tagErotic CouplingsOral Exam Ch. 02

Oral Exam Ch. 02


I stood in front of my class at 8:30 a.m. Sweat was beginning to bead on my forehead and my mouth had long gone dry. Words were not coming. My lecture was, rather, an incoherent string of babble. I could not focus, or if I could it was on the wrong thing. It was but a flash, a vision, and a split-second that I could not seem to catch. That flash happened once, twice, maybe a third time. A pussy, perfectly pink and baby smooth aching to be touched.

A week earlier I had been inside that delectable little cunt. It had wrapped around me like a satin glove, so warm and willing. It had caressed and held my prick, loving it until it had sucked out my cum. The moment had been a one-time deal during my office hours. We had conducted a simple grade negotiation. She got a B+. I got to fuck her.

Following that sweaty and stolen moment in time, life had gone back to normal. She sat in the back row, idly clicking and twirling a Bic pen, looking aloof while whispering to the two other girls that sat next to her. How could I ignore her after I had been inside of her? I couldn't. Every class was a torture of hot and cold flashes. I tried to lecture on bland communication theory while remembering how she sucked my cock. "I just need to make it through the hour" I thought. And then she looked me in the eye. And opened her legs. And I saw her pussy.

Whoa boy! Gotta breathe and get done with this class. I picked my notes up off the podium and buried my nose in them, trying to find my place again. Eyes scanning the page, I searched for a hint of an answer. Where was I? What was I talking about? And all I could think of was her....

I heard a giggle from the back corner. I looked up realizing I had trailed off, and had been staring dumbly into my hand-written notes. I immediately saw that I had been caught. She knew what I had seen; she knew what I had been thinking. A smile crept onto her face and laughter played in her eyes. She giggled again, and I knew that I could go no further.

"Class is dismissed," I said.

I sat on the ratty, olive-green couch in my grad-pad apartment. It certainly wasn't anything spectacular, but the apartment was all mine – at least until the lease was up. Absolutely no roommates. I was buried under a mound of books and papers, none of which could hold my attention that evening. I had several projects that were on the cusp of coming due, but none of them had yet to reach true emergency status. "Think, work, focus," this was my mantra for graduate school. It just wasn't helping me this evening.

I looked at my laptop. A little procrastination never hurt, right? Some downtime might even help me channel myself into productivity. I knew it was wishful thinking, but it still empowered me to log onto instant messenger.

Almost immediately a message popped up. Kittygirl748: a name I had never encountered before. I agreed to chat and perhaps learn more.

Kittygirl748: Hello professor (grin).

Faliuck43: Hello. Who is this?

Kittygirl748: What? You don't remember me sucking your cock? It tasted sooooo good.

Faliuck43: umm

Kittygirl748: i licked your balls tooo

Falliuck43: Yeah. I'm beginning to remember.

Kittygirl748: Whenever i need to cum i think of your cock. It felt so good sliding between my lips. I came 2x yesterday thinking about it. i couldnt stop playing with myself.

Faliuck43: I am not so sure this is appropriate.

Kittygirl748: and you fucking me was even better

Faliuck43: I could lose my job

Kittygirl748: Don't you want to fuck me?


Kittygirl748: Again?


Kittygirl748: im alone right now. i want you to come over and fuck me.

Faliuck43: ummmmm

Kittygirl748: like a dog

Faliuck43: where?

Kittygirl748: rosen hall. room 315.

Faliuck43: That's a student dorm.

Kittygirl748: i know. im a student. NOW

Before I could respond the connection went dead. She must have shut down her instant messenger.

I sat dumfounded for a moment staring at my now empty computer screen. I just couldn't get past Jessica. She was all I thought about. Sweaty grunts and slutty words lurked under her blonde hair, all-American, corn-fed exterior. I had seen the truth. I knew what was there and I wanted to go back for more. What was my life coming to? I felt everything I knew spiraling out of control. Was she worth everything I had? Was she worth everything I knew? One whiff of this in the department and my job, my education, and my potential future could be forever gone.

Strangely, I didn't care. I had to see her again.

Fifteen minutes later I was in my blue Toyota, pulling into the small parking lot outside of Rosen Hall. I was bundled against the cold in a dark, leather jacket. A baseball cap was pulled tight on my head, in an attempt to hide my face. I was hoping to be just another undergrad.

I walked through the dormitory doors and quickly found the elevators. I pushed the button, and waited. It seemed extremely quiet for 7:30 on a weeknight. I counted the seconds hoping no one would see, or even worse, recognize me.

Ding! The elevator doors opened. Out bounded two young coeds – one in boxers, the other in pajama bottoms (feet and all) – both in tank tops. They were delectable, hard and soft in all the right places. I tried not to gawk as they exited the elevator. They must have seen me trying not to stare, because they erupted in giggles shortly right after they passed by. Oh well, nothing to do but get on the elevator.

I heard the elevator doors close behind me, and then the gentle whir of machinery. When the elevator doors opened again, I was treated to the musical stylings of Gwen Stefani. She was chanting something about bananas. I took a breath, exited, and looked for room 315.

It was a large wooden door with a white dry erase board hanging front and center. The note, "Gone to library – S," was written in marker. Several comic strips and quotations cluttered the door, with typical freshman, feminine chatter. Just below the room number were two names in pink construction paper: Jessica and Shannon. Ahhhhh Jessica, you little minx, you devilish slut. I rapped lightly on the door. Hearing no response, I jiggled the handle. It wasn't locked. I went in.

A squat, single candle flickering on a nightstand illuminated the room. It sat next to a bed, the light creating equal parts mystery and shadow. I could see her face, but barely, lit by the candle's glow. She wore a dark baby-T emblazed in gold with the word, "Princess." Near as I could see, she wore no bottoms of any kind. She was a blonde vision, ready to be consumed for my pure pleasure. Or perhaps hers, as her hand was buried in her crotch.

Hearing the creak of the door, she looked up at me and smiled. Wicked thoughts raced from my brain to my cock. I quickly hardened, as Jessica brought her hand from her pussy to her mouth. She licked each finger separately, delicately, enjoying the taste. She then extended her arm and crooked one saliva-slicked finger at me in a cum-hither sign. I approached, saying nothing. When I reached the bed, she stayed silent. She spread her legs and pointed. I had a very clear picture of what she wanted me to do.

I love pussy. I have eaten some in my time, and I have enjoyed every one. There is something deliciously naughty about spreading open those lips and tonguing gently at her moist hole. Those lips are a a wonder, heavy yet yielding. Much like nipples, they exist to be flicked, sucked, and nibbled. To taste those first dew drops of moisture is absolute heaven. The smell, however strong, is intoxicating. Nothing else so purely embodies feminine lust. Every gasp and twitch is a diamond to be treasured. I long for the writhing, the gradual build toward an inevitable orgasm. I long to feel her hips bucking against my face, burying my chin in her soaking gash. I look up to see her breasts rising and falling as the moans get deeper and more resonant. Her hands grasp mine, urgently clutching them with the same the fever wracking her body. Then the gasp as everything tenses. I am caught between her legs, tongue licking frantically, trying to keep up with spasmodic jerks of her hips. Still I lick, trying to extend everything just a little longer – to draw out the cum. And the release.... It is total. All tension leaves, as she falls back loose. Her breathing is catching up, and her hand pushes me frantically away from her sensitive clit. She smiles, and it all becomes pure.

I went to the bed and crawled between her legs. She smiled at me gently, licking her lips unconsciously. "I want you.," she said simply and deeply. Our former fuck had been frantic. I had not yet been able to see all that Jessica had to offer. Oh, she was beautiful. She was a sexy teen angel, golden and open to me on her bed. Everything about her was intoxicating. But I needed to take my time.

I held her by the thigh and gently bent her left leg at the knee. Jessica looked at me quizzically. I grinned back, and placed my hands on the top of her foot. I lifted her ankle up and ran my hand down the length of her arch and then back up again. I took both hands and rubbed the balls of her feet firmly between my fingers. I heard a low moan and felt a twitch. I looked up at Jessica. Her eyes were closed and her face was a mask of intensity. I chuckled silently and went back to work. I took each toe in hand, one by one giving each their due. Gentle rubs and caresses were the game. Then I followed with a little nibbling and sucking. I put the piggies in my mouth, licking them individually. I swirled my tongue around the base of each little appendage, making sure there was no attention I had forgotten. Tonight, I had full access to Jessica. I wanted to take every advantage I could.

She moaned again. "Oh ummm!" I gently placed her left foot back down on the bed and began to slowly go to work on the right. Caress. Lick. Suck. And then I slowly moved up her leg kissing her as I went. I lingered behind her knee, giving her butterfly kisses in rapid succession. "God, that is good" she whimpered. I still had further to go, as my tongue swirled around her thighs and eventually stopped at the most beautiful of all possibilities.

"Jessica, what do you want me to do?"

"Lick it, pleeeease. I am soooooo hot. "

"Lick what?"

"You know." I could hear the sacasm dripping from her tongue. "You are lying there staring right at it."

My tongue flicked out tentatively. It brushed that magnificent little pearl. I blew hot air on her juicy twat. "I know, but I want you to say it."

"Fuck you, professor. My cunt. My pussy. I want you to lick my tight, coed pussy. Do it!"

To hell with it. She was so wet, and ready to go, but something in me wanted to postpone the pleasure she was seeking. Something within me snapped. She needed to learn who was calling the shots. I spread her pussy lips wide, and shoved my right index finger inside her cunt. I heard her groan and felt her muscles tense, as I prodded her supple, inner flesh. I pulled my finger back out and held it to her nose.

"You smell that? You smell that, slut? That's you baby! You're so juicy, just like a good little slut. Little skanks like you get wet. Are gonna be a good little whore for me? Are you gonna open your pussy real wide and wait for me to shove my cock inside your teen hole? Or are you just gonna be a little bitch that tells me to fuck off?"

Jessica's eyes glistened; it might have been rage or at might have been lust. Are the two sensations really that far apart? Her tongue traced her lips as she pondered the thought. Then she growled, "Fuck. Off. "

I grabbed her by the hip and pulled. She was now lying on her stomach with her pert, heart-shaped ass up in the air. I rubbed her cheek for a moment, caressing the soft flesh. Then I brought my hand up, and then swiftly back down. A crack, then a yelp, then my hand fell again. Five times it came down, leaving behind a deepening, rose-colored welt.

"Are you going to be a bitch or are you going to be my whore?"

She spread her legs a little. I could see the moisture building on her hairless cleft. She murmured oh so softly, "A bitch."

Crack. Five more slaps followed, this time on her other cheek. I could feel her ass getting warm with the rush of blood. Her little jumps and wiggles were so damn tantalizing.

"Bitch or whore?"

"Whore," I could hear the concession in her voice.

"Very good." I bent over to kiss each ass cheek. Her skin was warm to my lips. I ran my kisses gently to the crack between her cheeks. I pulled them apart and ran my tongue from top to bottom, stopping briefly to swirl my tongue around her little rosebud. But I didn't stay, because her pussy was calling to me. I traced her lips with my tongue. I could taste her damp arousal. My tongue dipped inside, picking up even more moisture. Jessica was so sweet, that I absolutely had to fuck her with my tongue. It was a small spear that pushed in and out, building her desire.

She needed more relief, though. I spanked her ass one more time, simply to see her jump. "Flip over, Jessica. I need to lick your whore-clit." And she did. I pulled her lips apart and wet my finger in her pussy. I brought my finger to her clit and began to rub. I only did this for a moment, before I replaced my finger with my tongue. I tasted the beautifully, hard nubbin and I was rewarded with a deep moan. "Yesssss." I licked again, touching her clit lightly and gently. Each time I felt a small response, a twitch of her hips or a shaking spasm. Over time. I built the touches, both in speed and force. She responded in kind, spiraling ever closer to an orgasm. I felt her legs on either side of my ears, rocking my head from side to side. I looked up and could only see her taut stomach capped by two generous breasts. I ran my hands upward, under her T-shirt, to touch those bountiful mountains. They rose up and down with the urgent rhythm of her breathing.

"Gooooodddd!!!!!" Her legs clenched, and her hips bucked. I could feel hands on the back of my head gripping my hair, pressing me even further into her pussy. This blonde vision pressed her sex into my face, grinding her pelvis on my lips and nose. Everything became wet, as her juices flooded my face and then the sheets below. "OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH," she wailed in orgasm. It was a brief eternity, a moment of incredible beauty that I will never forget.

Then the moment was over. The hands that were once pulling me to her were now pushing me away. "Ohhhhhh. Oh god, no more. It's too fuckin' sensitive." I blew on her clit and she giggled. "You bastard. Stop that." I gave her one more lick and pulled away.

I crawled up the bed and positioned myself on my side. I was aroused, but happy. If the night went no further, I would still be very content. This was a Goddess next to me, and I had made her cum. Life was that good and that simple. My evening wasn't over, though. I could feel her staring at me, piercing me with her deep blue eyes. She grinned, tore off her shirt, and grabbed me by the back of my head. I felt myself being pulled towards her, and I tasted those lips deeply. My eyes closed and our tongues began to dance. They were two wet muscles, groping in desperate need. She bit my lip gently, pulled slightly away, and then released. The pleasure was immeasurable.

It was a pleasure that quickly magnified, as I felt her hand run down my side and then gently clutch my balls. Jessica rolled them in her hand with a firm grasp. She definitely had my attention as she shifted from my balls to my cock. It was a light touch, but still one that demonstrated complete control. She had my cock, and she could do with it whatever she pleased.

" I am going to suck you," she said in a sultry voice. This was a dream. I just moaned in response.

Jessica moved down the bed, threw her legs over mine and inhaled my dick. Her head bobbed down and quickly went back up. She had me so turned on. I felt her tongue swirl under the head, flicking the most sensitive place on my glands. Back and forth it went, sending small jolts of electric pleasure coursing up the length of my shaft. I felt the inevitable beginning to happen. I could feel the throb as I came closer and closer to cumming. I could feel the spasm building my balls. I was ready to burst....

Jessica spit my cock out of her mouth. She grabbed me by the base and slapped my dick hard with her left hand. Her face broke into a pouty smile as she berated my organ, "Bad cock! You aren't allowed to cum yet." I chuckled, and I felt the tension begin to release. She engulfed my cock once again with her warm mouth, inhaling the full length of my shaft. I could feel her hand on my balls, gently massaging them as her throat made guttural, gagging sounds. She went all the way down, and I could feel her tongue reaching out and licking my sack. It was an exquisite pleasure to know that this pretty, little, teen coed was loving every inch of my dick. She was an A+ cocksucker, with honors in ball-licking.

"Jessica, you are going to make me cum if you keep doing that," I moaned in a guttural voice. She had me so close.

She took her mouth off my cock. A long trail of and saliva drooled from her mouth to my dick. My crotch was so sloppy and wet. She slurped up the string of spit and said, "Better not, professor. While I'd love to drink your cum, I want you to shoot your stuff up my pussy even more." She licked the tip one more time and then rolled over onto her back. "Fuck me, professor! Fuck my naughty, little pussy! Treat me like the little slut I am!" Her legs were akimbo, her pussy spread gloriously wide. I scooted between her legs and rammed my cock home.

She was so wet I bottomed out on the first thrust. She let out an "Ooooph!" and lifted her hips to meet my second stab. We fell into a natural rhythm, of grunts, moans, and thrusts. I could hear the wet slapping sound of skin on skin. I could feel my balls bouncing off of her beautifully tanned ass. I roughly grabbed then suckled her tits, as I tried to pull her even closer to me. Everything felt animalistic, a pure pounding of raw sexual, energy. I bent down to kiss her, sticking my tongue in her mouth. Jessica responded electrically with wet fire and passion. I could feel her arms clutching my shoulders and her legs wrapped around my ass. She was trying to pull me deeper inside of her hungry cunt. My cock continued to piston in and out of her, gradually building in fury. She could no longer focus enough to return my frantic kisses. All she could do is mutter, "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" in time with each of our syncopated thrusts.

"FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!!!!" she screamed, whipping her head from side to side. I suddenly felt everything get extra wet inside of her pussy. Her hips rose, locking into mine and staying there. Every muscle in her body became taut with the orgasm ripping through her system. It was too much. She was so damn beautiful, that I couldn't hold out any longer. I felt three spurts of cum in rapid succession shoot deep inside of her welcoming pussy. Then two more, as she wrapped her legs around me as tightly as she could. "Mmmmmmmmmm. I love to feel that hot cum inside of me. I love to know that I just was fucked," she said. My breathing was ragged, but gradually getting under control. I thrust a couple more time into her for good measure, but I knew it would be at least a few minutes before I would be ready for any kind of sexual activity again.

I kissed her again, this time with more soul but with far less immediacy. We had both gotten what we wanted, what we needed. We were now able to settle into a deep, French kiss, while still being joined at the hips. Time did not matter. Everything became focused on that kiss as the exhaustion slowly spilled away. Our tongues did a dance, circling around each other, as I felt her fingers drift up and down my back. This was the perfect moment. She was the perfect girl. Jessica – my little grade whore, who would give out a blowjob for an A – was somehow becoming more. I was getting tied up in this girl. She was more than a slut, a prick-tease that tormented me while I was teaching class. She wasn't just a hole to be used for my sexual release. I was growing to like her, and strangely she seemed to be feeling the same way too. I felt a connection in that kiss, something I never expected to find.

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