of her holes exposed for whatever I decided to do with them. I dipped my head and was instantly greeted with her scent and heat. Her pussy seemed as though it were on fire and I knew no amount of water would put it out. I looked a littler further south and saw her sinful star winking as it still convulsed with her most recent orgasm. I breathed in her unique perfume, my cock throbbed and mouth watered.

My voice was barely a whisper, "Tell me what you want baby."

Even in her most excited and hungry state, she still managed to blush softly. "Fuck me Amit. I want to feel your throbbing cock buried in my aching pussy."

I looked up and over the expanse of her soft flushed body and the most devilish smile settled on my face. She recognized my look and knew that she had to wait. Not just a few minutes, but possibly hours, before she felt my cock splitting her open.

"Such an eager little slut. You're just aching to feel my cock buried balls deep in your twitching cunt." My eyes dancing with wicked delight as my fingers moved to rest against the edges of her hungry hole. "Not yet baby...not yet."

The whimper that exploded from her throat was like the sound of a wounded animal and music to my ears. I loved making her wait, making her suffer and driving her mad with need. She knew what I wanted, she knew that begging might, just might, expedite the process, but she was willful and begging was not one of her strong suits.

I let my fingers playfully brush her quivering hole. Part of me was tempted, oh so tempted, to plunge my fingers into her molten core, but I wanted her hungrier. I slid my fingers down and caressed her anus, watching her reactions and listening to her sounds. She was my orchestra, and I intended to play her to fullness.

I brought my questing fingers up and found her exposed and hardened clit. She writhed and her hips bucked, trying to tempt me into a more aggressive exploration, but I would have none of it. I was just beginning and even her most clever temptations wouldn't stop me from playing her.

I pulled my hand away and stood at the end of the bed. She whimpered desperately when she felt me move away. She looked at me from between her trembling thighs, her face contorted into a question. I simply stared back at her, lost for a moment in her beauty and again remembering her in the café, alone, vulnerable and exquisitely fragile.

My hand reached for my aching cock, circling it lightly and slowly stroking. "Baby, you know what I want. Get your delightfully wet mouth over here." I knew she'd comply. She loved sucking my cock almost as much as having it buried in her steamy cunt or tight ass.

I watched her move and her elegance would have put a tigress to shame. Her eyes sparkling with a need that only I could fulfill as she crawled down the bed to my cock poised to receive her attentions.

"Open your mouth baby. I want to feel my cock on your tongue before you consume me."

She opened her mouth, eager and happy to worship my throbbing member. I moved my hips slightly, bringing my cock to her waiting tongue. She whimpered softly as I pushed it into her mouth, sliding it across the warm wet muscle, the sensations pulling a moan from my own throat.

I was still, simply relishing her mouth and knowing that she could taste my pre-cum. Her whimpers grew and she began to pant, drawing the cooler around along my cock. I knew she wanted to tighten her lips, draw me in deep and feel me in her throat, but I wanted something else.

I looked down, always amazed by her stark vanilla flesh, her crimson lips and stormy eyes. The contrast of my much darker flesh invading her lovely mouth was always astonishing and something I would cherish until the day I die.

She was looking up at me, across the vastness of my torso, and with nothing more than a slight nod, her lips sealed tightly, cheeks drawing in and tongue dancing as her head began to bob. For me there isn't much as attractive as an eager and hungry slut, giving me the most magnificent blowjob. She knew exactly what I liked, exactly what would drive me crazy and she exploited it every chance she could.

Her teeth raked lightly, her cheeks sunken against my sensitive flesh, her tongue flicking the tip before devouring me whole again and the moans that poured out against my aching cock almost drove me over the edge. I held fast, not wanting to cum quite yet, and thrust my hips pushing my cock into her open throat.

I used her mouth, fucking her throat until I wanted more, so much more. I pulled my hips back, my cock making a wet pop as it left her still hungry mouth. I could see her lust and her need as she looked up at me and I knew what she saw in my eyes and upon my face was a reflection. We both needed, both wanted but I wanted more.

"Turn around baby, but stay on your hands and knees. I want both your holes open and ready."

I watched her quickly move into my requested position, her ass high, thighs spread as widely as possible and her pussy open. She was on display for me, my own personal piece of art. The chair was still at the foot of the bed and I took advantage of it. I sat there and just looked at her, my eyes roaming her offered holes and listened to her soft keening sounds.

"You like being my slut don't you baby?"

I heard her whimper, "Yes Amit."

"You want me to fuck you don't you?"

She moaned, "Oh...god...yes Amit."

"Tell me sweetheart, which hole do you want filled."

She whimpered again followed by another moan, "Ooooo...Amit...you torture me."

I smiled at her answer. I knew she'd break eventually. We'd played this game many times and each time was just enjoyable as the first.

I clucked my tongue, "Come on baby, you know you want to feel my throbbing hot shaft in one of your yearning holes. Which one sweetie, tell me."

I brought my hand up and lightly caressed the quivering cheeks of her creamy ass. She flinched, her excited state making her hypersensitive. I felt the devil in me rear his head.

"Baby, reach back and open your ass for me. Show me your sinful pucker, expose it for me."

The touch of humiliation always brought out a heightened level of her depravity. I watched as she reached back, her fingers digging into the tender flesh and parting the valley of her ass. The new demand putting her in a much more vulnerable position, her face and shoulders against the sheets and her holes even more inviting. I could hear her almost sobbing, her frustration growing with each passing minute.

My heart melted as she drew her ass apart, showing me not only her wicked hole, but also her submissiveness. She would do anything I asked and that made my heart sing.

"Whose slut are you baby?"

She whined, "Yours."

"Whose pet are you?"

She whimpered, "Yours."

"You know, your ass and your pussy are equally inviting baby. Such a decision, such a choice, but I want to taste you first."

Her ass swayed as the realization hit her clouded mind. She knew that I didn't simply want to taste her but drive her to a frenzy. I brought my face to within inches of her body, her scent overwhelming and causing my cock to pulse. Christ she was wet, wanton and oh so needy. I could feel her heat against my cheeks and I knew my heavy exhalations were teasing her dripping cunt.

My hands rested on her hips, holding her ass still as my tongue flicked out and lavished her from stem to stern. God...she was as deliciously sweet as the first time I ate her and I couldn't get enough of her honey. She was like a sweet wine, heady and rich, cloying and delicate and I wanted to get drunk.

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