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Some warnings up front. This story is quite long and doesn't contain a lot of detailed sex so if you're looking for quick masturbation material this isn't it. It's more about love than revenge so again those who enjoy blood on the floor won't find it satisfying. It does deal with the theme of marital infidelity so may fall into the category that one anonymous critic often refers to as "more cuck shit" although I would argue that the main character is not a cuckold in that submissive sense. Constructive criticism is very welcome but moronic comments like the one above will be deleted immediately. End of message. Enjoy...


September 2009

The honed steel edge bit deeply into the tree trunk, driven by muscular arms and a great deal of barely suppressed rage. A steady succession of powerful but precise blows sent big chips flying, until with a tremendous crack and a creaking groan the lofty pine crashed to the forest floor. The woodsman wiped the river of sweat off his face with an old rag. This hard labor was satisfying and kept his mind occupied but as soon as he stopped it jumped back onto a treadmill of memories.

August 2009

As usual the door to Frank's office was open but Angela knocked anyway and closed it behind her.

"Frank" she began nervously, "I have something to tell you. It's really hard and I don't want to be the bringer of bad news. But I thought you should know. You have a right to know."

Frank smiled. "Why don't you just tell me what's on your mind Angie."

"OK but don't shoot the messenger... I really don't want to upset you."

Frank waited patiently. His real name was Franciszek Dabroswki but to his 34 employees and his many friends he was simply Frank.

Angela finally plucked up courage. "I think Gabby's having an affair behind your back."

As always Frank remained calm, outwardly at least. "What makes you say that?"

"Well you know I've been taking dance classes at your wife's studio." Frank nodded. "There's this guy... Alejandro... I think he's from Columbia... they dance together a lot and boy do they dance! I'd be too embarrassed. Anyway when we all leave after class he doesn't and that's been going on for weeks. And last night I was coming out of the girl's changing room... I'd taken a bit long with my shower and my hair... and I saw them kissing... and going into Gabby's flat holding hands. They were so into each other they didn't even notice me"

Frank's face gave away nothing but he felt a huge weight of misery crash down on him.

"That's all you saw?"

"Yes Frank... I'm ... I'm so sorry... but someone had to tell you."

"Thanks Angie, I appreciate it. And I'd be even more grateful if you'd keep this to yourself until I find out for sure what's going on."

"Sure Frank. Of course. You know that I... that we all are there for you, right?"

"Right. I need some to think. Can you please handle my calls. I'm switching off my phone."

Frank stood, half a foot taller than his blonde secretary, although Angela was a statuesque 5'10".

"When's the next class with this... Alejandro?"

"It's Thursday Frank.. 6pm. You're not..." The ice in Frank's eyes silenced his secretary. He strode from the room and rapidly left the building without slamming a single door.

As he drove to the coast, keeping to the speed limit, Frank digested what he'd been told and it made him feel sick. Angela might look a bit like a classy Barbie doll but she was no ditsy blonde. She was smart and sensible and wouldn't have jumped to a crazy conclusion. Frank suspected that she had a crush on him but she wasn't the scheming type who would lie to manipulate him and disrupt his marriage. What convinced him most was the way her story lined up with his own observations.

Gabriela - Gabby - hadn't come home last night. She'd stayed over in the small apartment that Frank had added to her dance studio. Gabby had been staying overnight more often recently and her behavior had subtly changed. At times she seemed distracted, somewhat distant. At other times she seemed to trying too hard to please him.

Frank grunted as a feeling of dread struck him hard in the gut. He clamped down on his feelings and resolved to say nothing, do nothing, show nothing until he had real proof. In the next two hours he strode to the point and back, a walk that would take most people half a day, then drove reluctantly home.

Gabby was locking up the studio. She looked around admiring the craftsmanship of the sprung wooden floor, the skillful joinery around the mirrors and doors, the perfect lighting placement. Frank had converted a dilapidated warehouse into this superb venue. At her request he had also added a compact but cleverly designed apartment so that when she had late classes she wouldn't have to face the long drive home. She felt a wave of gratitude and affection for her big bear of a husband - such a generous, considerate man who would do anything for her. Gabby had no doubt that Frank would jump in front of a bus to save her. The only question was which would come off worst from the collision.

The house that Frank had designed and built for them was spacious, luxurious and had a superb ocean view, but it was an hour's drive from town and for Gabby this was at least fifty minutes too much. Yes she occasionally enjoyed walking with her husband on a wild lonely beach or hiking through forest to a pristine mountain lake but her heart craved bright lights and people, shops, cafes, music and dancing, most of all dancing.

Her thoughts shifted back to last night and dancing with Alejandro. She felt herself once again becoming aroused at the memory of his sensuous, sinewy body pressed against hers... the way he took charge on the dance floor, the way he seemed to brim with Latin pride and passion, the way they seemed to move as one, each feeding the other's fire. When he kissed her after their last dance she almost melted. It was though he was already inside her. She would have let him take her right then and there but she wasn't sure that all her students had left, so she dragged him into her apartment.

Inside he spun her around in a tight turn and pressed her up against the door, kissing her ferociously, grinding his already erect cock against her groin. They fitted together so well. Gabby couldn't help thinking that if she and Frank were in this position, his massive member would have been closer to her breasts than her pussy. She put Frank out of her mind.

Alejandro had raised her hands above her head and held them there with one hand while tearing open her flimsy costume with the other. Gabby's breasts were superb, not huge but full and firm. Curving out and up from her slim, toned body they looked irresistibly delectable. Ale had attacked them with his lips and teeth, pulling on her nipples and sucking them until they stood out erect and dark red against her perfect mocha skin.

Reaching under Gabby's short, sparkling skirt, Ale had grabbed her panties on both sides and in one fast, fluid motion pulled them to her knees. A little shimmy of her hips and the tiny black thong fell to the floor. As she stepped out of it, Alejandro was undressing in record time. His highly polished shoes went flying. His tight black pants hit the floor, followed by his own small black thong. Completely shaved, his fully erect, six inch cock looked bigger against his wiry body. Frank had close to nine inches but on his stalwart frame it looked quite normal.

There was no need for foreplay, the dancing had provided more than enough. Alejandro hooked an arm under Gabby's knee and lifted her left leg. He pressed his cock head up against her soaking pussy and pushed it in hard. Pulling back, he slammed it in again and again, thrusting his entire length inside her. Gabby was crying out in pleasure as Alejandro fucked her fast and forcefully. A few more strokes and he swore loudly in Spanish, pumping his load of cum inside her.

Gabby was desperately turned on but still far from satisfied. Ale pulled out his deflating cock, staggered back a few steps and collapsed on the bed. Gabby followed and knelt between his legs. She took his limp cock in her hand and lifted it to her mouth.

"No bebe. Estoy sediento. Dame una copa. (Nah baby I'm dry. Get me a drink."

As Gabby fetched a beer from her small fridge she reflected that Frank never came first. He always made sure that she climaxed at least once before he came inside her. Frank would have effortlessly carried her to the bed and gone down on her, bringing her to a delicious orgasm or two with his tongue and fingers before gently impaling her on his huge cock.

Gabby shook her head. She had to stop thinking about Frank. It spoiled the excitement of the moment. She handed the cerveza to Alejandro and returned to her previous spot between his legs. Ten minutes of licking and sucking his cock and his balls and he would be hard enough for her to ride him until she came. Gabby just hoped he wouldn't make her lick his ass again. She didn't enjoy doing that at all, particularly when he ordered her to stick her tongue in his anus.

2nd September 2009

After felling two more trees with his axe, Frank reverted to his trusty Husqvarna chain saw. Slowly he was widening the path back to the firebreak road. None of the timber would be wasted. The logs would form the walls of his cabin. The branches would become roof trusses, framing timber and eventually his furniture. Even the scraps he could use to make locking pins.

Frank worked until it was almost dark. A can of cold beans, two apples and a drink from the stream constituted his dinner. His sleeping bag had a waterproof cover, but looking up through the trees to the vast clouds of brilliant stars, Frank didn't think it was going to rain. Exhausted he fell asleep and for the first night in several days, slept peacefully.

25h August 2009

Gabriela felt slightly nervous about going home that evening. She hadn't seen her husband since the morning of the previous day and she was aware this was the the third week in a row she had spent a night at her studio fucking with Alejandro. There had been numerous, quicker encounters. Over the past six weeks Alejandro had taken her at least twenty times.

Did Frank suspect? Gabby didn't think so. He was so loving, so trusting and yet she was cheating on him. Gabby fought down a gut churning wave of guilt.

Frank was trusting but he wasn't stupid, far from it. People thought he was big and dumb because he moved slowly, considered his words before speaking and didn't have a lot of small talk. But Frank had learned to move carefully as clumsy teen, unused to his size and strength. As an adult he retained the habit of being gentle with things and people. His father, also a bear of a man, had instilled in Frank the value of patience and self control. Even when Frank was cruelly provoked he retained his temper although even he had his limits, as a couple of bullies painfully discovered.

Frank had aced an architecture degree at college. He brought his design skills and his practical abilities to his father's construction company, which he took over after his dad's death and built up into a thriving business with over thirty employees, who all thought the world of their consistently fair and supportive boss. All those who knew him appreciated his wry sense of humor and the way he put people before profits. No one who knew him thought him stupid.

Gabby was sure he suspected nothing but not because he was dumb and naive but because Frank just wouldn't imagine his beloved wife doing something that he would never dream of doing himself. So why was she doing it? She adored her big, gentle husband.

Frank was the burly bear to her butterfly, her protector, her rock, her strength and stability, so capable and unflappable. But he was also romantic. Frank was extremely generous and his gifts were surprisingly imaginative. And sex with Frank was wonderful.

Frank methodically learned to satisfy her body. His big, calloused hands were remarkably skilled and tender but what he could do with his mouth and tongue was extraordinary. Even after ten years of marriage, they still made love at least three times a week.

Frank's oral and manual skills would always have Gabby thoroughly wet and ready for his big cock, the biggest she had ever experienced, filling her completely. When he started to thrust, Gabby often felt she was riding a stallion, potent with controlled strength, his arm muscles standing out as he took all his weight, his back and shoulders rippling with barely suppressed power.

Sometimes Gabby begged him not to hold back and Frank would drive into her harder and faster until she was screaming in orgasmic delight. But Frank never hurt her, never pushed her beyond her limits. After making love to her husband Gabby always felt thoroughly satisfied. It was so good... he was so good... but sometimes good wasn't what she wanted.

Sex with Alejandro was wicked, illicit and so exciting. He used her in ways that Frank would never do, fucking her mouth, spanking and fucking her ass. On their fourth fuck he told her that her pussy was too loose... "loose as an old whore's cunt"... was the charming expression he used. After that her previously virgin asshole became his primary target. He would usually talk dirty during sex, pouring out obscenities in English and Spanish. His own pleasure was paramount. When Gabby came it gratified his ego but his primary goal was always to shoot his load into her body or over her face as fast, fiercely and often as he could.

Alejandro refused to wear condoms. When he came in her mouth or ass Gabriela knew she was safe. When he wanted to cum in her pussy she tried to make sure it was on safe days, although once or twice it had been marginal. Gabby had been raised as a good Catholic girl. She had learned about the "rhythm" method and was aware of her natural cycle.

She was also aware that her Latin lover was undoubtedly promiscuous and a health risk. Gabby douched and cleansed herself as much as possible before returning to her unsuspecting husband. She had no wish to expose him to sloppy seconds or, God forbid, an STD. A part of her mind knew this was crazy but mostly she was caught up in the insanity and passion. She wasn't thinking much at all.

Somehow all those things that should be negatives... Alejandro's pornographic language, his perverted tastes, his sexual dominance and even his selfishness.. added to the thrilling addiction.

In so many ways Alejandro was Frank's opposite. Frank was 6"4' with sandy hair and blue eyes. Ale was only a bit taller than Gabby at 5"5' with dark brown eyes and olive skin. Ale talked constantly, mostly about himself, in fast, colloquial Spanish. Frank only spoke when he had something worth saying and his Spanish was halting and quaintly formal. Frank was a lovable bear. Alejandro was a proud rooster. Frank's loving was gentle and cherishing, Alejandro's, fierce and abusive.

Frank had learned to dance a little. His slow waltz was almost graceful. Ale's dancing was spectacular. He excelled at the cha cha, the rumba and especially the tango. Gabby had never experienced a partner who matched her so well in size, skill and fire. The first time he spun her across the dance floor he ignited her passions. Their dancing quickly became so smokingly sensuous it was more like sex standing up.

There was no long, slow seduction; no resistance on Gabby's part. The dancing had her so horny that when Alejandro stayed after class for the first time, sex was a foregone conclusion. Gabby responded open mouthed to Ale's deep tongue kissing. She allowed him to strip her naked and helped him off with this tight shirt and trousers. She gave herself to him gladly and completely. The sex was explosive. Yes his penis was smaller and yes he came much sooner than her husband did, but his lust was molten and it brought out the wildness in her that had been buried so long.

9th September 2009

After a week alone in the forest, working twelve hour days, Frank was pleased with his progress. The walls of his cabin were only three logs high, just reaching his waist, but they were locked in solidly to each other and would last many lifetimes. Placing them in just the right position with winches, shaping the joints with his chainsaw and axe, hammering home big wooden pegs... it was back breaking, exhausting work but hugely satisfying. Frank felt stronger and fitter now than he had in ages. Too much time behind a desk. Another week and he hoped to have the walls finished and maybe even started on the roof.

25th August 2009

When Gabby arrived home a delicious dinner was waiting for her... fresh salmon on a bed of wild rice, a tossed green salad and hot bread rolls. Frank was as loving as ever but something seemed a little off to Gabby. He seemed a bit distant, distracted maybe as though he had something on his mind.

In bed that night Frank was anything but distracted. His love making was so intense that Gabby felt she was riding a barely contained whirl wind. Frank lifted her to so many climaxes that finally she collapsed back on the bed like a limp rag and fell straight into a deep sleep. The weekend was almost like a second honeymoon. Frank took her to all their favorite local places, including the expensive Italian restaurant that she enjoyed so much.

The week continued in the same fashion. Gabby could never describe Frank as clingy but he seemed almost desperate to spend every free moment with her. Every night he made love to her like a fanatical worshiper at a sacred shrine.

Gabby felt both touched and somewhat worried. She asked Frank several times if he was OK, if anything was wrong. He turned the question back on her, asking how she was doing. Perhaps Frank was picking up that something was off in their relationship, in spite of Gabby's efforts to keep everything normal.

Maybe it was time to end it with Alejandro, or at least cut back, before something went wrong. He was becoming increasing demanding and possessive. Every time he came in her pussy he would boast about getting her pregnant with his potent seed, putting a baby in her belly. He was insisting that she have his name tattooed on her ass cheek or her mons, something clearly she would never do. He deliberately left love bites on her neck and breasts, marking her body as his property.

She would see him again on Thursday night and say goodbye, after one final, indulgent, dark chocolate fuck before returning to the vanilla of her husband.

30th August 2009

On Wednesday night, when Frank again began to initiate love making, Gabby begged off, claiming she was too sore from the previous night's marathon. It was true that her pussy was a little sore but also she wanted to have plenty of sexual energy left for her final fling with Alejandro. Frank accepted her request and kissed her slowly and deeply. He looked searchingly into her eyes.

"Will you be staying over at the studio tomorrow night?" he asked.

"Well you know it's my late class... my advanced group. If it goes on too long I might stay."

"Please come home Gabriela Don't stay."

"I'll see how it goes. I'll text you around 6. OK?"

As he rolled away Frank sighed. It was the only indication of the despair he felt, facing away from his wife so that she couldn't see his tears.

31st August 2009

Frank had already left for work by the time Gabby awoke. She was a bit surprised as he hadn't mentioned an early start. She showered and dressed. As always he had made coffee. There was a croissant by the microwave. Dear man! After tonight she would so make it up to him. She'd be the best wife ever. She might even consider starting a family. Gabby knew that Frank wanted kids but had been putting it off as long as possible. One final fling with Alejandro tonight. Gabby felt herself becoming wet at the prospect.

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