tagRomanceOpposites Attract Ch. 01

Opposites Attract Ch. 01


Joey sat on the park bench. To be honest he hated to be called Joey, it made him sound like a little kid, he thought, but what could you do? He was a successful business man, he liked to joke that he was semi-retired, though he was much to young to actually be 'retired', he'd built up several businesses to the point that they either ran themselves or he sold them for so much profit he didn't really have to work anymore. He'd taken up a life of wandering, not entirely aimlessly mind you, but rather going where the whim took him, living in one city or country for a while then moving on.

He was a large man, almost a giant, well over six feet tall and solidly built. Being on permanent vacation hadn't meant that he'd let himself go, either. His dark hair was neatly groomed, his face smooth shaven to avoid the inevitable comparisons to a bear his stature earned. If there was one thing he hated more than being thought of as a kid, it was being compared to an animal.

He looked around the large park, enjoying the summer sun, the smell of growing grass, the wind in the trees. No one tried to sit on the bench with him, which he rather liked as well, though really there weren't many people in the park this early in the day during the week. He smiled to himself, closed his eyes and leaned back, mind drifting off aimlessly. He was still drifting when a startled shout pierced his reverie, when someone plowed into his outstretched legs and bounced. He bolted upright, eyes flashing open, hands coming up...

It was a girl. That was all he noticed at first, the young woman sprawled awkwardly across the ground where she'd tripped over him, a look of confusion mingled with panic crossing her face.

"Help me, please..." she pleaded, her voice colored by some accent he didn't recognize, probably local. He looked about at her words, seeing the two rough looking men jogging his direction down the trail. A mild frown crossed his face, his dark eyes flashed with annoyance and he levered himself to his feet, brushing the creases of his dark trousers out by habit as he stood and took two long strides to intercept the young Turks.

"Two? You need two men to terrorize a bit of wee fluff?" he rumbled with a dismissive snort. The two men looked up and up, taking him all in. One looked nervous, uncertain, but the other pulled a knife and flicked it open with a clatter.

"None of you business, tiny. Walk away." Knife sneered. Joey sighed sadly. Always had to be the hard way.

"Can't do that, doesn't work that way." he shook his head sadly. "A gentleman doesn't walk away from a maid in distress, right or wrong." He waited for a long second for them to process it, "If you want to dance, then dance." He suggested, rather than waste time staring at them. The man with the knife took the invitation, leading with a strong stab. For all his size, Joey was faster, his hand coming up to clamp on the thug's arm with a crushing grip, though not without injury, the razor sharp blade laying open a streak of crimson along his palm as he moved. He squeezed, feeling bones grinding into fragments as the man screamed, dropping the knife as his partner took off at a run. Joey lifted the man by his broken arm until they were eye to eye.

"Care to try again? No? I suggest you leave as soon as possible then." He rumbled, dropping the man to the ground. As the man staggered off, clutching his ruined arm, Joey picked up the discarded blade, clucking at the cheap object, then with a grunt snapping the blade off and tossing the pieces into the trash can. He spared a single glance at the painful slice in his palm before turning to the girl still sprawled on the asphalt, breathing hard. Odd that she hadn't run, but not unsurprising he mused. As he walked over to where she half sat he took a good look at her, his first.

She was young, certainly that, younger than he expected. Her age was hard to determine, in part because she was so very small, tiny even. In addition to being short, she was slender, with comparatively long legs tucked into form fitting jeans that hung low on well curved hips, a zip up sweatshirt left a wide band of pale skin across her lower belly exposed. She looked up at him with a heart shaped face; large green eyes stared at him from under long dark hair. She was, he realized suddenly, gorgeous, flushed from the chase, the rise and fall of her breasts under her sweatshirt rapid, the flush of exertion coloring her cheeks. He took a second to compose himself, to put away his lust carefully before extending his uninjured hand to help her too her feet.

"It is safe, ma'am." he rumbled, "They won't be bothering you for a while." She stared at the giant looming over her before taking his massive hand in both of hers. He was surprisingly gentle as he pulled her to her feet, the insistent pressure suggesting that if he had wanted he could have lifted fully even if she'd fought him, and never noticed the difference.

"Thank you. I think they wanted to... to rape me." she suggested, dusting herself off. He appeared to think about it before nodding his agreement. She noticed the slow drip of blood... "Oh! You are injured! Let me see!" she took his hand in hers again, turning it palm up inspect the long, shallow cut.

"It's nothing. The sort of thing that is unavoidable when someone pulls a knife." Her hands, so tiny next to his caressed the uninjured skin, dabbing at the trickle of crimson with a bit of cloth she pulled from a pocket.

"It is not 'Nothing'... you were hurt helping me. It was a brave thing to do, very brave. Let me repay you." She pressed the handkerchief into his palm and turned, still holding his hand and began to walk away. To avoid embarrassing her he followed meekly.

As he walked he thought to himself that her stilted, almost formal way of speaking, combined with that faint accent, sounded incredibly sexy, but he put that thought out of his head immediately, doing his best not to follow the faint sway of her ass in front of him, but finding the swish of her dark hair equally compelling.

"Um... if you don't mind, ma'am, but where are we going?" he rumbled. It didn't matter much to him, but it did seem the polite, expected thing to ask. She dropped his hand, turning to face him, tiny hands on her hips as she looked up at him.

"I live just over there. I thought I would properly bandage your hand and treat you to a good meal as payment. You are not afraid of little me, are you?" she smiled mischievously, her dark, full lips turning up delightfully in amusement. He flushed, shaking his head.

"Oh, not at all ma'am, I just thought I'd like to know, less surprise that way." He stuck out his healthy hand again. "I'm Joey, by the way. Er... Joseph that is, but most folks call me Joey." She took his hand, despite the odd left-handed grip, her hand swallowed in his completely as they shook.

" Marie. Thank you, Joseph for the rescue." she said quite seriously before her face broke once more into her amused half grin. "There is no need now for such formality, yes? No more 'ma'am'." she admonished, shaking a finger at him. "Now, stop this silly stalling before you bleed to death." She took his hand again and continued to lead him across the park. He wasn't, he reflected, in any real danger of bleeding out. The cut was already scabbing over.

Marie lived right on the edge of the park, true to her word, one of the many townhouses that closely abutted the street in this neighborhood, quaint, classic, expensive. She led him up the steps and through the door. There was a slight rise between the entryway and the actual living room floor; there she stopped, releasing him to pull of her dark sneakers, inviting him to shed his highly polished leather shoes. He stooped to unlace the half boots he normally wore, an act that brought him very nearly to eye level with her delightfully swollen ass in her tight jeans as she bent at the waist to undo her own laces. Frowning to himself he turned resolutely back to his own shoes, noting as he looked down that she didn't bother with socks, her delicate pale feet capped with pink painted toenails, one with a slim silver ring around it. He set his massive clodhoppers next to her little sneakers and started to stand until her delicate hand pressed into his burly shoulder.

"Take the socks off. The floors are slippery and I would hate to see you slip and fall." Marie suggested, pointing to the slick hardwood. With a low grunt of acceptance he complied, standing to follow her across the floor to the kitchen, where she had him sit in a hand carved wooden chair that creaked under his weight. Then she left him with nothing to do but watch her glide about the house, a delicate, graceful angel collecting medical supplies.

He could barely take his eyes off of her as she dabbed alcohol on his cut, laying a bandage across the cut.

"Do you have a car, Joseph?" she asked. "Ah... I mean that you need to take care of?" she flushed.

"I have a car, yes. It should be good where it is at, for a while." he replied carefully. She nodded at this, the dark hair swaying around her face for a moment. She finished up bandaging his hand quickly.

"I... ah... " she flushed, "I was... come sit with me in the living room." she managed. His brow furrowed at this.

"I... um... I thought you were going to make me a meal... or something." he finished weakly, not wanting to impose on her generosity, not wanting to look like he needed to.

"Of course... I did not want to avoid that, no. I just thought it would be... nice... to sit and talk first. The couch would be much nicer, yes?" He allowed how she had a good point and let her lead him to the living room, though he noticed with some concern that her couch was much like her other furniture, sized for a much smaller person, what he might have called a loveseat rather dignify it with the word 'couch'. She sat down, flinging her bare feet in front of her and patting the cushion next to herself with a smile.

His weight unsettled the couch, causing her to slide closer to him, the heat pouring through the taut denim covering her slender leg burning against his solid weight. She wrapped her arms around his arm, frowning at the suit coat he wore, then bouncing to her feet.

"Your jacket." she frowned.

"Excuse me?"

"It is impolite to wear a jacket in someone's house when you are a guest. Besides, you do not want to wrinkle it, yes? So." she finished, as if that solved everything, sticking out her hand imperiously. Awkwardly he shrugged out of the custom tailored garment, handing it over, the jacket draped across her arms looking almost like a blanket. She turned away, hanging it in the closet before resuming her seat next to him, almost curling against him... almost.

"Tell me, Joseph, you are not from here, yes?" she asked, her voice unreasonably low for such a tiny girl.

"Um.... no, I'm.... visiting you could say. I heard nice things about this place, figured I'd stop buy and see it myself. Thought if it was nice enough I'd get an apartment for a while, drink the city in." He stumbled to a stop when on of her hands settled on his thigh, the tiny pressure tickling him in a way hard to describe.

"I hope those... punks in the park did not sour you on the rest of us?" he looked down at her question, meeting her eyes, his own massive hand unconsciously drifting to cover her tiny one, trapping it on his leg.

"No, of course not." he protested. "Marie... what is this about?" She flushed, turning away for a moment.

"I... "she whispered. "I..." her hand slipped from under his, moving up his leg slowly as she spoke. "I do not want to feed you, Joseph. I have never met a man so big as you, I... I wish to see if you are so big everywhere. Is it not proper, when you rescue the maiden that she is yours?" she asked boldly, looking back up at him, her eyes fierce and smoldering, her lips slightly parted, her delicate coral tongue wetting them.

He opened his mouth to speak, struggling to find the words to gently reject her, hating himself when she suddenly threw one leg over his, straddling his thick thigh, trapping his hand against her groin as she kissed him suddenly, overwhelming him.

He tried to think, tried to focus, aware of the damp heat against the back of his hand, the slim muscular legs gripping his leg, the caress of one bare foot along his knee, the insistent pressure of her lips and the darting tongue in his mouth, and above all else the tight grip on his manhood through his trousers, the hard swell threatening to burst in her surprisingly hard grip. She pulled back to smile at him.

"Joseph! You ARE very big!" she licked her lips, as if tasting their kiss, caressing his length even as she squeezed it. By sitting back she put more pressure on his hand, her feet continuing their slow up and down trail along his leg.

"Marie... " he gasped, his free hand carefully gripping her arm. "I... I can't, I'll hurt you." he groaned. She leaned forward then, pressing her body against his, her hard nipples pressing through the thin layers of fabric between them like little pebbles as she breathed into his ear.

"Joseph... I WISH you to hurt me. I insist upon it." She rubbed against him as she half whispered to him. "I want... I need you to fuck me, I need you to do to me what no other man could, no other man has. I have waited for a man like you... do not make me keep waiting." She ground her hips against his trapped hand, letting him feel the soaked seam of her jeans.

"Wait..." he gasped, "You... you're a virgin? How old ARE you?" She sighed, feeling the mood shifting, knowing she'd have to address these.

"Old enough... I will explain all... not now... please not now. NOW I need you, Joseph, I need this." she gave a squeeze for emphasis, pulling another groan from him. "I need you, Joseph, I need you to make love to me, to fuck me, to make me a true woman, to make me ready for you."

Some part of him whispered that there was only so much a man could take, no matter what common sense told him. She'd pushed him far past that point. With a casual shrug he tossed her off of him, letting her flop back to her seat on the couch next to him. It was his turn to lean forward, to find her pouty lips with his, drinking her in as if he'd crawled across the Sahara for that kiss. One hand caressed her denim clad thigh, the meaty hand almost covering it, his other hand tugging the silk tie loose around his neck, undoing the top button of his shirt, tugging at his leather belt.

One of his fingers found the damp spot between her legs, wriggling the soaked seam across her slit back and forth until she moaned, unzipping her top with a single move. Underneath she wore nothing but the glittering stud through her belly button, her beautiful breasts heaving with need. He took a moment then to admire her once more, the smooth expanse of skin, the gentle curve of her breasts, perfectly proportioned for her tiny frame, the hard nipple poking up as her eyes closed under his caress. She gasped when he bent down and took one nipple gently in his teeth. He didn't linger long, moving to the second breast, circling the hard nipple with his tongue in a long tease before gently sucking on the tip. He pulled back, looking down her body, admiring her smooth pale skin, admiring the way her body bucked under his stroking hand, the way her beautiful breasts quivered as her back arched, the soft moans that echoed in his ear.

He nuzzled her neck, nipping at the join between that slender, shapely column and her strong shoulder with his teeth, not quite biting, then he pulled back, leaning away from her. Her eyelids fluttered as she realized he was no longer stroking her, no longer caressing her. She lifted her head, turning to him, need written clearly across her lovely face.

He smiled at her with a hint of playful cruelty. "I thought you might want to see what you want so very badly." he suggested. She squirmed upright, the open sweatshirt falling half off her shoulders as she rolled to her knees, crawling across the tiny couch, crawling across his lap, her breasts brushing his thigh as she draped herself across him, working the fly of his trousers, pulling it open, reaching in with her hand to tug him free. She gasped when she finally got his member out, the meat of him hot in her hand, dwarfing her. Her fingers could not meet around his girth and the length of him was longer than her face, only inches away. He wasn't merely large, but brutally huge, more than you could expect even looking at the man himself.

His cock throbbed an angry red, the thick ropey veins covering its length were hard under her hand, the head spreading wide, thicker than the rest. She stroked it carefully, staring at it in fascination as she tugged his heavy, swollen sack out of his trousers as well. There was some fluid on the tip, making it gleam. His massive hands gently cupped her head, bringing her face closer until his manhood brushed her face, even as she stroked it cautiously with both hands.

"It doesn't bite." he rasped, entranced by the sight of the lovely young woman staring at his cock.

"I... I've seen them before... but never so close, never so big..." she breathed. "It is so soft..." She looked up at him, her eyes wide with wonder. "So warm."

"Why not give it a taste?" he suggested softly. Praying she would, praying he could hold out under the sight of her stroking him, the feeling of her hands on his rod. He closed his eyes with a groan as her pink tongue darted out of her full lips and lovingly caressed his length, tracing along his head, making him jerk a bit at the touch, then finishing up by laving the clear fluid from the tip. He didn't see her open her mouth wide, but he felt her lips cover the head of him, felt the gentle, unavoidable scrape of her teeth against him as she took the head of him in her mouth experimentally. He lifted his head, watching her in shock as she pulled back, a trail of saliva connecting them as she looked at his cock, considering.

"It is so much bigger than the sausages I have practiced on... but I hope to please you." she told him, rubbing the spit slicked head against her cheek as she spoke.

"Lady... just getting the head in makes me happy..." he breathed, speaking the honest truth. She smiled up at him, considering his words for a long second.

"I told you, I have waited for a man like you, I have not done this without preparing as best I could." she gave his cock a meaningful caress, "Though I admit I had not expected to get quite so lucky for my first time..." She giggled happily, and he could not believe it as she opened her mouth impossibly wide, taking his head in fully, shuddering as she worked her way slowly down his length, her lips stretched obscenely, not even minding the scrape of teeth against his shaft. She had barely gone a quarter of the way down before hitting her gag reflex, choking on his massive tool, pulling back in a shower of gooey saliva, coating him, coating her hands.

She gasped, "Ah... so much thicker..." blinking to clear her eyes before going down on him again, this time faster, more confident. As she hit her gag point again, pausing to relax, to slowly suck him in his hand drifted down her back, across the up swell of her bubble butt, one finger sliding along the crack of her ass between her legs, stroking her, encouraging her. She moaned, the sensation incredible against his cock, now slipping ever so slowly down her tiny throat, at his caress. He looked down, her face hidden by the fall of her dark hair, the thick swell of her throat marking her incredible progress. She had propped herself up, angled his thick shaft for maximum ease. Halfway down she pulled back again with a gasp, sucking in air to fill her lungs. She wasted no more time talking, but immediately dove for his twitching, slimy shaft once more, all but inhaling it as she grew more used to his girth. Joey could barely believe his luck, could barely control himself at the sight of the tiny woman inhaling his monster, doing what no woman had ever done before. He brushed her hair back so he could watch her dark lips suck him in, watch her face in it's mask of concentration as she worked her way deeper, already only having enough left for one hand to stroke him, her other hand caressing his balls with increasing confidence. With a final, almost desperate lunge she buried him completely in her mouth, nuzzling his pubic hair with her nose, her tongue too tightly pressed in her mouth to do more than attempt to flutter against him, before pulling back once more for air. She stroked him with her hand, looking up.

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