Oral Exam Ch. 08


Shannon broke out into laughter, "No way! You total slut! You didn't tell me you flashed her. Damn, you'll show that shit to anyone won't you?" We all laughed. The tension was gone.

It was the next person's turn. Jessica was sitting beside Sarah, so it was no surprise to hear her say, "Truth."

Shannon rubbed her hands together in glee. She was going to have fun with her roommate, "Ok, you wench. Who was the last guy you did it with?"

"Did it?

"Yeah, you know. Screwed. Porked. Humped. Boffed. Fucked. I can keep going?"

"No, that's alright, Shan. Um, I guess it would be the Professor." Jessica seemed a little embarrassed by her answer. I was a little surprised too. I had assumed that she was out making time with a lot of other guys. This revelation didn't seem to fit. Why would she want me to go out and screw other women if she were going to stay monogamous? This changed things a little. We would need to talk later. For now, however, I winked at Jessica. She batted her eyes and blew me a kiss back.

It was Shannon's turn. She called for the first dare of the evening. I was relieved. I didn't want to ask for a truth, but I also didn't want to be the first one to call for a dare. Potentially, that could shut the whole game down. It was up to me, though, to offer up the dare. What would nudge things in an interesting way, but still remain non-threatening?

"Shannon, are you any good at gymnastics?"

"That's a question."

"I know. Are you?"

"I used to be on the team in high school."

"Then why don't you stand on your head. Jessica can spot you.'

Shannon's eyes widened as she realized that she was wearing a skirt. Jessica grinned and got into place. "Ooooh, nice! Why be modest, Shan? Hey, they've already seen your ass this evening. Go on, girl," Jessica teased; I could have kissed her. Shannon moved to the center of the room, curtsied, and bent down on her hands and knees. She kicked her feet up in the air and positioned herself ramrod straight. She had perfect form. Shannon's scoop-necked halter-top was still tucked into her waistline, but her flimsy, black skirt gave in to gravity. We could all see her panties. They were little more than a silky, black g-string. With Jessica holding her legs upright, Shannon held that position for at least thirty glorious seconds. As time passed, though, Shannon couldn't take it. She went from minor giggles to full on laughter in a few seconds. Then she collapsed in a heap.

"Wow!" I said. "That was pretty cool. You ok there, Shannon?" Shannon, who was still giggling, nodded. "I guess it is my turn then. I'm the only one who hasn't gone. Hmmmn? Dare."

"Surprise, surprise, dude!" Sarah said. The glance Sarah shot me told me she was onto my game. "A dare from a room of a bunch of horny chicks? Pretty dangerous, eh? Let's keep it PG for now, buster. Why don't you go over there and rub Jessica's shoulders for a couple of minutes? She seems a little tense."

While I hoping for something more risqué, I would never object to giving Jessica a shoulder rub. I stood behind her chair and put my hands on her shoulders. I began with a clockwise rub to loosen her up. Within a few moments, her eyes closed and she dropped her head. A soft moan escaped her lips. I rubbed harder as I found a knot that needed to be worked out. Jessica's skin was soft and supple, but her muscles were bunched tight. She was tense. My whole hands were now at work, trying to smooth out the kinks under her skin. My finger slid under her shirt, so that I could work further down her back. Jessica moaned again, signaling me to go further. The clasp of her bra was under the tips of my fingers, when....

"That's about right. We are only supposed to go for a few minutes. Things shouldn't go too far," Shannon said with a snort.

"Bitch," Jessica muttered before casting Shannon a playful glare. "I was starting to get into that."

"I know," Shannon replied. "Sarah, it is your turn."

Sarah appeared lost in thought. Clearly, she was weighing out her options. After a long pause she said, "Truth."

Jessica seemed a little disappointed to be asked for a truth. After a moment, though, the I-am-going-to-be-mischievous smirk (which I was getting to know very well) crept onto her face. "So Sarah, we don't know each other very well. I think we should share things about ourselves. Cool?" Sarah nodded tentatively, not really sure where this was going. "I want to know something personal. I want to know about the last time you received really great head."

Sarah gasped. She certainly had not expected Jessica to be so bold. Then again, she didn't know Jessica that well. Yet. Shannon punched Jessica on the arm and commented that she was being devious. I laughed. Nothing Jessica could do would surprise me. Jessica responded by saying, "What did you expect? You asked for a truth."

"I guess I did. I should know better, eh? Fair's fair, though. Hmmmmmn. It was about three months ago. A friend of mine (another grad student) and I were at a bar. Both of us were a little drunk. We weren't totally gone, just pleasantly tipsy. Anyway, she and I had been fending off guys all night. She has a long-distance beau and I just wasn't in the mood for a one-night stand. We were exhausted from the effort, so we trudged back to my place. She wasn't in any condition to get behind the wheel, so I offered to let her crash on my couch. When I got to my door I reached into my coat for my keys. As I was pulling them out I felt her hand on my shoulder. I spun around and she was looking at up at me with such longing. Her eyes pulled me down to her. At that moment, they felt bottomless, like they were pure need and only I could fill it. That instant was electric. I felt her embrace me. Her lips moved to mine, and we were kissing. I remember falling back against the door and kissing her under the porch light. How long we stood there, making out, is anybody's guess. I do remember thinking that we had better move this inside, so I broke it apart. As soon as the door closed, though, we fell to the couch. We tumbled together, groping each other's bodies. It wasn't long before she was between my legs. My panties were around my legs and her tongue was licking me up. God, she was good! She had this little twirling move that I had never encountered before. Each stroke felt like lightning. The way she made me cum was magnificent! I later turned the play around on her. Her cunt was so delicious and juicy. I remember eating her for hours. For the finale we put our pussies next to each other and rubbed them together. We made each other cum so hard! That was an amazing night. I was thoroughly exhausted when it was over. We haven't gotten together since, but it was great for that evening. And who knows what may happen in the future? She was so good."

Shannon asked the question we were all thinking, "Who was she?"

Sarah looked at me, dead-on in the eye, "Cindy."

I coughed. "What? Cindy? My officemate, Cindy?"

"Yup. That's her. And you thought you were the only one in that office who I had fucked. Silly boy. I guess we both have gotten around," and with that Sarah raised her wineglass and took another belt of liquid courage.

Wow! I was amazed. I wasn't really surprised that Sarah had played around with a woman, but I never expected such things of Cindy. She seemed too straight-laced, a consummate southern belle. Do southern belles really fuck other women? I guess they do. What about Cindy's fiancé: Did he know? Did he approve? These were questions to be tucked away and to be answered at another time.

"That will be hard to top," Jessica said. "I guess truth is out for me. How about a dare? Shan, you want to do the honors?"

"Cool. I'd love to, babe." Shannon seemed to light up at the challenge. "Ok, we all know that you are a total slut, Jessica. Let's see you act out your true nature. Why don't you walk over to the love seat, lean over the arm, and pull up your skirt. That question you asked Sarah was pretty naughty. I think you need to be punished. Do you guys agree?" Sarah looked at each other and nodded. "Spankings are in order. Definitely! Each of us will get three good whacks."

"You really like getting into this stuff, don't you Shannon? And you say that I'm the slut?" Jessica asked. Shannon only blushed and motioned for Jessica to get over to the couch. Jessica did, but with an extra wiggle in her walk. Before she bent over, however, she lifted up her skirt and pulled down her boy shorts. What a tease! When they hit the floor, she stepped out of them. Jessica picked them up and tossed them to Sarah. Without thinking, Sarah caught them. Realizing what was in her hands, Sarah looked at the underwear and set them down on the end table next to her. Taking this cue, Jessica leaned over the couch and lifted up her skirt. Her tanned, golden ass and shaven pussy were on display for all of us to see.

Shannon went first. She stood behind Jessica and gave her three meaty thwacks. Jessica didn't make any noise; she just stood there and took it. Then Jessica smiled demurely back at Shannon. I went next. I put my hand on Jessica's succulent ass. It was a warm and reddened where Shannon had spanked her. I could see the print of Shannon's hand. I kneaded Jessica's buttocks for a moment, before lightly brushing my fingers against her pussy. Jessica gasped as I grazed her clit. "C'mon, spank the slut already. This isn't the time for pussy play. You know she wants it, and the rest of us would like our chance," Sarah said.

"I'm just savoring the moment," I replied.

Sarah snorted. "Dude, it's not like you haven't been there before."

I chuckled, "True that. It is not every day, though, that some lovely young lass are bent over my living room couch waiting for me to spank her."

Crack! That was the noise my hand made as it came down on Jessica's ass. She squealed in surprise, startled by the sudden spanking. Two more smacks quickly followed. My hand was a bit sore. I couldn't imagine how Jessica's ass felt.

Sarah approached the couch. She leaned over and spoke softly in Jessica's ear, like one lover consoling another. I could barely make out the whispered words. "I'm sorry baby, but I gotta do this. The rules are the rules. I'll try to make it up to you." Sarah raised her hand and brought it down on Jessica's crimson ass three times. These were not mere love taps. There was nothing gentle about Sarah's methods.

Jessica howled in pain and surprise. Her eyes were moist, but she was fighting back whatever she was feeling. I also noticed that she was trembling and breathing heavily. Moisture was collecting outside her pussy lips. Jessica was aroused.

"Awwww, did that hurt? Let me see if I can kiss it and make you feel better." Sarah got down on her knees behind Jessica's ass. Placing her hand on either butt cheek, Sarah pulled them apart. Jessica cringed slightly, from Sarah touching her stinging rear. Eyeing Jessica's puckered asshole and dripping pussy, Sarah said, "Oh that is so beautiful. While I am down here I have to have a taste."

Shannon looked at me, stunned. I don't think she expected the game to go in this direction – or this far. I winked and smiled back. I whispered to her, "Just let it go, this could go anywhere." Shannon licked her lips and grinned back at me. She was cool and ready for anything.

Meanwhile, Sarah had given Jessica's pussy one, long lick, from bottom to top. Jessica threw her head back and moaned deeply. Her shimmering, flaxen hair swayed across her back. Sarah curled her tongue and drove it in and out of Jessica's pussy twice before refocusing on a new whole treasure trove. I could see her tongue flick the ring of Jessica's asshole. Minor tremors ripped through Jessica's body with every brush of Sarah's tongue.

Once again, Jessica moaned. The room began to fill with her scent. My lips began to drool with the smell of aroused pussy. Shannon walked over to Sarah and tapped her on the shoulder. Shannon said with a girlish pout, "Hey, that's not fair! I said spank her, not lick her. It's my turn next and I will not be jipped." She crossed her arms and gave a mighty, offended "harumph" for full stage effect. Sarah and I laughed. Jessica just lay frustrated over the arm of the couch.

Standing up, Sarah wiped Jessica's juices off of her face. She turned around, patted Shannon on the shoulder, and said, "Sorry, I wouldn't dream of taking your place. Maybe, if we work things right I can do the same things for you." Sarah winked as Shannon smiled coyly. Damn, where was thing going to go?

The room was now focused on Shannon. She stood with her index next to her mouth as if she were thinking. Her right hand moved to her tit and began idly playing with her nipple through her shirt. I could see it getting hard and poking through the material of her halter-top. "What should I do," Shannon said to herself, but also to the room. "Hmmmn? I think there is only one right answer. Dare."

It was my turn. What to do? How far could I go? Was that really a question? I mean Sarah just ate Jessica's pussy and ass. Was anything really off limits anymore? It didn't feel that way. I made the decision to go for it.

But why not tease a little first? "Are you sure Shannon that you want a dare? It could get pretty nasty. You saw what happened to your slut friend, Jessica." Although she was no longer bent over the couch, Jessica was still missing her panties. They lay tantalizingly next to the couch. Jessica balled them up and threw them at me. She hit me square in the forehead and stuck out her tongue at me. I laughed and went on, "Are you ready to be a slut, Shan? Just say the word again."

With no hesitation Shannon said, "Dare."

"Then take off your panties." Shannon bent over at the waist, hooked her fingers underneath the small string circling her hips, and pulled down the thin black fabric. For a moment the sheer material stuck to Shannon's pussy. I suppose the damp girl-cum made the fabric sticky. With a tug, though, the thong fell to the floor. Shannon curtsied and then bowed at the waist. Jessica and Sarah, who received an eye-popping view, both clapped their hands at the attention grabbing performance.

"That was very nice, Shan but you aren't done. I just wanted to make sure that you weren't restricted." Shannon cocked her head and gave me a questioning look. I continued to speak, "You will go into my bedroom and lie down on my bed. Keep the lights off. Each of us will go into the room, one at a time. We will each stay in the room for three minutes. When one of us leaves, the next one will come in. Your job is to make sure that each of us leaves happy. Understood?"

"Yeah, I think that I can do that." Shannon was licking her lips.

"Good. One more thing, you aren't allowed to cum. Now go."

Shannon flipped me off and then trotted out of the room. When I heard the door close, I looked at the two ladies and asked, "So who wants to go first?"

"Oh I got dibbs, Buster. Sarah got me all worked up and I need some relief. Besides, that little bitch made her stop. I'd like to torture her a bit. That ok by you guys?" Sarah and I nodded in agreement. "Well off I go then. See ya' after three minutes in heaven." Jessica flipped her skirt up, mooning us, and then left the room.

I looked at Sarah. "Are you ok with this?" I said.

Her eyes met mine. I could tell she was very serious when she started to talk, "I have not been able to get Jessica out of my mind. Since flashed me in class, I have not been able to get past her pussy. I would just lie in bed and masturbate and think about eating her cunt. It is all I think about. Almost all, I guess. I keep replaying the conversation we had in your office. At the time it seemed so wrong. I wanted to judge, but I couldn't. What you did wouldn't leave my head. I had to talk to you about it; I had to let you know that I would have made the same choice too. But this is better. After this evening, neither of us will have the power to judge. We will be equals. Both of us will have fucked students."

It was strangely appropriate that Sarah was interrupted at that moment by a high-pitched, feminine wail. It sounded like Jessica was having a very good time. The tension broken, Sarah and I giggled at each other. I checked the clock on the wall and yelled that it was time.

Sarah greedily rubbed her hands together. "My turn now," she gloated, before opening the bedroom door.

Jessica stumbled out, looking flushed with a fresh orgasm. She plopped down on the couch, not bothering to lower her skirt. Her pussy was lewdly spread before me. It was glistening, pink, and juicy. Jessica began to speak, "I am so glad that she is my roommate! Wow! That girl totally knows how to eat a cunt. I just told her get comfortable, because I was gonna sit on her face." Jessica's fingers drifted down to her wet hole. Two slipped inside with a squishy sound. "She stuck her tongue up my pussy and hit me in all the right places. I just totally used her. I ground my cunt on her face and made her lick it up. It was so nasty."

Jessica was now full-on masturbating. One hand was buried in her cunt, while the other was strumming her clit. I moved off the couch and kneeled before her. I placed my tongue at her sweet hole and licked. She tasted so good. Her juices coated my chin. They were tangy, musky, and delicious. I began to lap away at her cunt with an almost religious fervor. Jessica stroked my hair, pulling me closer to her sex. She was now grinding my face, probably picking up where she and Shan left off.

Out of the corner of my eye, I looked at the clock on the wall. It had been five minutes. As difficult as it was, I backed away from the task at hand. I knew pleasure still awaited me behind my bedroom door. So I pulled back and yelled, "Time."

"Bastard," Jessica spat as I stood up. "I was getting close. Everyone keeps leaving me hanging."

I chuckled. "Sorry, it was time and I have a date with a teen slut," I said as I went to the bedroom.

"But I'm a teen slut!" I heard Jessica plead as I knocked on the door.

Hearing only muffled moans I went inside. The room was dark. I could barely see by the half-light of the outside street lamps. Sarah's clothes were in a rumpled heap just inside the doorway. She was now naked except for her black leather boots (What?! Sarah had surely taken the boots off to get out of her blue jeans. But when she was naked she then took the time to put them back on again? Interesting fetish, Sarah!) The two women were engaged in a heated, full-on, muff to mouth 69. On my bed! This was the stuff fantasies were made of. For a moment I took it in; two beautiful women were having sex on my bed! I couldn't stay on the sidelines for very long, though. I needed to be involved; I had to stick my cock in something warm, wet, and moist. I walked up and gave Sarah a hearty smack on the ass. She looked up me with glazed over eyes. Her expression was blank, as if she were lost. Sarah was in total lust with the coed beneath her.

"Time to go. It's my turn."

Sarah's face fell into dismay. While it was clear that Sarah didn't want to leave, she did so begrudgingly. After one last lick, she got off the bed and bent down to pick-up her discarded clothes. They were impossible to untangle and sort in the darkness. After a moment of frustration, I heard her say, "Fuck it. They are only going to be taken off anyway." With a sway of her ass, Sarah closed the door behind her. She had left the room completely bare-ass naked.

I looked down at Shannon. She was on her back and totally nude. Her legs had fallen open in a spread-eagle. Shannon's eyes were closed and her head was thrown back. One hand was on her breast, playing with the nipple. Her chest rose and fell with the rhythmic gasping of her breath. The other hand was toying with her soggy cunt. I could hear a sloppy squishing sound as her finger slid in and out of her slit. Her hips were bucking upward against her hand, as she rode an ascending wave toward the crest of an orgasm. Shannon moaned low and deep. She was close. I had to stop her from cumming.

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