tagInterracial LoveOpposites Ch. 02

Opposites Ch. 02


Jake awoke with a start, slightly confused about his surroundings, the alarm he set on his phone grating in his ears. He reached over to pluck it from the side table and silence it, and that's when he realized where he was; Sophia's apartment.

It had been 4 days since the accident and one day since Sophia was released from the hospital. Since her family lived in another city and she was not fit for travel, Jake volunteered to stay with her at her apartment.

Secretly he was praying she would say ok and not make him leave to deal with Amanda at their shared apartment. It had also been 4 days since the last time he saw Amanda, although he had spoken with her over the phone, and told her he had to go out of town for a last minute conference his boss wasn't able to attend.

The truth was that for the past 4 days Jake had been shuffling between work, the hospital, and sleeping on his buddy Evans' couch. Jake knew that if Sophia had not agreed to let him stay over, he was going to have to face Amanda, and he just wasn't ready for that yet.

Sophia had been awake for a few hours when she heard Jake's phone going off in the guest room next door. She waited to hear his voice but when he never spoke she surmised it was either his alarm or someone he didn't want to talk to right now.

Sophia was lying in her bed trying to figure out what to do about the situation she found herself in with Jake. For 4 days he had been at her side almost constantly, leaving only to go to work or catch a few hours of sleep in something other than a hospital chair.

The nurses had offered to roll in a sleeper but Sophia refused, and by doing that it was obvious that she had hurt Jake's feelings. But she couldn't have him sleeping there every night, because despite what he told the doctors and nurses, he was not her significant other.

As a matter of fact, he already had an "other", although she had not heard one word about the blonde since that first night in the hospital. So it was with real trepidation she accepted his offer to stay with her at her apartment.

Again her mind wandered to the blonde she saw him with at the department store. But Sophia knew that Jake was an adult, and whatever was going on between them was not her business.

Jake got out of the bed in the guest room and automatically made it again; remnants of his military service time. He had on boxer briefs and nothing else, but assuming Sophia would still be asleep or at least still in her bedroom, he opened the door and stepped out into the hallway.

Holding his toiletries bag in one hand, he stepped over to her closed door and listened but heard nothing. So Jake turned and walked over to the bathroom at the end of the hallway and shut the door behind him.

Sophia insisted when they left the hospital that she did not want a wheelchair to get around in and instead convinced her doctors that she would be able to manage on crutches. After all, she told them, she would only be going from couch to bed for the next few weeks anyway.

But she didn't realize how hard it was for someone her size to maneuver with a completely immobile leg. She shuffled to her bedroom door, still in her pajamas, and opened it slowly, hopping back a few steps to open it wide enough for her to exit.

She heard the shower running in the hall bathroom and remembered that she had a visitor, simultaneously cursing herself for forgetting that quickly that Jake was there and for not getting dressed before leaving her bedroom.

"Oh well, its not like I'm naked, he'll just have to see me in my night clothes." Sophia thought to herself, slowly making her way into the living room, and trying not to hit her leg on anything in the process.

Finally Sophia made it to the couch and plopped down on the end, not realizing how close the couch and the coffee table were to each other. Her casted and screwed leg hit the corner of the table and sent lightning bolts of pain up her leg and seemingly into her brain.

"Son of a bitch!" Sophia cried out, tears welling in her eyes. Sitting on the couch and writhing in pain, she didn't notice the shower had stopped running, and all of a sudden there was Jake, standing before her dripping wet, wearing nothing but a towel.

"What's wrong, what happened?" Jake asked her all at once, his eyes full of panic. He dropped down to his knees in front of her, and caught her hands in his.

"Sophia, are you all right?" Jake asked her again, and this time Sophia actually recognized what she was looking at: a hot, wet, gorgeous blonde with killer green eyes.

Before she could stop herself she was leaning down to kiss him, and it seemed as though he was coming up to meet her lips with his. All thought left Sophia's mind, even the throbbing pain in her leg was a fading memory, as she prepared herself to feel those lips of his.

Jake couldn't help but think how pretty Sophia looked at that moment, her gorgeous brown skin looking smooth and soft, with her face flushed in pain and lust, and he had to taste the lips he had been longing to taste for 4 days.

When their lips met it was like time stopped. Sophia slightly opened her mouth to him, enveloping Jakes bottom lip within hers, sucking lightly and releasing it, only to capture his top lip and do the same.

Then Jake turned the tables on her, rising up from his knees, not breaking their lip lock, and bending down over her on the couch. He grabbed the back of her head, and slowly snaked his tongue out to touch hers. Sophia immediately responded with her tongue, and Jake could feel his cock hardening under the towel.

Jake reached down with his free hand and rubbed Sophia's breast, feeling the hard nipple hiding underneath her bra and camisole. He rubbed his thumb over her nub and then squeezed it between his fingers, causing Sophia's back to arch.

Sophia's hands went up to Jake's waist and moved their way to his back, feeling the muscles underneath his tanned, wet skin. She realized how wet she was getting and wondered if he was as turned on as she was.

Just as Sophia was about to reach under Jakes towel to find out, there was a knock at the door. Jake grudgingly broke their kiss and backed away from Sophia.

"Ill go answer the door, don't go anywhere, "Jake told her, walking away and trying to adjust his semi hard cock underneath the towel around his waist.

"Who is it?" Jake asked through the closed door.

"Its Christy." was the response from the other side.

Jake looked over at Sophia and Sophia looked back at him and shrugged, indicating she had no clue why Christy was at her door so early. Jake opened the door and smiled at the woman standing in the hallway.

"Good morning, Sophia's on the couch. If you ladies will excuse me, I have to get dressed for work," Jake said, walking away from the door and giving Sophia one more glance as he passed by the couch.

"No problem," Christy responded, and walked into the apartment, closing the door behind her.

"Why are you here so early?" Sophia asked as Christy walked around to the front of the couch and sat down opposite Sophia.

"Well I had come by to check on you, see if you needed anything like groceries or sundries, but it looks like you have all the help you need." Christy said with a grin, and Sophia just looked at her with a smirk.

"Don't start Christy, Jake is here to help me, for some odd reason he feels obligated to help me because he was the one who hit me first, remember? We've been over this dear," Sophia responded, laughing a little at the look on Christy's face.

"Yes I know but I thought all that stuff would end at the hospital, I didn't think it was going to carry over into home life," Christy chided.

"Yeah you and me both, but he's a good guy and I like having him here, you know, for just in case, " Sophia said, and had to turn her head to keep Christy from noticing the blush that she could feel creeping into her cheeks.

"Uh huh, that's why your cheeks are so red right now. All I can say is be careful, ok?" Christy said to Sophia, getting up from the couch and making her way back to the door. "If you need anything call me, I don't think Ill be dropping by unannounced any more."

"Oh don't be like that, ill call you I promise," Sophia replied and she heard Christy shut the door behind her.

Jake was standing in the middle of the guest room, wondering what just happened. He knew that he wanted Sophia, badly, but now he was starting to think that maybe she wanted him just as much. The feel of her lips lingered on his, and his hand absently went to his still semi-hard cock.

Jake removed the towel from around his waist and walked over to the bed, lying down on top of the comforter. He wrapped his hand around the stiffening shaft and squeezed slightly, then slowly moved his fisted hand up and over the tip of his cock.

After doing this a couple more times he was fully erect and yearning for release. Jake glanced at the door, and realized he had not shut it completely. But knowing that Sophia was in the living room visiting with Christy, Jake thought he had time to rub one out without anyone noticing.

Jake sat up and looked around for something to lubricate his shaft with, when he saw the bottle of lotion sitting on a shelf underneath the side table. He reached down and grabbed it, smelling the sweet scent it gave off, and made a mental note to remember to wash the scent off of him before he went in to work.

Jake squeezed a drop of the lotion into his palm and slowly rubbed it over his hard, hot cock. He began to move his fist up and down, stopping briefly at the head of his cock to pass his finger over the tip, rubbing the pre-cum in with the lotion on his way back down.

He closed his eyes and imagined Sophia's soft skin, her supple breasts and big round belly, her fat hairless pussy between her luscious thighs. He could see himself rubbing his hands all over her body, relishing the feeling of her, soaking in all of her beauty, and his stroking increased in speed.

Sophia had decided she wanted to continue the kiss where they left off, so she grabbed her crutches and struggled to pull herself up from the couch without banging her leg on the table again. Once she got on her foot, she slowly hobbled her way towards the hallway and the guest bedroom where Jake was supposed to be getting dressed for work.

After what seemed like an hour Sophia stood breathless in front of Jakes door, waiting to regain her composure before she knocked. Because the door was ajar Sophia could hear what sounded like moans coming from inside the bedroom.

At first she thought she was hearing things, but when she leaned in closer to the door she understood where the sounds were coming from. Sophia carefully pushed the door open a little more and peered inside.

There she saw Jake laid out on the bed naked, his hand stroking his large, hard cock, his eyes closed and his mouth slightly open with pleasure, letting out little moans every time his palm passed over the tip of his dick.

Sophia was taken aback at the sight before her. She had never seen a man masturbate before. It was intriguing, and she couldn't stop watching. She also found herself completely turned on, and noticed the heat building in her pussy and the wetness in her panties.

She wanted desperately to stick her hand in her panties and rub her clit but she was too awkward on the crutches to risk doing so. She had to figure out a way to pleasure herself before she exploded, and before Jake reached his climax.

Sophia positioned herself on her good leg, still holding the crutch under the arm on the side of her broken leg and she placed the other crutch between her legs. She arranged it so that the crutch between her legs was still firmly on the ground, only now she could rub her pussy on its frame without losing her balance.

Her eyes returned to Jake, watching his muscled hand work his cock and she fervently began to move up and down along the frame of the crutch. As his ministrations sped up, so did hers, Sophia unconsciously moving in tandem with Jake, every stroke of his cock met with a stroke of her own.

Jake was lost in his fantasy, unaware that Sophia was just outside the door, watching him and engaging in her own self-pleasure. His strokes had become urgent, the need to cum burning deeply in his balls. Suddenly, Jake erupted, and his hot cum spurted out of him with such force that Jake was actually surprised.

He continued to stroke, and cum continued to shoot out of his cock, causing Jake to moan loudly. "Sophia," Jake exclaimed as the last of his semen had escaped his dick, and just then he heard what sounded like his name being called from outside the bedroom door.

Sophia had seen the amount and force of Jakes release and immediately followed suit with her own shuddering orgasm. She came so hard her juices were dripping down the insides of her thighs. Sophia had been trying to be quiet but could not stop herself from calling out Jakes name as she came with the crutch between her legs. Suddenly she heard Jake call out.

"Sophia is that you?" Jake asked from the bed, noticing that the crack in the door seemed wider than how he left it.

Sophia scrambled to think of something to say before he got up and came to the door. "Yes I was letting you know I am going back to bed, I took a pain pill and I'm feeling tired. Just in case you were about to head out," Sophia replied, congratulating herself on thinking up something so clever so quickly.

Jake thought about how close to the door she sounded, but shrugged it off and got up from the bed, using the towel from his shower to clean off the cum that had accumulated on his belly and chest.

"Ok I am about to leave but I wanted to know if you had any requests for dinner tonight, my treat," Jake replied to her while looking through his bag for a fresh pair of boxer briefs.

"Um, you decide, I'm easy. I mean I'm easy to please. I mean not like that, but I'm not picky. You know what I mean," Sophia responded, now halfway to her bedroom and feeling embarrassed over her choice of words. Jake chuckled at the sound of her embarrassment.

"Ok it'll be a surprise then. Get some rest and ill be back in a few hours," Jake said just as Sophia turned to walk into her bedroom.

"Ok, see you later," Sophia hollered back, and struggled the rest of the way into her bathroom to get cleaned up.

As Jake stood in the checkout line at the grocery store he was overwhelmed with a feeling of unease. He thought maybe it was because of the searing heat he worked in most of the day, and was about to be next in line to checkout when he heard a familiar voice.

"Where the hell have you been?" a female voice literally shrieked from behind him. Jake turned to his right and saw in the next line the one person he had hoped he wouldn't have to see again: Amanda.

"Amanda, I was going to call you tonight," Jake responded, and smiled weakly at the people in line behind him. "Just let me check out and ill meet you outside so we can talk in private."

"Excuse me? No we are going to talk in public, right here in front of everyone. You haven't returned my calls in like 3 days and you think I'm going to trust you to wait for me outside? You have lost your mind. Now, where the hell have you been?" Amanda demanded, and Jake was instantly embarrassed by all of the people in the grocery store staring at them.

"I told you I had a conference. I couldn't talk on the phone because I was busy. And my flight just got in today, so I hadn't had a chance to call you back yet. Anything else can wait until we are done checking out. Understand?" Jake answered, and Amanda just leered back at him from the other checkout line.

When he was done paying for his groceries, Jake steered his shopping cart towards the exit, and he could see out of his peripheral vision that Amanda was also almost done checking out. He knew he would never get his things in the car fast enough, so he resigned himself to waiting for her outside.

"At least if I break up with her in public, she can't say I did anything to her," Jake thought, and slowly loaded his things into the car. He could hear footsteps approaching and turned just in time to see Amanda walking up to him.

"Baby I've missed you so much, I'm glad you're home and I'm glad you thought enough of me to cook dinner tonight," Amanda purred at him, pulling him close to her and attempting to put his arms around her.

"Yeah about that, I'm not coming home with you tonight. I have to be somewhere else. As a matter of fact, I'm not coming home ever again. Since the lease is in my name, I'll let you stay as long as you need, but I won't be there. We're done Amanda." Jake said quickly, not wanting to pause or stop just in case he wouldn't be able to go through with it.

Amanda stood still, looking at Jake with wide eyes. "Oh I get it. You're having some sort of a crisis. It's ok baby, you go do whatever you need to do to get this out of your system. I'll be waiting for you. But um if I need you, can I just call Evans' home number or will you answer your cell now?" Amanda retorted, and Jake was flabbergasted at how she turned their breakup into his crisis.

But at least she wasn't putting up a fight and making a scene. "Sure, call Evans' phone, that'll work." Jake said in response, and walked away, entering his car and leaving Amanda standing alone with her basket of groceries.

"See you soon baby," Amanda called out, and Jake just shook his head and drove off.

After the morning Sophia had, between banging the crap out of her leg and masturbating outside Jakes' bedroom door with her crutch, she really did need to take a pain pill, and ended up sleeping most of the day away. By the time Sophia awoke, it was almost time for Jake to get off work.

She decided to take a shower, or what was the closest thing to a shower, and get dressed for dinner tonight. After awkwardly maneuvering herself onto the chair placed in her shower, she swiveled her leg out of the spray of the water and let the water beat down on the rest of her, soaping up and rinsing off as quickly as she could.

Sophia then struggled out of the shower and was able to hop to the bed, where she painstakingly dried off and got dressed. By the time she had brushed her hair and put on a little lip gloss and mascara, she heard Jake come through the front door.

Sophia quieted, waiting for the sound of his voice, but only heard footsteps. As she was about to reach for her crutches to investigate, she heard a soft knock at her door, then the knob turned and the door creaked open.

"Hey there, how are you feeling?" Jake asked her, and Sophia smiled back at him.

"I'm ok, how was work?"

"It was hot, but I did get to the grocery store and I'm going to start dinner as soon as I get out of the shower. Do you need anything before I go to the bathroom?" Jake replied, and Sophia just shook her head no. "You look beautiful, by the way," Jake called back to her after he had already left the bedroom.

Sophia looked back into the mirror and saw that she had a deep blush going on and she just smiled and sighed to herself. "I hope you mean that Jake," she thought out loud, and moved to grab her crutches and make her way to the kitchen.

After dinner was cooked and eaten, Jake and Sophia decided to make their way into the living room to watch a little TV before bed. Jake helped Sophia onto the couch and he settled in next to her, permitting Sophia to lean against him with her leg up on the couch. They sat like that watching TV in silence for about 15 minutes until Sophia spoke up.

"Jake, can we talk? About what was said that first night in the hospital? I mean, we never discussed it really." Sophia asked, waiting for the hammer to drop on her.

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